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why neinchan so dead?

Is it just me here with the skynet? Where all the frens go?

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hello i would like to become janny or mod.

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Yes, I post on neinchan

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add i2p link


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What is this shit and why are you posting ads on Halfchan?

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Lower Decks, Season two episode 3 is a really, really good episode. Debate me!

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it should be manDateory for a girl to date a man of nice age. MANDateOry.

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oh cool slash bee? wow its like its 2007 again. (that was my first time on slash bee) hi frens plz be gentile

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Androgyne vs. female body language

This is, quite honestly, the funniest picture I've ever beheld. Merely the sight of his vaguely threatening gesture and stance; she meekly clasping her hands together in fear; his massive neanderthal skull; the symbolism of the difference between his massive wedge nose that takes up half his face and the efficiency of her small nose; the haughty, contemptuous expression on his face versus the bewildered expression on hers; the sheer dissimilitude in size between them, how he appears easily twice as large; his robust frame, which one could imagine millennia ago facilitated an androphagous Amazonian warrior in swinging a battle axe against a Saxon belonging to one of the armies of Men—that frame—now crammed awkwardly into the garb of a middle-aged housewife... l could go on, but you get the idea. Keep in mind the constant assertion from shills that these "people" are the master race and that there is no practical or moral reason for resisting any of their increasingly bizarre edicts. It really makes for the most exquisite irony when our differences are juxtaposed this vividly. The contrast delicious; on the left is the hubris of cunes, their obsession with embodying the highest beauty of nature and making it theirs, while on the right is the simplest of creatures: woman. Effortless being, no bioengineering, eugenics, gene editing, or electrical field manipulation, just one half of the perfect divine, harmonious whole reflected throughout all of nature. The wedgenoses try so hard and yet the closer they come to "perfection," the further they are removed from the eternal divinity they see themselves as. It's comedy on a cosmic scale. Surely Uncle Winston smiles upon such a scene

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Ummm hello? Is it same neinchan that had .onion?

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How do you hide threads? I don’t want my feed cluttered with threads I don’t care about, yet I see no way to collapse threads. Help

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