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Meta Discussion - Keep it here 01/05/2020 (Sun) 07:08:14 Id:8e0ec4 No. 2 [Reply]

All discussion concerning rules, board theme/culture, moderation, ideas for stickies or general threads, etc. should go here.

Let us know what you think.
Good thread topics:
Fitness, food/diet, self-sufficiency, family, learning/books, handwriting, skills/trades, saving/investing, clothing, buy-it-for-life, tradition, conservation/ecology, art

Thread topics best avoided:
Women, Asian women, muh dick, muh gains, training for the race war, prepping

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The Rules - Read Them 01/05/2020 (Sun) 06:08:47 Id:a7f2ac No. 1 [Reply]

Read these before posting.

Note: despite the global rules page being blank, you should know what they usually entail; No CP, no definite statements of intent to commit crime, or soliciting others to do so, etc. etc.

1. This is a safe-for-work board. This means absolutely no porn, this means no scat, gore, or other disgusting shit I'm thankful to be ignorant of.

2. This is a degeneracy-free board. This means no homosexuality, transexuality, fur shit, loli, etc. etc.

3. This board is meant for mature, adult, male users of European descent. If you do not fit that description, feel free to lurk, however, you are not likely to feel welcome here, especially if you attempt posting. If you are not of European descent, you are likely not genetically compatible with the diets, lifestyles, and worldviews put forth here. If you are not mature, please do not post until you are. Whiny, angsty posts of adolescent sexual frustration and rage at the world will be met with scorn and deletion. If you are not male, go back to Twitter or Instagram.

4. This is not /pol/. Strictly political discussion is not encouraged. This board assumes that you have "graduated" from /pol/, are already "red-pilled" and know how the world works, and are looking to affect positive change in your self and your surroundings.

5. This is not /fit/. Physical fitness will be limited to a single general thread. It isn't that hard to not be a slovenly lardass. Everyone did it up until about the last century.

6. You are asked to conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner; argue in good faith and do not post with the intent to deceive or harm other users. Low-quality posts will be removed. Your questions and concerns are in earnest, are humble, and show you are trying to better yourself. Your replies are honest contributions, meant for the betterment of your brothers. "Let me google that for you"-tier posts will be removed. Try things before suggesting them to others. Provide evidence, links, summaries, timestamped photographs. Lead by example.

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GOALS THREAD, or, Why we do it Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 07:16:19 Id:1319ba No. 13 [Reply]
My longest-term goal is to own and live on a small farm and nature conservatory. On the property I would build a large house in a traditional style that would serve as a multi-generational dwelling and family gathering place. The property would not just be some pasture and woods, but a meticulously restored Pennsylvanian wetland, field, and forest habitat like the one I had growing up. To that end, I would like to have my own business, where I would gather and cultivate only native Pennsylvania plants and trees, as well as breed native amphibians, reptiles, fish, and the like. These would be both for sale to the general public for conservation and ecological reconstruction, as well as to restore and enhance the diversity of wildlife on my own property. I'm not sure I would like to own a physical store though, I would prefer to handle sales by mail or appointment only. I feel this would reduce costs and liabilities as well. Images more or less related.

My current situation, however, is very different from that outlined above. I work as an engineer, IN JAPAN, far from my native Commonwealth. I do not get paid as well as I should, and have only maybe enough savings to move back home. I don't think I would have too much trouble finding work upon returning to PA, however, it is sedentary and soul-draining work, and filled with chinks and poos. I also have student loan debt to the tune of ~50K USD. I have a small garden and several aquariums at the present, if only as a release for my natural drive to cultivate and be surrounded by living things. However, that I can take none of it home with me always dampens my enthusiasm and constantly weighs on me.

Please reply if you have any suggestions or questions for me. I will follow up with more posts detailing my situation and my plans. I encourage others to post their own goals and such in this thread, so that together we can work on concrete action plans to make them happen. The road may be long, but articulating and writing down your goals is a big step forward.

(549.48 KB 1600x1200 starter1.jpg)
(622.22 KB 1200x1292 starter2.jpg)
(52.40 KB 1024x683 crispy.jpeg)
Food Thread 01/06/2020 (Mon) 13:45:57 Id:070a1a No. 3 [Reply]
Food Thread

Pic related is what I've been growing since the start of the new year. Sourdough starter, from scratch. Currently on day 4, been getting a lot of bubbles, finally seeing some rise. I made oatmeal raisin cookies, snickerdoodles, and an angel food cake for Christmas, next on the list for 2020 is artisan bread.

>muh carbs
>t. hyperborean-antediluvian-paleo-archeo-carnivore

Baking is a time-honored European tradition, cunt. Post how you're keeping traditions alive and eating good at the same time ITT.
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& eat you.
He gets alot more than me, I'm sure :^)
I feel like the keto diet sounds like a bad idea to me, is it actually a good diet?
>I feel like the keto diet sounds like a bad idea to me, is it actually a good diet?

No, I wouldn't say that it, or any other trendy diet is a good diet. It never did anything for me and from what I've seen, the keto "success stories" tend to consist of sedentary niggercattle who go from a high-fructose corn syrup and hotpockets diet in excess, to eating a bunch of meat and cheese in normal proportions.

The least-mentioned but biggest drawback to keto, and to any radical or esoteric diet, is the inherently anti-social nature of it. Have you ever seen those vegetarian jokes? Where some hipster douche goes to a barbeque or Christmas dinner and he's being a bitch because he can't eat anything? Or the cunt asking if her pizza is gluton-free? That's you now. Enjoy being white, around other whites, and not being able to eat grains, beer, root vegetables, or wine, or fucking anything besides fatty meat. Unless you're some kind of walrus-eating snow-abbo, none of your ancestors were "on keto" and yet, here you are today.

Resist the temptation to run to a fad diet as an easy way out to whatever health or fitness problem you may be facing. Which, by the way, you have neglected to mention. Why are you considering a keto diet in the first place?
Update on the bread making. I was not able to bake any bread this weekend as I had hoped. My starter seems to have peaked around day 5 or so, with lots of bubbles, and about a 30% rise. After that it's been all downhill; no rise, few bubbles, and no real smell besides wet dough. I had done my research and had been following the generally-accepted method as best as I could, except that I broke one of the rules; I changed the flour brand halfway through. I had gone through all of my flour and had to purchase more. The store near me didn't carry that, so I ended up buying another. Long story short, it seemed about dead so I threw out about 90% of it and basically started over with the same flour as the first time, plus bottled water instead of municipal. This was two days ago. Today, I have a decent amount of bubbles and a distinct alcohol-like smell coming from the jars. Wish me luck.

That's my story. Post what you fags have going on in your kitchens.
(245.09 KB 900x1200 st1.jpg)
(259.61 KB 900x1200 st2.jpg)
(218.08 KB 1200x900 st3.jpg)
Starter update. I've stopped counting days so I can't tell you which this is. The first two photos are from yesterday, the third is today. The top of the tape indicates the level of the starter in the jar immediately after feeding. As you can see, I am still not getting the ~50% rise that an active starter supposedly gives. However, the alcohol smell is greatly diminished. I believe this is in part due to my reducing the amount of water I mix in. Two things are setting me back; the cold temperatures in my house while I'm at work, and not being able to feed on the recommended 12 hour schedule due to my work. Hanging in there.

(27.05 KB 333x499 Good reads.jpg)
You're invited to suffer Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 15:52:39 Id:fbcb7f No. 11 [Reply]
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Recently I have begun reading "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Frederich Nietzsche and the primary message I have taken from is that suffering is only a predisposition to greatness and that those who never truly suffer never truly become great.

Strength is gained through overcoming ones hardships, think about lifting. If you have a hard time lifting a heavy weight but you can successfully lift it you'll be stronger, and eventually the weight will be easier to lift. The same is true for your mentality and emotions.

If you go through an adverse, or challenging experience and you are able to successfully overcome that hardships with it then in the end you'll be a stronger person and you'll be immune to the same experience again.

For me growing up was a challenge. Living in poverty with my 3 siblings our abusive mom a practically nonexistent dad and plenty of traumatic experiences led me into a very adverse adolescence. I was doing drugs, partying, I had made the best of friends with the worst types of people and almost dropped out of high school.

Now I read and exercise regularly. I have a steady and happy relationship with my girlfriend who I plan to marry and have kids with. I have a great relationship with my family, I'm in college with a job lined up once I'm out and most of all I seldomly feel bad or depressed like I used to growing up.

Throughout history our European ancestors have suffered tremendously. The crusades, black plague, the fall of the roman empire and yet no matter how hard their might is tried they always come out on top. The same is true now.

No matter what hardships you guys are going through you must keep going through them because in the end life will be even better. Don't let your ancestors suffering be for nothing. They suffered to create this world for you and you shouldn't let it go to waste. The pain can end here.

Help each other out and share ways you have overcome hardship in your lives and how it has improved you.


no cookies?