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Self Improvement of course Trexler 02/01/2020 (Sat) 16:55:46 Id:db4bef No. 27
I am having difficulty finding a possible self improvement group. I want to change myself for the better, the reason I am saying this is becausae I had an epiphany a few days ago, and I am not completely in control of my mind just yet. I am looking for a group to motivate me, or force me into the habit of improving my life. I live in Northern California. I currently am making small strides, but I want to improve faster so that way I wont have the possibility of being dragged back into degeneracy. I plan on going to church tomorrow as well as lift every single day at the local gym.
>>27 >self-improvement group These exist? I would be worried about getting involved with some kind of cult, or ripped off by some self-help program shills if I went looking for one of these. However, by realizing that self-improvement is, somewhat ironically, not something that you can do alone, you are on the right track. Look for groups (plural) that let you do a variety of healthy activities with at least somewhat like-minded individuals. Don't worry if they're not all 14/88 either. Don't worry about "red-pilling" them either. If you play a sport with a group, they should be healthy individuals, playing a non-niggerball sport, with a focus on fitness and fun. If you're doing volunteer gardening or community beautification, don't be surprised if your group is mostly boomers and church-ladies. Just stay away from the pot-growing hippies and "community organizer" with blue hair. Get what I'm saying? I would slow down though. Take your time to really assess your situation and what needs to be changed, then work on long-term plans and building habits to make it happen. Rushing and diving head-first into hardcore ascetism is the fastest way to burnout and relapse. Going to the gym everyday is also a great way to give yourself a sports injury and be stuck on your ass for a few months, putting those gains in the negative. Please update with a little bit more info about your current situation and what you are trying to do and maybe we can make some better suggestions.
>>28 >>27 Self-improvement needs to start with you as an individual and spreads out from there. You should lead by example. Show those around you that following the path of true leads to a happy, healthy and successful life. Work out and be physically healthy. Read and learn as much as possible, acquire knowledge about as many skills and topics as possible. Also develop spiritually and have a connection to beauty and the divine (not in the Christian sort of way, but as your own personal spiritual ideas and development).
Fuck the gym and fuck the jews abrahamic fairy stories. Don't lift or exercise using fake motion. Get a pedal bike and go to the wilderness with a n axe and shovel and cut trees and build a shelter. Failing that, find a local community project where you can work your muscles improving public spaces. This will also earn you good rep. True anti degeneracy. Much better than singing songs to a dead jew-on-a-stick. Talk to old people and offer to fix their garden and do repairs for free. Afterwards you can listen and learn from them! Self improvement is about deed and action, not vanity. Become an ambassador.


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