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(19.75 KB 282x179 download.jpg)
Rules (in progress) moderator 08/14/2019 (Wed) 01:11:33 Id:62c836 No. 983
This message is part of official neinchan terms of service Global rules still apply IMPORTANT REMINDER: if you see that you have been banned for something you are absolutely sure you did not do then the problem is that an already banned ip has been assigned to you, if you wait for a few minutes and try again it should work everything on this site is satire and not to be taken serious ANOTHER IMPORTANT REMINDER: this is a Minecraft fansite and any material, actions or ideas expressed here are referring to doing or expressing something within the videogame "Minecraft" Users are responsible for any misunderstandings that may occur 1. Keep topics close to politics any non political threads will be banned I will create a thread for one liners/ questions examples of non political threads >how can whitey compete > btfo x >x is correct b/c Y Btfo > fag fag fag fag Fag one liners like >individualism sets us free (link) (no argument) spam, excessive gore for no reason , and disruptive threads 2. No porn/scat PERIOD you will get banned if you post any. Posting ANY CP will get your Info handed over to feds. 3.No DDOSING/ talking about DDOSING it is illegal and will not be tolerated. Raids ETC are allowed as long as no CP or illegal shit is involved 4. No planning violent attacks or attacks period. You will be banned if you post a thread planning attacks 5. Reddit is specifically not allowed 6. Avoid advertising other boards unless relevant to the conversation or discussion 7. plebbit spacing = post deleted "x is police state"=post deleted "Wow."= post deleted "bill of rights is repealed" = post deleted "any incoherent paradoxical bullshit that reads like boomerbot post" = post deleted supporting or being a subhuman (subhumans include but are not limited to: trannies, redditors, any person of any race that is not white, anyone with a sub 100iq and any person with leftist political views. [definition may be subject to change]) = permanent ban 8. Advertising 8chan since after the FBI takeover is a permanent ban 9) rule Nein = By clicking "POST", or "REPLY", you are acknowledging the existence of the israeli nuclear arsenal.
Edited last time by blackjack on 01/29/2020 (Wed) 15:47:13.
no gore? come on man, life is messy, you should allow it if it's topical/relevant in some way.

just think about when those leftist go backpacking in other countries, it's important to see shit like that for it is the reality of life and gives more power to events taking place everyday.

I complete agree though if it's posted in an effort to derail or bury a conversation. That should be unilaterally understandable.
sorry should rephrase that to excessive gore for no reason
that is why I left that open for reply
> gore? come on man, life is messy, you should allow it if it's topical/relevant in some way.
No one has been banned for relevant gore (i.e. tarrant). He's talking about cartel gore, etc.
no worries man, i wasn't clear what was being said there and figured if i was going to bug you about it i might as well make my argument at the same time.
np rules are still up in the air somewhat, this site needs stability, and to do that we need annons and jannies to agree on rules
time for the euros to take over for the night
This slide thread asshole must be a bot, can't we ban?
(20.48 KB 400x400 idea light bulb.jpg)
gore and scat should be banned. only gore related to an event, like maybe a pic of the dead las vegas shooter if there is a thread specifically about that should be allowed.

all this /b/ tier pedo posting bs needs to get banned. im sick of these faggots trying to skate the edge. ban them

there has been someone posting thread after thread non-stop of anti-government articles. it is likely a fed trying to claim this site is purely an anti-government site. there is nothing wrong with criticizing the feds, but 100 fucking treads popping up about bs from years ago is an obvious op and needs to be banned.

anti-Christian bs needs to be banned. im sick of pagan faggots and satanists doing the jews work in our circles. debate, with data, in a constructive and fair way, or fuck off. im sick of these idiots.
I don't know exactly how much is difficult to manage and work with anonymous image boards . . . Is it possible to ban all bot posters permanently? Sorry if this question sound retarded for you, but i just want to know that if you don't mind.
eat shit faggot
Ban the retard/bot who keeps spamming threads, preferably introduce capcha

Gore even unrelated ,will make the normies run away.

>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned
There is no need to ban them, they can be mildly annoying but then again must things here can be annoying.
I did
>anti-Christian needs to be banned
We illustrated how you're a servant of the people oppressing you - and your response is to try and censor us. We explained how your (((faith))) and your goals conflict. How racial pride and natioalism are utterly incompatible with Christianity. How the Bible specifically undermines the very things that hold a nation together - and your response is to censor us.

How very shocking - exactly like another group of people I could name.
>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned. im sick of pagan faggots
There needs to be room in our tent for both. If they are willing to help whites, they are welcome at my side.

>then again must things here can be annoying
Fellow oldfag detected.

>We explained how your (((faith))) and your goals conflict
Everyone cherry picks their holy book. We need to teach them to remember that their bible was the same one that the crusaders read.
Trying to be a good imageboard anon, tried reporting posts, can't complete the captcha, always expired, tried to speedrun it in a few seconds, still expired.
(285.08 KB 351x750 pagan hitler.png)
What's with the "connection failed" error?

You're the one needing banned, if anything. Or preferably just shit on by the entire rest of the board until you lurk two more years. Go promote kike mind control somewhere else.
its an issue we are working on I have banned the boomer for sliding for a day we have a specific thread set up for those topics he should post in there
>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned.
Fuck you and your Kike-loving faggot religion.
>im sick of pagan faggots and satanists doing the jews work in our circles.
Pagans didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation. Not even the Kikes pulled that off. It was the Christfaggots. They did it for their fellow nigger Christfaggots.
this jew specifically should be banned
you didn't illustrate anything other than being exactly what i said should be banned. as usual the anti-Christians response is dishonest
>debate, with data, in a constructive and fair way, or fuck off.
no debate, no data, no good faith arguments, or constructive attitudes, just name calling and whining

this is why boards go to shit
>i live kikes and niggers
Go fuck yourself, Christfaggot.
>as usual the anti-Christians response is dishonest
This is the purest form of projection. Christfaggots are systematically lying. They do not believes in Nations, they don't believe in race, they come to places like this simply to manipulate people they think are stupid.
The Christfaggot identity precludes Nationalism from the get-go. You can not be a Nationalist and a Christfaggot.
The Christfaggots will come here and say "Kike kike kike" one day, and go somewhere else and say "Jews are our fellow White Blood Brothers" somewhere else. They don't believe in any of this shit, and see it as an opportunity for them.
Every time Christfaggots dominate stupid people with their deceptions, especially when it comes to opposing Kikes, they go right back to the Kike masters and say "Look, they're retards, we got them doing X and saying Y, which helps you!"
The Christfaggot thinks he is getting brownie points with the Sky Kike for deceiving people. Make no mistake, if the Christfaggot thought someone here was going to shoot up a Synagogue, or even do anything violent against the ZOG, they would immediately go to the FBI.
This is not something that is recent. The whole history of the ZOG is filled with this type of behavior from Christfaggots. The government recruits Christfaggots to do this, and pay them handsome sums of money.
Can we have 2-No porn and no form of (any partial) nudity as well?
Certain things you can only explain with porn pictures, bitch.

That's like fishing without water, then no one can understand what fishing is.

America is in fact a Blacked-oriented country now, and they want it for the whole world.

How can you explain the US culture without some pics of nigger street sucking in public?

Don't try to control the narrative here like Jews do.

This is US culture.
strawman and most of your post is incoherent babble as is typical of the backwards mutt sperg.
No, it is not US culture, or ANYONE's culture anywhere. Not in Africa, not in the USA, not in the Middle East.

It is a perversion that has been rammed down the throats of the world by a small group of exceedingly violent and perverse demonspawn who are rapidly running out of facades behind which to hide.

When the bot is removed, the skin returns to health.

So, I say on behalf of all mankind, goodbye, foreign parasite.
Homo detected.

Zero percent of anything useful is EVER explained with porn pictures.


>Zero percent of anything useful is EVER explained with porn pictures.
I'm inclined to agree. Everyone knows how degenerate "American" culture is already, there is no need to show the ZOG spreading videos of white women fucking niggers, almost everyone on the planet is familiar with this by now.
If you need to make a reference to it, text is a fine medium to convey it. Also, if a person absolutely must, I don't see anything wrong with posting a URL and a warning to sexually explicit content. But even then, I'm at a loss to see any actual reason to do that.
>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned
Hey, new fag, fuck off with your religion of niggers.
pagans and christians are both welcome here as long as degeneracy is not promoted for either religion
this post is glowing
You are such a fucking faggot. You want your sky-god to be shilled all day, and have no one say anything. You are (if not a literal kike) a spiritual kike and deserve whatever hell you get.

/Pol/ is a board for anons, the people. It is a board of thinkers. It is NOT a fucking board for sheep who pray all day to inactive/dead skygods, you fucking teenage faggot.
Are you suggesting the ZOG is pushing atheism? What a stupid faggot you are.
Yes I am a cia nigger for using this board before the rapefugees came and took over. This board is pagan and will always be pagan.
(82.51 KB 300x194 cia_zigger.png)
>rule thread
>skydaddy brawl
ban all these niggers
'Being legally allowed to do things doesn't mean you 'ought to do them.' That's the beauty of free speech, in essence it offers you a beautiful pure length of rope made from time and a tree that you grew with your first exhaled breath that contained sound loaded with meaning. I am autistic and I enjoy swimming through a forest of free speech trees and the 'not actually that strange fruit' that hangs upon them. But be real, you hang on your own tree, with your own rope and it's your own hanging by your own seeds if it all goes to fire from the air you gave a kindling sound. Odin understood this according to my ancestors and I understand it as a sperg on a fucking yew tree of genetic longevity. That quote was written by 'G.K. Chesterton. A man of rare appetite and an even rarer love for solidly committed cunts of mad faith in free speech and free thought. A fat Jesuit he was. A moderator of the freedom of people to hang their hat on their mad thoughts or beliefs, he was never. He had both in spades and he died believing free speech is an axis upon which men and women turn to their own fate. Vikings of my people believed the same.
nah you low iq glows hijacked it with your autistic infighting and shit flinging

(33.55 KB 600x600 christianity.png)
(822.77 KB 2400x1598 white-supremacists1.jpg)
Both of you niggers need to quit baiting the other and get along for the sake of the white race. We need all the allies we can get, not a bunch of fucking children pointing at each other.
>Doesn't know who devised atheism.

I did. I realised independently at a young age that religion is bullshit. It was a later revelation that 'I am my own god.' I exist. I have created life. Why do I need your god(s), when I am all I need?
>Why do I
if you need to ask, don't bother
(71.38 KB 474x734 download.jpeg.jpg)
I use to rule the world...
Not convinced, tbh
I am
(50.07 KB 600x600 exaltedclass.png)
Christians are at best unconscious allies of the jews and enemies of nature, so how can they be our allies as well?
>Posting ANY CP will get your Info handed over to feds.

...so they make mentally ill people amongst us (((consultors)))?
ZOG works with degenerates! Degenerates are easy to bribe and blackmail.
I think you should doxx CP propagators to the other anons, or do some other procedure in this realm of action...

did we say we wouldn't
Do it do it do it. That's the most lulzy shit I have heard in a while. Would rank up there with hwndu.
Is doxing allowed?

doxxing is allowed (as far as I know) as long as the target is a degenerate piece of shit who deserves getting doxxed. Pedos and the like are my personal favorites because it feels like a win when we find one and send evidentiary infographics to the family, after tipping off the authorities of course.
(53.39 KB 571x618 reddit.png)
I would like to apologize to all of you, because all of you are my brothers and sisters. just listen to this, all of you'll know what's going on.
HAHAHAHAHA i'm laughing at that shit.
Love ya all for the rest of my life, god bless your life
As a Christian (though not a good one, I guess), I have to disagree on banning anti-Christian threads. It sucks reading things you care about being dragged through the mud, but there are good points on both sides. The jews and their media fight against the positive, anti degenerate parts of Christianity, so yeah, I get that proper Christian beliefs are being shit on by that way of thinking. On the other hand, the pagans and what-not have a seriously unavoidable point about all this gay-ass pacifism and acceptance stuff that is taken WAY too far these days. Christianity is my religion, but all this cuck shit of letting invaders desecrate and destroy the fruits of whites without penance needs to go. Christians used to be some conquering motherfuckers and when the pagan calls present Christianity cucked, I can't help but agree and feel shame for what we've become.
8chan users looking for new platforms
agans by this day and age should have an effective solution to the problem but thedy dont
>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned.
as do the christcuck threads. these topics should either be relegated to a single general thread or a /rel/ board needs to be created. i am here to discuss politics, current events and history - all without the filter of political correctness. there is nothing "politically incorrect" about believing/disbelieving in any particular faith
ban first time offenders posting a duplicate thread for 24 hours as a mild warning.

the captcha is still not working to report
actually agree, the religion threads are D&C anyway, there is only 1 truly evil religion which is intrinsically linked to a genetic group of jews. White men can bicker about whose religion is better after the root has been ripped out.
Also agreed with this one but forgot to add it.

Btw can we get a /v/ for our gamergate refugees again, I liked dropping in some /v/ threads when I wanted to forget about politics for a bit. I'll even advertise on halfchan /v/ to get some of them back.
(564.96 KB 1541x1158 rome_christianity.gif)
(280.47 KB 909x724 pagan_larp.jpg)
>im sick of pagan faggots and satanists doing the jews work in our circles.
>doing the jews work

You literally doing the jews work by worshiping "reformed judaism" known as "christianity".
(121.19 KB 726x564 1567581855987.jpg)
2 Timothy 3:12 In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

Read the bible, anon.

don't worry guys, paganism has all the solutions!
Whites are part of the cause. They are collaborators. Don't D&C youself. Stop protecting the white elites. THIS GUY IS A SHILL FOR THE WHITE ELITES DO NOT LET THEM SPREAD ON NEINCHAN ANY D&C PROPAGANDA. If they continue abandon them and go ove to Communism.
Whites are part of the cause. They are collaborators. Don't D&C youself. Stop protecting the white elites. THIS GUY IS A SHILL FOR THE WHITE ELITES DO NOT LET THEM SPREAD ON NEINCHAN ANY D&C PROPAGANDA. If they continue abandon them and go ove to Communism.
Whites are part of the cause. They are collaborators. Don't D&C youself. Stop protecting the white elites. THIS GUY IS A SHILL FOR THE WHITE ELITES DO NOT LET THEM SPREAD ON NEINCHAN ANY D&C PROPAGANDA. If they continue abandon them and go ove to Communism.
Ah it only happens on http, works fine on https. You should force https-only tbh.
Reporting posts and solving captcha doesn't work at all for me in http or https (using brave)
(210.58 KB 1624x963 clit.jpg)
(557.79 KB 1650x2118 gorillaworfare.jpg)
(366.85 KB 459x596 Homemade molotov cocktails.jpg)
(590.73 KB 990x2325 MGIGguide.jpg)
(64.43 KB 1091x288 molotov.png)
(73.13 KB 454x718 tampon molotov.jpg)
(389.78 KB 800x1200 Thermiteguide.png)
(39.49 KB 1776x342 your molotov sucks bra.png)
the shotshell is the blasting cap
(1.12 MB 894x894 ok buddy.png)

Get this illegal shit off of /pol/, or else /pol/ will keep getting taken down.
(1.21 MB 894x894 ok buddy 2.png)
You didn't check my dubs.
(1.07 MB 894x894 ok buddy 3.png)
>I'm not a newfag! You're a faggot nigger!
OK, kid.
>self-censor or let the censors do it for you!
I'd rather let the censors do it for me. Also this is war, faggot.
lol you mad
kek you irate
We all need to remember, those that hate whites will constantly try to divide us on minor issues like religion, or the ever-annoying "are [fill in cousin here] really white?" crap. They will then have cronies pretending to argue for or against, with the only real goal being dividing us.
I don't have a problem with a nice set of tits in a pic, or nudity in general, but pics depicting the act of fucking are not helpful in any way.

Also, of course, CP needs banned, bestiality needs banned, homo shit should be banned, and race-mixing (which is also bestiality) should be banned.
How They Created A Culture Of Degenerates
In all fairness, the "who is white" discussions will, being the hallmark of many important decisions, continue to be brought up frequently until there is one single accepted definition of whites. On top of that, proposing any definition seems to make one a D&C shill, such as Nordicists having a "too tight" definition, and "white Hispanics" having a "too broad" definition. The question is so sensitive, that I may even be accused of being a shill for trying to somewhat address even the parameters of the question.

Even if a seemingly good definition comes up, like "European," or "colorful eyes," you have the torrents of other arguments like "what about Cubans, they have less non-Euro admixture than Meds, Slavs, and Celts, by the way are those white" and "Romans had brown eyes!" coming out, with their own fractal clarifying questions. Thus, it prevents a one single accepted definition of whites being formed, which in turn births the frequent conversations on who is and isn't white. However, if whites do want to operate cohesively, a "seems white" approach will not work against the D&C. Finally, I hope the admins consider both sides, the importance of the question and the potential for fractal obscurity, while making rules on how much to discourage or encourage the topic. If there is a golden ratio, I hope they find it.
>In all fairness, the "who is white" discussions will, being the hallmark of many important decisions, continue to be brought up frequently until there is one single accepted definition of whites.
Once you accept that Nations are real things, this becomes a trivial matter.
It doesn't matter how much a Dane in Denmark fits the model of a what a European is or isn't. He speaks a different language, he belongs to a different European Nation. There are a whole bunch of them.
This immediately makes most issues disappear (Ashkenazi Jews in Israel white? No, they're dead.) The only remaining questions are internal ones to the Nation-State; is the English-speaking person European enough to belong?
In the beginning phases of the White Nation Liberation War, this will be settled by simply who is and is not willing to die for the White Nation. In a post revolutionary Nation-State, other considering will likely be entertained, and will probably change over time. I imagine it will be probably be a 1/8th rule for those mixed with Africans, 1/4 with everyone else, and 1/2 for most North Africans, Arabs, etc. Special cases can be made for certain ethnic groups, in terms of people who might be allowed to immigrate, but I imagine this being the rule for people who want to bring back their children.
You leave the territory of the White Nation-State, have children with a nigger, you can't bring back a half-nigger. Your half nigger can't bring their mixed-Euro kid either, but if that grandkid had a kid with a European, that European could come, because no one would be able to tell the difference anymore, and besides, if something 1/8th black didn't want to live around niggers anymore and wanted to immigrate to a country controlled by English-speaking European National Socialists, well, they're probably better 99% of most normalfags already here.

Yeah, after the WNLW I assume the 1/8th Nuremberg laws would be taken into consideration for 1st and 2nd mixed children. Though who knows. Most of "A drop will suffice" or "1/16th is still too much" comes from mixing with Jew blood, and I'm sympathetic with that view. Though I've never expanded that line of thinking to mixlings of other races, really didn't need to.

Perhaps its just my last sliver of White Mans Sympathy, but I'd side with 1/8th for nigger, 1/4th for everyone else.

Plenty of memeing comes from "The Irish aren't white" or "Those Italians are just Arab rape babies" etc. etc. but some take it seriously, which is how I immediately know they are lacking in the required knowledge. Anyone who's actually read what they are spreading would know that all it matters is A) are you a White-skinned European and B) are you willing to fight and die in the WNLW. Literally nothing else matters at this point.

I mean good ol' Uncle Mason has a tinge of Irish blood in him, so does that devalue him and Siege? Gimme a break.

>1/8th black didn't want to live around niggers anymore and wanted to immigrate to a country controlled by English-speaking European National Socialists, well, they're probably better 99% of most normalfags already here.

Yeah, I'd second with you there. Though I cannot WAIT to watch as these normalfags inform on their race-mixing neighbors after the WNLW. I could cry tears of joy thinking about it...
I see you placed captchas.
Kinda annoying to be honest.
true, but /b just got nuked cuz of spam, so i guess there's a connection
Can we also ban tarrant threads?
Glorifying this scumbag is just as bad as planing actual attacks.
(114.99 KB 1000x563 brown golems rekt.jpg)

Do you suffer schizophrenia, semitic bio-trash ?
Take your meds.
> Posting ANY CP will get your Info handed over to feds.
what is CP?
Endchan's /pol/ is back.

hey BO,
possible to split threads here?
the Brenton Tarrant thread's kind of derailed from this post onward

it would be much better to move everything afterwards here
Go back to cuckchan, useless mongoloid.
child p0rn
(14.02 MB 1280x720 FBI_Anon_Knock_and_Talk.mp4)
don't post threats
don't post your weapons
don't post bomb making instructions
don't incite violence
(1.60 MB 1500x1500 COUNTER_FED_ROE.png)
(999.24 KB 1280x720 COUNTER_FED_ROE.webm)

don't post threats
don't post your weapons
don't post bomb making instructions
don't incite violence

Watch from 40:44 https://youtube.com/watch?v=b2d7aaL-vr4
>A white national socialist movement needs to make good, attractive, easily digested propaganda red pills that are targeted at law enforcement, police, and military.
I'm going to pretend this a serious proposition, even though I don't think it is. In fact, if one were to try to do anything suggested here, here is what would happen.
1. Retarded group thinks they can recruit police officers. Creates propaganda for them. Gives them to police.
2. Police take them. They themselves either send in their own spies, or pass the information straight to the FBI, who sends in their own spies.
3. Now you invited the ZOG into your organization, and they will keep tabs on you, or destroy you if you get out of line.
This is exactly what would happen.
For recruiting people in the military, the mind-set of a police officer in the ZOG is different from someone caught up in their military apparatus. ZOG-thugs (police) are trained to view the public like animals, but the military is indoctrinated to believe they're fighting for "freedom" and other stupid shit. It certainly may be more possible to recruit military and ex-military people, and I would say the chances of these people turning in an organization are probably (more or less) than same as recruiting a random ZOG-ling turning you into the police (which is to say, pretty high). Recruiting police into your organization is to invite certain death and/or political irrelevance.
>radical violent national socialist movement will have to fight, and will be slaughtered by. Im not trying to say such a movement should preach pacifism
This actually is what the OP is suggesting.
The truth is we have the advantage the guerrilla has. We can choose when and where to strike, something the ZOG security apparatus can not take away from us.
We can also pursue other tactics. Revolutionary White Nationalists literally have millions and millions of non-white targets to attack. These people should be considered farms for a revolutionary White Nationalist guerrilla movement, and anyone in need of some quick cash should not hesitate to kill them, as these types of crimes are nearly impossible for the ZOG to solve in most situations. This includes all Boomers as well.
this guy gets it


Every gun picture uploaded to Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter is being automatically scanned using OCR and its serial number is now stored.

To prove that this data mining was happening, The Firearm Blog used examples of gun pictuers they had posted to their blogs—and thus of which they had the serial numbers. They typed in the serial numbers and nothing else (no gun make or model, etc) and immediately Google showed them their own blog post with that exact gun in it.

Google had read the practically microscopic serial number from off the gun in their blog post and had used that data mining to add the serial number to their database.

Google is archiving these serial numbers and making a collection of every gun that’s ever been uploaded to the internet. Granted, not every picture of every gun will be readable by their software, but the fact remains that they likely have pictures of millions and millions of American guns stored with their serial numbers in this searchable database.

As you can see from the results below, firearm serial numbers are in fact part of this apparent large-scale data mining operation by companies like Google and Facebook.

Tests were also run on silencer serial numbers, and google pulled up the correct image of those, as well. If you put the serial number in quotes in your search, Google is forced to look only for that string of numbers. And it pulled the silencer image up in seconds.


should probably start a thread in /k/ for this just for visibility.

i came here to bitch and moan about lack of pdf support. lol..again....like i said i wouldn't. :)
>likely have pictures of millions and millions of American guns
pictures yes and with these pictures the unique camera lens characteristics which can be compared with your normie pictures taken with the same camera you have uploaded elsewhere.
that's the worrying thing,
but reading the serial, sorry that's bullshit, even the most advanced OCR systems are not that capable. they have already enough problems reading license plates if for example the lighting is bad.
naturally the pagan conveniently omits the part that says, "debate, with data, in a constructive and fair way, or fuck off."
"debate, with data, in a constructive and fair way, or fuck off."

were the terms proposed. threads without data that are just satanic and pagan rants without substance are useless. you cant force these people to educate themselves, but you can ban uneducated posts.
Greeting Citizens,

In an effort to purge the boomerbot, ive been shoah'ing the following types of posts/threads:

plebbit spacing = post deleted
"x is police state"=post deleted
"Wow."= post deleted
"bill of rights is repealed" = post deleted
"any incoherent paradoxical bullshit that reads like boomerbot post" = post deleted

Please avoid posting in the fashions listed above, and your posts will not be deleted, if it reads like a boomerbot demoralization blackpill shill post, it will be shoah'd.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping keep neinchan booomerbot free, Citizen.

That is all.
>We need to teach them to remember that their bible was the same one that the crusaders read.
>debate about the replacement of your people and the erasure of your culture, goy
No. What a waste of dubs.
I think it's more likely that the printing press would have worked against the establishment. Just like the internet sparking the information age now, and mass media TV allowing Hitler to rally an entire country with broadcasted speeches, I think that information revolutions probably tend to be bad for world Jewery.
>(((he))) implies there weren't books before the printing press

Why were IDs turned off?
For the common man? It isn’t hilarious to you that the crushes stopped shortly after thousands of Gutenberg bibles were distributed?
Thanks for answering.
To be honest I don't mind filling captchas, as long as they work tough.
Yeah captchas are set to expire every 30sec but In reality it's only like 10secs might see if it works when I just make the time higher
I can fix this issue by opening developer toolbar (F12 on most browsers) -> Applications bar on the top -> Cookies entry of menu on the left -> Right click and delete the neinchan.com cookies

This usually fixes the "Reloading" issue. Sometimes I have to refresh the page too.
(653.48 KB 1199x1600 tradbf.png)
White Front (Bulgaria) / Бял фронт
Site: www.bfront.org
Twitter - https://twitter.com/WhiteFront1
Telegram - t.me/Whitefrontbulgaria
Great to see, wish you the best my friends, regards from scandinavia.

Good luck in all your ventures. Remember to keep your minds clear and never give in to hardships, be like steel and remember only good comes out of correctly applied effort.
(278.65 KB 2500x1250 winnie-the-pooh.jpg)
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
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>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
is this a joke?
It’s unironically been better than usual lately, but it’s really fucking annoying. Try refreshing the page and filling it out a few more times and then it usually goes through. I wish the admins would fix this though
I feel your pain.
I cannot report spammers because of this.
At least for posting I can close the tab and reopen it to make it work.
This board is being taken over by Commies but it's impossible to report them since the report button literally doesn't work on this website.
>This board is being taken over by Commies
ZOG-faggots trying to moderate an anonymous imageboard because they don't like having to debate why they love Kikes so much, lmao.
Go duckduck go
(3.03 MB 218x272 hillary_triggered.gif)
Posting is fine for me.
But... I can't report things too.
Rule 7 needs changed. We need to be able to support Honorary Aryans (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, White Khazarians).
edit: rule nein added
Nice, just got any kike shill fired for posting here.
>Implying Israeli nuclear arsenal is not just a psyop to scare goyim
>Not putting "By clicking "POST", or "REPLY", you are acknowledging that the Holocaust never happened
Holo what?
he means holopoopoo
a horrible event where many indian poos did not end up in the loo
LMAO I'm banned until 3507 for being a bot? Mods, don't be fucking ridiculous.
read the second line brainlet
I read the second line, dumbass. Still banned.
Scat spam in the catalog
We need a rule against pro-violence anti-natalist glownigging. The shill that advocates for terrorism and says you shouldn't have White children seems like he's a bot/schlomo with his repetitive and winding responses.
>his repetitive and winding responses.
Sounds like (((you)))
What's with all the anti-Israel shareblue shilling going on? We should ban this type of anti-Israel bigotry in the rules. Israel deserves to exist as much as the White nation does.
>We need a rule against pro-violence anti-natalist glownigging.
The ZOG-faggots desperately seek to control what kind of discussion is allowed. Their end-goal is a kind of narrative-policing, which simply forbids any sort of thoughts leading to actions that the ZOG doesn't want. They want an internet devoid of any serious dissent from the ZOG, with spaces like Neinchan presenting themselves as some kind of anti-establishment place, where ZOG-lovers feed you bullshit under the guise of actually hating the government.
Their problem, of course, is that simply having any place where the discussion of the Kike domination of the White Nation naturally lends itself to what can be done about it. And it is, after a bit of thought, fairly obvious there is no political solution possible in that thing called "America." The only solution is White Nationalist revolution.
>The shill that advocates for terrorism
I don't advocate for "terrorism." That implies I want to 'terrify' the ZOG into doing something. We must absolutely and utterly annihilate them. We don't want to 'terrify' them into enacting some policy we want. We want them dead. The White Nation Liberation War is a life and death struggle. Either that thing called "America" will die so the White Nation will live, or the White Nation will die so that walking corpse called "America" can continue existing for a few more decades. Even if they are successful in replacing the vast majority of the population with non-Whites, they will still never hold that thing called "America" together. It will be destroyed by non-White faction fighting, even if the ZOG manages to crush any White Nationalist movement.
>and says you shouldn't have White children
Anyone who would care about their children would never allow them to grow up in the ZOG in the first place. You would have to hate your own child to force them to grow up in the ZOG.
I noticed the same.
Hey rabbi, what are you trying to do?
>I don't advocate for "terrorism." That implies I want to 'terrify' the ZOG into doing something. We must absolutely and utterly annihilate them.
Hey man, question: could you delete some comments made by a friend of mine? He's having issues with authorities at the moment and my IP is different so even though I own his board for now I can't delete them
You shut your swarmy kike mouth
just link them and we will delete these posts per our "anti hate" policy
fucking hell thats a lot of posts
ill just gib u instructions
make sure you are logged into the acc that owns the board and click on the yellow arrow next to a post it should give you options like ban and delete
if this doesnt work just tell me and ill see if i can do something
Yeah I tried that and I can delete things on his board but not on /pol/ where he made those
not the admin but he used tor right?
now way to prove it was him i hard he sperged a bit but just tell him to stay cool and deny
>but he used tor right?
Wrong. Now what?
Thanks a lot man. My friend and I both owe you for that. Hope you're doing good
Everything is fine lad just since your mate had fuckery with the glows we've started using tor exclusively
Luckily nothing illegal is happening since everything here is about things in Minecraft
Wouldn't want any misunderstandings about that
Phew, good to know. I was worried this was a political discussion forum.
neincraft amirite
We’re being spammed by some shady drugshill with a NatSoc flag
There is drug spammer sliding the threads:



His account name is Kelbrah.
taken care of
This drug shill is getting more mad.
Now he searching for old threads in the catalog and bumping them too.
(260.16 KB 582x608 on_you_go.png)
I think we should ban this nigger for spam instead
Europoor from the ridiculous rage thread here. Just wanted to offer to volunteer if you need someone to look over the board during night shifts. Note: if you don't need someone right now in a different time zone but at some point in the future you can get back to me at anypoint if you need to.
you cool using (((discord))) or you wanna use something else
Sure, just gotta download it once I'm home - I'll leave a short note here once I'm done, is this ok?
ye thats cool
Got it. If you're still here.
>>20034 Weird it told me I was permabanned when I tried to post in another thread but now I’m fine
>>20035 Read the massive red text faggot in the OP blind nigger
The glow/shill/spam posting that's eating up 2/3 of halfcuck's catalog is running rampant in the virus general right now.
>>21315 On this site or halfcuck? Didn't notice anything here besides the occasional boomer bot
>>983 pdf is now supported
>>21996 Based
>>21371 It was just a weird 2-hour window it seems. The 5 slide threads over the last few hours are more concerning.
>>22032 noticed it. we are aware that the elections are gonna cause massive shit we are not really prepared if im being honest we are still taking in mods if anyone is interested you can just post below
>>22034 to come back on this though most anons here will already know what a slide looks like and that politics are almost always rigged anyways
Why was the thread about the Bloomberg videos deleted? the one with 19 replies or so?
>>22061 because it was pretty low quality slide tier
>>22034 I'd be interested in helping. I only really want to delete the drug and illegal picture spam though, or whatever the lowest amount of power is. And I don't want to join a discord or IRC, no offense.
>>22065 we need to stay in contact with mods somehow so no IRC or discord disqualifies you from applying but if you still want to help out you can report posts and spam
>>22068 *illegal posts
>>22068 No problem, I'll just report then. Cheers.
>>22063 >implying there's any point to sliding on a board with 10 users Also the OP post was decent and anons were having discussion. Meanwhile threads like these stay up: >>10081 >>21197 >>21629
>>22102 The Bloomberg shilling is a thing anon, I can see why mods decided to delete those threads. However, since this is a slow board, you can always try to open an US election general, where we can collect news and updates about the topic without having people opening multiple threads for every new thing that might come up.
>>22114 >The Bloomberg shilling is a thing anon I know, but my thread wasn't shilling and I specifically said that I wasn't supporting him as a candidate and that voting in general was useless, which was kind of the point of the thread to begin with. It was was more an examination of the character of Bloomberg and his motivations. It's sad that even though I clarified all of this multiple times, there were still retards responding with "lol don't you know voting is useless xD?" This place seems to be heading in the cuckchan direction of reading the title/seeing the image and immediately giving an emotional response response to it, without reading the thread. It's even more sad that the mods seem to be like this too. After I posted the thread, there were a bunch of low quality Bloomberg threads and the mods must have deleted my thread along with it.
>>22136 Stop whining, your post was good but didn't deserve its own thread.
>>22137 >but didn't deserve its own thread. That may be so, but there are far worse threads up right now. Both new ones and threads that have been up for days, even weeks.
>>22162 Maybe report the worst ones
>>22162 Indeed. Hopefully mods remove the cheese pizza thread that's on every board atm.
>>22193 nice job mods
>>22193 >log off for an hour >this shit happens again goddamn
>>22306 Why does this board get so many spammers (drug spammer, boomerbot, pedospam, etc)? I don’t see this type of shit on JulayWorld
>>22370 Because it's small, therefore easier to moderate and allows actual discussions to be had. They don't like that.
>>22370 Idk it always hits in waves It's been silent except for a chilled Pepsi spam yesterday So a massive spam wave is probably gonna arrive soon
>>22373 >It's been silent except for a chilled Pepsi spam yesterday You wish. I just got done deleting the astrochan spam under literally every single thread on pol and there was yet another see pee spam on all boards today. Hopefully, that was it, at least for today. Fuck's sake.
>>22374 well shit, good job m8
Hey mods can you add nofollow on the anchor tags. Leaving that on leaves a direct trace back to our site for any undesirables. It should be really easy to do. And worth it.
>>22677 Don't know what it means but I'll get programmer onto it
>>22681 Great thanks, if you need any help or clarification let me know. As long as I can do it from a thread here and not join some chat room.
>>22724 Yeah that's cool If you have any problems or suggestions you can hit us up itt or on /meta/
>>8997 Your post is lebbit spacing though Mr mod. Are you here to exterminate the Plebbitor or becoming one yourself?
the whole internet now knows about this dump
>>23335 Isn't leddit spacing against 4cucks Kinda funny? Also the formatting fucks up bc am phonefagg a lot


no cookies?