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The Jews and the Aliens. Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 14:11:52 No. 4 History File history
If you look into physics seriously, you'll see most of 20th century physics, especially everything related to particle physics, is a scam. It's a multi-billion dollar scam the likes the world has never really seen before, that produces no useful scientific results. This is not even really a secret, and has been fairly well documented in academic tomes like Constructing Quarks by Andrew Pickering (a must read).
One of the most important frauds, though lesser known, involves the concept of quantum entanglement. To put it briefly, when two particles are 'entangled,' it is possible to discern the state of one particle by observing the other, regardless of the distance of separation.
In physics, one doesn't often deal in 'proofs'. Physics isn't mathematics, and the concerns of mathematicians (another field rife with academic fraud, but that is another subject entirely) are not the concerns of physicists. But there is a 'proof' that you can't use this phenomenon for communication purposes.
I can tell you right now, this 'proof' is fraudulent.
I won't go into too much detail, because most people will never bother studying the nature of the underlying argument (it involves Hilbert Spaces), but you'll just have to trust me, it is a fraudulent 'proof' based around cryptographic security of one-time pads. Basically, whoever came up with it took a valid proof, obfuscated the terms, and come up with nonsense packed behind mathematical symbols, to keep the curious out.
Not only is it possible to use quantum entanglement to communicate over any distance, it is also possible to use it to communicate through time.
The real solution to the Fermi-Paradox involves this. Basically, what happens on a galactic scale is that the first advanced civilization to discover the it has the ability to use it as a weapon against any other civilization they encounter. They simply send messages backwards through time, messages that ultimately lead to the destruction of the enemy civilization in question. This happens anytime an advanced civilization encounters hostility from another civilization in space, and they are destroyed before they ever become a threat in the first place.
This is what happened to humanity at some point in the future. It is not really known when, because we never developed the ability to warn ourselves. All we know is what they have told their puppets; the Jews.
>If I don't understand it it must be a fraud
For something to be a fraud there must be a motive. Now tell me, what benefit do scientists/governments/Jews/etc. gain from inventing such science?
That's right, NOTHING
The Jew is the vehicle through which they are (have?) destroyed humanity. The Jews naturally 'other' themselves from the rest of humanity, look down on the rest of humanity, tell themselves God has placed them in charge of us, like a farmer and his livestock. No other group in human history is like them in this regard, hence why they were chosen in the first place.
There are certain limitations to their abilities. The communications aren't magical. For the most part, their primary efforts have to wait until the period in time when electronic and radio communication is possible on a wide scale. Before this, they are limited to very crude types of communication, directed at a person's brain, meant to convey messages. But this doesn't work on everyone, and naturally drives many people insane. This is where the 'voice of God' comes from. It isn't God that talked to historical figures in the past, it was them, testing the waters in ancient history first.
There is an underground resistance to all this, and naturally, humanity has attempted to rid themselves of the Jewish menace, one way or another. The USSR tried to destroy the Jew at the level of their identity. The Nazis tried to destroy them physically, and came the closest saving humanity.
From captured documents from those high up enough, most of the manipulation of human history has already happened. WW2 was supposed to be the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany fighting Western Europe and America together, and from there, Europeans leading the other peoples into higher forms of civilization. It was supposed to be the last major conflict in history, but all that was changed by them.
Honestly, it wouldn’t fucking surprise me. I know fuck all about particle physics but i always get the impression that these shits are fucking with us. "oh you cant know the position and movement of a particle at the same time" Its enough to make a bloke get all 'inquisition' on the smug bastards.
>For something to be a fraud there must be a motive.
The motive for particle physicists is simple: money. There is some minor prestige to it, for those who are gullible enough to take it seriously, but it's mostly about all those government grants to build useless machines that do nothing interesting at all.
I suggest you download a copy (its online, if you know where to look) of The Higgs Fake: How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee by Alexander Unzicker. It is the most forthright expose of this scam available, but even then, his major source is still Andrew Pickering's Constructing Quarls, which is an absolute masterpiece and also available for free online, if you know where to look.
The truth is out there, it's just so unbelievable to most people ("How could all these smart people be wrong?!") that there is no real danger of the secret being exposed.
Hilariously enough, people have called Unzicker a Nazi for saying what he does, because he is a German.
We don't know where to look. Upload it here.
Cui Bono?

For the worst liars, such as profit from false renditions of historical events, the fun is in seeing how many they can deceive, even if NO money comes from it.

Just like kleptomaniacs get a (sometimes sexual) thrill from stealing, even if it is useless stuff they will never use.
>Not only is it possible to use quantum entanglement to communicate over any distance, it is also possible to use it to communicate through time.

Do tell.
Miles Mathis is one of the few people I have seen writing about how scammy modern "science" is (particularly physics, I mean)

Problem is the masses have been brainwashed to take theories as fact, when theories are only tested (sometimes educated) guesses. These theories can have massive holes in them but, since theory is fact to a lot of normies, they try to fill in the gaps of the theories like they're following a cult or religion, rather than to then question that hmmm maybe the theory has holes because it is inaccurate (even if it has SOME explanatory power)
Both books can be found on Library Genesis.


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