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The Goal Anonymous 01/30/2020 (Thu) 18:15:11 Id:ca4059 No. 21
We need to get more people to support our cause. This is not just about Jews, race realism and the ethnostate while these things are very important they are not the end all be all. The true enemy is the global elite pedophile cult. While accelerationism and waiting for the collapse are good we need to have more people on our side before that happens. If we don’t we will lose by default. In order to sway people to see the truth we must to be an example for others to bring them to our side. We must be physically fit, have a wealth of knowledge and spiritually sound. Show people that through our views and by following the path of truth you will be happier, healthier and successful.
>>21 You must develop physical strength and disciple. Push your body as much as possible, within reason of course. Acquire as much knowledge as possible and be a source of wisdom and advice for those around you. Learn about the the material and immaterial world. When I say be spiritually sound I do not mean to have a blind faith in some god or rules that someone told you about but meditate and try to understand the immaterial world as much as possible. Have a connection to the universe and nature so that you may know your place and role within it. Strive towards a higher purpose.
>>22 We must have a higher collective purpose. Bigger than your community and country. It is good to be a patriot and nationalist but do not restrict your think to the ourself matieral. We must have a link to our past and understanding of our various cultures but we must also have a vision for the future and not be stuck in the past.
>>23 We should also become as self sufficient as possible and live and small tight knit communities. Show people that it is possible to live comfortably but working with their hands and not depending so much on other people.
>>24 Do not let the black pills consume you my brothers and sisters. Be the hope that you believe to be lacking in this world. Also try to better yourself never be satisfied, but remember to be proud of the accomplishments you reach along your journey. Always strive for greatness!
>>25 We need to shift the current culture away from degeneracy. We need to create alternatives to the media and entertainment being created by our enemies. We must create music, art and television that embodies beauty and a connection to the divine in order to spread our message and inspire people.
>>26 Thanks for coming and posting. You seem to have your head on straight and you've put down a lot of good ideas here. Let's take those one at a time and develop the details, taking each from something to strive towards to concrete action plans. A few points that could be their own threads are: >You must develop physical strength and disciple. Push your body as much as possible, within reason of course. A /fit/ thread, naturally. >Acquire as much knowledge as possible and be a source of wisdom and advice for those around you. Learn about the the material and immaterial world. Good. This could be a learning/teaching thread. We'll find skills and knowledge that all men should acquire, and gather resources and methods for acquiring such and spreading to others. >We should also become as self sufficient as possible and live and small tight knit communities. Show people that it is possible to live comfortably but working with their hands and not depending so much on other people. Self-sufficiency thread. Let's focus on means to increase our health and wealth while decoupling from a degenerate, decadent system that grows more insane and uncertain all the time. Avoid the black-pilled, every man for himself, abrahamic, apocalyptic visions of the future pushed by hollywood and preppers. >We need to shift the current culture away from degeneracy. We need to create alternatives to the media and entertainment being created by our enemies. We must create music, art and television that embodies beauty and a connection to the divine in order to spread our message and inspire people. Absolutely, art and media (production, not consumption) thread. Restore to the forefront of culture classical beauty, European tradition, and a shining, white vision of our future.
>>30 1. Working out with weights and doing cardio is always very good, but I think people can do more. Any excuse to work with your hands and lift heavy things in the real world is also good. It's a bonus work out and you also develop a level a disciple. For example I work in an office, but if when there is a need to move boxes or something I always volunteer to help out. I have also tried doing handstands, which is physically very taxing and improves your mental disciple. 2. Learning skills like gardening and working on cars and fixing things around the house are very important should be heavily encouraged. I also think people should learn things that have a slightly less practical use. Right now I'm trying to teach myself physics and math. I also think it is very important for people to develop some sort of spiritual knowledge that is beyond the material world. Having an understanding of the immaterial is important so that people have sense of being apart and working for a higher purpose and not just themselves. This can be great source of inspiration. 3. Being as self sufficient as possible is very important. This means having your own source of food (both grown and hunted yourself), as well as, your own source of water. But this does not mean you have to cut yourself off from society completely. If you live in a small town it is easy to know the people around you and you can help each other out. My goal for the future is to have some land and a house in small town and expand that territory, but having my close friends buy plots next to mine so that we live in our own mini-community of sorts. 4. Yes I agree, production of media that promotes beauty and traditional ideas is the key.
>>31 This is OP, not sure why my ID changed.
I bought a cheap farm in eastern Europe 12 year ago for the price of a used car. Moved out right away with a little cash, got a russian truck and tractor from the 70s. At that time I was pretty crippled after a bike crash and getting worse. After a few years i had learned some languages and a whole lot of rural skills. I can plant a field and raise and butcher meat. Health is better than it ever was. My trade before was electronic engineering .... Fat pot smoking geek. Now I have 2 fine blonde children. There are many places that can be bought for a very low price out here and community can be built. The villages are deserted after capitalism lured the young to the city. Now they sell phone contracts to each other for 12 hours a day to pay interest on their loans for BMW's they can't afford petrol for. A few oldies tell fond stories of the days under first national soFuck fuck fuck niggersm, then communism. There were no faggots or feminists. Everyone worked together as a team and shared the bounty... working with pride. Not because of fearing the jew banker and his jew lawer.
I did not type fuck fuck nigerism! I wrote natsoc, don't know what happened
>>33 This is what is needed. People need to realize that humans were not designed for the crowded city life. We need to encourage people to move back to the countryside and live close to nature. Now I’m not saying to abandon all technology, but it limit its use on an individual level. We also need to depopulate the cities, people cannot be mentally healthy and productive when they are always so stressed and so dependent on other people for mere survival. In a city you depend on other people for food, water, transportation and money, this leads to a self-centered attitude where people need to focus only on themselves in order to acquire basic resources to live. Additionally this high level of dependence leads to people not wanting to challenge mainstream ideas because they fear that those resources will be taken away if they don’t tow the line. And congratulations to you for improving your health and reconnecting with the land.
>>35 The fuck! This is still OP. My ID keeps changing.
>>34 I guess you type fuck fuck nigerism so much that your phone just assumed that’s what you were going for.
>>38 Before I click that link please explain what it is.
Cities are certain doom. The stories i heard from the old here suggest the natsoc days and commie days not so different in the villages. All better than the serfdom that came before and better than the corrupt democracy we have now. If you look deeper into the times of starvation and ques for bread and empty shops under the Soviet rule, this was only the cities. The villages had plenty of food. And to be honest the city people deserved to starve first. Beurocrats and business men. Jews and traders. A nation needs food before it needs armies or industry! Also the children of the city were sent to rural camps during summer holidays to help with the harvest and learn where food comes from. An idea that may benefit todays young.
>>41 Well fuck communists no matter what because they are inherently kikes. But I agree that children should know where food comes from and how to produce it themselves. They should know it doesn’t just magically appear in the supermarket and that it takes a fuckton of work to produce.
>>33 >>34 Because of the drug bot, Cialis gets filtered to that it seems. Appears to be global since I did not set it. It just so happens that National Socialism contains that filtered word. I have removed those filters.
*this is not /pol no point ranting about communism. politics only exist in cities. revolution begins in the village. in the countryside rural people work together to survive and live better... or they leave to be degenerate in the city and pay taxes. natsoc/communism/anarchowhatever.. these are just terms spotty students apply to things they only know from books and will never experience first hand. abstract concepts. politics especially party politics are just the latest fashion in extracting sustenance from the industrious individual and transferring it to the lazy rich. democracy is the fashionable mode of doing this while convincing the industrial individual that this was all his idea, and well done! have a scrap of bread and fuck off back the the grindstone. pity is that general populous are pretty thick and are unable to organise themselves or think critically and government wants to keep it that way. the sheep must need a shepherd. and my! how they do. but if the sheep are so docile that they need herding by the shepherds dogs, how can they have the intelligence to be consulted on the terms of their captivity, stripping of wool and eventual slaughter? there lays my problem with democracy. if it werent for the fact that 5 milennia of abrahammic religions and their wars have allowed the jew to kill off our strongest and most intelligent, stifle science and progress, we would all be evolved enough to exist in a true anarchist utopia, possibly on several other planets too! why would they perpetuate such a foul genocide of the genetically superior? so the degenerate weak ashkenazi can rise to the top of the scum that remain! how else would they be able to control government, banking, media, science, business?
>>46 I don't agree that politics has no affect on rural communities. In the old days that may have been truer when there was more limitations on communication and transport, but now everything is very connected and it is much easier for governments to control the rural populations. The laws created and voted for by the wageslave city people has a very large affect on rural communities. Increases on land taxes, more restrictions on how to farm and hunt. All of these has a very large affect that weakens those small communities that depend on those things for their food and livelihood. So I do not think it's right to assume just because you live out in the countryside that politics won't affect you. I think these restrictions are another big reason why people are leaving small communities to move to the city. The harder it is to live a self-sufficient the more likely people are to move to cities in search of work. We have to make it easier and more appealing to people to live the traditional life style. This will not only weaken the system because those people will be harder to control, but also it will strengthen the bond that people have with each other and create a resurgence of racial awareness and pride. Plus living in small communities that are closer to nature is much better for mental well being which people strengthen people even more and get them out of the nihilistic degenerate mind set.
it is spreading to the country like a cancer. in this area it started when the population holding equal shares of redistributed land became too old or alcoholic to farm that land and instead let it out at below bottom rate to the capitalists who 'bought' the co-op uberfarm. who can blame them when the next generation to work the land left for the city. i did look into starting a 'religious community' that people could come to and live outside central governance, but in this country only state recognised religions are allowed to do that! so i am not willing to ally with catholics, jews or other orthodoxy to this end. bloody unfair that one mans spaghetti monster is real yet anothers is legally fantasy.
>>51 I do agree that there is a big problem of alcohol and drugs in rural communities, especially in America. I am not 100% what is causing this. I think this problem mostly occurs in towns that were dependent on manufacturing rather than farming and when those manufacturing jobs left everyone became poor and depressed. Either way it is a major problem, which I am not sure how to solve. Coming down hard on drug users and dealers will not work too well because there will also be a demand and an influx of new types of drugs until the root problem is solved. I am not exactly sure what that root cause is. I think over prescription of opioids is a big problem which coupled with lack of jobs, but I think there is more to it. I need to find out more about it before I can think of a way to address it. Any ideas?
looking at drugs being a problem is tackling the symptom instead of the cause. believe it or not, drugs can be used recreationally with sensibility and moderation with no harm and possibly a boost in creativity and general positivity. drugs get a very bad press because extreme stories of crack binging aids riddled junkies killing people and robbing banks sells media time. its useful for politicians to lump drugs in with scummy bastards. i have known an elderly doctor, a very respected man with many professional publications and a perfect history..been injecting morphine for 40 years or more. once during a meeting at the home of a respected chartered accountant i noticed tucked under a shelf a very well used crack pipe. i myself smoked pot for years and liked the occasional mushroom trip, but stopped many years ago (cigarettes as well) with zero problems. just didn't fancy it anymore. all that time i held down good responsible jobs and managed my finances well. never mugged anyone. many people enjoy a beer without going blackout drunk and doing who knows what. what causes people to indulge in excess? most often it is a miserable life with no prospects and no escape. this can be circumstantial, or more often the product of a dull and unimaginative mind. i truly pity these people, however i do not excuse them. i like to think of myself as an idealist and i would like a world where people could be equal and live in harmony, but realism brings the conclusion that dull minds that cannot safely occupy themselves must be occupied by work, and as dull minds find it a challenge to seek and engage in such activity, the government/elders/etc must step in to provide this framework. the soviet countries had zero unemployment and a very high level of personal safety (except from the secret police) and people could let the children play out until dark without fear. in england the old labour exchange system made it easy to walk in and take a card, walk down to a job and introduce yourself, in america there was a time when there was not enough labour to fill positions. now finding a job is difficult even for the well qualified professional. many jobs have been automated and instead of the 60s promise (from america AND ussr) that this would free up time for leisure and a 3 day week, it simply led to more unemployment, lower wages, and higher crime. all the savings in time and money went to the financiers instead. yes the government must TAKE those ghetto rats, drug fiends, criminals, dullards, and set them to work away from urban centres. clean up the cities and make them livable again. put the 'proletariat' to work on organic farms (hipsters have no idea how many weeds need pulling when you stop using roundup) make them useful, and TIRED at the end of the day. feed them in a giant canteen because they don't know how to cook a real meal. follow the jewish kibbutz/moshavim model because it is very efficient. unskilled labour into profit, environmentally sound etc. ticks all the boxes. corporations should have a responsibility to the workers, let them have good wages, lower hours, the company will be rewarded by staff with good morale who really want to stay working for that employer. a few corperations are starting to try that model and it is working out for them. the other option of bad conditions/high staff turnover leads to unmotivated staff, and high training costs with generally ignorant workforce who with try to recoup some wages by stealing office supplies. a well oiled social machine does away with drug addiction and poverty by treating the cause: boredom
>>56 I like your ideas and I agree that people do drugs because they are bored, hopeless and probably some because they think its cool. I also like the idea of putting drug addicts to work outside of cities which will probably make it harder for them to get drugs and fall back into the habit. However, I worry that taking these people to small rural towns will spread the drug use even more. I worry that they will spread this disease and corruption. But I think it can also be solved by changing the culture away from the nihilism that is gripping society. We have a foster a sense of responsibility and duty in individuals towards their communities. Additionally,I think we need to get religion back into fashion, not need to be some dogmatic organized religion like Christianity, but people should have a personal level or spiritual understanding and connection.
>>52 The destruction of family units caused it which in turn was caused by birth control. Since there are no jobs and the family is broken people turn to drugs when they are demoralized, then it creates a cycle.
>>70 But even back in the day when there were no jobs people didn't turn to drugs this much. Is it just an availability thing? I think we need to bring back the shaming culture we used to have. If some became a drug addict they would be shunned. I think this would discourage drug use because no one would be enabling.
>>71 >Is it just an availability thing? Sure. Probably a good half of the drugs in use today did not even exist 50 years ago. I disagree about drugs being a city thing, though. If you count niggers, maybe, but in my experience, rural areas can be worse than the cities for drug use, especially hard drugs like crystal meth and heroin, which is making a comeback apparently. As for causes, you have many factors. As mentioned, lack of economic opportunities. Selling drugs can pay far more than the average small town McJob. Another is lack of wholesome activities or entertainment. The "get money, fuck bitches" lifestyles on the talmudvision don't line up with the realities of rural life, and they may feel the need to go to extreme lengths to "get that dolla" and get away to the big, diverse city with all its exotic delights. Or, simply tuning out and checking out. Or, escapism not from a shared societal problem, but perhaps domestic ones, like alcoholism and physical and sexual abuse, often sharing roots with drug abuse itself. Media glamorized drug use imagery. Internet hyped drug use imagery. Immigrants, physically bringing the drugs and selling them often being their only viable form of employment, being the subhumans they are. The list goes on and on. The causes are many, and trying to tackle or even enumerate them all can seem like a lost cause. A wise man once wrote, "The art of leadership, as displayed by really great leaders of the people throughout the ages, consists in concentrating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will divide that attention." You must pick one cause, raise the alarm, rally forces against it, and defeat it. A demoralizing agent will tell you that you are fighting a hydra, and that there will always spring up more heads: causes you didn't know existed or even entirely new ones, so all your effort has been in vain. The reality is different. Addressing a single cause and successfully addressing it is a breech in the lines; your enemies are caught off-guard and divided, and you have a victory and momentum on your side. If this is an issue near to you, as it should be to all of us, let us know where you want to strike, and we will help you any way we can.
>>88 Checked. I will think about this problem and I will let everyone know what I come up with. Maybe we can get people on board and slowly take back culture and territory from our enemies.


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