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>>/pol/14588 >>14586 isnt that only working with GIF's? I never made one but they work with layers and you can make them with PS or Gimp
>>/pol/14587 >>14586 test
>>/polru/6062 ТАСС: "Союз журналистов РФ призвал Зелемойского снять запреты на въезд в страну представителям СМИ". Хм... Вот я, к примеру, мо
>>/pol/14586 >>14585 fug, how do those pics when you click on them to enlarge but then they change to a different pic work? Can we make som
>>/pol/14585 >testing pic for memetic warfare please ignore
>>/pol/14584 14428 TOR without a vpn is literally the most secure means of surfing the net. you just have to sandbox your browser and ensure
>>/polru/6061 Украина, вы там чего под Хуйла совсем решили прогнуться? Скандальный сайт «Миротворец», публиковавший информацию о «врагах Укра
>>/pol/14583 >>12516 What's the torpedo police roun here?
>>/pol/14582 >>14573 >neinchan mentioned feelsgoodman.jpg maseltov
>>/pol/14581 We should take all the sanctions that are placed on Iran, take them off of Iran, and place them on Israel instead. They're the r
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