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GOALS THREAD, or, Why we do it Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 07:16:19 Id:1319ba No. 13
My longest-term goal is to own and live on a small farm and nature conservatory. On the property I would build a large house in a traditional style that would serve as a multi-generational dwelling and family gathering place. The property would not just be some pasture and woods, but a meticulously restored Pennsylvanian wetland, field, and forest habitat like the one I had growing up. To that end, I would like to have my own business, where I would gather and cultivate only native Pennsylvania plants and trees, as well as breed native amphibians, reptiles, fish, and the like. These would be both for sale to the general public for conservation and ecological reconstruction, as well as to restore and enhance the diversity of wildlife on my own property. I'm not sure I would like to own a physical store though, I would prefer to handle sales by mail or appointment only. I feel this would reduce costs and liabilities as well. Images more or less related.

My current situation, however, is very different from that outlined above. I work as an engineer, IN JAPAN, far from my native Commonwealth. I do not get paid as well as I should, and have only maybe enough savings to move back home. I don't think I would have too much trouble finding work upon returning to PA, however, it is sedentary and soul-draining work, and filled with chinks and poos. I also have student loan debt to the tune of ~50K USD. I have a small garden and several aquariums at the present, if only as a release for my natural drive to cultivate and be surrounded by living things. However, that I can take none of it home with me always dampens my enthusiasm and constantly weighs on me.

Please reply if you have any suggestions or questions for me. I will follow up with more posts detailing my situation and my plans. I encourage others to post their own goals and such in this thread, so that together we can work on concrete action plans to make them happen. The road may be long, but articulating and writing down your goals is a big step forward.
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Another motivation of mine is to help provide a decent environment for my niece and nephew. Their parents live in an apartment currently, and our childhood home has been mowed into a sterile suburban hellscape. It is my duty to make sure that they can have the same kind of Calvin and Hobbes-style adventures in the woods that I had, as well as picking wild berries and fruit, catching crayfish, frogs, and snakes, raising a monarch butterfly caterpillar on milkweed and watching it make a cocoon, planting pumpkins from seed, picking your favorite one and watching it grow inch by inch before cutting it into a jack-o-lantern in the fall, and on and on. Growing up detached from the land is the fastest way to grow up detached from reality. From there, you're nothing but globo-homo nigger-cattle prey.

Pic related are some of the native birds that used to come to our feeders.
>>17 The plan so far: 1. Leave Japan, return home. Would ideally be before about May of this year. 2. Stay with my parents for <1 month, where I will: 2a. Reestablish relationships with Family and the couple of friends who remember that I still exist. 2b. Convince them to restore their land back to a natural state, volunteering to take care of all of the labor and expense myself. 2c. Find work in my field, ideally not too far away. 3. Work, save money, make connections with local farmers, land management, botanical gardens, etc. That's as far as I've been able to plan between work and studying/building a portfolio. Getting into step 1 right now, finishing a lot of circuit designs and stuff I had been kicking around for a while, while taking inventory of my life here. I can't take much with me, so I'm backing up important files to my VPS, taking photos of things I've done or owned and would like to again, and generally doing what I can to make sure that my time spent here wasn't entirely wasted.
only one suggestion. stick to building in stone, forget that wooden shed tacked on the side. so many amerricans forget the 3 little pigs and the house blows away in the wind.
>>17 >our childhood home has been mowed into a sterile suburban hellscape. That sucks big time. I walk a mile everyday just to feed our birds. Call me crazy but I'd lose my shit if I had no nature around anymore. Thankfully there's some. so keep up the good fight anon, kids need to experience nature


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