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Family Thread, or /FIG/ Anonymous 01/30/2020 (Thu) 13:40:07 Id:66fc0c No. 20
You are not an atom. You are not an "individual." The enemy will tell you that you are dust in the wind, a grain of sand on a vast beach, a speck in the infinite cosmos. Nonsense. Heed his words not, but think instead of a great tree. This tree is your People. There are many sturdy limbs coming out from the trunk. One of them is your Nation. From that limb sprouts many strong branches. One of them is your Community. Off of this grows many twigs. One of them is your Family. From this twig spreads several small leaves. One of those is YOU. Just as the tree depends on the leaves for its energy, the tree is what keeps the leaves attached to this earth. When we hear talk of our People, our Race, and what must be done to preserve it, the tree is all too often ignored for the leaves. I could beat this tree analog into the ground talking about crooked limbs and rotting branches and brown, dried leaves blowing in the wind but my point should be clear by now. Over WHAT do we have the most agency, over what can we affect the most change? Ourselves. Why else do you see /SIG/ threads and not /FIG/, /CIG/, or /NIG/ threads? Poor acronyms aside. However, self improvement without a purpose outside of ones self is nothing more than masturbation. And if you buy the tree analog, perhaps all for nothing when that branch comes crashing down. Most of us are not yet able to affect change at the community or national level. That said however, ANYONE can take charge and guide their own family towards health, success, and fulfillment. This is your DUTY, not only as a step to building a stronger Community, a stronger Nation, and a stronger People, but out of respect and love for those who gave you life, and to create an environment in which to raise the next generation. I have created this thread to draw attention to that thing closer to you than anything in this world, your family. What can we do to preserve, uplift, and expand our families?
(260.58 KB 2910x900 address.jpeg)
The First Step - Know Your Family Your family is your most important asset; take inventory. I want you to buy an old-fashioned address book and fill it with the first name, last name, address, phone number, birthday, and a note on their relation to you, for every living member of your family, no matter how distant. Next you are going to go through that book and contact EVERYONE. Go help your grandmother move her old furniture into the attic. Help your grandfather scrap that old car in his front lawn. Ask your uncle how the private contractor business is these days. Go grab a drink with that cousin you haven't seen since you were both teenagers. In short, know your people. Know where they live, know what they do, know what skills and assets they bring to the table and most importantly of all, make sure they know you. Why is this important?
(515.35 KB 2000x1536 mausoleum.jpeg)
>>44 Because of the next step: Know Your Place You are the next patriarch of your family. I say next because I highly doubt in this day and age that a strong, traditional male is currently handling the affairs of your family, or that you are in fact that man. However, it is what you MUST become. I don't care that your father is still alive, or that you have an older brother, or that Christmas dinner is always held at your aunt's house because her husband has the big house and the big TV. As (in all likelyhood) the only man of Tradition in your family, it is your duty to protect them, to provide for them, and to lead them to greatness. Put aside the toys, the games, the hobbies. You weren't put on this earth to be well fed and entertained. Your destiny is great deeds. It is not enough that your family line simply continues. For you, your legacy is eternal glory. It's time to be the man that everyone needs you to be.
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I want a non-cheating wife so badly
>>49 You’ve got to find yourself a young virgin, probably religious
>>49 All girls married by 14 are true tradwives.
>>45 You make a lot of great points. One thing you might want to add is the importance of a multi-generational family unit with your above features. This millennia-strong feature of white families was (((subverted))) and replaced in the last century with the (((atomic family))) and its inability to pass down tradition effectively, resulting in further loss of tradition like women not earning a wage.
>>54 I thought that I had addressed that here >>44, just not in so many words. Re-establishing relations with your relatives is the first step is setting up cooperation between generations and perhaps multi-generational family living arrangements. For example, volunteering to maintain the buildings and work the land for a landed, but no longer able-bodied grandfather could lead to moving your family onto the land, and eventually taking ownership of it.
>>53 That's when they should be getting married. The only problem for us living here in the current year is that finding a good wife is nearly impossible, at least if one has any standards. It's getting harder and harder to find a woman who is a virgin, not a feminist, is willing to have six plus children, not work, willing to go off-the-grid, etc. I'm not trying to sound like a blackpilling faggot but it really does feel like I'm hunting for a unicorn here sometimes.
>>53 Please refrain from posting low-effort nonsense. The "all women lost their virginity to Chad and Tyrone before the age of 14" is a baseless r/incels-ism imageboard-ism that doesn't deserve repeating here. >>61 >The only problem for us living here in the current year is that finding a good wife is nearly impossible, ... >I'm not trying to sound like a blackpilling faggot but it really does feel like I'm hunting for a unicorn here sometimes. Yes, you do sound like a black-pilling faggot, to borrow your words. I also would not like to see the thread derailed into a discussion of the "women problem" that has been done to death already. Fix yourself, fix your family, get that off-the-grid homestead up and running and you will be beating women off with a stick.


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