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Meta Discussion - Keep it here 01/05/2020 (Sun) 07:08:14 Id:8e0ec4 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]

All discussion concerning rules, board theme/culture, moderation, ideas for stickies or general threads, etc. should go here.

Let us know what you think.
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(236.42 KB 1381x882 1527033998832.jpg)
>>4 What about combinations of good and bad topics? For example, starting a family using savings/investments wisely as an alternative to trusting women with the option to leave you and demand hefty child support after she wins custody in cucked courts? Pic related might circumstantially be the best /sig/ option for some men with good savings and a trad college girlfriend who is perfect in all ways but is slightly off-race.
>>72 Absolutely not. In fact, this idea of yours, which was widely bandied about 8chan as a thread-killer and general mind-poison is one that I have specifically forbade from the board. That it is tittilating and disgusting and therefore "controversial" and fun to shill for and against does not change the fact that it is absurd and so far divorced from reality that it could only be embraced by the most pitiful porn-addled mind. Its conception, however, likely has darker, yamulke-capped origins. Back on 8 there was an ongoing movement shilling for whites to mix with asians, specifically white men and asian women, with your shitty meme thrown about whenever the women question arose. It finally culminated with a pornography board thoughtfully titled "white men asian women sex" whose goal was stated as "promoting sex between white men and asian women" to unspecified ends. So no, you will not permitted to push this idea as a thread topic or even as a single typed word anywhere on this board. I will leave this post up for a while so people can see the kind of filth that moderation aims to protect them from, then I will relieve your embarrassment by removing it and this response. In the meantime, you have some deep introspection to do, my friend. The board is still only a skeletal framework as yet, but if you stick around, we will set you on the right path in time.
Edited last time by nviridescens on 02/15/2020 (Sat) 04:20:29.
>>72 Upon reading your post again a couple of times, I would say the first part of your post is OK, however it treads a little close to the black-pill ("divorce rape" etc.). I also don't see how saving money before a marriage safeguards you from losing it in a divorce (pre-nuptial agreement?). I had previously dismissed everything that you wrote as simply a way to slip in the image and the nonsense in the second half of the post.
>>74 The main intent was to gauge the board's spectrum of what constitutes acceptable self-improvement. If one's goal is to get into a stable position of influence and generate heirs with your light hair and eyes who also have influence, there are multiple ways, each with pros and cons, sometimes massive. I'll zip through a few situations. House: you could commit to the system and get a mortgage (death-pact) and buy an inflated home in an area with high-paying jobs, you could halve the mortgage with a long commute and less improvement time, you could homestead and build a large but inexpensive home with compacted earth, you could live in section housing through government resources and accelerate, or any other approach. Each has situational advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, there is more than one way to start a family. Nuclear vs. multi-generational, domestic woman who can get custody and child support vs. foreign surrogate with maxaryan genes, (((state))) marriage vs. religious marriage (most here agree on this one, responding your divorce rape comment), one caretaker in a common law marriage state vs. cycled nannies to raise your children, etc. Each approach has its pros and cons. Even religion has options: atheism, Christianity before the Enlightenment, modern Christianity, German paganism, and Greek paganism among them. The board, in my opinion, should be inclusive of all options, and should let users critique the merits and downsides of routes that, at the end of the day, get you into a stable position of influence and generate heirs with your light hair and eyes who also have influence. This is self improvement. The meta thread seemed like the best place to bring this up.
>>81 >The main intent was to gauge the board's spectrum of what constitutes acceptable self-improvement. Your goals are your own, and self-improvement is what puts you in a better position to achieve them. >The rest To be honest, that all sounds like a lot of theoretical hand-waving and wishy-washy subjectivity. It also sounds like you have a skin-deep conception of race and volk that sounds almost asian, with your fixation on light hair and eyes and "influence" versus carrying on your family legacy and preserving your race. Maybe it's just your wording, but you used it twice. But I digress. As for your example situations, yes, everyone has free will but in reality, the average person does not typically have the ability to choose their life like the character creation screen of an RPG. We all have our personal circumstances regarding work and family, but it would be a gross oversimplification to select a few and package them as life choices for anons to pick from. If anyone is unsure of how to go about tackling those major life issues, as most of us are in these trying times, they are free to make a thread to that effect. Careers, housing, family, and maybe religion are all /sig/ topics, so if you are confused over which actions to take regarding them, feel free to make a thread outlining your situation and the choices before you, if such a thread does not already exist. That said, ideally a thread creator should take a little responsibility for his creation; present a real situation and a concrete action plan for it or at least a real problem and an honest petition for support, and take a leadership role in getting other anons on board and keeping the thread momentum going. I don't believe that pre-emptively pontificating over hypothetical situations that may or may not apply to someone from behind our keyboards is a valuable use of anyone's time. And it really does sound like you are confused. Is having a multi-generational family living in a straw bale house with a korean k-pop idol wife popping out Aryan ubermensch and raising them Greek pagan while you commute a long distance to your influential job in the big city really one of the life paths before you? Does the multi-generational family include the in-laws? Come on now. >The board, in my opinion, should be inclusive of all options, ... This is where we're going to have to disagree. Not every side of every issue can or will be discussed here. At some point, you are going to have to make some decisions regarding your convictions and goals on your own. It is also recommended to have a /pol/ background so politics need not be dragged into every discussion, nor judeo-communist subversives included or even humored.

(3.99 MB 4032x3024 stream.jpg)
The Rules - Read Them 01/05/2020 (Sun) 06:08:47 Id:a7f2ac No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
THE RULES Read these before posting. Note: despite the global rules page being blank, you should know what they usually entail; No CP, no definite statements of intent to commit crime, or soliciting others to do so, etc. etc. 1. This is a safe-for-work board. This means absolutely no porn, this means no scat, gore, or other disgusting shit I'm thankful to be ignorant of. 2. This is a degeneracy-free board. This means no homosexuality, transexuality, fur shit, loli, etc. etc. 3. This board is meant for mature, adult, male users of European descent. If you do not fit that description, feel free to lurk, however, you are not likely to feel welcome here, especially if you attempt posting. If you are not of European descent, you are likely not genetically compatible with the diets, lifestyles, and worldviews put forth here. If you are not mature, please do not post until you are. Whiny, angsty posts of adolescent sexual frustration and rage at the world will be met with scorn and deletion. If you are not male, go back to Twitter or Instagram. 4. This is not /pol/. Strictly political discussion is not encouraged. This board assumes that you have "graduated" from /pol/, are already "red-pilled" and know how the world works, and are looking to affect positive change in your self and your surroundings. 5. This is not /fit/. Physical fitness will be limited to a single general thread. It isn't that hard to not be a slovenly lardass. Everyone did it up until about the last century. 6. You are asked to conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner; argue in good faith and do not post with the intent to deceive or harm other users. Low-quality posts will be removed. Your questions and concerns are in earnest, are humble, and show you are trying to better yourself. Your replies are honest contributions, meant for the betterment of your brothers. "Let me google that for you"-tier posts will be removed. Try things before suggesting them to others. Provide evidence, links, summaries, timestamped photographs. Lead by example.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(549.48 KB 1600x1200 starter1.jpg)
(622.22 KB 1200x1292 starter2.jpg)
(52.40 KB 1024x683 crispy.jpeg)
Food Thread 01/06/2020 (Mon) 13:45:57 Id:070a1a No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
Food Thread

Pic related is what I've been growing since the start of the new year. Sourdough starter, from scratch. Currently on day 4, been getting a lot of bubbles, finally seeing some rise. I made oatmeal raisin cookies, snickerdoodles, and an angel food cake for Christmas, next on the list for 2020 is artisan bread.

>muh carbs
>t. hyperborean-antediluvian-paleo-archeo-carnivore

Baking is a time-honored European tradition, cunt. Post how you're keeping traditions alive and eating good at the same time ITT.
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(255.93 KB 1200x900 sourdough.jpg)
(233.46 KB 1108x1028 sourdough_balloon.jpg)
(310.37 KB 1200x900 bread_inside.jpg)
(236.70 KB 1108x1274 loaf2.jpg)
(313.19 KB 1108x1134 loaf2_inside.jpg)
(385.87 KB 1108x1324 cheesecake.jpg)
(541.39 KB 1108x1176 cheesecake_cut.jpg)
>>12 Update on the breadmaking. I had gotten the sourdough starter to the point where it would eventually rise about 40% and passed the so-called "float test," where the consistency of the starter is airy enough that when scooped out and drizzled into water, it floats on the surface like funnel cake batter in oil. I had believed at this point that I would be able to bake a loaf or two, provided that I let the dough rise for a sufficient amount of time. I followed a recipe I found online, which gave me dough for two loaves that I felt would do well in my small oven. I mixed the dough per the instructions and ended up with a very nice, gluten-y, elastic dough. I let it rise both refrigerated and at room temperature for a total of about 30 hours. However, as my pictures show, the results were less than spectacular, and less than edible. The first loaf was baked on a sheet of baking paper after shaping the dough into a flattened ball shape and scoring the top, "artisan" style. Either due to my scores not being deep enough, or the fact that the oven is hotter at the top, the surface of the dough baked hard very quickly, trapping gas underneath it and causing it to balloon up. This caused the dough beneath it to be insulated from the heat of the oven from the top and sides. As you can see from the photographs, the top is a thin, crispy sheet while the inside is dense, wet, and doughy. A total failure. The second loaf was baked in a metal pan, as I hoped that would prevent the mishaps of the first loaf by allowing more heat in through the side walls and exposing less of the dough to direct heat from above. I let it bake as long as I dared without charring the whole thing, but again, as you can see, while cooked through this time, the consistency and feel was that of a masonry brick. It is obvious that I am not getting the required rise to bake a proper sourdough loaf. The starter is currently on life support in the refrigerator, getting a feeding once a week to keep it alive while I formulate a strategy to getting it working properly. Everything was not all failures, however. I did manage to make a nice cheesecake the other week, which I cut into fours and froze to take out and enjoy a piece every now and then.
>>78 great cheesecake, would you share a recipe with us? what recipe did you use for the breadmaking though? it looks a little too wet even in the first picture. after it has risen a little the dough shall be a little sticky but able to be shaped well. i suggest you try using the loaf pan and let the dough rise inside it for 30min-1hr before baking. before putting it in the oven cover the top with tinfoil (so it bakes evenly without the top getting dark too fast). good luck anon
>>80 Thanks. The cheesecake was actually baked with foil over the top, as it started to give a caramelized, burnt-sugar smell fairly into the bake. Unfortunately, I am not able to find the recipe right now, as I looked one up on my phone while in the supermarket. Spotting cheesecake for sale there inspired me to try it myself, and so I went with one that that I thought would fit the round pan I had on hand, which it did. You are correct about having too much liquid in my dough. I'm fairly certain that I followed this recipe: https://www.theclevercarrot.com/2014/01/sourdough-bread-a-beginners-guide/ though it may not be, as the one I used mentioned keeping a small bowl of water nearby to wet your hands to prevent sticking, where this one claims to be "low-hydration" and inherently not sticky. I must have had a private tab open because I have no dough recipes in my browser history, only a bunch of reading on starter. If you have had success with a particular recipe, please let me know. Having done more reading since then, including your post, I believe my recipe had too much water, despite weighing the ingredients (runny starter?), and also the starter not being active enough. As I am fairly busy these days as well so I am keeping the starter alive until the weather warms up, then I will try again.
>>87 my schedule is fairly busy as well this time of year, so i'll report with the exact recipes I tried later on. this one vid sums up the breadmaking pretty well though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJpIzr2sCDE. vids also provide you with the knowledge of how the dough shall look in various phases, which can be a guide to add more/less of ingredients to achieve the same look. i've been thinking if it would be useful, to make a separate board for breadmaking or baking/cooking in general, what do you think?
>>90 I think it's great, you can make money off this artisan bread, it's rare. Please consider it. I remember splurging on real sour dough bread back when i lived in the city there's really nothing like it then all the sudden they stopped selling it, no sourdough bread anymore. I remember how pissed i was.

The Goal Anonymous 01/30/2020 (Thu) 18:15:11 Id:ca4059 No. 21 [Reply] [Last]
We need to get more people to support our cause. This is not just about Jews, race realism and the ethnostate while these things are very important they are not the end all be all. The true enemy is the global elite pedophile cult. While accelerationism and waiting for the collapse are good we need to have more people on our side before that happens. If we don’t we will lose by default. In order to sway people to see the truth we must to be an example for others to bring them to our side. We must be physically fit, have a wealth of knowledge and spiritually sound. Show people that through our views and by following the path of truth you will be happier, healthier and successful.
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>>56 I like your ideas and I agree that people do drugs because they are bored, hopeless and probably some because they think its cool. I also like the idea of putting drug addicts to work outside of cities which will probably make it harder for them to get drugs and fall back into the habit. However, I worry that taking these people to small rural towns will spread the drug use even more. I worry that they will spread this disease and corruption. But I think it can also be solved by changing the culture away from the nihilism that is gripping society. We have a foster a sense of responsibility and duty in individuals towards their communities. Additionally,I think we need to get religion back into fashion, not need to be some dogmatic organized religion like Christianity, but people should have a personal level or spiritual understanding and connection.
>>52 The destruction of family units caused it which in turn was caused by birth control. Since there are no jobs and the family is broken people turn to drugs when they are demoralized, then it creates a cycle.
>>70 But even back in the day when there were no jobs people didn't turn to drugs this much. Is it just an availability thing? I think we need to bring back the shaming culture we used to have. If some became a drug addict they would be shunned. I think this would discourage drug use because no one would be enabling.
>>71 >Is it just an availability thing? Sure. Probably a good half of the drugs in use today did not even exist 50 years ago. I disagree about drugs being a city thing, though. If you count niggers, maybe, but in my experience, rural areas can be worse than the cities for drug use, especially hard drugs like crystal meth and heroin, which is making a comeback apparently. As for causes, you have many factors. As mentioned, lack of economic opportunities. Selling drugs can pay far more than the average small town McJob. Another is lack of wholesome activities or entertainment. The "get money, fuck bitches" lifestyles on the talmudvision don't line up with the realities of rural life, and they may feel the need to go to extreme lengths to "get that dolla" and get away to the big, diverse city with all its exotic delights. Or, simply tuning out and checking out. Or, escapism not from a shared societal problem, but perhaps domestic ones, like alcoholism and physical and sexual abuse, often sharing roots with drug abuse itself. Media glamorized drug use imagery. Internet hyped drug use imagery. Immigrants, physically bringing the drugs and selling them often being their only viable form of employment, being the subhumans they are. The list goes on and on. The causes are many, and trying to tackle or even enumerate them all can seem like a lost cause. A wise man once wrote, "The art of leadership, as displayed by really great leaders of the people throughout the ages, consists in concentrating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will divide that attention." You must pick one cause, raise the alarm, rally forces against it, and defeat it. A demoralizing agent will tell you that you are fighting a hydra, and that there will always spring up more heads: causes you didn't know existed or even entirely new ones, so all your effort has been in vain. The reality is different. Addressing a single cause and successfully addressing it is a breech in the lines; your enemies are caught off-guard and divided, and you have a victory and momentum on your side. If this is an issue near to you, as it should be to all of us, let us know where you want to strike, and we will help you any way we can.
>>88 Checked. I will think about this problem and I will let everyone know what I come up with. Maybe we can get people on board and slowly take back culture and territory from our enemies.

Art Thread - The Tradition Endures Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 04:48:03 Id:6324ab No. 64 [Reply] [Last]
Why learn how to draw, design, carve, paint, or otherwise create? Why should we go out of our way to bend over a desk with pencil in hand for uncountable hours when masterpieces of fine art are only ever a click away? Does the layman, the farmer, the engineer have any use for pictures, sculpts, or song? That he would even trouble himself to go so far as to create them? Too often we are accused of resting on our laurels. Yes, the white races of Europe have created all art and culture of value. But what have you done? There is some truth in these accusations. The school of fine art has, at its best, been reduced to the study of the old masters. At its worst, the study and production of modern, degenerate art. Where are the attempts to surpass the old masters? If European art and culture dies, it is not for being killed, but because we have failed to carry the torch. Even if you are the type who believes in a coming revolution, of some "great cleansing" that will purge all degenerated art from our world, what will take its place? Who among us can step in to provide the vision that helps define and guide our people? In this thread we will discuss the purpose of art, in both the spiritual and practical domains. We will shift the focus and direction away from the mindless consumption of art as a decadent distraction from life, to the purposeful production and distribution of white, European art in all of its traditional and classical forms, as well as explore the future of art as a continuity of such, as opposed to a revolution or deconstruction.
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>>65 Great post
>>69 Thanks. >>75 PDFs are now able to be uploaded. Thanks go out to the code team. I have attached two of the three previously mentioned PDF files here. Perspective Drawing Handbook, at 46MB, appears to be too large to upload however.
(76.51 KB 700x876 apfd.jpg)
Acrylic Painting for Dummies by Colette Pitcher. File too large; can be downloaded here: http://libgen.is/bo ok/index.php?md5=F49FAD8385F3382D77AEA0DE1654F874 A surprisingly thorough introduction to the medium, for a "Dummies" book at least. Very easy to parse and understand, and the advice and techniques are practical and easily applied. Read through the first half if you want tips on selecting brushes, types of paints, how to prepare surfaces for painting, and some beginning techniques. Later parts feature many examples of techniques, styles, and projects using acrylics. Most of the art displayed is of the "abstract" variety and the projects can be chintzy, but I feel that the book is a good read if you are considering dipping your toe into one of the easier paint mediums.
(386.19 KB 2245x1054 8pjM7J5.jpg)
(309.92 KB 2245x1054 b5yAP0I.jpg)
(526.80 KB 1024x956 eozgTO2.jpg)
(360.10 KB 2245x1054 HLNBKBO.jpg)
(731.60 KB 2907x2260 mbns5OD.jpg)
(664.57 KB 1728x811 Qm8kMhV.jpg)
(730.34 KB 3213x2200 wPTU5b3.jpg)
(336.27 KB 1728x1151 XZ2ZAaB.jpg)
(361.31 KB 2245x1054 ZOZ7k5D.jpg)
Not all art has to be a classical revival. We made art hundreds of year ago, yes, and it was great. But we made art yesterday too, today as well, and tomorrow we will make more. We already own the cultural past of humanity. We are fighting to win the cultural present. We will create the cultural future. I am posting some inspirational works by industrial artist and futurist legend Syd Mead. He left us for worlds beyond in January of this year. His was a vision of a glorious White future. A future of intrepid exloration, where our technical prowess was turned from within, from a facilitator of sloth and decadence, to without, to the boundless frontier. Notice the themes and motifs: healthy men and women, enjoying the outdoors. Clean and efficient dwellings tightly integrated with nature. Cutting edge technology, craftmanship, and luxury; nothing mass-produced, no race to the bottom. Off-world adventuring, conquering the stars.
>>84 On a related note, if anyone knows any skilled contemporary artists whose work is helping to shape a positive visual culture, please post their work and information both as inspiration and so that our members can show their support by reviewing, reposting, donating, emulating, or anything else we can do to signal boost their message. If you know someone, don't let them remain in obscurity.

(1.19 MB 4256x1136 wetland.jpeg)
(92.60 KB 800x533 farmhouse.jpg)
(224.70 KB 1200x800 fixer_upper.jpeg)
(1.15 MB 2048x1536 greenhouse.jpg)
(49.20 KB 500x333 box.jpg)
GOALS THREAD, or, Why we do it Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 07:16:19 Id:1319ba No. 13 [Reply]
My longest-term goal is to own and live on a small farm and nature conservatory. On the property I would build a large house in a traditional style that would serve as a multi-generational dwelling and family gathering place. The property would not just be some pasture and woods, but a meticulously restored Pennsylvanian wetland, field, and forest habitat like the one I had growing up. To that end, I would like to have my own business, where I would gather and cultivate only native Pennsylvania plants and trees, as well as breed native amphibians, reptiles, fish, and the like. These would be both for sale to the general public for conservation and ecological reconstruction, as well as to restore and enhance the diversity of wildlife on my own property. I'm not sure I would like to own a physical store though, I would prefer to handle sales by mail or appointment only. I feel this would reduce costs and liabilities as well. Images more or less related.

My current situation, however, is very different from that outlined above. I work as an engineer, IN JAPAN, far from my native Commonwealth. I do not get paid as well as I should, and have only maybe enough savings to move back home. I don't think I would have too much trouble finding work upon returning to PA, however, it is sedentary and soul-draining work, and filled with chinks and poos. I also have student loan debt to the tune of ~50K USD. I have a small garden and several aquariums at the present, if only as a release for my natural drive to cultivate and be surrounded by living things. However, that I can take none of it home with me always dampens my enthusiasm and constantly weighs on me.

Please reply if you have any suggestions or questions for me. I will follow up with more posts detailing my situation and my plans. I encourage others to post their own goals and such in this thread, so that together we can work on concrete action plans to make them happen. The road may be long, but articulating and writing down your goals is a big step forward.
(153.08 KB 1592x1043 northern_cardinal.jpg)
(284.52 KB 2400x1594 chickadee.jpg)
(77.93 KB 1024x937 blue_jay.jpg)
(105.09 KB 705x1024 tufted_titmouse.jpg)
(68.18 KB 577x640 white_breasted_nuthatch.jpeg)

Another motivation of mine is to help provide a decent environment for my niece and nephew. Their parents live in an apartment currently, and our childhood home has been mowed into a sterile suburban hellscape. It is my duty to make sure that they can have the same kind of Calvin and Hobbes-style adventures in the woods that I had, as well as picking wild berries and fruit, catching crayfish, frogs, and snakes, raising a monarch butterfly caterpillar on milkweed and watching it make a cocoon, planting pumpkins from seed, picking your favorite one and watching it grow inch by inch before cutting it into a jack-o-lantern in the fall, and on and on. Growing up detached from the land is the fastest way to grow up detached from reality. From there, you're nothing but globo-homo nigger-cattle prey.

Pic related are some of the native birds that used to come to our feeders.
>>17 The plan so far: 1. Leave Japan, return home. Would ideally be before about May of this year. 2. Stay with my parents for <1 month, where I will: 2a. Reestablish relationships with Family and the couple of friends who remember that I still exist. 2b. Convince them to restore their land back to a natural state, volunteering to take care of all of the labor and expense myself. 2c. Find work in my field, ideally not too far away. 3. Work, save money, make connections with local farmers, land management, botanical gardens, etc. That's as far as I've been able to plan between work and studying/building a portfolio. Getting into step 1 right now, finishing a lot of circuit designs and stuff I had been kicking around for a while, while taking inventory of my life here. I can't take much with me, so I'm backing up important files to my VPS, taking photos of things I've done or owned and would like to again, and generally doing what I can to make sure that my time spent here wasn't entirely wasted.
only one suggestion. stick to building in stone, forget that wooden shed tacked on the side. so many amerricans forget the 3 little pigs and the house blows away in the wind.
>>17 >our childhood home has been mowed into a sterile suburban hellscape. That sucks big time. I walk a mile everyday just to feed our birds. Call me crazy but I'd lose my shit if I had no nature around anymore. Thankfully there's some. so keep up the good fight anon, kids need to experience nature

(262.29 KB 1838x551 family1.jpeg)
(592.85 KB 2560x1997 family2.jpg)
(1.08 MB 2546x1833 family3.jpeg)
(48.22 KB 852x480 family4.jpeg)
(1.65 MB 2121x1414 family5.jpeg)
Family Thread, or /FIG/ Anonymous 01/30/2020 (Thu) 13:40:07 Id:66fc0c No. 20 [Reply] [Last]
You are not an atom. You are not an "individual." The enemy will tell you that you are dust in the wind, a grain of sand on a vast beach, a speck in the infinite cosmos. Nonsense. Heed his words not, but think instead of a great tree. This tree is your People. There are many sturdy limbs coming out from the trunk. One of them is your Nation. From that limb sprouts many strong branches. One of them is your Community. Off of this grows many twigs. One of them is your Family. From this twig spreads several small leaves. One of those is YOU. Just as the tree depends on the leaves for its energy, the tree is what keeps the leaves attached to this earth. When we hear talk of our People, our Race, and what must be done to preserve it, the tree is all too often ignored for the leaves. I could beat this tree analog into the ground talking about crooked limbs and rotting branches and brown, dried leaves blowing in the wind but my point should be clear by now. Over WHAT do we have the most agency, over what can we affect the most change? Ourselves. Why else do you see /SIG/ threads and not /FIG/, /CIG/, or /NIG/ threads? Poor acronyms aside. However, self improvement without a purpose outside of ones self is nothing more than masturbation. And if you buy the tree analog, perhaps all for nothing when that branch comes crashing down. Most of us are not yet able to affect change at the community or national level. That said however, ANYONE can take charge and guide their own family towards health, success, and fulfillment. This is your DUTY, not only as a step to building a stronger Community, a stronger Nation, and a stronger People, but out of respect and love for those who gave you life, and to create an environment in which to raise the next generation. I have created this thread to draw attention to that thing closer to you than anything in this world, your family. What can we do to preserve, uplift, and expand our families?
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>>49 All girls married by 14 are true tradwives.
>>45 You make a lot of great points. One thing you might want to add is the importance of a multi-generational family unit with your above features. This millennia-strong feature of white families was (((subverted))) and replaced in the last century with the (((atomic family))) and its inability to pass down tradition effectively, resulting in further loss of tradition like women not earning a wage.
>>54 I thought that I had addressed that here >>44, just not in so many words. Re-establishing relations with your relatives is the first step is setting up cooperation between generations and perhaps multi-generational family living arrangements. For example, volunteering to maintain the buildings and work the land for a landed, but no longer able-bodied grandfather could lead to moving your family onto the land, and eventually taking ownership of it.
>>53 That's when they should be getting married. The only problem for us living here in the current year is that finding a good wife is nearly impossible, at least if one has any standards. It's getting harder and harder to find a woman who is a virgin, not a feminist, is willing to have six plus children, not work, willing to go off-the-grid, etc. I'm not trying to sound like a blackpilling faggot but it really does feel like I'm hunting for a unicorn here sometimes.
>>53 Please refrain from posting low-effort nonsense. The "all women lost their virginity to Chad and Tyrone before the age of 14" is a baseless r/incels-ism imageboard-ism that doesn't deserve repeating here. >>61 >The only problem for us living here in the current year is that finding a good wife is nearly impossible, ... >I'm not trying to sound like a blackpilling faggot but it really does feel like I'm hunting for a unicorn here sometimes. Yes, you do sound like a black-pilling faggot, to borrow your words. I also would not like to see the thread derailed into a discussion of the "women problem" that has been done to death already. Fix yourself, fix your family, get that off-the-grid homestead up and running and you will be beating women off with a stick.

(273.39 KB 1050x1600 almanac1.jpeg)
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(287.11 KB 2000x1527 pine_warbler.jpeg)
Literacy and Enlightenment Book Thread 01/24/2020 (Fri) 05:19:47 Id:dd10b0 No. 14 [Reply]
Post your reading suggestions here. Please limit reading suggestions to material that you yourself have read to completion, and can whole-heartedly recommend to your fellow men for their mental and spiritual enrichment. Provide a link to the text as well.

My first suggested reading for Anon is A Sand County ALMANAC AND SKETCHES HERE AND THERE by Aldo Leopold. The file size is just over the limit and I won't direct link to the download, but you may find it by searching on Libgen, www.libgen.is. It is listed as ID 2161873 if you don't know which to get. Upon searching, there is another book titled A Sand County Almanac With Other Essays on Conservation from Round River. It looks to be the same book, except containing more or less material. I don't know, I haven't read that one.

The book was published in 1949 and is a collection of essays on conservation and ecology that read like journal entries. The first section is the writings of a man who buys a plot of marginal, low-value farmland in an area prone to flooding and goes there on the weekends to camp, hunt, and basically walk the land and observe. The second is in a similar format, though the locations vary. The topics in section two largely consist of places that the author had experienced in his youth, as well more general essays on American history, land development, and environmental destruction. The third part is a scathing critique of commercialized outdoor recreation, government land management, lack of private land husbandry, and other laments against the modern system in America. "Outdoorsmen" and their toys also get thoroughly wrecked here.

The book is well-written, easy to read, and highly insightful for anyone with an interest in the natural world and our connections to it, or anyone completely ignorant thereof. It is inspiring in many ways. For one, I admire the author's powers of observation and writing skills and would like to emulate them in my own nature journal some day. I too, would like to be able experience nature so deeply and completely as to be able to write journal entries like these. Second, the purchase of some disused farmland as a retreat, rather than a commercial venture, is a highly appealing prospect. A common complaint I see in /sig/ threads on other boards, because no one posts here is that land is too expensive, that their millenial ass will never afford it. It is likely these anons are looking at prime agriculture and hunting lands, pristine wilderness, or land with valuable water and mineral resources. Marginal land, restored through intensive management, could be a solution for them. To those Anons, or any Anon, I wholy recommend giving this a read.

Also, from the author: Conservation is getting nowhere because it is incompatible with our Abrahamic concept of land.
>Kikes BTFO in the foreword
absolutely right. land is dirt cheap, you just need to look for something that needs work, needs an owner. clearing land that has been unworked for years is a challenge but that is exactly the point of self improvement and improving a small part of the world

Self Improvement of course Trexler 02/01/2020 (Sat) 16:55:46 Id:db4bef No. 27 [Reply] [Last]
I am having difficulty finding a possible self improvement group. I want to change myself for the better, the reason I am saying this is becausae I had an epiphany a few days ago, and I am not completely in control of my mind just yet. I am looking for a group to motivate me, or force me into the habit of improving my life. I live in Northern California. I currently am making small strides, but I want to improve faster so that way I wont have the possibility of being dragged back into degeneracy. I plan on going to church tomorrow as well as lift every single day at the local gym.
>>27 >self-improvement group These exist? I would be worried about getting involved with some kind of cult, or ripped off by some self-help program shills if I went looking for one of these. However, by realizing that self-improvement is, somewhat ironically, not something that you can do alone, you are on the right track. Look for groups (plural) that let you do a variety of healthy activities with at least somewhat like-minded individuals. Don't worry if they're not all 14/88 either. Don't worry about "red-pilling" them either. If you play a sport with a group, they should be healthy individuals, playing a non-niggerball sport, with a focus on fitness and fun. If you're doing volunteer gardening or community beautification, don't be surprised if your group is mostly boomers and church-ladies. Just stay away from the pot-growing hippies and "community organizer" with blue hair. Get what I'm saying? I would slow down though. Take your time to really assess your situation and what needs to be changed, then work on long-term plans and building habits to make it happen. Rushing and diving head-first into hardcore ascetism is the fastest way to burnout and relapse. Going to the gym everyday is also a great way to give yourself a sports injury and be stuck on your ass for a few months, putting those gains in the negative. Please update with a little bit more info about your current situation and what you are trying to do and maybe we can make some better suggestions.
>>28 >>27 Self-improvement needs to start with you as an individual and spreads out from there. You should lead by example. Show those around you that following the path of true leads to a happy, healthy and successful life. Work out and be physically healthy. Read and learn as much as possible, acquire knowledge about as many skills and topics as possible. Also develop spiritually and have a connection to beauty and the divine (not in the Christian sort of way, but as your own personal spiritual ideas and development).
Fuck the gym and fuck the jews abrahamic fairy stories. Don't lift or exercise using fake motion. Get a pedal bike and go to the wilderness with a n axe and shovel and cut trees and build a shelter. Failing that, find a local community project where you can work your muscles improving public spaces. This will also earn you good rep. True anti degeneracy. Much better than singing songs to a dead jew-on-a-stick. Talk to old people and offer to fix their garden and do repairs for free. Afterwards you can listen and learn from them! Self improvement is about deed and action, not vanity. Become an ambassador.

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You're invited to suffer Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 15:52:39 Id:fbcb7f No. 11 [Reply]
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Recently I have begun reading "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Frederich Nietzsche and the primary message I have taken from is that suffering is only a predisposition to greatness and that those who never truly suffer never truly become great.

Strength is gained through overcoming ones hardships, think about lifting. If you have a hard time lifting a heavy weight but you can successfully lift it you'll be stronger, and eventually the weight will be easier to lift. The same is true for your mentality and emotions.

If you go through an adverse, or challenging experience and you are able to successfully overcome that hardships with it then in the end you'll be a stronger person and you'll be immune to the same experience again.

For me growing up was a challenge. Living in poverty with my 3 siblings our abusive mom a practically nonexistent dad and plenty of traumatic experiences led me into a very adverse adolescence. I was doing drugs, partying, I had made the best of friends with the worst types of people and almost dropped out of high school.

Now I read and exercise regularly. I have a steady and happy relationship with my girlfriend who I plan to marry and have kids with. I have a great relationship with my family, I'm in college with a job lined up once I'm out and most of all I seldomly feel bad or depressed like I used to growing up.

Throughout history our European ancestors have suffered tremendously. The crusades, black plague, the fall of the roman empire and yet no matter how hard their might is tried they always come out on top. The same is true now.

No matter what hardships you guys are going through you must keep going through them because in the end life will be even better. Don't let your ancestors suffering be for nothing. They suffered to create this world for you and you shouldn't let it go to waste. The pain can end here.

Help each other out and share ways you have overcome hardship in your lives and how it has improved you.

Hello and welcome aboard. I appreciate the thread, very /sig/. Would you mind following up with some details and perhaps concrete suggestions and advice for Anons reading this thread? It's an inspiring post, sure, but I think most Anons are already inspired and ready to take action; they just don't know what action, or how.

>Strive for excellence, reach your potential, lead a complete life
>As a Man of Europa and steward of all creation, it is your duty and your destiny
> I don't know... try hitting the gym?

I kid, of course. But in the spirit of the board, that is, improving ourselves and our fellow men, would you mind addressing some of the particulars of your story, like your family situation, for instance? You say you grew up in poverty, with shitty parents, and overcame this poor environment. A couple of years later, you are in college, in a relationship with a presumably good woman, and now have a great relationship with said family. What has changed? What did you do to fix that relationship? What are your parents like now? I don't think you are alone in your situation and other Anons could greatly benefit from any insights and advice you have to offer. Thanks.


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