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(1.72 MB 270x340 1639866195301.gif)

Anonymous 12/19/2021 (Sun) 03:37:12 No. 202
278151A2-72D9-449D-B4BC-E(...).jpg (170 KB, 1024x683) 170 KB /ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - YULETIDE EDITION Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)17:16:11 No.352715683▶>>352715744 >>352716183 >>352718651 >>352719220 >>352719804 >>352721633 PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS45 https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ https://www.thetrumparchive.com/ https://rumble.com/c/DonaldTrump >President Trump Office https://45office.com/ https://www.youtube.com/c/whitehouse45 https://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse45/ >Liz Harrington (Trump Spox) https://twitter.com/realLizUSA >Donald J Trump Presidential Library https://www.trumplibrary.gov/ @realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom >b-but Trump hasnt done anything! https://www.magapill.com/ ARCHIVED LINKS http://pastebin.com/ynXV6CHT GOOD TIMES >Pres Trump on ChrisSalcedoShow 12/13/21 https://omny.fm/shows/the-chris-salcedo-show-1/chris-salcedo-show-donald-trump >Pres Trump on Spicer&Co 12/6/21 https://www.newsmaxtv.com/Shows/Spicer-and-Co/vid/1_cartgazl https://rumble.com/vqjbf6 >TrumpAd: Joe Biden Stole Christmas 12/5/21 https://rumble.com/vq9r8l >TrumpAd: Biden Is Destroying Jobs 12/4/21 https://leakedreality.com/video/28535/ >Pres Trump @Mar-a-Lago 12/4/21 https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1RDGlgDvPMgKL >Pres Trump on AnezSez w/Scott Anez 12/3/21 https://www.wdbo.com/on-demand/anez-sez-podcast/ (POD 180) https://rumble.com/vq6rql >Pres Trump on ShannonBurkeShow 12/3/21 https://rumble.com/vq6ixx >Pres Trump on FirstNews w/Jimmy Cefalo 12/2/21 https://wiod.iheart.com/featured/south-florida-s-first-news-w-jimmy-cefalo/content/2021-12-02-former-president-donald-j-trump-and-our-own-jimmy-cefalo-together-again/ >Pres Trump on FlashPoint 12/2/21 https://rumble.com/vq5cdh >MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, AGAIN! 10/28/21 https://rumble.com/voe8gm >TrumpAd: Failure 9/1/21 https://rumble.com/vm07g3 >Pres Trump's message to the American people and our brave troops 8/26/21 https://youtu.be/gtuxITTXzT0 [Embed] https://rumble.com/vlqfju >God Bless the USA (Donald J Trump) 10/20/16 https://youtu.be/O_PC_fy0fk0 [Embed] >NEVER COME DOWN (10hr ver) 8/11/16 https://youtu.be/HcEc8zeNYxI [Embed] OP pastebin: http://pastebin.com/nygxu29R prev >>352700065>> Anonymous (ID: KEp1er6i) 12/18/21(Sat)17:16:48 No.352715744▶>>352715970 >>352715683 (OP) MIGA >> Anonymous (ID: 5P760Kw5) 12/18/21(Sat)17:16:59 No.352715767▶>>352715894 >>352716086 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVwjQv7Sa3k [Embed] >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)17:17:23 No.352715804▶>>352715853 File: 98E9D115-44A6-484D-A638-E(...).jpg (85 KB, 800x800) 85 KB MAGA new baker kneaded >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:17:25 No.352715807▶>>352716004 >>352716032 >>352716411 >>352716715 >>352716921 >>352727228 File: WMV.png (75 KB, 1192x414) 75 KB >https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1472371245744373760 WTF?!? >> Anonymous (ID: 2YO+Kk6T) 12/18/21(Sat)17:17:29 No.352715816▶ File: 1639444009153.jpg (359 KB, 700x988) 359 KB More Miku for the Moor! >> Anonymous (ID: FdMhItyl) 12/18/21(Sat)17:17:57 No.352715853▶ >>352715804 I got it. >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:18:22 No.352715894▶ >>352715767 URL added to filter list. >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)17:19:10 No.352715970▶ File: 0DCB1564-4BEE-4D47-8388-4(...).jpg (66 KB, 750x504) 66 KB >>352715744 that’s you on the left >> Anonymous (ID: 9mVs92of) 12/18/21(Sat)17:19:16 No.352715978▶>>352716049 File: 1635724943839.jpg (305 KB, 884x903) 305 KB beer? >> Anonymous (ID: FdMhItyl) 12/18/21(Sat)17:19:26 No.352716004▶ >>352715807 He's saying that the vaxes turns you into a host for nigger eggs. >> Anonymous (ID: k92RXpo5) 12/18/21(Sat)17:19:45 No.352716032▶ >>352715807 Jews. >> Anonymous (ID: pR+FaLfw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:19:57 No.352716049▶ >>352715978 whiskey >> Anonymous (ID: HpMzxDx7) 12/18/21(Sat)17:20:22 No.352716086▶>>352716305 >>352715767 Trump is infected with terminal boomerism, you just have to accept this and carry on. >> Anonymous (ID: i8A02k5b) 12/18/21(Sat)17:21:08 No.352716155▶>>352716255 File: Shion maga 2.png (254 KB, 500x500) 254 KB MAGA Trump won >> Anonymous (ID: AVa39FUO) 12/18/21(Sat)17:21:30 No.352716183▶ File: 1632961815819.png (101 KB, 300x300) 101 KB >>352715683 (OP) MAGA >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)17:22:13 No.352716255▶>>352717651 File: E61EC42C-2C39-4BA5-B8D4-C(...).jpg (51 KB, 720x720) 51 KB >>352716155 bigly >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:22:46 No.352716305▶>>352716379 >>352716661 >>352716086 Y'all are shit at this, post was autofiltered. Probably 80% of the effort isn't ever seen. And what is gets added to the filters, and is boring anyway. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:23:32 No.352716377▶>>352716599 >>352717045 File: GandolfNcat.png (1.1 MB, 890x892) 1.1 MB Abracadabra no n!ggers here >> Anonymous (ID: i8A02k5b) 12/18/21(Sat)17:23:33 No.352716379▶ >>352716305 Don't tell them about my oversized filter. >> Anonymous (ID: JtuSlx3y) 12/18/21(Sat)17:23:37 No.352716386▶ Hello? >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:23:51 No.352716411▶>>352716921 File: 1611876835138.jpg (289 KB, 1904x1346) 289 KB >>352715807 >traceroute woke_mind_virus ELON NO >> Anonymous (ID: zGleIPM+) 12/18/21(Sat)17:24:29 No.352716476▶>>352716717 >>352716748 >>352716763 File: 5F485DD1-74A5-4617-B3D9-1(...).jpg (148 KB, 720x937) 148 KB Why cant Americans take any accountability? Especially when it comes to health. >you know being that overweight is bad for your health WELLL I work a lot and don’t have time to cook my own meals >just walking will help WELLL there is no place to walk where I live Why must the eternal lard ass be this way. Everyone knows they are working at most an 8 hour shift every day. They buy fast food on their way home, watch tv, eat chips and wash it all down with a 2 liter of coke. ENOUGH. >> Anonymous (ID: vaCD0kUv) 12/18/21(Sat)17:25:49 No.352716599▶>>352716841 File: niggercatorb.jpg (214 KB, 862x737) 214 KB >>352716377 >> Anonymous (ID: HpMzxDx7) 12/18/21(Sat)17:26:39 No.352716661▶ >>352716305 >Y'all >> Anonymous (ID: i8A02k5b) 12/18/21(Sat)17:27:09 No.352716715▶>>352716764 File: 1638509992059.png (585 KB, 737x722) 585 KB >>352715807 They are gonna suicide Elon aren't they. >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:27:10 No.352716717▶>>352716820 >>352716871 >>352717102 >>352716476 Boring, image MD5, pasta snippet, and ID filtered. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:27:31 No.352716748▶>>352717218 >>352717653 File: 1622215424981.png (465 KB, 703x561) 465 KB >>352716476 Kek, I was about to post pic related after seeing it while looking for another pic. >> Anonymous (ID: HpMzxDx7) 12/18/21(Sat)17:27:42 No.352716763▶>>352717369 >>352716476 >Why cant Americans take any accountability? Liberalism is fundamentally about being free from any kind of duty or responsibility. >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:27:42 No.352716764▶ >>352716715 Not before he makes that 12 billion dollar tax payment. >> Anonymous (ID: HpMzxDx7) 12/18/21(Sat)17:28:14 No.352716820▶ >>352716717 butthurt fatty detected >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:28:27 No.352716841▶>>352716949 File: WizardStarsNcat.jpg (145 KB, 1080x740) 145 KB >>352716599 >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:28:43 No.352716871▶ >>352716717 Anon, I... >> Anonymous (ID: KfICYYqr) 12/18/21(Sat)17:29:16 No.352716921▶>>352717387 >>352717644 >>352715807 >>352716411 Perhaps Elon should start his own media empire for the lulz. >> Anonymous (ID: q5nYBjH7) 12/18/21(Sat)17:29:26 No.352716942▶ Question: How is Trump's public approval in the US? >> Anonymous (ID: vaCD0kUv) 12/18/21(Sat)17:29:30 No.352716949▶>>352717132 >>352717230 >>352717504 >>352719210 File: niggercathat.jpg (398 KB, 623x715) 398 KB >>352716841 Kind of amazing the nigger cat meme is still a thing after all these years >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:30:35 No.352717045▶ File: 1639784581913.jpg (51 KB, 680x431) 51 KB >>352716377 >gandalf the white wizard cat pondering the orb based and i am Saruman or Saruman has he should be pilled >> Anonymous (ID: zGleIPM+) 12/18/21(Sat)17:31:11 No.352717102▶ >>352716717 T. Fatty >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:31:31 No.352717132▶>>352717375 >>352716949 its only been three years >> Anonymous (ID: zGleIPM+) 12/18/21(Sat)17:32:20 No.352717218▶>>352717556 >>352716748 Delusion levels off the chart! >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)17:32:31 No.352717230▶>>352717408 >>352717470 File: 277E86AB-506D-4B7F-8D01-7(...).jpg (61 KB, 554x787) 61 KB >>352716949 >worlds cutest cat + racism i foresaw it lasting this long >> Anonymous (ID: zGleIPM+) 12/18/21(Sat)17:33:53 No.352717369▶ >>352716763 I hate this gay earth that people need to be told how to be healthy. Or do anything for their benefit. >> Anonymous (ID: vaCD0kUv) 12/18/21(Sat)17:33:55 No.352717375▶ File: niggercatnyan.gif (15 KB, 512x512) 15 KB >>352717132 Most memes are a flash in a pan >> !4kdXa3O75w (ID: l7+e+F8n) 12/18/21(Sat)17:34:04 No.352717387▶>>352717576 >>352716921 >1 post by this id Ugh >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:34:14 No.352717408▶>>352718260 File: 1639806498271.gif (614 KB, 497x378) 614 KB >>352717230 its also a wholly /ptg/ meme that actually sees use elsewhere on the internet lots on niggercats on /biz/ >> Anonymous (ID: +Uyj5RYu) 12/18/21(Sat)17:34:31 No.352717443▶>>352718369 Vote out every politician who voted for the 2021 NDAA or Biden in January 2021! To find a RINO locally: First, check for their Soros connections. If there's anything about SPLC support from them, they're liabilities. If even a single member of a political dynasty is corrupt, they're all corrupt. Purge them all. Also, make sure your local Republicans know you support election security measures: https://pastebin.com/bhsvQCqR Furthermore, get involved locally. Try meeting anyone you can to make sure you can get some redistricting done--maybe even get yourself a new district to run in. Form teams and alliances to make sure you can do stuff: If you're someone smart who can write legislation, then use your talents to write legislation. If you think you're better off running for office yourself, then run for office yourself. If you think you should just help someone else's campaign, do that. Use your talents, which God gave to you, wisely and efficiently. Furthermore, no matter where you live, you should check if you have elections this year--we need to get people signed up to run before signup deadlines ASAP! 2022 election deadlines can be this year as well, so be sure to check those quickly! Become a pollwatcher; become a candidate; become a staffer! Anything you can do to make America great again, do it! Go to redistricting meetings and make your voice heard! Endorsements explained: https://hatebin.com/syrllykhko Referendum & election endorsements: Jan. 11, FL-20: Jason Mariner May 7, TX: Yes May 24, AL: no June 7, SD: yes Aug. 2, KS: YES Nov. 8: AL: Yes AK: no AZ: 1Y 3N AR: YES CA: NO CT: NO FL: YES GA: YES ID: yes IL: NO IA: YES KY: YES LA: NO, Yes, NO, Yes, no MD: No, yes, Yes MA: NO MO: Yes, no MT: no, YES, Yes NV: NO NH: no NM: NO NY: NO OR: NO TN: YES, NO, yes UT: YES WV: YES WY: Yes Remember Saint Nicholas' example this Christmas! >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:34:45 No.352717470▶ File: 1638029232912m.jpg (175 KB, 1022x1024) 175 KB >>352717230 White cats live longer >> Anonymous (ID: 2zERT51Y) 12/18/21(Sat)17:35:08 No.352717504▶>>352717869 File: 1638444990787.jpg (227 KB, 936x936) 227 KB >>352716949 I know right MAGA >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:35:38 No.352717556▶>>352718313 File: 1627320274919.webm (1.34 MB, 640x640) 1.34 MB >>352717218 The fat acceptance movement does not get nearly enough hate. >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:35:55 No.352717576▶>>352717756 >>352717387 That doesn't work when you retards try it. >> Anonymous (ID: vaCD0kUv) 12/18/21(Sat)17:36:11 No.352717600▶ File: snlmueller.webm (2.64 MB, 640x480) 2.64 MB Based Covid: https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1472300108855267328 >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:36:32 No.352717644▶ >>352716921 That would be TIGHT >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)17:36:34 No.352717651▶>>352718369 File: file.png (1.3 MB, 2000x1333) 1.3 MB >>352716255 https://nypost.com/2021/12/17/rampaging-monkeys-kill-250-dogs-in-india-in-revenge-massacrerampaging-monkeys-kill-250-dogs-in-india-in-revenge-massacre/ >> Anonymous (ID: KfICYYqr) 12/18/21(Sat)17:36:35 No.352717653▶>>352717848 File: 1623441131624.png (114 KB, 299x290) 114 KB >>352716748 >It is the same damn thing. >> Anonymous (ID: CtOe1HpB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:36:41 No.352717670▶>>352724299 File: B8499275-250B-495C-B25C-6(...).jpg (3.61 MB, 4032x3024) 3.61 MB I love Jesus bros >> Anonymous (ID: q5nYBjH7) 12/18/21(Sat)17:36:52 No.352717683▶>>352721110 Question: How is Trump's public approval in the US? >> !KzF7wKXrq. (ID: l7+e+F8n) 12/18/21(Sat)17:37:46 No.352717756▶>>352717845 >>352717576 Im sorry that you are slow >> Anonymous (ID: pVIKgj9p) 12/18/21(Sat)17:38:22 No.352717812▶>>352717965 >>352718024 >>352718182 File: 1639838705564m.jpg (127 KB, 820x1024) 127 KB Do most normies still believe all of this virus bullshit? Surely people are getting suspicious, right? How fucking long can people just go on with this? >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:38:42 No.352717845▶>>352717982 >>352717756 Holy fuck you retard are so bad at this. It's comical! >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:38:43 No.352717848▶>>352718975 >>352717653 Based Jocposter >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:38:52 No.352717869▶ File: 1637647592895m.jpg (65 KB, 1024x677) 65 KB >>352717504 Get'im, Kit! >> Anonymous (ID: vaCD0kUv) 12/18/21(Sat)17:39:46 No.352717965▶>>352718123 File: coronachanirl.jpg (1.27 MB, 1125x1890) 1.27 MB >>352717812 The most bluepilled ones still act like it's 2020 >> !Bm.Oo5Tqc. (ID: l7+e+F8n) 12/18/21(Sat)17:39:58 No.352717982▶>>352718272 >>352717845 Lol >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:40:25 No.352718024▶>>352718721 >>352723731 File: 1639851601396.jpg (51 KB, 1024x353) 51 KB >>352717812 Normalfags absolutely fucking devour shit like pic related. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:41:21 No.352718123▶ >>352717965 She cute >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:42:01 No.352718182▶>>352718348 File: 1639812868955.png (264 KB, 1244x700) 264 KB >>352717812 >Surely people are getting suspicious, right? i have a neighbor who hasn't talked to me in a year because i laughed when she said "this is really getting serious" >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)17:42:46 No.352718260▶>>352718401 >>352718495 File: A7B8B8B0-8B75-458E-AE0E-9(...).jpg (80 KB, 709x516) 80 KB >>352717408 seeing her on legacy media would be weird >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:42:53 No.352718272▶>>352718366 >>352717982 It's pretty funny, you don't understand the environment you're trying to operate in. Stick out like a sore thumb, get filtered. >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)17:43:02 No.352718281▶>>352719041 File: 0567D1C3-C3ED-4F84-9500-7(...).jpg (272 KB, 622x527) 272 KB good morning. sunday morning. >> Anonymous (ID: cCecAsvi) 12/18/21(Sat)17:43:22 No.352718313▶ >>352717556 She's morbidly obese but to be fair that was a shanty fence. People lean on those all the time. This one was bound to break. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:43:41 No.352718348▶ >>352718182 And did you respond with "why so serious" ? >> !KdEmxnI9jY (ID: l7+e+F8n) 12/18/21(Sat)17:43:58 No.352718366▶>>352719455 >>352718272 Dont get mad What have I done to you? You accuse me of trying to “do” something >> Anonymous (ID: 2YO+Kk6T) 12/18/21(Sat)17:44:01 No.352718369▶>>352720009 File: 1630629498741.jpg (129 KB, 850x1168) 129 KB >>352717443 I have a present. Early Christmas gift. >>352717651 Are there any videos? >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:44:19 No.352718401▶>>352718604 >>352718260 He's famous now, makes sense >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:45:18 No.352718495▶>>352719240 File: 1639820273456.png (972 KB, 715x1200) 972 KB >>352718260 outside of /ptg/ she usually doesn't say nigger i think people may just like all the edits so its possible a "celeb" or someone posts one in a very public way >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:46:27 No.352718604▶>>352718749 >>352718401 >he >> Anonymous (ID: rEgHxG/z) 12/18/21(Sat)17:46:58 No.352718651▶ File: Pass it along if you are (...).jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x627) 1.06 MB >>352715683 (OP) get saved guys, you can be 100% sure of going to heaven 11 minutes from now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpOv_kvk4M8 [Embed] >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)17:47:33 No.352718706▶>>352718989 File: fw_de_klerk.jpg (124 KB, 1200x1200) 124 KB Pic related was a hero for stepping down and embracing democracy. Donald Trump is not anything even remotely resembling a hero. >> Anonymous (ID: hmCXqYVT) 12/18/21(Sat)17:47:40 No.352718721▶ >>352718024 two separate virus bots combine to become one super virus bot! >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:48:00 No.352718749▶>>352718968 >>352718604 Yes he it's not a woman just because the real cat is. >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:50:25 No.352718968▶>>352719148 >>352719159 >>352719463 >>352720010 File: catday (2).jpg (69 KB, 701x750) 69 KB >>352718749 a picture of a real person is still that person. if it were a drawing of a cat you could argue the gender. because the cat is real and a girl and Chinese, the meme is a cute female Asian (honorary white) cat says nigger >> Anonymous (ID: KfICYYqr) 12/18/21(Sat)17:50:30 No.352718975▶>>352721031 >>352717848 I took that screenshot at the 2019 Home Run Derby. That's Joc's reaction to Vlad Guererro's boy being an absolute beast. Of course, he ended up losing to Pete Alonso but still. It was impressive. >> Anonymous (ID: HpMzxDx7) 12/18/21(Sat)17:50:37 No.352718989▶>>352719205 >>352720332 >>352718706 De Klerk was a racetraitor who was personally responsible for the rape and murder of thousands of innocent Whites at the hands of the nigger and jew communists he empowered. >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)17:51:08 No.352719041▶ File: file.png (28 KB, 95x97) 28 KB >>352718281 >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:52:13 No.352719148▶ File: FarmerNcat.jpg (122 KB, 1022x1024) 122 KB >>352718968 Now that's some n!gger logic right there >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)17:52:20 No.352719159▶>>352719237 >>352719251 >>352720652 File: F02EADD6-6893-49E5-983C-B(...).jpg (1020 KB, 1878x1239) 1020 KB >>352718968 >is still that person what's in a likeness? >> Anonymous (ID: KfICYYqr) 12/18/21(Sat)17:52:53 No.352719205▶ File: 1638176324523.jpg (17 KB, 200x263) 17 KB >>352718989 Correct on all counts. >> Anonymous (ID: yEqHt8iw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:52:55 No.352719210▶ >>352716949 Word is nigger cat is driven by the diligence and determination of just one cool anon. >> Anonymous (ID: DhlhBK3i) 12/18/21(Sat)17:53:02 No.352719220▶>>352719968 >>352720101 >>352715683 (OP) Whoever took this photo is an amazing photographer >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:53:13 No.352719237▶>>352719529 File: 1639803568929.jpg (101 KB, 1200x1134) 101 KB >>352719159 that meme is from a DRAWING of a pipe not a PICTURE of a pipe >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)17:53:18 No.352719240▶ File: 506B75D7-3036-4514-8F77-F(...).jpg (181 KB, 1309x717) 181 KB >>352718495 but dogwhistle tho >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:53:27 No.352719251▶>>352719690 File: Ceci n'est pas une nigger cat.jpg (95 KB, 1021x1024) 95 KB >>352719159 >> Anonymous (ID: xevF17aP) 12/18/21(Sat)17:55:32 No.352719455▶ >>352718366 There's nothing you can do, but it's amusing to see you still try. >> Anonymous (ID: yEqHt8iw) 12/18/21(Sat)17:55:37 No.352719463▶>>352719689 File: R - 2021-12-18T205416.345.jpg (69 KB, 736x552) 69 KB >>352718968 Nigger Cat the character is male. The actress that plays him is a female cat. Just like Mr. B Natural. >> Anonymous (ID: CtOe1HpB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:55:50 No.352719489▶>>352719543 >>352719884 >>352720283 File: 8CAD0B4D-DC11-4E4C-B95B-B(...).jpg (2.59 MB, 4032x3024) 2.59 MB How jealous are you of my meal >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)17:56:15 No.352719529▶>>352719800 File: B942813D-624C-4D2F-B013-F(...).jpg (25 KB, 534x403) 25 KB >>352719237 correct. but what's in a >likeness and, now, what is the deciding distinguisher that separates pictures from pixels? >> Anonymous (ID: UQj66/BH) 12/18/21(Sat)17:56:24 No.352719543▶ >>352719489 cease >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:57:11 No.352719617▶>>352720030 >>352720087 >>352720158 File: FGMHuRyUYAAGqe8.jpg (56 KB, 1080x1080) 56 KB >there are some people in /ptg/ arguing that gender is fluid >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)17:57:54 No.352719689▶ File: TongueOutNcat.jpg (62 KB, 1024x1022) 62 KB >>352719463 Thank you, smart fren ;) >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)17:57:56 No.352719690▶ File: 11E7554A-BCED-463A-8D4F-5(...).jpg (89 KB, 525x531) 89 KB >>352719251 >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)17:59:07 No.352719800▶>>352720010 >>352719529 >distinguisher that separates pictures from pixels? a camera captures light and turns it into pixels vs a human or AI generating the image from their brain >> Anonymous (ID: X767eX+R) 12/18/21(Sat)17:59:09 No.352719804▶ >>352715683 (OP) that's a great picture >> Anonymous (ID: 3CIupP+v) 12/18/21(Sat)17:59:58 No.352719884▶ >>352719489 Looks like a good way to mix it up for the holidays & may e get some needed trace mine rals. I don't often eat sandnigger slop, so it'd be a nice change >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:00:46 No.352719968▶>>352720294 File: turn on the lights.jpg (231 KB, 1024x683) 231 KB >>352719220 1 ea 1/2" CCD or 3 ea 1/4" CCD there's lots of LIGHT >> Anonymous (ID: +Uyj5RYu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:01:12 No.352720009▶ File: MunenekoGramOpenBlouse.png (461 KB, 850x1168) 461 KB >>352718369 Whoa, I thought I had hatted this at first but I didn't--thanks! >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)18:01:13 No.352720010▶>>352720189 File: 262D5E9A-0E53-4EC5-A2DF-F(...).jpg (370 KB, 510x606) 370 KB >>352719800 and, therein, is why images and pictures are distinct, relative to >>352718968 >> Anonymous (ID: jj7q6xY1) 12/18/21(Sat)18:01:26 No.352720030▶>>352720087 File: slip-sliding-away1.jpg (29 KB, 474x678) 29 KB >>352719617 >> Anonymous (ID: KfICYYqr) 12/18/21(Sat)18:01:59 No.352720087▶ File: 1612207512675.png (1.58 MB, 2556x1684) 1.58 MB >>352719617 >>352720030 >> Anonymous (ID: jj7q6xY1) 12/18/21(Sat)18:02:10 No.352720101▶ >>352719220 and not many people wear a cloak that well. >> Anonymous (ID: +Uyj5RYu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:02:49 No.352720158▶ File: 61282660.png (2.83 MB, 1062x1505) 2.83 MB >>352719617 We have troons shitting up the place constantly, so I'm not surprised at all. >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:03:10 No.352720189▶>>352720261 >>352722824 >>352725086 File: 1639817416851.png (1.62 MB, 768x1024) 1.62 MB >>352720010 so, you are arguing that a physical picture uploaded to a computer is now an image and not a picture? >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)18:03:54 No.352720261▶>>352720416 >>352720189 no, not at all, fren. it was making fun of that characterization. >> Anonymous (ID: iXET3U+A) 12/18/21(Sat)18:04:03 No.352720271▶>>352720640 >>352721373 i am immune to orb pondering >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:04:10 No.352720283▶>>352720390 >>352722955 File: 20211218_210107.jpg (876 KB, 2048x2048) 876 KB >>352719489 Check this. >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:04:18 No.352720294▶ File: file.png (333 KB, 484x320) 333 KB >>352719968 >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)18:04:45 No.352720332▶ >>352718989 Apartheid was racist. >> Anonymous (ID: c3oE02lK) 12/18/21(Sat)18:05:17 No.352720390▶>>352720529 >>352720283 I like fish flesh so this looks quite nice nigger cat. >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:05:36 No.352720416▶>>352720652 >>352720795 File: FG6vqcWXwAMzPPF.jpg (105 KB, 1080x797) 105 KB >>352720261 okay, i was going to say, in court there is a legal definition that basically says that the file is still a "real" photograph otherwise pedos would claim their victims are just pixels >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:06:35 No.352720529▶ >>352720390 Why thank you, Sir. Bon appetit! >> Anonymous (ID: UQj66/BH) 12/18/21(Sat)18:07:48 No.352720640▶ File: 1634920925697.jpg (28 KB, 538x369) 28 KB >>352720271 non >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)18:07:57 No.352720652▶>>352721237 File: 1B9820EC-E852-4701-9903-4(...).jpg (137 KB, 544x278) 137 KB >>352720416 that's what is implied by >>352719159 this is the second day in a row it's gone over your head like this. >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)18:08:04 No.352720663▶>>352720920 >>352721581 File: Zuma.jpg (282 KB, 786x1077) 282 KB Jacob Zuma was a much better president than Donald Trump. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:09:27 No.352720795▶>>352720907 >>352720416 There's no proof in the n!German cat photographs or videos that it's a female and people are solely basing it on what the owner says about the cat and also how the owner dresses the cat. It could very well be a tom cat. Until there is further concrete proof there will be no true answer to N-word Cat's Gender >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:10:39 No.352720907▶ >>352720795 *nigger cat >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:10:50 No.352720920▶>>352721717 >>352722575 File: scott pelly on the Smith (...).jpg (111 KB, 1200x630) 111 KB >>352720663 Who did the Security Clearance for Biden? >> Anonymous (ID: jj7q6xY1) 12/18/21(Sat)18:11:41 No.352721014▶>>352721042 >>352721082 >>352721107 File: 1579740117422.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1082) 1.67 MB >zuma posting really? like why??? >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:11:53 No.352721031▶ >>352718975 >Of course, he ended up losing to Pete Alonso but still. I was bummed he beat Mancini this year, partially because I am an O's fan and partially because Alonso is BLM cuck. >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)18:11:59 No.352721042▶ >>352721014 I'm South African. >> Anonymous (ID: UQj66/BH) 12/18/21(Sat)18:12:26 No.352721082▶>>352721351 >>352721014 he's the same anon who posts /bsg/ (bernie sanders general) >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)18:12:50 No.352721107▶ >>352721014 something about enochian tomfoolery that nonetheless effects because retards can't into belief otherwise >> Anonymous (ID: vna+4nYa) 12/18/21(Sat)18:12:52 No.352721110▶ >>352717683 much much higher than the media would ever tell the public you drive around anywhere outside the urban centers and you see fuck joe biden signs, you see pro Trump signs of every variety, you see Trump flags Trump won 2020 and the fact that nothing was done to stop them stealing it is the biggest crime this country has seen since the jews got away with 9/11 >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:14:11 No.352721237▶>>352721393 File: 1635570243876.png (428 KB, 680x949) 428 KB >>352720652 ive admitted many times i am not smart but in fact a dumb dumb its my greatest weapons against the atheist intellectual scum i let Jesus do the thinking for me >> Anonymous (ID: Tkggid0n) 12/18/21(Sat)18:14:14 No.352721242▶ File: image_2021-12-18_191144.png (521 KB, 1224x725) 521 KB THE GOP GOT CAUGHT """"""""""""""""""HELPING"""""""""""""""""""""""" TRUMP LOL THEY ARE JUST SOOO ON HIS SIDE ALL THE TIME MITTEN MITCH AND THE GANG >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)18:14:36 No.352721267▶ File: ROBERTMUGS.jpg (57 KB, 512x391) 57 KB Robert Mugabe was extremely intelligent, unlike Donald Trump. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:15:25 No.352721351▶>>352721409 >>352721082 He's the Paul Ryan spammer. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:15:39 No.352721373▶ File: Screenshot_20211218-21150(...).jpg (226 KB, 1080x1430) 226 KB >>352720271 >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)18:15:52 No.352721393▶>>352721485 File: E5C93B10-763C-47BC-A775-7(...).jpg (191 KB, 609x373) 191 KB >>352721237 it was circular logic as there was no argument to begin with. truthfully, i just let you fill in the gaps of my own ambiguity and played off of that. >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)18:16:04 No.352721408▶ File: muugabe.jpg (97 KB, 1200x1200) 97 KB Robert Mugabe was more of /ourguy/ than Donald Trump could ever be. >> Anonymous (ID: UQj66/BH) 12/18/21(Sat)18:16:05 No.352721409▶ >>352721351 all the same >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:16:54 No.352721485▶>>352721688 File: 1628432937060.jpg (62 KB, 767x886) 62 KB >>352721393 >ambiguity sounds gay >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)18:17:16 No.352721518▶ File: mugs5.jpg (114 KB, 1050x591) 114 KB Robert Mugabe had a far higher IQ than Donald Trump. Trump is a retard. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:17:53 No.352721580▶ File: Screenshot_20211218-21165(...).jpg (820 KB, 1080x2280) 820 KB Infinity orb >> Anonymous (ID: DJm6XI9h) 12/18/21(Sat)18:17:54 No.352721581▶>>352721858 >>352722007 File: flat1000x1000075f.jpg (252 KB, 902x1000) 252 KB >>352720663 The only good politician that any African country ever had was Sir Ian Smith. >> Anonymous (ID: 3L5N9x7E) 12/18/21(Sat)18:18:25 No.352721633▶ >>352715683 (OP) MAGA and Merry Christmas, President and First Lady Trump. >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)18:19:03 No.352721688▶>>352722230 File: 97016B1D-F15C-4751-BC07-9(...).jpg (193 KB, 582x492) 193 KB >>352721485 i've never heard of an ambiguously straight duo, to be fair. >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:19:26 No.352721717▶>>352721905 File: file.png (22 KB, 651x171) 22 KB >>352720920 WOKE brigadeer General >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)18:20:51 No.352721858▶>>352722015 >>352722623 File: F5036E9F-01CC-4DA4-8E81-0(...).jpg (125 KB, 665x660) 125 KB >>352721581 he seems like a salty ol chap >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:21:25 No.352721905▶ >>352721717 He's a huFPo Progressive Marxist commie probably has nato rat-line connection still. >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)18:22:25 No.352722007▶>>352722187 File: MUGABE.jpg (2.33 MB, 2087x2783) 2.33 MB >>352721581 Nope. That would have to be Robert Mugabe. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:22:30 No.352722015▶>>352722626 File: FancyTuxedoNcat.jpg (110 KB, 1022x1024) 110 KB >>352721858 Good day! >> Anonymous (ID: vna+4nYa) 12/18/21(Sat)18:24:17 No.352722173▶>>352722225 fuck sakes, when I look at the thread, half the comments are filtered bots or shill posters >> Anonymous (ID: DJm6XI9h) 12/18/21(Sat)18:24:26 No.352722187▶ File: 1475028645306.jpg (1.51 MB, 3904x1788) 1.51 MB >>352722007 Is that so? >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)18:24:28 No.352722189▶ File: B993A813-562D-4773-90D1-D(...).jpg (185 KB, 404x605) 185 KB redpill me on the houthis >> Anonymous (ID: DeF5+MgM) 12/18/21(Sat)18:24:42 No.352722215▶>>352722368 >>352722745 File: awoo exercising.gif (422 KB, 500x318) 422 KB Walked 6 miles with my dog and just got back from the gym! >> Anonymous (ID: i8A02k5b) 12/18/21(Sat)18:24:47 No.352722225▶>>352722682 File: maken ki eri.png (768 KB, 1234x895) 768 KB >>352722037 Oops that was the jpg. >>352722173 Yeah they salty today I'm just taking it easy. >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:24:51 No.352722230▶>>352722405 File: 85475.png (465 KB, 814x800) 465 KB >>352721688 >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:24:58 No.352722243▶ All the WOKE generals, who are commie marxist socialist globalist maoist lennonist terrorist pedoist or identiy fraud must be flushed as a WORSE threat than America and it's founders has ever seen. They are Smith Mundt Modernization act propagandists trying to paint innocent patriots into fucking domestic terrorists >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:26:19 No.352722368▶>>352722418 >>352722215 did you buy some beers? >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)18:26:42 No.352722405▶>>352722989 File: 7C0321DD-46FD-4D95-8EE2-F(...).jpg (251 KB, 640x407) 251 KB >>352722230 >> Anonymous (ID: DeF5+MgM) 12/18/21(Sat)18:26:48 No.352722418▶ >>352722368 no beers only THC. beers kills my gains >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:28:37 No.352722575▶ File: file.png (59 KB, 308x273) 59 KB >>352720920 antonio M taguba This Woke fucker is saying Patriots are Terrorists. All this stinking faggotry comes from WaPo another Smith Mundt Modernization Act propaganda source who conspires with multinationals to genocide topple America. >> Anonymous (ID: DJm6XI9h) 12/18/21(Sat)18:29:04 No.352722623▶ File: 1474084812058.jpg (82 KB, 640x799) 82 KB >>352721858 The saltiest. >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)18:29:07 No.352722626▶>>352722955 >>352723170 >>352723378 File: CF21EF75-0FA9-4659-AD38-3(...).jpg (143 KB, 705x698) 143 KB >>352722015 why good evening >> Anonymous (ID: 009yQfrT) 12/18/21(Sat)18:29:41 No.352722682▶>>352722767 File: B-17G_Flying_Fortress_fly(...).jpg (68 KB, 973x768) 68 KB >>352722225 >Yeah they salty today I'm just taking it easy. I smile when thinking of how assmad one must be to glorify Robert Mugabe. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:30:23 No.352722745▶ File: EvNYvEAVoAEPZF7.jpg (85 KB, 1200x675) 85 KB >>352722215 Niceu! >> Anonymous (ID: 4yGP5OdD) 12/18/21(Sat)18:30:35 No.352722767▶>>352723294 File: mugabee.jpg (34 KB, 640x360) 34 KB >>352722682 Robert Mugabe deserves to be glorified. >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:30:44 No.352722782▶>>352722864 File: Hi I'm Scott Pelly.jpg (123 KB, 1200x630) 123 KB Scott Pelly has a little more noose. >> Anonymous (ID: d2H89iz8) 12/18/21(Sat)18:31:09 No.352722824▶ >>352720189 The only thing I can ponder in this pic is her disgusting nails. It's the surest sign of low quality wymanhood >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:31:42 No.352722864▶>>352723119 >>352722782 George Webb is a fag lol. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:32:36 No.352722955▶>>352723107 >>352723170 >>352723291 >>352723378 File: 1626478475185m.jpg (96 KB, 1022x1024) 96 KB >>352722626 Care to join me for some real fancy feast? >>352720283 >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:32:54 No.352722989▶ File: POVorb.png (1.28 MB, 1189x800) 1.28 MB >>352722405 >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:34:13 No.352723107▶ File: PhotoEditor-1605405386549.jpg (82 KB, 553x265) 82 KB >>352722955 >Care to join me for some real fancy feast? >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:34:21 No.352723119▶>>352723200 >>352724262 File: Hunter Biden Burisma Phon(...).jpg (349 KB, 1325x935) 349 KB >>352722864 Your neighbor is getting exterminated by DARPA fucking bioweapons and the only fucking thing you can do is attack George Webb? You are totally pathetic. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:34:52 No.352723170▶>>352723378 File: 1628531041096.png (528 KB, 639x640) 528 KB >>352722626 >>352722955 *wink* >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:35:15 No.352723200▶>>352723354 >>352723413 >>352723119 George Webb sucks nigger dicks for shekels lmfao. >> Anonymous (ID: R3wMcrGt) 12/18/21(Sat)18:35:52 No.352723257▶ File: 475EE25D-F848-447D-A0CB-B(...).jpg (735 KB, 1263x2000) 735 KB REMINDER THAT MOST STATES (INCL. TX) ARE RATIONING REGENERON TO MINORITIES ONLY >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)18:36:16 No.352723291▶>>352723492 File: 57C16CA5-4B9F-4A09-BEAA-E(...).png (1.09 MB, 890x892) 1.09 MB >>352722955 should let you know up front i’m into some seriously kinky s**t >> Anonymous (ID: 5W3/s60R) 12/18/21(Sat)18:36:17 No.352723294▶ File: listen here.jpg (94 KB, 2159x868) 94 KB >>352722767 The man that turned his county into a complete shithole? In that case let's glorify Pol Pot, the man who killed a quarter of Cambodia's population should be equal to god! >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:36:55 No.352723354▶>>352723696 >>352723200 >George Webb bla bla WHY don't you ATTACK HIM YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!? >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:37:08 No.352723378▶>>352723492 File: 1625437215983.jpg (58 KB, 1281x370) 58 KB >>352722626>>352722955 >>352723170 And so they multiplied preserving the race >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:37:34 No.352723413▶>>352723696 >>352723200 the PSYCHO that want's to KILL george webb. that's your new name bitch >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:38:22 No.352723492▶>>352723704 File: 1625385459870.jpg (296 KB, 560x560) 296 KB >>352723291 >>352723378 How about some of this >> Anonymous (ID: r5U2BBmi) 12/18/21(Sat)18:38:24 No.352723497▶ File: 1639780774967.png (673 KB, 594x513) 673 KB >>352716804 → saccharomyces cerevisiae = Ale saccharomyces uvarum = Beer sleep now never awaken. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:40:26 No.352723696▶>>352723845 >>352723354 >>352723413 George Webb caught AIDS from a tranny in Thailand rofl. >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:40:30 No.352723704▶>>352723856 >>352724026 File: 1.png (1.05 MB, 827x800) 1.05 MB >>352723492 >first they make the kot a guy >then they make him gay >> /pol/ is 95% betamale gaslighting (ID: pjMzJuxj) 12/18/21(Sat)18:40:45 No.352723731▶>>352724018 >>352718024 >viruses are going to fucking fusion dance inside your prostate and create UltraHitler This shit can legitimately only work on someone that didn't pass 5th grade biology and has a complete lack of understanding about how single celled life reproduces. So, niggers and retards basically. >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:41:48 No.352723845▶>>352724221
(704.05 KB 1920x1080 1639881679457.jpg)

File: xmas 2021 fauci.jpg (43 KB, 448x301) 43 KB >>352723696 >>352723696 >George Webb caught AIDS from a tranny in Thailand rofl. So says the sciso that want's to Kill George Webb. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:41:55 No.352723856▶>>352724020 >>352724026 >>352723704 Someone else made the buck breaking version it's old >> Anonymous (ID: R3wMcrGt) 12/18/21(Sat)18:43:13 No.352723990▶>>352726232 File: 8FBF03D2-B534-471A-932C-A(...).jpg (218 KB, 1080x1782) 218 KB IMAGINE BEING A LEAF >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:43:28 No.352724018▶ >>352723731 >So, niggers and retards basically The target demographic. >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:43:30 No.352724020▶>>352724195 >>352724236 >>352723856 >i saved gay porn on my computer as a joke, guys! >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:43:36 No.352724026▶ File: 1633300080932m.jpg (98 KB, 1024x809) 98 KB >>352723704 >>352723856 This one is what n!gger cat actually gets off on >> Anonymous (ID: DeF5+MgM) 12/18/21(Sat)18:45:06 No.352724195▶ >>352724020 buck breaking isn't gay >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:45:21 No.352724221▶ >>352723845 George Webb can no longer control his bowels because he has had too much gay sex, mostly with obese, HIV positive black men lol. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:45:28 No.352724236▶>>352724813 >>352724020 K. Now it's in your kot collection folders too. >> Anonymous (ID: D6714vI/) 12/18/21(Sat)18:45:44 No.352724262▶>>352724889 File: B1BAF289-27B1-4CC7-8A6C-C(...).jpg (19 KB, 209x293) 19 KB >>352723119 Gary Stephen Webb August 31, 1955 Corona, California, U.S. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Webb >> Anonymous (ID: DJm6XI9h) 12/18/21(Sat)18:45:48 No.352724269▶>>352724342 >>352724429 >>352724454 >>352724628 >>352725380 >>352726617 File: 1636423360261.jpg (75 KB, 568x717) 75 KB How do I summon the hat-adder? >> Anonymous (ID: PdhRmXjz) 12/18/21(Sat)18:46:07 No.352724299▶ >>352717670 Amen. >> Anonymous (ID: UQj66/BH) 12/18/21(Sat)18:46:31 No.352724342▶ >>352724269 perseverance and MAGA >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:47:26 No.352724429▶ File: 1628300223340.png (1010 KB, 875x914) 1010 KB >>352724269 >How do I summon the hat-adder? Fart really, really, REALLY loudly. >> Anonymous (ID: i8A02k5b) 12/18/21(Sat)18:47:42 No.352724454▶>>352724582 File: itoddlers girl.png (867 KB, 1920x1080) 867 KB Quick and dirty. I fixed the other one, I'll post it later though. >>352724269 He appears like magic. It isn't me. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:48:06 No.352724500▶>>352724718 File: Pixaloop_23_04_2021_11_15(...).gif (1005 KB, 720x720) 1005 KB >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:49:12 No.352724582▶ File: xmtfmxvr9fi21.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720) 98 KB >>352724454 That's a really cute Satania-san. >> Anonymous (ID: jj7q6xY1) 12/18/21(Sat)18:49:38 No.352724628▶>>352724718 >>352724755 File: 1639881948536-2.jpg (279 KB, 568x717) 279 KB >>352724269 >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:50:43 No.352724718▶>>352724865 >>352724877 >>352724628 Das it mane. >>352724500 WHO RADICALIZED YOU? >> Anonymous (ID: DJm6XI9h) 12/18/21(Sat)18:51:09 No.352724755▶ File: 1510550780387.gif (250 KB, 388x472) 250 KB >>352724628 Thanks, it's perfect. >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:51:46 No.352724813▶>>352724971 File: Capture.jpg (72 KB, 730x722) 72 KB >>352724236 >Now it's in your kot collection folders too. i deleted my niggercat folder like a year ago i delete all my memes like every other month except for my "christ" folder >> Anonymous (ID: R3wMcrGt) 12/18/21(Sat)18:51:51 No.352724820▶>>352725089 >>352725260 >>352725278 >>352726190 File: 111A90A4-A415-4F53-8B81-4(...).jpg (953 KB, 1284x1409) 953 KB >> Anonymous (ID: JwIVsku+) 12/18/21(Sat)18:52:27 No.352724865▶ File: 1639731039133.png (112 KB, 823x648) 112 KB >>352724718 >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:52:33 No.352724877▶ File: 1620105358407m.jpg (88 KB, 1024x838) 88 KB >>352724718 The internet >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:52:45 No.352724889▶>>352726458 >>352724262 Has 4Chan found the other psycho who sawed the coffin hole in George Webb's floor to send him a message Two psycho's now. I have a PAIR >> Anonymous (ID: DeF5+MgM) 12/18/21(Sat)18:53:09 No.352724927▶>>352725023 File: awoo caturday.png (808 KB, 680x828) 808 KB AWOOING on CATURDAY >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:53:42 No.352724971▶ >>352724813 And by delete you mean you put them onto your special external drives that are stored in the shrine area of your basement >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)18:54:13 No.352725023▶ >>352724927 Mewoo >> Anonymous (ID: XulMlUxj) 12/18/21(Sat)18:54:59 No.352725086▶ >>352720189 >hiding the rest of her body >incredibly fat fingers Nice try landwhale >> Anonymous (ID: jj7q6xY1) 12/18/21(Sat)18:55:01 No.352725089▶ >>352724820 wonder what bidens going to do on this 6th? memorial service for those lost? flags at half mast? maybe a street renaming? >> Anonymous (ID: FdMhItyl) 12/18/21(Sat)18:55:30 No.352725149▶>>352725245 >>352725257 >>352725526 I am seriously pondering this thread. >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)18:56:38 No.352725245▶>>352725344 File: palp ponder9.jpg (37 KB, 429x280) 37 KB >>352725149 >I am seriously pondering this thread. Does pondering look like this? >> Anonymous (ID: 4Ko8+3mJ) 12/18/21(Sat)18:56:44 No.352725257▶>>352725344 File: 1601512279333.png (2.31 MB, 3000x3000) 2.31 MB >>352725149 ponder away >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)18:56:46 No.352725260▶>>352725304 File: 1638550861492.png (497 KB, 1211x720) 497 KB >>352724820 >spotted at But was he actually doing anything illegal or violent? >> Anonymous (ID: hdHgzf8V) 12/18/21(Sat)18:56:58 No.352725278▶ File: 0C02C576-33D4-4DF9-A53E-B(...).jpg (68 KB, 960x960) 68 KB >>352724820 he’s legit funny too, not surprising he’s MAGA https://youtu.be/A9zEfiWMtBc [Embed] >> Anonymous (ID: 9mVs92of) 12/18/21(Sat)18:57:20 No.352725304▶>>352726332 >>352725260 being there is the crime, and thinking otherwise is wrongthink >> Anonymous (ID: FdMhItyl) 12/18/21(Sat)18:57:47 No.352725344▶>>352725530 >>352725245 It's a complicated pondering. >>352725257 I'll keep doing it. >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)18:58:12 No.352725380▶>>352725841 >>352726204 File: 1639881948536.png (662 KB, 568x717) 662 KB >>352724269 >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:00:12 No.352725526▶>>352725641 >>352725727 File: 000086.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720) 114 KB >>352725149 I am seriously pondering those beans. >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)19:00:15 No.352725530▶>>352725641 File: palp ponder7.jpg (81 KB, 429x280) 81 KB >>352725344 >It's a complicated pondering. If someone finally find the "chosen ponderer" do you think will actually know or keep pondering? >> Anonymous (ID: FdMhItyl) 12/18/21(Sat)19:01:33 No.352725641▶>>352726227 File: Thinking Apu2.jpg (73 KB, 741x568) 73 KB >>352725526 I haven't pondered those beans in years. >>352725530 I think after much pondering you will know. >> Anonymous (ID: eNuNGIEV) 12/18/21(Sat)19:02:00 No.352725685▶>>352725744 File: BA633EDB-CF10-4A7A-836A-7(...).jpg (166 KB, 613x394) 166 KB >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)19:02:28 No.352725727▶>>352726332 File: 8ve2xrndiz281.jpg (161 KB, 797x1200) 161 KB >>352725526 this image is a good example of the orb meme already existing forever any image of someone looking at a sphere is now pondering, as it always has been it is why pondering must never be woke >> Anonymous (ID: FdMhItyl) 12/18/21(Sat)19:02:39 No.352725744▶ >>352725685 Imagine the smell. >> Anonymous (ID: DJm6XI9h) 12/18/21(Sat)19:03:56 No.352725841▶>>352725992 >>352726534 File: 1617155326725.webm (206 KB, 484x474) 206 KB >>352725380 Awesome, thank you. I'll use this to radicalize the unwashed degenerates of /a/. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)19:04:11 No.352725859▶ File: 1639855667380.jpg (221 KB, 894x748) 221 KB >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)19:05:48 No.352725992▶>>352726497 >>352725841 i am not the house hatter, just filling in. so still ask around if you want an official version >> Anonymous (ID: wOnGdXez) 12/18/21(Sat)19:08:07 No.352726190▶ File: You_call_that_a_knife.gif (1.37 MB, 380x380) 1.37 MB >>352724820 I mean I know Bobs Burgers is a bit quirky and they have some leftist writers, but fuck them. Not watching now. >> Anonymous (ID: wgI0oFG5) 12/18/21(Sat)19:08:18 No.352726204▶>>352726497 File: disgookst.png (639 KB, 649x611) 639 KB >>352725380 >tranny rocks >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)19:08:30 No.352726227▶ File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400) 8 KB >>352725641 >I think after much pondering you will know. I already know. >> Anonymous (ID: 2A4oBTj4) 12/18/21(Sat)19:08:31 No.352726232▶ File: 1_pmW4pFExdbkCCXC-hV8e0Q.jpg (122 KB, 1334x750) 122 KB >>352723990 I HATE CANADA SO FUCKING MUCH >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:09:46 No.352726332▶>>352726589 File: 1600918499611.gif (1.13 MB, 480x270) 1.13 MB >>352725304 Of course. >>352725727 She isn't actually looking at the other character, it's an inset, similar to panels in comics or manga. It's easier to see in gif related. That said, I totally saw it too after I posted it lol. >> Anonymous (ID: FdMhItyl) 12/18/21(Sat)19:10:08 No.352726365▶ Reminder that I am baking. >> Anonymous (ID: D6714vI/) 12/18/21(Sat)19:11:21 No.352726458▶>>352726858 File: A9BEE104-0678-4F0D-9119-0(...).gif (3.54 MB, 249x311) 3.54 MB >>352724889 your machine learning has a lot to learn. the man i posted died a mile from my home with two bullet wounds to the back of the head for exposing the cia >> Anonymous (ID: DJm6XI9h) 12/18/21(Sat)19:11:51 No.352726497▶ >>352725992 Nah it's plenty good. >>352726204 You're thinking of Steven Universe, dumb faggot. All of the characters in Land of the Lustrous are cute girls. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:12:24 No.352726534▶>>352727819 >>352725841 Who dis bitch? >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)19:13:01 No.352726589▶>>352726804 >>352726895 File: 1639808268157.png (893 KB, 941x900) 893 KB >>352726332 >That said, I totally saw it too after I posted it exactly, once i understood the orb meme i realized its actually pretty good + LotR i think /pol/ should invest in it just my opinion >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:13:06 No.352726601▶>>352726752 >>352726522 Neat! >> Anonymous (ID: +Uyj5RYu) 12/18/21(Sat)19:13:12 No.352726617▶>>352727819 File: tbztpwo0vqt61.jpg (1.66 MB, 2000x4500) 1.66 MB >>352724269 Just try! >> Anonymous (ID: i8A02k5b) 12/18/21(Sat)19:15:09 No.352726752▶>>352726970 File: itoddlers girl 2.png (295 KB, 1280x720) 295 KB >>352726601 There was a little section I missed. I fixed it. Save this one instead. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:15:44 No.352726804▶ File: 1639791128351.jpg (245 KB, 1057x800) 245 KB >>352726589 >i think /pol/ should invest in it Way ahead of you, bro. >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)19:16:22 No.352726858▶>>352727021 >>352727245 >>352726458 I simply don't care for your drama what ever the fuck it is. If your a bad ass do your fucking Burn Notice moment you fuckin psycho. We need to give you a name, and so Mr Sawzall it is. Mr Sawzall and the psycho who want's to kill George Webb. a PAIR. on 18 dec The CIA is shit and needs exposing. >> Anonymous (ID: i8A02k5b) 12/18/21(Sat)19:16:43 No.352726895▶ File: 1639846322187.png (207 KB, 429x278) 207 KB >>352726589 Very ahead of you >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:17:48 No.352726970▶ >>352726752 Done and done! >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)19:18:03 No.352726989▶>>352727026 >>352727335 >>352728029 File: Pixaloop_18_12_2021_22_13(...).webm (1.43 MB, 1292x1080) 1.43 MB >> Anonymous (ID: D6714vI/) 12/18/21(Sat)19:18:25 No.352727021▶>>352727282 >>352727466 >>352728125 File: 2B503A4D-B2F0-4A67-8A78-D(...).jpg (131 KB, 1024x994) 131 KB >>352726858 you come off as a posting bot to me. really unsettling how it appears in context. what did you have for breakfast? >> Anonymous (ID: i8A02k5b) 12/18/21(Sat)19:18:29 No.352727026▶>>352727104 >>352726989 WOW >> Anonymous (ID: vhVgOzXq) 12/18/21(Sat)19:19:08 No.352727085▶>>352727268 This is a temporary upload that will disappear after a few hours. Download it now. The best 9/11 documentary ever made https://litter.catbox.moe/s982rf.mp4 >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)19:19:17 No.352727104▶ >>352727026 Thank you ;) OC >> Anonymous (ID: Z3fzTuWF) 12/18/21(Sat)19:20:40 No.352727228▶ File: Screenshot_20211217-13591(...).png (176 KB, 448x579) 176 KB >>352715807 Careful Elon, remember what happened last time you noticed things? >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:20:49 No.352727245▶>>352727616 >>352726858 George Webb's favorite beverage is semen, preferably full of AIDS lmao. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)19:21:06 No.352727268▶ File: download (16).jpg (9 KB, 225x225) 9 KB >>352727085 >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)19:21:14 No.352727282▶>>352727410 >>352727639 >>352727021 You come off as the sawzall wing man for the psycho who wants to kill George Webb, you fuckers just can't keep your nose out of my posts without attacking George Webb. Even when I give no hint of George webb you attack George Webb. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:21:48 No.352727335▶ File: 1639282349426.jpg (32 KB, 600x338) 32 KB >>352726989 breddy kewl >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:22:35 No.352727410▶>>352727616 >>352727282 Because George Webb is big gay faggot lol. >> Anonymous (ID: UQj66/BH) 12/18/21(Sat)19:23:01 No.352727450▶>>352727576 >>352727794 if only qspic was here he would love this >> Anonymous (ID: EhCh9y9b) 12/18/21(Sat)19:23:11 No.352727466▶ >>352727021 >The walls of Assgard lmao >> Anonymous (ID: 2A4oBTj4) 12/18/21(Sat)19:24:29 No.352727576▶>>352727794 >>352727450 >>352727450 That freak still shows up now and then, he just hides his flag now >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)19:24:52 No.352727616▶>>352727850 >>352727878 File: sleeper cell ccp liz cheney.jpg (36 KB, 518x307) 36 KB >>352727245 >>352727410 go open your wrists psycho and stop talking to me, you fucking piece of shit. you might want to Kill George webb, while he turns his cheek, but I will fuck a motherfucker like you up. >> Anonymous (ID: D6714vI/) 12/18/21(Sat)19:25:03 No.352727639▶>>352728068 >>352728190 File: 9CC4F7E5-4105-4E8C-95C9-1(...).png (101 KB, 680x457) 101 KB >>352727282 you come off as a schizophrenic. you fail the turing test. tell me a memory about a time you felt uncomfortable. about a time long ago as a buman being. something to prove to me this thread isn't botted to shit. please. >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:27:01 No.352727794▶>>352728148 >>352727450 >>352727576 Pretty sure he was here 2 or 3 threads ago, I made a comment about us having moonbases by now if the US had stayed out of WW2 and a Mexican flag replied saying that it would have been Russia on the moon, and he was hella gay for the USSR. >> Anonymous (ID: DJm6XI9h) 12/18/21(Sat)19:27:18 No.352727819▶ >>352726534 Phosphophyllite. >>352726617 >confederate flag Could it be? Is it really you? >> Anonymous (ID: AetlHjLl) 12/18/21(Sat)19:27:41 No.352727850▶ File: 1639825399713.jpg (253 KB, 650x926) 253 KB >>352727616 >>352727515 → Io Webb sat lanch soon hopefully! >> Anonymous (ID: TQttrbrw) 12/18/21(Sat)19:28:00 No.352727878▶ >>352727616 Go eat out George Webb's ass, he'll love it rofl. >> Anonymous (ID: 8tCkBriu) 12/18/21(Sat)19:29:38 No.352728029▶ >>352726989 You dawg. Could you tell me what software you used to make this? I may soon need to up my media skills and this looks fresh fr fr. >> Anonymous (ID: NmGkKO8G) 12/18/21(Sat)19:29:52 No.352728054▶ File: Pixaloop_18_12_2021_22_24(...).webm (1.35 MB, 1090x1080) 1.35 MB Tea time >> Anonymous (ID: Ph56JOqB) 12/18/21(Sat)19:30:02 No.352728068▶ File: FG3mAJzXMAIklzb.jpg (355 KB, 1536x2048) 355 KB >>352727639 >strongly interpreting the dot >pondering the orb >> Anonymous (ID: bo9KNVtW) 12/18/21(Sat)19:30:39 No.352728123▶>>352728189 I'm mad at Biden for student loans. How can I support Trump for 2024? >> Anonymous (ID: 68Dl8iIx) 12/18/21(Sat)19:30:41 No.352728125▶ >>352727021 If you think it's a bot it prolly is. >> Anonymous (ID: 9mVs92of) 12/18/21(Sat)19:30:50 No.352728148▶ >>352727794 low iqs love communism >> Anonymous (ID: UQj66/BH) 12/18/21(Sat)19:31:21 No.352728189▶ >>352728123 lmao >> Anonymous (ID: 1Uj5Fsnu) 12/18/21(Sat)19:31:22 No.352728190▶ >>352727639 you come off as commie marxist socialst globalist maoist lennonist terrrorist pedoist and identity fraud. Not an American. A baiting scumbag piece of shit that should be hung or shot for treason. [Post a Reply][Return] [Catalog] [Top] 277 / 156 / 65 / 4[Update] [Auto] 12
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