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QTDDAT/One liners moderator 08/14/2019 (Wed) 01:22:26 Id:580c33 No. 984 History File history
This thread is for topics that don't deserve threads/ questions that don't deserve threads/one liner statements only. If you post any of these outside of this thread you will be warned then banned
Edited last time by wickedbrambles on 08/14/2019 (Wed) 03:01:46.
sure is getting diverse
How is HK seeking sovereignty different from Catalonia seeking sovereignty?
still trying to understand the situation over there. are they protesting because the gov is cracking down on dissenters and they want to have free speech? seems like there is more to it.
(255.40 KB 540x540 15642654201102.jpg)
"Leave Soros alone" -Donald Trump

>what a FUCKING idiot
what is the maximum file size for posting replies? - just had 10MB file rejected for size
Will there be a /fit/ board?
the five boards you see right now are the staff moded boards, if you create a burner email you can sign up for an account and create you own board like /fit/ , global rules have to be enforced tho
Edited last time by wickedbrambles on 08/14/2019 (Wed) 22:12:37.
(239.13 KB 500x390 _hug hitler.png)
(20.55 KB 347x504 1493087304166.jpg)
Ever since 8chan died, I've been going to mpol recently. But I'm not sure about becoming a brony.
Mlpol is filled with larpers, fucking neck yourself if you become a bronh
I go to /mlpol/. Don't consider myself a brony, pretty much hang in the political threads only. It's almost entirely shill free, and when an errant shill wanders in, they leave quickly after their thread gets spammed with ponies.

What are they larping? Most imageboards are full of larpers. Anons talk a lot of shit, don't do much.
(641.66 KB 512x4096 brentonletter.jpg)
why didn't you niggers post this Brenton Tarrant letter by now?
NZ shooting was a mossad psyop
muh mossad
Our top lad's based and red-pilled as ever
I actually saw that today went looking around for it, but couldn't find it anywhere. Admittedly, I didn't look on 4chan, because I figured they just removed it immediately.
>fighting back is a mossad psyop
>the only way to fight Jews is to vote Republican
There's literally nothing wrong in that letter, the inmates have a specific right in receiving and sending mail but of course New Zealand media had to blow this out of proportion claiming that one sentence in that letter was a sort of "call to arms".
Media truly are the enemy of the people.
(49.20 KB 888x412 comment.png)
So, this place is shill infested too. How many people here are real /pol/acks? I think the mossad thing is FBI shill disinfo. It's more of a cia/fbi/tavistock/mkultra operation.



I fart
Edited last time by minty_mongaloid on 08/16/2019 (Fri) 12:27:47.
>mkultra operation
I have been triggered, am ready for instruction. What is your command for operative P43237A?
I am this place is legit the shills come here to make fake threads screenshot them then post on 4 saying how we are a "mossad Honey pot"
I'm hopping between this place, overchan and end right now. It's nowhere near satisfying so I'm basically a lurker which is actually good in pracital terms but things here won't get better before Jim has testified
it will get better more people are joining daily remember 4 and 8 both started as small communities
How did Moneyjew go from crying about Bowers to naming the jew?
I really don't know where everyone went. Maybe back to 4/pol (don't know, not going there)? There has been an uptick here, endchan and /mlpol/ but no where near the level of what 8/pol was. Though 8/pol was pretty thick with shills, take them away, and maybe we are all here.

Haven't checked the distributed "08" board.
>fighting back
>fighting jews
<killing non-jews
as another anon already stated, things always start out small.
Things will be like the "old days" for awhile as this place hasn't yet got the full attention (note full) of various propaganda groups.

It would be prudent to use this time for constructive conversations, is what I think; and to seed it with screencaps and whatever else before it gets shilled to hell.
I believe that every time this happens there are always a certain amount of newfags that are retained, and still wanting to learn; even if they're just lurking (as they should be). People seem to forget that image boards are mildly addictive whether they go to 4chan or here, they'll want their fix.

To end this with an anecdote I remember there was a thread on 8ch before it went down that there was a group of redditards redpilling themselves into a frenzy on 4chan; That is the nature of these things, and they can always use some guidance
Shills like you can and did (and will again) say the same thing about Bowers and Earnest, when they did attack the Kikes directly. They'll just say "They should attack Soros, not old ladies in a house of prayer."
Sunni Muslims have no business in Western countries. Why aren't they in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc, fighting the forces of the ZOG? Why aren't they attacking Israel? Why aren't they at war with ZOG puppet regimes, like the House of Saud, the royal family in Jordan?
Because Sunni Muslims are the Islamic counterparts to Christfaggotry of the ZOG. They deserve what they get. They left their own countries to come to the ZOG, because they're bourgeois pieces of shit looking for more fun in the "West" than they can find back home in their own repressive regimes. Fuck them.
can somebody explain fascism to me?
basically means "by any means necessary" but for white people
Get in this thread and promote neinchan: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/223471925/is-e-i-g-h-t-chan-definetly-done

Upload images with neinchan's url in them.
404... mustapha bin good?
>Upload images with neinchan's url in them.
It was either that, or the word 'fuck' that got me instab&.
I'm surprised cuckchan didn't catch "neinchan" with their filter and drop the ban hammer on you before it posted.
Does anyone know something about this man: Andrej Angrick. He published books about the holohoax but also about Aktion 1005 I can not find a llot of information on him, is he a jew thus doing this purpusfully or is he really convinced the holocaust happened. Maybe some anon here knows from looking at him or diggin up some info
It did. B& as soon as I hit post.
Fuck 4chan. First visit in years, wasn't worth the effort.
(60.93 KB 750x488 tech-giants-with-Obama1.jpg)
On Sunday night, March 12, 2017, former-POTUS Barack Obama had a secret (“private”) meeting with Silicon Valley tech leaders in the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose, CA. Details of the meeting were unknown. No public appearances were listed on Obama’s schedule.

Jesus said to his disciples:
“I have come to set the earth on fire,
and how I wish it were already blazing!
There is a baptism with which I must be baptized,
and how great is my anguish until it is accomplished!
Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth?
No, I tell you, but rather division.
From now on a household of five will be divided,
three against two and two against three;
a father will be divided against his son
and a son against his father,
a mother against her daughter
and a daughter against her mother,
a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law
and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”
its going to be hard to recreate 8 if there are no pdf or webm uploads and file size is less than 16GB...
i can almost hear them saying hail satan in unison before glasses clank
I also would enjoy a fit and an outdoor board
So could someone explain why this song Tomorrow Belongs To Me is somehow considered descriptive of what national socialism is?
(26.65 KB 525x584 images (3).jpeg)
this probably deserves its own thread.
how THE FUCK do you deal with this? the NPCs, the collapse of western civilization? the JQ fucking us at every turn.
>inb4 hurr I smoke dude weed
>inb4 hurr It doesn't affect me because I'm Chad xDDD
I drink every night after my wageCUCK job
I hope I die in my sleep
I try to better myself for fucking what? an NPC roastie cum bucket? NPC mates that "don't wanna hear it" when I drop redpills?
Act like a fucking normalfag when I speak to family because when I've talked sense in the past its been when I'm "drunk"
what a joke man, full blown blackpilled here, I want to know what keeps you going.
To the cuckchan faggots discussing the honkler meme:

The meme came from GCHQ glowniggers in 8ch /brit/ with a honkler cartoon video - which PJW at zionwars helped (inadvertently?) make viral since he browsed there too.
t. anon who monitored the glowniggers doing it at the time.
(541.05 KB 916x1024 redpillchart.jpg)
Watch the movie Matrix, Neo.
Soon you will know kung-fu.
Then you will use kung-fu.
Then you will understand.

You are currently 6-7 of pic related.
what a fucking joke, kill yourself bluepilled loser lmao
>muh 4cuck meme about being redpilled xDDDD
thanks dude!!! literally plebbit tier. nice input faggot.
>le redpill(tm) meme
>at this point you learn this
>at THIS point you will learn this
what the fuck, I keep shitting on this because its nonsense mate, I wanna hear how other anons go day to day with this depressing knowledge, not some entry level "you will become a god because now you know its all fucked"
that meme is fucking retarded man. every person on neinchan has taken the "redpill" plebbit faggot.
Try and surround yourself with people with the same general idea or ideology about how the world should be. Cut contacts with people where you have to be afraid of showing your power level. Find some motivation by finding a hobby or watching motivational videos. Don‘t stay in the blackpilled spiral, it will not get any better. Try working out, even if it‘s only a bit. Try to think about the next steps that have to happen before we can achieve a better world and prepare for it.
Do you think 8ch will ever come back? where do you go in the meantime? 4chan is unusable garbage full of shills. No books thread, nothing at all.
Where to go??
(32.86 KB 540x632 blackpillratwheel.jpg)
(95.91 KB 850x670 blackpilldespair.jpeg)
>>1644 (1) ...and...
>>1648 done
>>1647 le cringe glownigger shows up. Missing /gchbrit/ faggot?
>>1652 confirmed for a lowly 6-7. git gud nigger
t. 10+

..btw you'd have to be a 10.0+ before you can conclude if that meme is nonsense - and clearly you're not, faggot.
Keep wallowing in your self pity until you climb to 8.
(135.81 KB 1683x1084 shitpostingirlpepe.jpg)
>Where to go??
Shitpost irl.

Drop some flour packets with a gang stamp in another gangs territory. Monitor the ensuing drug war & body count on a police scanner for bants.

Post details of trans surgical operations around trans-kid support group meetings. Include subtle references to indicate trans-kids = parental child abuse. Watch the meeting site close down due to lack of participants.
>t. bluepilled plebbit user
you probably think trump is going to help you.
>repdill meme-o-metre
>no mention of kikes or zionism
(42.66 KB 599x449 blackpillnoonesavesyou.jpg)
>I'm below a 10+
I know. It's fucking obvious.
t. redpill pharmacy
>first you will be a hot girl that does this
>then you will become an ugly fat girl that does this
>then you will become a numale that does this and learns this
>then you become Spongebob Squarepants and learn this
(125.22 KB 394x506 do-a-backflip-faggot.png)
>nigger IQ too low to realize pic was answering question of normfag-tier ledditor
If you had advanced off the scale of the pic related, instead of being stuck at "Read Seige!" level 8 like you are, you'd know better.
Lead by example, and do a backflip nigger.
>he keeps referring to the shit meme he posted
kys faggot
>he doesn't know about the JQ
go back to plebbit and talk about how you've taken the redpill(tm)
No thanks, I'm not a wagecuck shabbos goy like you, fed.

>unironically thinks they are "juden"
Mein sides!
If you ever reach tier 9, try reading a history book, nigger. You might learn about the history of the (((tribe)))
>Walgreens takes in pills, not gives them out
pls just stop. It's embarrassing
>plebbit user
(767.82 KB 780x876 FBI-DoLawEnforcementLOL.png)
>bait the post
Thanks for the confirmation glownigger. This place is infested too.
Good luck with your lol enforcement duties!
>tier 9
still referring to the shit meme you posted and I'm the embarrassing one?
and they are juden you fucking retard
>when you're so redpilled (10 on the scale) that when you lose an argument you cry glownigger
nice, I'm hoping you stop posting.
(997.47 KB 500x332 laughingednorton.gif)
>they are juden
>unironically believes the (((tribe))) was honest about their origins
Thanks for the laughs mr. lol enforcement!
what the fuck is this meme?
what are they then? fucking retard
(631.29 KB 700x684 laughingatscreentemplate.png)
You being too retarded and arrogant to understand what is being discussed means I'm losing an argument?
OH SHIT! Cap that for the report already!
>what is being discussed
you being a shitty meme posting retard that thinks jews aren't juden.
thats whats being discussed, plebbitor.
(747.81 KB 1024x576 hillarylaughsinlawenforcement.png)
>retard that thinks jews aren't juden.
>unironically doesn't know (((tribe))) history
>unironically is leddit tier
>calls others ledditors
what are they then?
>>unironically is leddit tier
>>calls others ledditors
look at the memes you post...
Go read a book and find out, and maybe stop calling people who try to help you "retard" while you're at it.
b-but you said you were the redpill pharmacy?
here: >>1691
fucking retard
>people who try to help you
oh I get it, you are being a cancerous faggot to help me, thanks!
>I'm the redpill pharmacy
>I don't fucking know dude go read a book
nice cringe faggot, go back to reddit
>go back to reddit
go back to 4chan
No. Only Untermensch und glowniggers. I vote to avoid this chan. KILO-HOTEL (I'm unaware of their logs, so use the same IP to reply)
67427 07755 33107 70028 59634
38818 88830 86462 00186 16983
73045 52189 05908 75453 04489
38880 91146 61108 94698 58483
80047 11143 93039 77083 03013
79777 38125 13195 49020 15828
56140 78460 18888 80757 84056
65628 33579 62812 39825 29417
70955 56464 07639 91545 96217
95153 00472 08892 05404 57249
i want to pill boomer christcucks on ze jews.

can someone enlighten me on the biblical history of the jews and israel?

like they are descendant from the one of the sons of abraham and when the bible is talking of taking back israel and casting foreigners from their lands, are they speaking of the jews?

can i get a brief history of the jews in the bible?
where they came from and their relation to the "lords people"

help me out here,i've been reading the bible but lack the proper context to be able to make sense of it.

lol....i fucking swear i didn't know you about this post/shit slinging until after i asked the above question, i'm a different anon who is ACTUALLY trying to understand tribe history among other things....
i can and am willing to take shit for not knowing this stuff, so feel free to talk shit but at the same time help me up my power level. let's be productive here eh?
Basically, The Jews were the chosen people from among the descendants of Adam (cain, abel, eventually noah, &c.). Abraham was chosen by God to establish a nation for his descendants by purchasing land to bury his wife. Abraham's grandson, Isaac, worked for his Canaanite uncle to marry his daughters and birth the tribes of Israel; at the same time establishing control over his uncle's lands and fortune. This account (Genesis) provides contrary land claims to those found in Exodus (Moses & the flight from Egypt), which is probably because of the Jews returning from the Babylonian captivity conflicting with those who had remained in Judea. The covenant with Moses establishes the laws which God expects the Jews to follow. They then proceed to break these laws over and over again, pissing off God. God destroys Israel each time, and then feels sorry for them and sends a savior. Eventually, He sends Christ to absolve the sins of mankind. The Jews reject Christ, preferring to write new rules and interpretations of the Bible, and so are no longer God's chosen people.

The Christian Bible is very clear (particularly the book of Acts), when it says that "Israel", "God's Chosen", and "the Holy Land" are more of an idea of existing within God's graces, rather than a literal land to be conquered. The Hebrew Bible (Tanakh, analagous to the OT), on the other hand, ends with the prophets (Isaiah, Ezekiel, &c.), who basically just ramble like schizos about how the heebs will rise again and take Israel, which definitely makes it seem more like a literal sense of the Jews taking back the holy land.

Hope that helps!
(173.47 KB 800x900 1518815895729.png)
>Hope that helps!
> But why isn't this happening on a massive scale?

because they've fallen for the same zog bullshit as the general public has...
Christians didn't used to be this cucked just a generation or two ago, the "kill them all and let god sort them out" type of mentality was a thing that used to exist in earnest, like it or not this was a predominately christian country and things weren't always like this, Christians never used to be antigun for example, a gun rubber banded around a bible next to the nightstand was a common thing in a lot of households...but notice that christians are becoming antigun...some so much that they have actually argued that it is better to die than it is to defend oneself....which is essentially the same thing as immigration...

beyond that, i think the turning point here maybe the trannies sexualizing children, this is really pissing a lot of people off and i think we can convince them that the sin has become to great and that god demands that they go to war to right the wrongs.

"They cast lots for my people and traded boys for prostitutes; they sold girls for wine to drink.
" 4 “Now what have you against me, Tyre and Sidon and all you regions of Philistia? Are you repaying me for something I have done? If you are paying me back, I will swiftly and speedily return on your own heads what you have done.
5 For you took my silver and my gold and carried off my finest treasures to your temples.
rom their homeland.
7 “See, I am going to rouse them out of the places to which you sold them, and I will return on your own heads what you have done.

" A day of the LORD is coming, Jerusalem, when your possessions will be plundered and divided up within your very walls.
2 I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it; the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped."

i'm super busy right now, so this is a shit tier post, but i really do think there's something here we can work with, i'll be low effort posting for a few days while i continue to research and formulate a convincing argument along these sort of lines.

i will say though, it's not about us, it's about convincing the mainstream things have gone too far, a lot of them already know it they just need to be shown it in terms that give them justification to act, the motivation is already there...
we don't need anymore lone wolf types, it's fun and enterianing and all but it gets us nowhere but further down the hole as it gives reason to censor, arrest and create new laws that work against use, we need a real mainstream movement that comes from an already accepted and disenfranchised section of our society..
i really don't want to go full weimar before anything happens...it might be too late by then as the kikes have likely learned from that lesson.
gotta go, I'll be back later.
Jews are not Judeans. The "newer" bibles translates Judean to Jew.
You will never convince Christians of shit, they let things get this far and they will allow it to go further.
by that same argument there's no point in redpilling anyone, we have/they have already let things get this far and will allow it to go further.

in order to be redpilled you have to have had to fallen for or allowed this shit to happen in the first place,you young ones haven't been alive long enough to truly believe anything, this isn't a slam, it's nature, there's a reason why young men are the ones who revolutionize.

...wife is hollering at me, i really gotta go, I'll get back at you in a few hours...we're on the same side here.remember that...even if i don't succeed, it's worth trying imo.
>because they've fallen for the same zog bullshit as the general public has...
They didn't "fall" for anything. They support it. They love the ZOG, and will fight and die for it.
>Christians didn't used to be this cucked just a generation or two ago
This is a lie. 'Civil Rights' happened generations ago now, and the oldest people alive are the people who forced integration with niggers on the youth of the White Nation today.
>the "kill them all and let god sort them out" type of mentality was a thing that used to exist in earnest
So was the mentality of buying niggers from Africa like livestock and forcing other Europeans to live beside them.
>like it or not this was a predominately christian country and things weren't always like this
Why did Christfaggots import millions and millions of nigger slaves into that thing called "America" in the first place? Oh right, because they loved niggers even then.
>Christians never used to be antigun for example
Who cares if they're "anti-gun" or not, if they aren't using the guns to shoot the ZOG?
>beyond that, i think the turning point here maybe the trannies sexualizing children
Christfaggots don't care about this shit, otherwise, they would have never allowed the faggot identity to flourish anyway. In fact, the biggest opponent of the tranny shit isn't Christfaggots, but faggots themselves, as it is a competitor identity. The faggot thinks he has faggot DNA, and thinks a tranny is just a faggot with a mental disorder.
>i think we can convince them that the sin has become to great and that god demands that they go to war to right the wrongs.
If this was possible, they would have already done this with the normalization of faggots that has been occurring since the 1980s. Christfaggots aren't going to do shit.
>but i really do think there's something here we can work with
Christianity Identity has been around for over a century now, in one form or another, and they haven't gone beyond the Lone Wolf, small cell stage either.
But here is a suggestion: any such Christian view would have to demonize other Christians who disagree with them. It would need to state openly that anyone claiming to be a Christian who disagrees with X, Y, Z, etc, is not only not a Christian, but a conscious fraud trying to deceive people.
Because any Christian lead resistance against the ZOG is going to be fighting 'Right' wing Christfaggots. So they will need a line that doesn't tell them these people are just misguided, but that they are conscious agents of Satan or some shit. Only then, will you ever get a Christian resistance to the ZOG.
>we don't need anymore lone wolf types
This is a lie. We need tens of thousands more Lone Wolves.
>it gets us nowhere but further down the hole as it gives reason to censor
The ZOG already censors everything. They already destroy the lives of anyone they think is a threat to them, which means White Nationalists.
Again, the 'Right' wing of the ZOG will never stop pushing the "no violence, vote Republican" garbage. This poster is a ZOG-faggot, and knows there will never be any Christfaggot violent resistance to the ZOG.
>They didn't "fall" for anything. They support it. They love the ZOG, and will fight and die for it.


>This is a lie. 'Civil Rights' happened generations ago now, and the oldest people alive are the people who forced integration with niggers on the youth of the White Nation today.

exactly how long do you believe the zog to have been operating?
sure they started ages ago, but the civil right of yesterday is the same civil rights as today. sure it started with things like niggers and womens right to vote, destroying nations, but is no different from faggots and trannies, what we see today is just an extension of the premise.
>So was the mentality of buying niggers from Africa like livestock and forcing other Europeans to live beside them.

maybe this is something we disagree on, i don't actually support genocide, if the niggers keep to their own homelands no problem, if they want to live in ours and be treated as cattle then fine, just know your place.

>Why did Christfaggots import millions and millions of nigger slaves into that thing called "America" in the first place?

because they jews convinced them it was economically beneficial...and they overlooked the social implications of what they were doing....sound familiar? why are we bringing a bunch of spics and niggers into out countries today?

>Who cares if they're "anti-gun" or not, if they aren't using the guns to shoot the ZOG?

two fold,one because without our guns we are lost,entirely, the brits for example, no matter how pissed off they get they're limited to throwing bottles of wkd blue, second, why do we bother to redpill people? if people are incapable of ever waking up and defending themselves from the zog, then what's the point? them becoming antigun is an extension of the zog brainwashing and rhetoric, if they are disarmed it doesn't matter who you redpill.
>Christfaggots don't care about this shit, otherwise, they would have never allowed the faggot identity to flourish anyway. In fact, the biggest opponent of the tranny shit isn't Christfaggots, but faggots themselves, as it is a competitor identity. The faggot thinks he has faggot DNA, and thinks a tranny is just a faggot with a mental disorder
you're actually right on some level here but your hatred for the christcucks is clouding your judgment, they are just blind sheep who have been fooled like everyone else. they thought they could turn the other cheek and live and let live. i think we both know that was never the case and will never happen..btw the way the normalization of faggotory started before the 80's..i was alive and can remember the 80's, it seemed like their numbers where so few and that they just wanted to be left in peace and do their own thing, imagine being presented with this idea without knowing what a faggot really was.. just a small group of people who want to be left alone and do their own thing, you haven't been a live long enough to see any real progress if you don't know what i am talking about....we didn't have the internet, we didn't have anything but the msm, what was presented to us was what i described. our world was limited to what we saw on TV and our own small little neighborhoods..just look at population growth and demographic changes since the 80's...try to grasp what living through those changes would be like and not even having the option of visiting places like the chans...closest we had were BBS's on the C64..let go of your hatred for a minute and actually try to understand this, what it was like and how this happened...you act as if where we are now has always been like this...that's just not the case, redpills were few and far between back then, there certainly wasn't a movement, it was all about the Russians in those days..we had drills preparing for nuke attacks, nobody talked about the jews..we live in a different time now with different conditions and people who have seen a lot of shit and a lot of change thanks to tech..one of the biggest if not the biggest revolution in human history was the wide spread success of the internet which is allowing me to talk to you now and relate to you this pov.
>Christianity Identity has been around for over a century now, in one form or another, and they haven't gone beyond the Lone Wolf, small cell stage either.

not in my recollection has there ever been a precedent with the sexualization of children and degeneracy as we have seen today, baring the 60's and 70's and the generation that was prominent during that time, they tired to fight against it but lost due to the size of the boomer gen, they tried to keep niggers out of our schools, they tried to keep people in line but ultimately lost...if you truly believe that people are incapable of recognizing their mistakes then you are truly blackpilleds and demoralized, from the conversations i have had most of the people in my gen and the gens before me have a lot of regrets, we need to capitalize on them, i admit i was wrong in thinking the faggots just wanted to fuck each other in closed rooms and keep to themselves..i fell for the shit like many many other people did, i have seen my errors unfold before me and am seeking to right those wrongs, i think if done correctly you could convey this to a lot of Christians and get them to act..
>suggestion: any such Christian view would have to demonize other Christians who disagree with them. It would need to state openly that anyone claiming to be a Christian who disagrees with X, Y, Z, etc, is not only not a Christian, but a conscious fraud trying to deceive people.

this has been a thing for centuries, salem witch trials for example, burning other christians at the cross and drowning them because of division among the ranks, it's really no different than what the jews have done, this is their game, turning brother again brother so they don't have to fight themselves, what makes you think we can't use the jews same dirty tricks ourselves? it just needs to be put out there correctly in the right places at the right times...we are poised to capitalize on the faggots preying on children, we just need to figure out how to take advantage of this scenario.

>This is a lie. We need tens of thousands more Lone Wolves.

come one dude, thousands of lone wolves is an army, that's what i am trying to accomplish here, we're a fringe movement and unless we bring larger more established groups into the pack we are destined to fail...the zog knows this, this is why they constantly do nothing but break us apart and scatter us to the winds, if we get to big we become very dangerous to the zog...if we bring in the christcucks en mass we will become to large too quickly for them to stop...ask yourself, why did the people of Germany reject the wiemar republic, i'm sure it had nothing to do with a moral belief system based on god...we're more godless than ever, we won't and haven't rejected the wiemar already because of this.
>The ZOG already censors everything. They already destroy the lives of anyone they think is a threat to them, which means White Nationalists.

again, either you are really young or are truly blackpilled and demoralized, have you not noticed the ever INCREASING restrictions? is it not every other day now that this is happening? surely even if you have been paying attention for even a year you have seen it's becoming worse and worse, this is a war of attrition, we're being starved out in a long and slow process that has been planned...so again you're certainly right on a lot of your points, just as i am with mine, but you need to change your perspective and drop this never will x,y,z, happen type of bullshit, have hope, dare i say even faith that if we don't give up something can be done, from **my experience with most Christians their textual knowledge of the bible/holy text is fed to them by some cucked out pastor**** maybe we should become the pastors that lead the flock to salvation, we have people believing the earth is fucking flat for fucks sake, how hard would it really be to convince a bunch of bible thumpers that they have been mislead by their pastor?
all it would really take it some creative interpretation of the bible..which has already been done by the kikes to put Christians in this place to start with?
like the quotes from the bible i posted, why can't destroying israel and it's people be taken literately?

regardless of anything else, why not help me even if you view it as a waste of time? maybe i am i wrong, like dead wrong, what is the worst that can happen? i've just wasted time that normies probably would have spent on facebook or some other stupid shit?

while i am still here... mostly likely she is more redpilled than you know, it's a tough subject to broach but i have found if you can ease your way in and get a feel for some of the older gens that they are more red pilled than you realize...as i said in my response to the other guy, they have lived long enough to see the consequences of their beliefs, they may be slow on the uptake and kinda dumb in general but that doesn't mean that they haven't been able to make sense of the world they see before them....a lot of them have a lot of regrets and realize this, they may be dumb but not dumb enough to not realize how totally and utterly fucked things they are...it kinda plays off what i'm trying to get at here....there's a lot of guilt in these people for the way the world is, they do realize this is their making...partly...sure some don't care, some haven't made the connection yet but even still there's a large number of them who know but aren't dumb enough to make these thoughts and feelings public...many of you know this to be true otherwise you wouldn't be posting on anon image broads on obscure corners of the net...

i'd say whatever you've been ranting about is good, she does sound like she's on the same page as you but neither one of you are sure of it...

you can't shove redpills down peoples throat or smack them upside the head with em, you have to drop crumbs and lead them down a path to the pill, most everyone will take the pill if presented to them in the right way at the right time.

practice this SKILL, next try your friends...when you've perfected this skill irl you can redpill complete strangers if given enough time and the right setting...make no mistake, it is a skill, it's just an extension of your normal everyday social skills, picking up on people language, their dress and mannerisms, ect... I've always been pretty successful socially speaking, lots of friends, a few different girls to choose from at anytime, i never been lonely for any other reason than my own choosing and was able to change that just by deciding not to and going out and making friends, trust me when i say you can redpill people who you never thought you could if you go about it the right way...you just need to SEE them and approach them in a way that works for them and in a way that's important to them..
More like general observation. Christfaggots love the ZOG. They identify with the ZOG. To pretend otherwise is left believing the ZOG has no basis of support amongst the "American" population, which is clearly stupidity.
>exactly how long do you believe the zog to have been operating?
This is a great question, one most people refuse to give any answers to, though it is clear sometime between the 1930s and the 1950s. Different (trustworthy) authors emphasize different periods, depending on whether or not they want to highlight the beginning of Kike control over the "America" regime or not.
Of course, this is all besides the point, as "America" was born bad. It started as an anti-nationalist political project run by religious fanatics and crooks, and this is what the Kikes were able to take over, fair and square. The origin of Zionist control of "America" is not too terribly significant to anyone who understands what a Nation even is.
>sure they started ages ago, but the civil right of yesterday is the same civil rights as today
Forced integration with niggers is what is meant by "Civil Rights." This process was resisted by the masses of the White Nation, until the ZOG was finally able to force it on us in the late 60s. This was only possible because of massive Christfaggot support of it.
>but is no different from faggots and trannies, what we see today is just an extension of the premise.
Actually, it isn't. Christfaggots look at being nice to sexual degenerates as some sort of concession to the "Left" wing of the ZOG, while they were fervent supports of forced integration with niggers.
The typical 'Right' wing Christfaggot looks at the open embrace of the faggot identity as a necessary embarrassment they have to endure. They look at the forcing of integration with niggers with pride. One need only walk into a historical museum on 'Civil Rights' to see this clear as day.
>maybe this is something we disagree on
Yeah, that's because Christfaggots have no problem with living beside millions of niggers, and making their own people do it as well. This is why Christfaggots purchased millions of niggers in the first place. They thought it was nice of the Sky-Kike to create servants for them, and they wanted one. Gotta catch'em all!
>i don't actually support genocide
There is a 99% certainty that, during the coming White Nation Liberation War, ZOG-blacks will be genocided in mass. We are, of course, going to loudly make it known, that we support the creation of a a separate Nigger Nation-State in the Southeast, so long as the ZOG is unable to mobilize millions of them into fighting us (which they almost certainly will). So after the war, when we are killing them, we're going to tell the whole world "Look, we offered them their own Nation-State, if they just didn't fight us. But they preferred being parasites."
>because they jews convinced them it was economically beneficial...
More bullshit. They did it because capitalists knew it was cheaper to purchase a slave than to hire a European immigrant to do the job. It's the same reason today why they hire spicks instead of niggers to work the fields. Europeans refused to work on anything but their own fields, unless paid the highest of wages. Today, the nigger refuses to work on the fields for the wages the spicks will. Capitalists aren't so retarded they need a Kike to explain this to them: they already don't identify with their real Nation, and so would never need any convincing to ship in cheap labor.
>and they overlooked the social implications of what they were doing....sound familiar?
The capitalist doesn't care about "social implications," because they see themselves as an individual. If it benefits them, "social implications" be damned. This is why capitalism means you don't have a Nation.
>two fold,one because without our guns we are lost,entirely
Guns being illegal have never stopped a resistance movement from acquiring them. Stop lying to people. There is no "second amendment," as you already have to put yourself on a list and submit yourself to a background check to be allowed to own a gun in the ZOG.
>why do we bother to redpill people?
This is a retarded term taking from a ZOG film, meant to convey the idea that whatever propaganda someone is feeding you is the 'truth'.
The majority of people are never going to attack the ZOG. Revolutionary White Nationalists are going for the minority of people capable of violence. We don't need masses of 'red-pillled' or 'woke' people. We need only tens of thousands of soldiers willing to fight to the death against the ZOG.
>your hatred for the christcucks is clouding your judgment, they are just blind sheep who have been fooled like everyone else.
Again, the rulers of the ZOG are Christfaggots. They love thing that called "America." They rule that thing called "America." Christfaggots are not innocent victims of the ZOG, they are the ZOG.
>hey thought they could turn the other cheek and live and let live.
No one is slapping them in the face. There is nothing Christfaggots don't overwhelmingly support about the ZOG, up to and including widespread promotion of faggotry. Only the 'Right' wing of the ZOG feigns some sort of discomformt with it.
>btw the way the normalization of faggotory started before the 80's
This is actually not true, not at least, in a mass Hollywood understanding of it. It began in the 80s.
>we didn't have the internet, we didn't have anything but the msm
There is no excuse here. "We were stupid, we didn't know!" isn't going to cut it. William Luther Pierce didn't need the internet to predict what forced integration with niggers entailed. The integration of the faggot identity into "America" is just a side-show compared to that.
Make no mistake, if revolutionary White Nationalists were given a choice "Either keep the niggers, or keep the faggots," we'd keep the faggots, and the 'Right' wing Christfaggots would keep the niggers. But whereas the Christfaggot only pretends to oppose faggotry, revolutionary White Nationalists will actually eradicate it from society. Current research into the psychological origins of faggotry in the male shows it is almost certainly a form of early-onset autogynephilia, which is an erotic narrative that can be psychology disrupted to prevent the would-be faggot from becoming a faggot. Children that have this can already be identified at an early age, in the school system, and the revolutionary White Nation-State will single these children out for psychology experimentation.
Even if the Christfaggots wanted to do this, they never would, because ultimately they prefer forced integration with niggers and slavery to Kikes. The faggot identity to them is just a small price they have to pay for the System they love.
>it was all about the Russians in those days
And just like today, hating Russians is a way to virtue signal how much you hate Europeans. The only reason the ZOG hated the USSR was because they said niggers in the ZOG belonged to another Nation, and that Kikes weren't a Nation at all. The ZOG was in a purity spiral with the USSR, and the USSR lost. The ZOG today still hates Russians for not respecting their 'holiness' for forcing integration with niggers on the White Nation.
For that alone, your entire generation deserves death.
>if you truly believe that people are incapable of recognizing their mistakes then you are truly blackpilleds and demoralized
Revolutionary White Nationalists aren't going to make excuses for Christfaggot Boomers. We're going to tell the youth of the White Nation the truth: these Kike-loving Christfaggots did it to you on purpose! They forced integration with niggers on you, they force capitalism on you, they even force the faggot identity on you.
We're going to teach the youth of the White Nation to ask people like you "Why aren't you dead? Why didn't you die fighting the ZOG already?" The future White Nation-State belongs to the young. They are going to remove the Boomers and the older generations from all positions of power and authority, and most likely kill millions of you. And you deserve exactly that.
The few who are redemable have already died. The few who are redemable and who can not fight themselves should be working day and night to aid these who will fight the ZOG to the death. Anything short of that is worthless.
>this has been a thing for centuries
Since history has shown this can happen, one has to ask why it also isn't happening right now. Why hasn't there been a Christian Identity guerrilla war against that thing called "America," even though Christian Identity has existed in some form for over a 100 years now? It's because it is an ideological failure, and simply can't compete with the ZOG's own brand of 'Right' wing Christfaggotry. If Christian Identity people were serious, they would attack them first, as they are their primary ideological rivals. But they don't, and hence, they are ineffective at best, and a total ideological trap for revolutionary-minded people at worst.
>turning brother again brother
Again, this is why Christfaggots will never fight the ZOG. They see the rulers of the ZOG as their "brothers," who just happen to have slightly more liberal attitudes than they themselves do. This is why Christfaggotry will never be the ideological driving force for the White Nation Liberation War. It isn't my "hatred" of anything; as I have said elsewhere, revolutionary White Nationalists will welcome any Christians capable of actually fighting the ZOG. Only the Christians that help us fight the ZOG will be allowed to openly preach and proselytize; those that fought against us will be slaughtered, and those that did nothing will be forever forced to remain silent, or forced to leave, or killed. This offer is just like the offer for the niggers to have their own Nigger Nation-State: it is made knowing the they won't accept it. Even if some Christians did help us, they would be the extreme minority, composing no more than 0.01% of Christians in "America." You know this is true.
>unless we bring larger more established groups into the pack we are destined to fail...
Pure nonsense. Any "groups" that don't have an army are already worthless. "Groups" without soldiers are worthless garbage. They can only be useful to revolutionary White Nationalists if their recruits are capable of being radicalized to violence, and for that, we don't need any direct affiliations with them. We need only be able to send them messages.
>the zog knows this, this is why they constantly do nothing but break us apart and scatter us to the winds, if we get to big we become very dangerous to the zog
The security apparatus of the ZOG has made basically all forms of open organizing against them impossible. The only thing left is a decentralized network, driven by an ideology capable of spreading itself, and capable of motivating people to violence. This can be done online, without a need for any centralization.
This is our current weakness. Anyone attempting to openly organize against the ZOG will be discovered, and will be arrested and/or killed by them. The Leader is going to be the person capable of moving us from the Lone Wolf stage, to the White Nationalist Guerrilla War stage. There are many ideas that could be tried, but essentially only a person that is already killing ZOG-lings is going to have the instincts necessary to recruit people who aren't wedded to the ZOG.
>if we bring in the christcucks en mass
A million Christfaggots who won't fight as worthless than a single person who will. A million Christfaggots will never fight, and any attempt to make them fight the ZOG is just going to get you a million FBI informanents.
>ask yourself, why did the people of Germany reject the wiemar republic
We aren't the Wiemar Republic. We aren't the German-speaking European Nation, who lived in completely different conditions. Our revolution is going to a 1000x times harder.
>again, either you are really young or are truly blackpilled and demoralized
I'm pretty close to 40. I still tell young whites "Don't trust anyone over 30." Anyone near my age has already made their ideological reconciliation with the ZOG. They have already made their peace with the ZOG, in one form or another. I didn't, for reasons I will not go into. And trust me, I won't be making it 40. I prefer death to living under the ZOG.
>have you not noticed the ever INCREASING restrictions?
I have been banned more times from more places on the internet than you probably ever will. You think things are "INCREASING" now, because even the mildly retarded shit people like you spew is starting to become unacceptable. Do you honestly think you could get away with someone the Kikes rule that thing called "America" 10 years ago on the internet? If you do, it only shows you've never said anything in your entire worthless life the ZOG wanted to bother censoring.
>this is a war of attrition
Wars involve things like bullets. There is no "war" going on in "America" between the "Left" and 'Right' wings of the ZOG. If there was, there would be a lot more dead bodies to point at.
In fact, the "INCREASING restrictions" you are seeing is to prevent internal conflict in the ZOG, something which the 'Right' wing of the ZOG, being the absolute Kike-lovers they are, only too gladly support. That's all they are; ideological enforcers, meant to deceive and mislead the masses of the White Nation.
>dare i say even faith that if we don't give up something can be done
It's long past time to pick up the gun. It's been at least 50 years long past time now.
The only thing that is going to work is violence. Anything that isn't violence is a scam, perpetrated by the 'Right' wing of the ZOG.
>all it would really take it some creative interpretation of the bible..which has already been done by the kikes to put Christians in this place to start with?
Again, why hasn't this already happened? There are strains of Christian Identity that appear to fulfill this ideological role, but they have never moved people past the Lone Wolf/small cell stage either. Maybe the 'right' interpretation hasn't been invented yet, hasn't been ideologically strong enough yet to resist the 'Right' wing of the ZOG.
But judging by your posts, you sure as hell aren't going to create it. In fact, if anyone is going to create it, it will be someone who is probably non-religious National Socialist just experimenting on what he can get Christfaggots to believe.
>does it give you a stiffy thinking about how your mother will rot in a box and their will be nothing more for her?
That is just her physical remains being recycled. One day, we will all be stardust, again. Hitler may have blown his brains all over his bunker; gone, yes, but not forgotten. Our loved ones live on through our memories.
>seen Ricky Gervais? always shitting on Christians but wouldn't DARE say a word about muzzie or kike religion,
Gervais has always been a first-class cunt, but I don't think he's spoken out about (((them))). He is vocal about islam though... even though I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire, I find it difficult to disagree with pic related...
>some so much that they have actually argued that it is better to die than it is to defend oneself
so they are true christians, following the steps of jesus who let himself be killed instead of defending himself
You believe whatever you want, it's your life.
I have no issues with anyone believing in their god of choice.
Organised religion can shit off, because it's 'organised' by people.
This bit:
>I have no issues with anyone believing in their god of choice.
Fuck. Not 1986, >>1997
>I'll put it simpler, say we made an ethnostate, say everything was great, and me and you were sitting in a pub having a drink and I mentioned I like to believe in God/religion for my own mental well being.
There isn't going to be a White Nation-State without a massive internal conflict, killing hundreds of thousands at a minimum. It will more likely be several million, and will have lasted somewhere around a decade. It is likely nuclear weapons will have been used, making large parts of North America uninhabitable.
And yes, Christfaggots will be the ones that led the pro-ZOG side.
If you claim to belong to one of the few Christian groups that actually fought the ZOG, their probably isn't going to be any issue.
If you express some other form of Christfaggotry, you're essentially telling me in public how much you hate the White Nation-State, and wish your fellow Christfaggots were still in charge, that you were still integrated with niggers, that you wish we were still enslaved to Kikes, etc.
I wouldn't go "full on fedora" on you. I'd tip off the police that there is a traitor in our midst, and the State would decide what to do with you.
If you did this shortly after the conflict (5-10 years later), expect harsh treatment. If you did this a generation later, who knows.
The Christfaggot would rather his daughter marry a fellow nigger Christfaggot, than a white atheist.
2 Corinthians 6:14 - "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"
I’ve been away for just 2 weeks taking vacations in a country in economic crisis and what the fuck happened to nein/pol/!? Is it because of that dumbass fed poster in the previous attomwaffen/SEIGE shit thread? Because if so, i hope you learned from your mistakes.
Wtf you faggots going to supposedly drop in the next hour?
(12.65 KB 721x748 23941.png)
make trump kvetch again
I almost remember something like "black cocks are bigger when flaccid but don't expand as much as a white cock when fully erect". I haven't seen enough m/f porn to offer an informed opinion, but mine triples in size from floppy maggot to throbbing monster.
>inb4 porn is degenerate
Wholesome lesbians ftw(ank)
(18.01 KB 570x330 1566675818670.png)
Nope, he's the real deal, and although he says he isn't a "Hitlerist", he does do candid interviews with National Socialists, and talks about everything /pol/ (or at least, oldfag /pol/) does from Rockwell to kikery to Syria (which he went to and helped at). He also talked about a Mossad agent screening him as a candidate acting as controlled opposition (like Farage etc).
Since the report captcha is broken for me, ban and delete the fucking reddit spacer sliding every single thread while only using kosher terms like 'government', 'elite', etc. How obvious is he, come on.
They approached him to see if he would play along with the whole kosher nationalism thing that Trump, Farage, etc do, while promoting Israel and kikery. In exchange for media coverage and not being labeled an ebil nazi anti-semite and so on and so forth. He basically told them no, but if non-Brits got out of Britain, we wouldn't hold a grudge against them. And of course, that isn't enough for Mossad with so many traitors around to use instead.

Mind you, this is from memory, the interviews are long scrubbed from Youtube. There's a more kosher version of the story if you look up "Video: BNP Was Offered Neocon Money, Says Nick Griffin" on National Vanguard.

Also, apparently my previous post led to a 3 week ban for defending a "pedo", which is Kampfy-tier gaslighting bullshit. Neinchan = Discord trannies confirmed, I suppose.
Actually I take that back, posts from the IP have different IDs in the same thread. That indicates that perhaps something is broken technically and bans are being mixed up.
*the same IP
(173.08 KB 759x514 banned.png)
Looks like neinchan is word filtered over on cuckchan.
It's probably for the best.
>neinchan is word filtered
thats probably because of the raiding done early on over there, it adds to our credibility tbh, (((they))) must be scared of our honks
how long until you find out your cousin is mossad?
>revealing powerlevel over an edgy remark
how long until your parents push schizo meds on you?
what the fuck.
sit back and do nothing then, you FUCKING CUCKOLD
>he doesn't educate people
>he says nothing
>he won't change anything
might as well neck yourself soycuck, you'll never reproduce with such a cucked way of thinking.
You know that everyone knows you are samefagging right
well the boys from downtown
argument not found
it was obviously a joke, exaggerated for comic effect
maybe I went a little too far with the banter...
sorry m8s
Autistic bloke bashed by sudos in Melbourne again.
makes me fucking sick m8s
Looks like the mods are on top of it. Good job new mods.
>oy vey keep your hate speech to yourself goy
is Morrakiu based? (on jewtube) is he based or what,
He made some ok parodies, but he's a lolberg who stands with Kike Eunuch and his B'nai B'rith BioQueen wife.
another anon said a similar thing, what a shame
Honestly I've been browsing cuckchan since 8chan was shut down, but as time goes by I am becoming more and more intolerant to how much that place is pozzed.
Also I don't have the skills nor the will to try stuff like zeronet or tor, I don't go to places like plebbit or telegram groups so I feel like an abandoned dog.
Wat do?
You aren't missing much, every chan you go on tor or zeronet will be slow
I don't think rapefugees congelgrated all in spot, more like after 8chan fell the rapefugees split in so many small fractions.
Hi. New to the chans. Even newer to this shit "version". Neinch looked a little different a while back. Anyways,
(Reddit space)

Can we please fucking make a racial anthropology thread? Its very hard to find "redpilled" information amd theories about human evolution.

If you make a racial anthropology thread, i could get more (based-ish) people to come here to learn about shit and redpill even more.

Racial anthropology thread. Please.
Pic related is a "pure raced" white nordid. Other pic related is a pure raced red nordid.
was JFK really gonna name the jew?
for a primary school thing I dressed up as him
(847.91 KB 665x662 1548468682054.gif)
people with tattoos think they are cooler than me.
is violence the answer?
(84.61 KB 900x649 1488.jpg)
meanwhile, in finland..
(59.44 KB 838x222 1567194968357.png)
>kikes are seething lol. "moar judengas! mooooar!"
4 was pozzed at least since 07 since the migration to 7chan. 7 is a bunch of pedocuck degenerates who don't even have a /pol/ and probably jerk to gurochan and duude ma weed on 420chan. this place seems nice though. i know what you mean though lad, shame voat's been down too after they were dipping into epstein-vatican connections. i think the whole el paso-dad-was-mk-ultra-affiliate thing was to get 8 shut down because they were afraid of having it up due to that whole thing going on. daily reminder epstein was on tri-lat commision and cfr, and a known frequenter of rothchild parties. also reminder to all newfags (or you poor bluepilled fedcucks) that you should all read "synagogue of satan" and watch thegreateststorynevertold.tv and spread your redpills irl for irl lulz. if we can't have 8, that's their fuggin mistake, because freespeech shall now be in the streets.


JFK was against israel having nukes. Trump released docs recently say a mossad agent was involved in cuba asking for it to be done basically. he was known to say many other things about (((conspiacies)))

btw, till we get a pdf board, a good lad should make a pdf thread and use https://anonfile.com/ or share a link / however.

usually i lurk, thought i'd post for more posts, show this place is alive.

you guys ever read brett stevens, he's a bit cucky with yids but he just is more of"deport to israel" type.


keep positive, build your lives, becoming invicible to the threats around us. always good to chat with like minded fellows on /pol/, but most of us i assume have external goals, pursuits and plans. out-yid the yids.
Australians are the true masterrace (and thats a good thing)
(101.98 KB 1166x612 1554230805025.jpg)
You either find some cope mechanism or you'll freak out.
I for one took the clownpill, it worked so far.
(249.49 KB 1029x443 a_good_sativa.PNG)

Clown lens is good one. Also, in honest-to-god complete honesty, weed is another good lens. Some people around here don't like to think about (or consider the possibility that) there is a spiritual aspect to self-improvement, fitness, and psychologically preparing you for what is to come.
can just meme neinchan or use it in the filename
also is this place dead? it was doing ok for the first week after 8ch died
>how THE FUCK do you deal with this?
>the collapse of western civilization?
the collapse of western civilization means the collapse of everything else, too.
Don't fear anon, embrace it. The return of mankind to its natural state as it is meant to be. Don't cling to the pale shadow of what western civilization has become. It's rotten to the core and the sooner it is gone the better.
It will be time of the wolf, the time to start over again. No police, no law except nature.
I'm prepared and so should you. Be glad you live to see the glorious times to come.
keep the catalog link exactly how it is now - if newfags are too fucking stupid to figure it out then they are too fucking stupid to be in this community
for those that aren't kikes.
keep it up lads, you are the fucking balls and backbone of whatever country you're from. make your ancestors proud.
and remember if a nigger or muzzie starts you on the street, fucking destroy them.
the White man will not be defeated.
Agreed. Took me two seconds. The best feature of this site is the different interface. It will keep boomers and normies who have learned other chans out.
how are we gonna redpill normalfags with that elitist attitude?
yeah it might be irritating explaining basic shit, I understand that, but you are basically a teacher and normalfags are your pupils.
tbh the whole "hurr newfag" stuff is detrimental to the cause. (I have been guilty of it myself) we need to teach the lemmings, not demonize them. calling some a reddit bluepilled faggot, is funny, but it doesn't help the cause.
>be normalfag
>sick of anti white shit
>sick of niggers, muzzies and no free speech
>goes to a chan
>asks a question
>instead of getting redpilled the lemming simply gives up
how many kikes do you think work for jewtube?
my comments are deleted within seconds lmao
It only takes one that can program a crawler to automatically censor whatever he doesn't want to be heard
yeah I think any post containing the word "goyim" gets automatically deleted. I'm not sure though
(240.28 KB 800x600 hongkonghell.png)
Hong Kong hell - being jewed from all directions and they don't even know jews exist...
Any word on the Atomwaffen Division?
UK parliament jeweyness

Q How jewey is the UK Parliament? A. Very jewey.

total members of Lords and Commons 1,405
total admitted jews 83 6%
total jewey as hell (15, 14) 14 1%
total extremely jewey (13, 12) 122 9%
total very jewey (11, 10) 263 19%
total quite jewey (9, 8) 363 26%
total jewey members 762 54%
total other Fake Britons 101 7%
total admitted homos 51 4%
total Real British women 88 6%
total Real British men 320 23%

In 1290, King Edward I issued an Edict of Expulsion which ordered all jewish people to leave England. This edict was never legally rescinded, and remains in force to this day. All these jews are illegal. These so-called parliamentarians should be excluded from parliament and deported to israel, and jewey parliamentarians should be investigated for jewishness and any necessary action then taken. Laws voted on by jews are invalid, including granting citizenship to non-Britons, who are therefore Fake Britons. Game over.

support data can be found here https:// anonfile.com/UfTbL74ene/ukpj_zip
>In 1290, King Edward I issued an Edict of Expulsion which ordered all jewish people to leave England
A great sensible man quite obviously. It means responsible citizens can start deporting kikes right away. Just go out and grab the next one passing by. Should be fun
(231.42 KB 1242x1331 jewish podcasts.jpg)
What is the TRSodomite position on Epstein? Are they being truthful, or is it the standard kosher conservative line that the ZOG Emperor dindu nuffin, and that we should all focus on the Lolita Express and Little St. James, ignoring everything he did at his homes in the US or the Zorro Ranch?

dirty jew researchers names are listed in this.

reminer that one of their "techniques" is to argue and add noise. all good lads remain unrustled as an italian futurist ubermensch reichbot and return fire of rustling with red pills.

I recommend a vote on the "top 100 redpills to familarize yourself with for newfags before posting and then sticky that shit at the top like 8pol did a few years ago.

here's some

haavara agreement
hooton plan
greater israel project
synagogue of satan by andrew hitchcock .pdf or bitchute for video/reading w/ images.
kalergi plan
ron unz on israel's likely certain role in 9/11 and the consequent lies about iraq and nearby countries.

also share/repost all red pill archives, 8pol had one in recent memory around 2 terabytes??
(157.89 KB 1002x312 Fuck_you_OP.png)
Who ever posted this, it's not going to be good for us. Oh wait, with this move you're going to attract cancer on our place. Everyone say...HI CANCER, IT'S NICE TO SEE YOU HERE, PLZ STAY, AND ENJOY.
lately I have seen many posts about Tor.
please redpill me on the "deep web"
I have only seen edgy Youtube vids about people buying drugs/guns and hitmen and redrooms and lots of CP.
I never have looked into it because I am not computer savvy-at all, literally the closest I've been to a M45T3RHAXXER is going to youtube-to-mp3 websites to get music for free lel.
pls redpill me on the deep web (if that's even what its called by people that use it)
i've been busy for a week, just wanted to say that new upload limit is sexy as shit.

i'll probably catch shit for this but i'll give credit where it's due, admin seems to be listening and responsive to suggestions from the users, so thanks for that, it's good to see and it's been nice to watch this board change and grow over the last few months, we might actually have something here, only real complaint i have about this place is the pph could be a bit higher so i could be more engaged but at the same time i wouldn't trade what we have if it meant halfchan levels of posting...

i personally think this is the right way to do things, the users who are here should act as a filter and only point people here who are worthy, spam posting the board like the spacefags do can only attract riff raff, let's not do that.


literally search around here, i have one TB stored locally but there's nothing i have that's not hosted here in better and more complete fashion.
It was set up by intelligence agencies to discretely operate on the web but this means that it has to be available to the public because otherwise any tor activity would be a self evident glow in the dark.
Its not really any more trust worthy than a vpn as far as i can tell but it is free.
You download it and use it like a browser.
I think it works by magic or something, idk.
I know your last sentence was a joke, not sure if the rest was as well.
I thought you needed to hack a computer or some shit.
I heard there is no search engine on it
idk better I stay away from it
attempted to report https://neinchan.com/pol/res/3545.html
as being off topic. tried both "report" and "global report" options numerous times. every time i got a popup that states "expired captcha". plz fix. i really dont want this board to turn into another shitsite
>Its not really any more trust worthy than a vpn
Untrue. It protects your identity from the nodes that connect out to the internet and protect your traffic from the nodes you connect to. But I do advise to connect to a vpn through Tor (You -> Tor -> VPN). This will add anther layer of protection onto you to help shield from FBI.
>I heard there is no search engine on it
That is true. You need to know a link to get to a website
>idk better I stay away from it
No reason to stay away from it. Tor and other dark webs are used for normal everyday things like chatting and sharing files. Just if you are doing something bad please start using tor way before you do the bad thing and way after you do it. If you dont the feds can pull up logs from your isp that say you were on tor just before the bad thing happened and stopped using tor just after it happened.
alright thanks
Sorry, I need to correct you on some points.
>I heard there is no search engine on it
There is, actually there are 3 or 4 but you can also use the so called hidden wiki as an entry point.
Like this one for instance
or just use this search engine
It's not as comfortable as clearweb but does the job.
>But I do advise to connect to a vpn through Tor (You -> Tor -> VPN)
Well, I wouldn't use a VPN. No provider will ever go to jail for you and of course hand over your data should someone threaten them. No exceptions.
Just use Tor on its own. It's a software that can't be coerced into complying. For people saying Tor's been made for and by three letter agencies, that's correct, but they need Tor to mask their activities badly. Building backdoors into the code to catch you would be even more dangerous for their own assets.
Tor has been a honeypot from day 1. Choose your vpn wisely and you are in good shape. If they aren’t storing logs they can’t rat you out. The most reliable pre-date Snowden.
(44.97 KB 1280x720 1556248295637438.jpg)
I feel the same way man, especially about the JQ. How they just get away with corrupting society, destroying all good in the world and they've been doing this for centuries, all while laughing at the goyim. Goddamn there is some rage built up
Dont use a vpn or tor. Using a vpn or tor alerts the intel agencies that you have shit that you want to hide and then they become interested in what you are doing. They collect all traffic on the internet, all of it, literally everything. Using tor or a vpn puts you on a list as someone of importance. The best way to hide from intel agencies is to do everything out in the open imo.
(39.59 KB 613x793 89wh375hw73h5.jpg)
But I do advise to connect to a vpn through Tor (You -> Tor -> VPN). This approach indeed has some benfits but disadvantages predominate. It is most important that you're ISP (and through them FBI or other 3letter agency alike) don't see you using TOR. Tor via VPN does just that. I advise ALL anons yo go this configuration: App based VPN -> Tor -> Internet. For those with better connecions, more patient and paranoid about safety I'd advise this combo : Virtual Machine with Linux based OS -> VPN1-> TOR-> Proxy-> Internet. VPN maks you using TOR, TOR anonymizes your traffic and works as a subopena cut-off, proxy masks you using TOR to the webpages. Even If proxy is subpoenad they can't hand off your identity (only your traffic so do not give any personal details in what you post nor NEVER log into your normie accounts EVER) They will loose track of your identity thanks to TOR. Time correlation attack won't work as you mask your TOR usage via VPN. It is almost impossible to find your real identity this way unless you do a retarded mistake yourself like logging to your FB account while using proxy etc or giving any data allowing your indentification in your traffic.

THE MOST SECURE WAY TO BROWSE INTERNET IS UPPER SOLUTION COMBINED WITH A PUBLIC WIFI HOTSPOT WITH NO CAMERAS. Then you're 99.9% safe unless you do a stupid move yourself logging to your personal fb account or giving too much information about yourself.

You're an idiot or glow in the dark. Either of both or most likely both.
There is no point in trying to change your retarded thought-procceses (or more likely lack of?) But I believe what I have to share may be helpful to other, more safety-focused or simply more prudent anons out there. ALL ANONS THAT HAVE BEEN VISITED BY FBI EITHER DIDN'T USE VPN (OR USED A HONEYPOT VPN) OR TOR AT ALL FOR THEIR SHITPOSTING ACTIVITIES OR USED ZERONET 08CH GLOW IN THE DARK HONEYPOT AND HAD THEIR IPS INTERRECEPTED.

>Using a vpn or tor alerts the intel agencies that you have shit that you want to hide and then they become interested in what you are doing.

That's kinda true but VPN is a software used in 95% by normies to bypass geographical site blocking and other normie stuff.
It works just fine preventing glows in the dark from spying on your internet activities (unless you use a VPN that is honeypot in itself, well then you're pretty much fucked, fucked indeed. HolaVPN is a known honeypot. I'd advise all anons to avoid, if possible, all Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, New Zeleand, UK, and US) based VPNs.) As stated before, unless you're using a honeypot VPN, VPN provider is most ikely to not give a shit about your internet activities unless you do stuff nasty enough that feds will subpoena (the provider) to hand over your info. I know it is hard nowadays to find a real NO LOGS VPN but if you manage that's the best possible scenario. FBI may indeed be more interested in people using VPN but it is much more secure to use /pol/ via VPN than /PO/ via nothing -> this is the biggest red flag they could have. All unencrypted clear net traffic is interecpted and stored by NSA. They know you browse /pol/ even without subpoening your ISP. Thanks Snowden. With decent VPN you are much less likely to gain feds attention (unless you do really nasty stuff) because 95% of people using VPNs are normies. FEDs don't have enough resources to screen all normies using VPNs!!!


Tor is indeed more risky as it is a known software used by criminals and cybercriminals alike (ca 80% of traffic is for legitimate purposes but why would feds care?) Feds will (most likely) not now what you're browsing but they will know you used TOR so you're already suspicious. You may be compromised by ,for example, time correlation attacks or old-fashioned malwares spreaded by PDFs or other means on sites like old 8ch by glows in the dark.
(245.81 KB 1500x1000 474747ghe773.jpg)
I forgot to mention that you MUST not use WINDOWS OR ANY MACOS for anything other than normie activities. It is one big spyware and it undermines all your other anonymity-focused efforts. Use Linux based OS, preferably Tails, Whonix or similar. Preferably on VIRTUAL MACHINE as it allows for quick&easy erasure of all session data!
(274.91 KB 800x600 yellowvestvshk.png)
How do you guys keep your rage in check?
When I heard about the first protests that's what it sounded like from the start. I mean a bunch of chinks suddenly waving pepe and US flags to get the right side of the aisle to agree with it along with the left? It's about establishing the next Jewish base for subjugating the last races. I'm sure kikes are mixing now in order to look more chinese to push their satanic globohomo garbage
Make sure to archive http://www.humanbiologicaldiversity.com/

It has nearly everything you could want.
the first few years are the hardest
eventually the rage turns cold and you realize your whole body simply becomes dedicated to protecting and expanding your volk and destroying the enemies of your people
>>3844 checked
that makes sense
this guy gets it
this next chaos period will be glorious
The so called "Incel" phenomenon is a self correcting issue.
Women, by instinct, are attracted to dangerous men.
By labeling celibate men as brooding criminals and potential domestic terrorists, you are unwittingly conditioning an entire generation of young women to be subconsciously attracted to them.
most likely the slithering is caused by wild jews
Why was I banned for porn I didn't post?
Are you using a VPN? Then yeah. Somebody else using the same VPN gets the same IP and thus if he gets banned you share IPs so you're also banned. However, using VPN is crucial so please go on. Just change your IP by ,for example, changing selected country in your VPN app.
Any body got some interesting pictures or an arcive or something of obviously bullshit jew claims relating to the holocaust and nazi torture? Please thanks
(973.64 KB 1060x1240 run out of gas.png)
(401.49 KB 1548x1696 holocoauster tyccon.jpg)
(247.59 KB 839x883 the dancing holocaust.jpg)
(742.92 KB 1671x1297 never forget 6 million lice.jpg)
(202.49 KB 1021x729 rektal holocaust.jpg)
(309.00 KB 1275x639 marmelade shoah.jpg)
(130.39 KB 960x719 the fap holocaust.jpg)
(111.36 KB 696x783 prince of treblinnka.jpg)
(303.68 KB 1029x760 the electric jewgaloo.jpg)
(593.42 KB 2200x1157 6 gorillion in 1897.jpg)
(45.64 KB 629x470 6 gorillion in 1940.jpg)
(203.96 KB 366x546 gassed and saved by nazis.png)
(359.90 KB 977x789 twenty million lampshades.jpg)
(393.22 KB 563x999 the oil shoa.jpg)
(74.86 KB 959x433 kosher sausages.png)
(473.79 KB 931x925 pedal-driven shoah.jpg)

Imagine having a 5-year old paramilitary organization which don't achieved anything, besides satanic scandal and murdering of their own comrades.


Now imagine being a lone-wolf like Roof, Bowers, Tarrant, Ernest, Stephan Ernst whose changed the world forever and inspire the millions of White man and woman to fight white genocide.
(209.62 KB 800x600 fr.png)
Katyn is a great test case for the likely fact of the Allies, USSR in particular, projecting their war crimes onto the Germans in order to avoid outcry after the war. They killed German soldiers en masse, they firebombed cities full of civilians, and they summarily executed the polish elite.
what do you guys think about putting together operations?
i'm not talking about raids or anything of the sort but more along the lines of making inflammatory memes and pitting different groups of sjw's against one and another...obviously trying not to let it be known it is coming from us, we do have an advantage of being a small bunker chan, i think we could have some fun with this and help speed up the devouring of their own.
that said,on the other hand it could draw unwanted attention and since we are a small chan, even counting the bots, there could be dire consequences...
so the question is, what do you guys think?
Back for a visit, was on neinchan back when in the beginning heard about it from 8pol. Every time this board has gotten close to 10k posts or whatever they would change it up. Pissed me off of course but after a few times i figured id let it have time to get it right.
Where can i find Storm Roof manifesto ?

can't post the PDF so this is what you get
kinda bluepilled on kikes but I'll let that slide because he was pretty young.
(90.78 KB 1216x250 1.png)
(20.62 KB 965x123 2.png)
(33.53 KB 1215x249 3.png)
(55.78 KB 1217x452 4.png)
(18.62 KB 846x195 5.png)
(14.12 KB 570x123 6.png)
(101.64 KB 1216x455 7.png)
(31.77 KB 1210x232 8.png)
(41.11 KB 209x151 dfasdfsdf.png)
Any good burner-number-apps?
Recently got banned by YT, still want too mess with them.
do you think in the future people will speak in nothing but memes?
I think the entire world will be zoom zoom zoomers
But language is a meme, anon.
hi effort post not sure if worthwhile
(25.81 KB 559x228 umatrix.png)
Since nein-moot decided to add Google Analytics as a spy tracker, i highly recommend that all pollacks to have install uMatrix plug-in into their browsers.

Bumping your request.

I also noticed, there is many sms-recive services, but many of them is already in use, especially when you try to create an account on YT, Twitter, Facebook and other popular "normie" services.
Redpill me on why not to talk to the police
On Youtube there is a 47 minute video titled "Don't talk to the police" that you should watch. Link is here (not archived, so click at your own risk).
>Redpill me on why not to talk to the police
Woah dude, there's really not much to say except that cops will never ever do something in your favor unless it benefits them more. Whatever they indicate or say they are not on your side, at best indifferent and any golden bridge they have to offer is a trap.
Even talking to them about stuff you think is harmless (that's how it always starts) will get you in trouble. Always. Stay clear of them at any cost.
Because they are the enemy.
(334.26 KB 1568x1244 anglin.jpg)
He must be, why else would he be saying mean things about Jim Object and the pure-blooded Aryan Michael Peinovich?
I am Aussie.
can I have pride in England?
(what it used to be) ?
can I be a proud European?
am I an Englishman?
and yes I am White (non Whites aren't Aussie) and I have family records that date back to when my ancestors arrived on a ship.
pls help
(48.12 KB 554x347 14141.JPG)

Second what 98' said. Oy vey, who needs opinions when you can get them for an easy 10$ a month.
(26.65 KB 525x584 images (3).jpeg)
Anyone here succesfully quit the alcohol jew and the tabbaco jew?
I wanna hear from Anons that genuinely had addictions, not some 17 year old that drunk one beer and smoked one cigarette and never did either agian because he "didn't like the taste" or whatever.
>inb4 dude weed
>inb4 just stop doing it lmao
I'm not that fussed if I don't but I've struggled with both for years and I'd like to stop for my familys sake.
>quitting alcohol & drugs
I highly recommend a church based celebrate recovery program, coupled with aa and a sponsor.
>quitting tobacco
Still struggling there
>western civilization has become rotten to the core
>Being slowly kiked to death
Hey guys, lets hate our own people as Moshe destroys our culture.
I got a 3-day ban for typing the words "niggers" and "spics" in one sentence on /tv/.

Meanwhile, /tv/ has tons of anti-white posts that go unchallenged. Really makes me think.
I managed to quit both. I'm 30. I quit alcohol first, and quit cigarettes a couple times. I was finally successful last October. It's easier to quit smoking when you don't drink anymore. One drink at a bar is all it takes and you're out on the back patio talking and chainsmoking with everyone else. I was drinking 4-6 nights a week after work. I was getting tired of it, and getting tired of the people I was hanging out with. Endless conversations going nowhere. All of the people stuck spinning in the same place for years. I didn't want to live that kind of life, I just didn't know what to do with myself in my free time.

To quit drinking I had to break my routine. I stopped going to the bar. I was pretty lonely for several months and wanted to kill myself. I called my grandma every day, and every day she told me not to kill myself. I didn't do much outside of work during this time besides go on the internet and take care of myself. I made self care my hobby. I cleaned everything every weekend. I kept my car and my apartment very clean. It made me feel productive and slowly I began to feel a little better about myself. I have kept a journal for a long time, and it helped me during this period. I tried to get a good night sleep every night and really focus on doing my best while at work. Eventually I was over the hump, and I began to see myself as someone who doesn't drink. I should mention that I abandoned all my old friends. It's a lot easier to do this when you don't have social media. I made some new friends at work. Many of them were younger than me, and they invited me to their parties. I avoided these at first, but eventually I got lonely enough I went out a couple times. Seeing the younger people in the height of their party phase was all I needed to be reminded of why I had quit drinking. The years of house parties playing beer pong, the nights talking outside the bar, everything swirled around my head as I sipped my beer and tried to fit in with people a decade younger than me. These parties weren't for me. Alcohol wasn't for me. I have loftier ambitions and would rather not speak to anyone at all than have degenerate conversations.

So I was successful against alcohol. I bought a 6 pack of beer twice this summer to drink by myself. The first time, I drank 4 in a sitting while watching an anime. I got very emotional but more or less enjoyed myself. I was surprised at how eager I was to get drunk. This scared me, so I poured the other 2 beers out. The second time I bought a 6 pack, I tried to relive the joy of the first time. It didn't work. The beer gave me a headache. I knew I was trying to numb myself from the bad week I had had. I was coherent enough to see that the beers weren't going to make my pain go away, so I decided to face the pain instead of cope with alcohol. Again I poured the last 2 beers out. "Alcohol isn't for me" I said to myself. I was reminded once again at the futility of fixing problems with substances.


I'm running out of steam to tell my story about cigarettes. I don't even know if my story about alcohol will help. In short, I quit cigarettes using a Juul vape. The pods are expensive, and I wanted it that way. I didn't want to get one of the big carts because I knew that would become a hobby in itself. It would have its own ritual. I just wanted something similar to smoking that I could gradually decrease the nicotine with while maintaining the oral fixation. Eventually I quit using the Juuls. At the tail end I struggled to get off the 3mg pods. I got nicotine patches. It helped me get over the withdrawals. I bought strong patches but cut them smaller and smaller every day. Eventually I was smoke and vape free. I had to stop going out with the smokers on breaks at work. Now I'm in a new job where I can't smoke on our breaks.

I know I have to stay away from people who smoke and drink. I don't have any friends because of this. Most social gatherings for adults in this day and age revolve around substance abuse of one kind or another. When I feel like making friends again, I will probably join a group that revolves around a fitness activity like hiking or cycling.

Sorry I didn't read back through this and make any edits, I know I rambled a lot. Hope this helps someone.
cheers for that
>ctrl+f zog
>results 88
>faggots and shills still using kosher words on CY+4
This thread alone is full of cancerous shills, neinmoot better know what he's doing otherwise this place will end up like 8ch /pol/ after that turknigger got booted
good job anon, thanks for sharing your story
>We're not big enough to warrant shilling at this point
Not big enough for the likes of shareblue, but small timers from twatter and plebbit and their crude bots will certainly be more than willing to crusade here even if they're using shitty soynouns like wizards using magical spells.
> I don't even know if my story about alcohol will help.
If you want to quit alcohol look into naltrexone. Search "the sinclair method" it works. The best thing is you can hang out with people drinking, and you don't want one yourself.
are bantus worst niggers?
are african americans bantus?
Never underestimate the stupidity of normalfags. Just like the several examples of shilling ITT, there are many who just outright refuse to verify reality for themselves and are instead slaves to whatever they think is popular. No one would even go anon, let alone become a /pol/lack, if they thought that way. It is quite alien to everyone who actually lurked the two years.
Everyone worth anything is on ZeroNet you fucking moron. Feel free to keep shilling against boards though. It reflects poorly on this place that your shit is even visible.

If you're too much of a faggot to expend some effort, how are you going to win a war? Double nigger. Also, I don't see my post here from before.
Based anon.
>>1933 (checked)
Christfaggots mass murdered our ancestors and kept our Race enslaved for two thousand years. Anyone who doesn't understand that is not worth my effortposts.
>>1966 (unchecked)
Christfaggotry is a literal geometric box by its logo and christfags put the dead in boxes since they got rid of Pagan truth. Gods damn, son.
Kevin Spacey accuser dies “unexpectedly”
(40.30 KB 500x375 TRAYVOOON.jpg)
Does anyone have a link to the "Trayvon Hoax" book or documentary? I'm not going to give a shekel to that greasy, Bob Dylan-obsessed kike, nor am I going to get to excited for any supposed revelations he's the source of.

This is the same jew who tried to pass off his "Paul McCartney Really is Dead" documentary as George Harrison's real confession about the incident. It was so bad that people who believe Paul really is dead were claiming it was "MI6 disinfo" to make them look bad, and Gilbert started calling it a "mockumentary".
(13.48 KB 210x255 average TRS fan.jpg)
CODOH had the misfortune of being introduced to our old friend the Mannchild, who's now an advocate for the Holocaust fairytale.
This hapa has a very important message for everyone here.

how would you define the Hunger Games' system of government?
Authoritarian feudal capitalism?
Read Daniel 11
We will not survive the demographic shift, but we will be resurrected and restored when genetic engineering is widespread.
(21.51 KB 400x400 1W9BKljE_400x400.jpg)
Does anyone even give a fuck about this chink anymore? How much relevancy has Yang lost?
pick one

He had none to begin with. There was just some memes and even if all other dem candidates were to mysteriously die his party's establishment would find ways to make nothing of his agenda come true
(89.87 KB 788x690 gay-as-fuck.png)
Gas as fuck.
I love the picture of this kid and the schizos that think that a kid looking like a kid is somehow some epic own. LMAO
You aren't even hiding it.

Mike's a kike, and the Holocaust didn't happen, but it should have.
mods why are you not banning black pillers and deleting blackpilled threads?
Hypothetically, what outlet do you guys have for anger?
Please report any of the boomer/blackpill bot pastas
As for blackpill threads they are allowed to stay as that's just another group on the chans that was never really a problem
If you have problems with the captcha expiring reload the page as a temporary fix
I lift weights.
thats it.
I shouldn't drink, but I do, and I have been known for going into an autistic rage.
I try not to drive my car drunk for many reasons
Looks like Jim is going to be rebranding 8chan.
Your nation is the white race.
The collapse is near, get ready to fight.
I fucking hope so
Anyone know any good history subscriptions you can order by mail?

>paying for history
enjoy your weekly update of muh 6 million
Even when ethnoglobe is inevitably realized there's still to many of us. We don't need suckers

t. based ecofascist
The Barnes Review, maybe?
Why I asked before doing it so I could avoid that
Ty bruv I'll check it out
I was just thinking of this to a degree on my drive home.
I'm probably going to put more thought and effort into an OP but regardless of ethnoglobe or not, an enormous part of the white race is complete fucking trash.
i.e. unabashed leftists, pedophiles and their cheerleaders, child abusers, junkie trash, too-far-cucked christians / zionists, etc. The list goes on as you all know.

Is every white person worth saving? I love my race but do I love complete degenerate trash?

There will of course be the geniuses who will assume I somehow support white genocide and won't be able to rub their two brain cells together to get the point I am making.

I miss discussion on 8ch because it seemed like things wouldn't be derailed the same way they do elsewhere. I really hope to contribute that same effort here on nein but I just feel like I'M still pretty much an acolyte when it comes to issues of global politics and what it means for our future.
Sure, we shouldn't be teary-eyed just because someone's white but I wouldn't give up on my people either. Many can be saved but at the end of the day I think 250 million people is the utmost this planet should be inhabited by. Research shows that on a pre-agrarian/pre-industrial revolution earth the planet would've had just enough natural resources to sustain about 25 million people.
I applied a technology multiplicator of ten here which is not really based on hard science but you get the idea. And yeah, I know we can obviously feed much more but should we? What for? To live barely with the minimum needed for existence instead of having a quality life in a pristine environment? Frankly, that would be stupid. Stupid and insane as well.
I'm not even talking genocide here, let alone white genocide but our numbers are dwindling naturally and so far the only reason this is bad is because our enemy breeds us out.
The numbers problem has to be adressed in a different way, though, my main idea being to just pull the plug. That means no aid for the third world anymore, except things (basically weapons) that will help them culling each other more quickly. That said, niggers are in a way fauna to me, so I don't even like the idea of having to exterminate every last one of them but without the white nations financial/technological/organisational help, without our health and food programs they'll go the way of the dodo soon enough.
Goes without saying that every so-called refugee gets the rope the minute he crosses our borders.
>Is every white person worth saving? I love my race but do I love complete degenerate trash?
No. Almost all whites are fucking garbage that need to be destroyed along with every other race. Some people can not comprehend that we dont just want whites. We want people who are not crippled or retarded. We also dont want whores, druggies, faggots, or grifters. They can be thrown in the kiln with the rest of Gods mistakes>>6473
How was tumblr and exhentai stripped of their porn, and how can it be used to destroy other leftist controlled sites?
since we know an antifa tranny runs this, why does anyone post here?
the jews lol.
Elabor8 m88 . . .
A while ago, I would've disagreed, but shit like Generation Z has occurred, where interracial shit works right because everyone suffers equally. Hell, I remember a thread from 4/pol/ where a black woman actually wanted to redpill her white numale boyfriend. The only goal should be to remove jews.
Permo banned from 4 for apparently posted cp?
Why does this happen? I don't even have anything of the sort saved on my phone or computer?
(2.34 MB 300x204 jojojojo.gif)
>using 4chin
Didn't actually answer my question though
And by the way 4chan is normie tier so you have to post there to stop it becoming plebbit 2.0
Only in France?

- be some hardcore islamist nigger from the Caribbean
- have your shithole muzzie country wife running around only in burqa
- make jokes about muslim terror attacks on the job at the police lol
- yell allahu snackbar all night

... all while working as a fucking computer specialist with a top security clearance for the secret police agency with access to all private zogbot addresses?!?

Really that's some new Darwin-award level shit even surpassing Sweden or Germany idiocy. Well, 4 zogbots knifed to death now. Sorry but not sorry frogs, but any cop there must really be some left given about 50 of them suicide every year who doesn't put a bullet in any such an individual's brains out of principle right now fucking deserves that comes to him.


P.S. Bonus points for voting jewlover Macron who tried to cover this shit up
Didn't one of those recent British terrorists turn out to have a previous security job in London?
I view it all as a cargo cult. What are these agencies even protecting at this point?
I knew they have stopped caring about the cattle long ago but usually they protect themselves. Hopefully it's a wake-up call for zogbots how expendable they really are
Why do I get a message "you have been banned for 16ch spam"?
Then I reaload the page and I can post normally.
I never spammed that shit.
u been using Tor or some proxy server where IP addresses are shared?
(502.60 KB 1052x1578 Brokebackmountain.jpg)
From >>>/polru/ with love
Is 16 a honeypot or its staff just technically incompetent?
The umpteenth thread of some doublechanner spamming their link I meant to reply to is gone but I think what's problematic with their site should be addressed nonetheless so we don't have to point it out every time

>Isn't it completely open source?
May be, maybe not, but I doubt you or me, or anyone else here understands coding well enough to form an opinion on that. And even if we could, the code can be changed in a subtle way at any time without anyone really noticing. I'm not going to check the site five times a day before I make a post just to be safe.

So the only thing that protects us is using TOR or a VPN. Will a provider of a VPN go to jail for me if forced to give up my IP data? Probably not, so that leaves TOR the only realistic option.

>And they allow Tor and VPN's?
Well, they do allow TOR but you have to enable Javascript to use it and that's really the most fucked up shit I've ever heard. TOR with JS enabled is just as good as no proxy at all, like fucking an AIDS riddled hooker with rubber somebody just punched a needle through. Everybody knows this, so forcing users to give up that protection is alarming as fuck. Again, maybe just technical incompetence but I'm not going to take my chances.

>Wouldn't you consider Neinchan a honeypot?
I don't trust anyone. But here I can use TOR.

>inb4 autism
served me well
The neinchan guy is a supreme idiot but it also makes neinchan look like it isn't half as much of a honeypot as I thought. I thought it was some fed selling IP logs when in reality it's just some stoned kid with a server and megalomaniacal advertisement strategies.
(131.29 KB 1607x502 41percent.png)
some polish anon translated "The Invasion" to english but with dark red subtitles but its readable
(157.39 KB 1000x1200 1532394993657.jpg)
Is it possible to associate simulated child pornography with real pedophilic content so that it becomes illegal? I've noticed a lot of leftyniggers tend to be child porn "artists", would be nice to cut off their life line. Any politicians supporting the criminalization of this degeneracy?
*grabs popcorn*
Was thinking about making a /prep/ thread for when the collapse comes, I'm in a nofunz country.
Kinda don't know what to do.
I still get the "banned for 16ch spam" error.
I have to reload the page several times to post. It happens on several different devices and using different internet connections.
It's pretty annoying.
Just watched midsommer, why are kikes so reliant on novelty?
I also just realised I find Hollywood movies bland because they all come from the same bland kike perspective. Everything is so sterile, like a video game.
Yeah, I get it, you can write smart dialog, is that all? Europoor movies are so much better(not including mini-america British trash).
whoever the doucher is that also uses NordVPN and keeps getting the IP's banned. FUCK YOU NIGGER

hey mods, NAXALT
this should really be a thread.
lol, just get on Tor fren
Dont use NordVPN its sketchy af
If Jim fails at making 8kun work, would you guys be interested in figuring out a place on the webring? (With smuglo.li/vch.moe/anon.cafe/etc.)
im no expert but catalonia appeared organic and HK seems like a typical globalist forced meme to soften up the enemy for eventual regime change.
I've seen multiple threads about this, but never any solid evidence. what specifically is sketchy?
Happened to me on 8ch. Couldn't post from my phone. Metropcs service.
"he thinks kebabs are people."?

i damn sure said nothing of the sort. actually, i just wrote that muslim, spic and nigger gangs are the reason zoomers need to form gangs.

either its the other fag on nordvpn, or your reading comprehension is shit and you're too ban happy. chill
I second this.
volunteer says: Kabobs aren't people.
Carry on
There's a bitchute english subbed version too, for those of us unable to fool youtube's country censorship.
>Nordvpn sketchy. Spamniggers get Nord's ip's rangebanned.
Anybody have experience / opinions on OpenVPN ?
Did you cancel the Breivik thread?
Yes, OP was a douchebag LARPer but you could have let the thread go on


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