Rules of /sig/

1 : This is a safe-for-work board. This means absolutely no porn, this means no scat, gore, or other disgusting shit I'm thankful to be ignorant of.
2 : This is a degeneracy-free board. This means no homosexuality, transexuality, fur shit, loli, etc. etc.
3 : This board is meant for mature, adult, male users of European descent. If you do not fit that description, feel free to lurk, however, you are not likely to feel welcome here, especially if you attempt posting.
4 : This is not /pol/. Strictly political discussion is not encouraged. This board assumes that you have "graduated" from /pol/, are already "red-pilled" and know how the world works, and are looking to affect positive change in your self and your surroundings.
5 : This is not /fit/. Physical fitness will be limited to a single general thread. It isn't that hard to not be a slovenly lardass. Everyone did it up until about the last century.
6 : You are asked to conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner; argue in good faith and do not post with the intent to deceive or harm other users. Low-quality posts will be removed.
7 : ALL attempts at trolling, shilling, raiding, subversion, etc. will be deleted and bans handed out. If this is your first imageboard, LURK TWO YEARS. If not, you should be able to recognize these posts. Even subtle shilling will be removed without debate. Especially subtle shilling.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply