What is this site?

Neinchan is here to help rid the world of degeneracy. The Fire Rises. Many users have lost their Internet homes to the current cultural shifts in the electronic landscape, and we want to give the best of them a place where they can speak, think, and post freely to their heart's content.

How can I contact the site owners?

Please see the official Contact page.

What filetypes are supported here?

txt, jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, png, ogg, webm, mp4 with more to come.

Privacy Policy

Data Sharing

We do not collect data on our users for any reason other than to facilitate necessary functions of the site and to follow the law. We will respond appropriately to all law enforcement requests, but we will not otherwise share user data with any third party without a prominent public notice on the site.

Site Analytics gathers very basic website and network analytics: Time zones, GeoIP information, IP addresses, global visitors, etc. This information is only for our hardware and software analysis and maintenance purposes, and to satisfy the law enforcement requirements of the section above.


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