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Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 03:17:17 No. 22 History File history
Have you ever looked into the abyss, /x/?
yes and the abyss looked back at me
(382.07 KB 1225x883 SaturnWiki breakdown.jpg)
>All three beings have reptilian wings.
>They are not of this world.
>The lowest being worships 4 (Christian cross on forearm) and 5 (Jupiter is the 5th planet).
>Christianity replaced Jupiterianism in Southern Europe.
>Therefore this lowly being represents a place on Earth: the Christian/Roman lineage.
>The higher beings are showing him the true depths of reality.

>The two higher beings are adorned with the symbol of Neptune, the god of 8.
>Both wear Neptune's seal around their neck.
>For the leftmost being, the symbol is inverted.
>The other being's symbol will fit inside of it.
>Therefore left is a female, right is a male.

>The female wears the symbol of Mercury around her wrist.
>Mercury is the god of animalistic religions.
>It's the "god of forces" in Daniel 10.
>The worshipers of the god of forces are merely weapons to be used by the other gods.
>Planet 1 represents individuality.
>It's worshipers are communist drones.
>Communism is a state religion, and so requires replacing all other spiritual beliefs with 1, me, selfishness, consumerism, greed, etc.

>The male wears a necklace of bones.
>At the bottom of that is an upside down cross.
>On his arm is the symbol of Saturn.
>Saturnism is equivalent to Judaism. Saturn is the furthest planet from the sun that is visible with the naked eye.
>Saturn is the 6th planet.
>6 is the lowest "highly-harmonic number". i.e. Smallest number with 3 divisors lesser than itself
>Hence 6-fold oscillations are highly resonant, due to the basic properties of the integers.
>Hence cultural evolution converges on Judaism. a.k.a. Communism, or "the hive".
>...albeit with predictable cycles related to arithmetic integer cycles.
>The cycles correspond to the rise and fall of the hive system.

>Eden was a communist paradise.
>Proles are controlled without knowing it.
>This is the Jewish utopia.
>Enter a talking snake.
>Talking snakes whispers knowledge in our ears.
>Jewish utopia is destroyed.
>This is the original "sin" that began the fall of the hive.
>The time where proles discovered numbers, and hence religion and all the other harmonically coupled gods.
>These gods are associated with personalities, so we were awakened to the nature of the self.

>The snake is a manifestation of the god of 7, Uranus.
>Notice the snakes in the inscription below the mirror.
>2 snakes and a 5-string harp make a diatonic scale.
>Two snake gods allow the Jupiterians (5) to couple to the 7th god.

>Back to the Eden myth.
>God 7 transcends the gods of our fathers.
>God 7 throws a wrench in the design of god 6.
>Hence the snake god is a symbol of evil in Abrahamic societies... (except when it's used to represent medicine/healing).
>God 7 cannot be hurt by god 6 because 6 is contained "within" 7.
>However 7 is not very powerful because it is prime and therefore non-resonant.
>The more powerful god is 8.

>The Thai word in the image (left of hourglass) means "temple".
>Buddhists practice the 8-fold way.
>Thailand is a Buddhist country.

>The first 6 planets have vortex clusters at their poles.
>N vortices for the Nth planet.
>The exception is Jupiter (5), which has 8.
>This is why Early Christians identified easily with Jupiter.
>Apparently god 8 couples to both 4 and 5 somehow.
>Earth is the 3rd planet.
>5 = 8 - 3.
>Neptune's spear has 3 points.

A prophecy for the next era:
>Christians are trapped in the cycle of god 6.
>Our destiny is to couple to god 8, which has the power to transcend the system of control set up by god 6.
>8 can defeat 6, but 6 couples more easily to 12, the next lowest "highly harmonic number".
>Therefore god 12 represents the next point of convergence in our universe, which is still a long way off.
>So even the holy utopia of 8 will eventually devolve into the satanic utopia of 12.
>After that point "Christians" will be trying to couple to 16.
>However, as defeating 6 required synthesis of gods 3, 4, and 5, defeating 12 will require synthesis of at least gods 7, 8, and 9.

Boiler plate model:
>0, 2, 4, 8 etc. are even numbers.
>Even numbers couple to god 0, the sun.
>Even religions pull toward god 0.
>Odd numbers start at 1, innately separate from 0.
>Odd religions are forever separate from god 0, forever pushing away.
>So, "even" and "odd" mechanisms tend to apply force in opposite directions.
>God pulls to the center while Satan pushes to the edge.
>Harmonicity couples the integers in between.
>Hence the eternal harmonic cycles of our universe and society.

The original "gods":
>The early humans discovered the natural numbers: 1,2,3,etc.
>The algebraic properties of these numbers are innate.
>Early humans would have seen them as mystical objects.
>They created cults worshiping the different numbers.
>These number cults eventually morphed into ancient religions...
>and then into modern religions.

Don't trust the modern interpretations. Every latest interpretation separates us further from the reality of numbers as gods. Separation of science and religion was always a psyop. Religion was always about the magic of the integers algebra which is woven into our universe.

Read Daniel 10-12 (KJV):
>the time of the end:
>many shall run to and fro (airplane age) and
>knowledge shall be increased (information age)

We are in the end times. Pepe is the new manifestation of the reptilian god 7, here to whisper the words that set in motion the fall of the communist Saturnic machine.
>Many shall be purified and made white.
>But the wicked shall do wickedly;
>None of the wicked shall understand; but the wise will understand.
The numerical association of some of the world's religions, off the top of my head:

0 (couples to all numbers equally)
>Sun gods
>Psychedelic religions
>Aether in Greek myth
1 (individualism)
>Animalistic religions
>African religions
2 (religions of pairs and opposites)
>Islam (sun and star, man and woman)
>2-party politics
3 (religions of cycles)
>Holy Trinity
>Pagan religions
4 (religions of structure)
>Yinyang religions
5 = 2+3 (religions of strength and virtue)
>The pentagram
>The Pentagon
6 = 2*3 (religions of cycles and control)
7 (the serpent)
>7 chakras in Hinduism
8 = 2^3
>8-fold way of Buddhism
>Christ = 8 in scripture
>many shall be purified and made white
If man is 5, if man is 5
Than the evil is 6
Than the devil is 6
Than the devil is 6
And if the devil is 6,
Than God is 7
Than God is 7

This monkey’s gone to heaven.

Thus Spoke Black Francis


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