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Anonymous 12/19/2021 (Sun) 07:46:48 No. 206
RenzoScriber 00:14:30 Followers 路 397 馃惌馃馃挋CLICKBAIT馃挋馃馃惌 Chatting English Mature-Tag 0.00 3 viewers 0 1 10 100 1,000 10,000 ABOUT VIDEOS REPLAYS 路 1 HIGHLIGHTS 路 11 FOLLOWERS 路 397 FOLLOWING 路 69 馃敟Don't be part of the problem 馃憖Don't be a creep 馃懞No bullying 馃懝Don't be a hater 馃コ Party hard 馃 Keep it classy !hydrate |馃挧drink yo drink馃挧 !posture | 鉁匬OSTURE CHECK鉁 !swag | 馃槑GET YO SWAG ON馃槑 !read | 馃摌READ YO BOOK馃摌 !karaoke | 馃幎SING A SONG馃幎 !8ball <question> |馃幈magic 8ball馃幈 !dice <number> | 馃幉roll die馃幉 Song Requests !sr <YouTubeURL> | 馃幍Song request馃幍 馃敆 https://songrequests.tidylabs.stream/RenzoScriber Special Commands !scribits | 鉁╠isplay number of scribits鉁 馃ィ !seinfeld 馃ぃ !laugh 馃惛 !derp 馃洬 !dangerzone 馃彺鈥嶁槧锔 !rum 馃槇 !saruman 馃懝 !shrek 馃 !taters 鈱 !wait 馃お !idiot 馃敂 !shame 馃摐Notes: 馃挔 1 special command costs 27 scribits 馃挔 27 scribits per 27 min for slackers 馃挔 270 scribits per 27 min for scribers 馃挰 Chatting 馃崈 Animal Crossing: New Horizons 馃弾 Mario Kart 8 馃惒 Skyrim 馃徆 World of Warcraft 馃寧 Civilization 5 & 6 馃殌 Rimworld 馃捀Cash App | https://cash.app/$renzoscriber 馃捀PayPal | https://paypal.me/renzoscriber 馃獧 BTC | 3KD8zXw6GBYKQgDsE76byXtSFeP51WuaUc 馃獧 ETH | 0x85609BEc55D410eB5B30765bd73B442e5cE19Bb9 About Me | 鈾岎煋滒煉 90s OG 馃挋馃摐鈾 馃寪 Website | https://renzoscriber.com 馃尣 Linktree | https://linktr.ee/renzoscriber 馃摳 Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/renzoscriber/ 馃挴 Referral Links | https://renzoscriber.godaddysites.com/%F0%9F%92%AF-referral-links-1 Gift to be #1 aeiouy : Titty!!Found your trash!! https://ibb.co/THmGTXK aeiouy : Louis_Ta_origami : you too aeiou TidyLabs : 馃搶 feel free to let me know if you feel like my audio settings need adjusting TidyLabs : 馃搶Dont forget to use your scribits! DirkChomsky : winningsmile : DirkChomsky : DaddyOo : winningsmile : DaddyOo : DirkChomsky : Dave killed Kurt DirkChomsky : me neither just guessing DirkChomsky : I like the little kk dog scriber NoctisAmbulo : okie doke winningsmile : 馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪锔忦煂讹笍馃尪 DirkChomsky : winningsmile : TidyLabs : 馃搶 feel free to let me know if you feel like my audio settings need adjusting winningsmile : TidyLabs : 馃搶Dont forget to use your scribits! RestreamBot : [Trovo: BABAPASHA] hi tree EmirOz : ba臒谋rma am谋na kodumun cocugu EmirOz : kapat yay谋n谋 amk EmirOz : izlemeyin lan KB_DOCHOLIDAY : @EmirOz Whatchu talkin bout Willis? scriber NoctisAmbulo : turks RenzoScriber : !seinfeld TidyLabs : @RenzoScriber - just spent 27 scribit scriber NoctisAmbulo : 43.5 degrees out , just picked some tangerines and i'm cold scriber NoctisAmbulo : having midnight tangerine scriber NoctisAmbulo : well almost midnight scriber NoctisAmbulo : that was a big ass pear KB_DOCHOLIDAY : looks like an apple scriber NoctisAmbulo : just made a clip. Click here to watch! TidyLabs : 馃搶 feel free to let me know if you feel like my audio settings need adjusting KB_DOCHOLIDAY : I can't remember how to spend scribing? KB_DOCHOLIDAY : scribit RenzoScriber : !scribits TidyLabs : @RenzoScriber - you have 3548 scribit! scriber NoctisAmbulo : the commands are below and start with ! KB_DOCHOLIDAY : !scribit

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