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>>/pol/19304 >>19301 >Not even antifaggots made some move this time. Geriatric nigger lovers who long for the Russian Forever War and think
>>/pol/19303 Leaving this here https://masskillers.info/ It's a back up of the masskillers subplebbit, admin probably knows he could be clo
>>/b/1 First.
>>/polru/8699 >>8698 >из ФБ: "Свирепая наша экономика. В России за 11 месяцев 2019 года произведены 744 штуки детских колясок, 19,7 тыс. «зонт
>>/pol/19302 >>19288 I only care abut Commander Breivik's opinion tbh >>19294 >I wanna know these things I know that feel anon
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>>/pol/19301 >>19291 Well, this was a disappointment. Not even antifaggots made some move this time. I will laugh a lot when some time fro
>>/pol/19300 >>19299 This, people are forgetting that Breivik was a literal master or 4D chess
>>/pol/19299 >>19287 This is a common technique where you overstate an already horrible situation so that when people go to correct you they
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