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>>/polru/21 >>20 На латинcкую заменить? Окау.
>>/polru/20 >>19 Вcё тут нормально c буквой ЭCC.
>>/polru/19 Что тут с буквой ЭСС?
>>/pol/1843 >>1837 >implying And the right pretends the ZOG Emperor was just an "acquaintance" of Epstein, ignoring their ties, as well as
>>/polru/18 >>13 Ещё пока не почалось. В октябре будет.
>>/pol/1842 >>1797 >living in caves will soon be banned in order to protect endangered bats. what kind of bat?
>>/pol/1841 Stop infighting, were all on the same team, act like it.
>>/pol/1840 >>1503 The same "maintenance" happened on Voat for 3 weeks before the eternal "Russian" attack that shut down Voat. Everythi
>>/polru/17 Тяяк
>>/pol/1839 >>1779 >We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Would you somehow kill 2 billion nigge
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