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(777.67 KB 1460x1122 1639861916357.jpg)

Anonymous 12/19/2021 (Sun) 08:53:59 No. 207
[a / b / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / t / u / v / vg / vm / vmg / vr / vrpg / vst / w / wg] [i / ic] [r9k / s4s / vip / qa] [cm / hm / lgbt / y] [3 / aco / adv / an / bant / biz / cgl / ck / co / diy / fa / fit / gd / hc / his / int / jp / lit / mlp / mu / n / news / out / po / pol / pw / qst / sci / soc / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / vt / wsg / wsr / x / xs] [Edit][Settings] [Search] [Mobile] [Home] 4chan /pol/ - Politically Incorrect Thread archived. You cannot reply anymore. [Return] [Catalog] [Bottom]Archived / 140 / 35 File: tumblr_nude9lRe0R1uvuwdlo1_500.jpg (42 KB, 500x366) 42 KB Anonymous (ID: 53Kwq7bP) 12/17/21(Fri)22:23:19 No.352614511 Archived▶>>352614597 >>352614652 >>352614722 >>352614752 >>352614900 >>352614902 >>352614953 >>352615252 >>352615309 >>352615417 >>352616323 >>352616513 >>352616682 >>352616916 >>352617692 >>352618032 >>352619030 >>352619197 >>352619697 >>352620107 >>352620506 >>352620952 >>352625278 >>352625470 >>352628606 >>352629066 >>352629443 >>352629601 >>352629801 >>352629846 >>352630485 >>352630537 >>352631731 >>352632049 >>352634957 >>352636471 >>352636488 >>352636794 >>352637176 >>352637257 >>352637478 >>352638362 >>352638472 Vent your political frustrations >> Anonymous (ID: 3u7m1uUE) 12/17/21(Fri)22:23:44 No.352614546▶>>352621837 >>352637370 niggers >> Anonymous (ID: vJ/jJ0N3) 12/17/21(Fri)22:23:58 No.352614559▶>>352614679 I wish I lived closer to my enemies and moving is expensive. >> Anonymous (ID: hUboUVCI) 12/17/21(Fri)22:24:11 No.352614579▶>>352620505 >>352621257 >>352621613 >>352626668 >>352636488 I just want UBI also >filename >> Anonymous (ID: PgNmA1U1) 12/17/21(Fri)22:24:25 No.352614597▶>>352614709 >>352638425 >>352638503 >>352614511 (OP) Women have rights. >> Anonymous (ID: 9FkCT4zy) 12/17/21(Fri)22:24:28 No.352614600▶ niggers and jews >> Anonymous (ID: liWLLmM4) 12/17/21(Fri)22:24:39 No.352614617▶>>352615444 N >> Anonymous (ID: 7i6RoNkY) 12/17/21(Fri)22:25:09 No.352614652▶ File: F7F66691-A67B-4C23-A00D-B(...).jpg (431 KB, 1024x577) 431 KB >>352614511 (OP) That’s all we ever do. Every thread. Every day. >> Anonymous (ID: hUboUVCI) 12/17/21(Fri)22:25:27 No.352614679▶ >>352614559 A tent is fairly inexpensive if you truly wish to minecraft your enemies >> Anonymous (ID: tHNx2UgY) 12/17/21(Fri)22:25:55 No.352614709▶ >>352614597 What a crazy world.... >> Anonymous (ID: gV6pAuRY) 12/17/21(Fri)22:26:10 No.352614722▶>>352619418 >>352614511 (OP) I live in New England and I think I have more in common with Canadians than I do with southerners. God I hate those southern fags >> Anonymous (ID: dmdRpYCy) 12/17/21(Fri)22:26:34 No.352614752▶>>352616406 >>352614511 (OP) I'm rather annoyed at what the hebrews have done to my nation. >> Anonymous (ID: PFL0uYaB) 12/17/21(Fri)22:28:25 No.352614883▶ No followers No one wants to cooperate to do legal shit like start a farm to begin bootstrapping IRL self-reliance and employment for our folk Can't bust my nut and do violence until other people bust their nut, and they are taking forever >> Anonymous (ID: Ek97VIeZ) 12/17/21(Fri)22:28:37 No.352614900▶>>352615887 >>352631850 File: db4.jpg (23 KB, 600x439) 23 KB >>352614511 (OP) I JUST WANT MY 40 ACRES, A TRUCK, A BUNCH OF GUNS, A CHRISTIAN WHITE WAIFU, 18 WHITE CHILDREN, AND THE WAY TO LIVE AS I WANT TOO! WHY CAN'T I FUCKING HAVE THAT? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH >> Anonymous (ID: 08MKTqzy) 12/17/21(Fri)22:28:38 No.352614902▶>>352615068 >>352614511 (OP) I'm a marxist and sick of racism. How do these proletariat on this site not understand that race is a social construct invented by the bourgeois to keep the workers divided? We need to end the white race fast, or capitalism will never be abolished >> Anonymous (ID: pSS/gLxm) 12/17/21(Fri)22:29:24 No.352614953▶ >>352614511 (OP) I'm so bored bros. >> Anonymous (ID: 08MKTqzy) 12/17/21(Fri)22:30:41 No.352615068▶>>352615333 >>352614902 Race is fake. It never existed until capitalism did. The capitalists just told poor people that "the lovely dark skinned person over there is inferior" so they wouldnt uprise against the capitalist pigs >> Anonymous (ID: 53Kwq7bP) 12/17/21(Fri)22:31:44 No.352615144▶ Why can't people understand that it's the Aliens who are playing us for fools? >> Anonymous (ID: yvhvvY1x) 12/17/21(Fri)22:33:00 No.352615252▶>>352615629 >>352618112 File: 1614638243998.gif (2.89 MB, 315x234) 2.89 MB >>352614511 (OP) So, there's a store next to me where I live that's supposed to be a grocery store but really seems just like a front for the recently imported niggers to fleece food off of the white man. Let me break it down. Everywhere any white shopper goes in this predominantly white, and rich, I might add, there's a golf club in the region, they are followed ad nauseum throughout the store for apparently no reason. Managers will pop out of the fucking woodwork just to tell you that they don't want you buying THIS cut of meat, they're forcing you to buy THAT cut of meat. As if that was ever acceptable, or even legal. But the person going to the store in my family doesn't want to engage in the kind of argument necessary to get past an actual HR karen hired to be what seems to be like their new loss prevention personnel. But here's the problem with their loss prevention. THEY ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO WATCH THE NIGGERS WHO COME TO THIS STORE. The store is ABSOLUTELY INFESTED with all sorts of dregs of society, assorted shitskins that can afford to cross the highway from their Dollar Tree containment bin. There are constantly homeless people in the parking lot, people doing drug trades in vans, hobos walking back and forth on the thoroughfare nearby and panhandling. They never fucking stop and it never stops being anything but an exhausting, tiresome fucking waste of time every time I go to the closest grocery store next to me... which used to be in a nice part of town. They absolutely will not pay attention to the niggers in this town at all, and it's getting rather bad. I keep hearing fucking unironic clicking and mgubu noises coming out of unironic fucking imported Africans wearing freshly purchased, puffy drip clothing and a brand new car and fucking Beats, and this is what they spend the money they're given on. Everything else nearby? They just fucking take it from the stores, and they let them. Well, fuck that. TL;DR SECURITY ONLY WATCHES WHITE PEOPLE ANYMORE >> Anonymous (ID: eg//5TNr) 12/17/21(Fri)22:33:07 No.352615259▶ Wish homosexuality didn't exist >> Anonymous (ID: VUkuMMpx) 12/17/21(Fri)22:33:42 No.352615309▶ File: 1616628211695.jpg (28 KB, 500x502) 28 KB >>352614511 (OP) What does that even mean? Like.....I dont get it political frustrations...you mean like the world isn't a specific way that I would want it to be? >> Anonymous (ID: dmdRpYCy) 12/17/21(Fri)22:34:04 No.352615333▶>>352615784 >>352615068 Bell curve studies will tell otherwise. Niggers are stupid and a detriment to every society. Class be damned. >> Anonymous (ID: /Mlyleq/) 12/17/21(Fri)22:35:18 No.352615417▶ >>352614511 (OP) I want some free land since I'm being replaced. I don't want to pay taxes either. >> Anonymous (ID: P4kITW6M) 12/17/21(Fri)22:35:37 No.352615444▶>>352615641 >>352614617 I >> Anonymous (ID: 53Kwq7bP) 12/17/21(Fri)22:38:16 No.352615629▶>>352615746 >>352615252 >SECURITY ONLY WATCHES WHITE PEOPLE ANYMORE Welcome to the 21st century. >> Anonymous (ID: 7i6RoNkY) 12/17/21(Fri)22:38:26 No.352615641▶ >>352615444 G >> Anonymous (ID: yvhvvY1x) 12/17/21(Fri)22:39:50 No.352615746▶ File: 1618358112332.gif (1.07 MB, 150x200) 1.07 MB >>352615629 L-let me vent leaf ; ; >> Anonymous (ID: X3X72AdQ) 12/17/21(Fri)22:40:05 No.352615772▶>>352616285 >>352618112 File: 999EE55D-7849-4919-ABE8-2(...).jpg (540 KB, 1000x661) 540 KB YOUNG ADULTS OR CHILDREN (BY AGE OF CONSENT LAWS) ARE FORCED INTO DEBT CONTRACTS TO OBTAIN “HIGHER” EDUCATION WHILE LIVING IN CONDITIONS THAT MAKE BRAZILIAN FAVELAS BASHFUL! “ADMINISTRATORS” TAKE THIS WEALTH AND JUSTIFY THEIR HIGH PAYCHECK WITH THE NON-EXISTENT WORK THEY DO. YOU DO NOT NEED $100k+ TO FILE PAPERWORK. YOU ARE INFLATING YOUR VALUE WITH NON-EXISTENT DEBT FROM THE YOUNG THAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO GUIDE TO MAKE THE WORLD BETTER. AND SOMEHOW YOUVE TRICKED YOUR STUDENT BODY TO PROTEST ON CAMPUS FOR A NEW POC BUILDING FOR THE “CULTURE” WHILE THE DEBT SLAVES CROP IN EVERY SEPTEMBER! >> Anonymous (ID: 08MKTqzy) 12/17/21(Fri)22:40:12 No.352615784▶>>352616045 >>352618388 >>352618477 >>352637353 >>352615333 The bell curve is just because capitalists won't educate africans so their IQ is lower. If the entire system of capitalism didn't depend on them being oppressed then they would be equal >> Anonymous (ID: X3X72AdQ) 12/17/21(Fri)22:41:34 No.352615887▶ >>352614900 https://youtu.be/7HHgedNNQco [Embed] >till my hands are raw >> Anonymous (ID: 7i6RoNkY) 12/17/21(Fri)22:43:42 No.352616045▶>>352617030 File: 1ED0DBEA-1487-46FD-9C6D-F(...).jpg (38 KB, 477x347) 38 KB >>352615784 >you can teach people to not be stupid Okay, memeflag retard Shit b8. 2/10 for making me reply >> Anonymous (ID: HB3H3WwR) 12/17/21(Fri)22:46:31 No.352616285▶ >>352615772 Bashful favellas? Interesting… >> Anonymous (ID: fIMSaTW4) 12/17/21(Fri)22:47:14 No.352616323▶ >>352614511 (OP) Housing prices are god awful and the fed is afraid to let the market correct itself because investment Jews would lose shekels so they're pumping trillions of dollars into to bubble to keep it inflating. At least now it seems they'll have to increase interest rates so things might start to correct themselves. >> Anonymous (ID: P4kITW6M) 12/17/21(Fri)22:48:32 No.352616406▶>>352616825 >>352618112 >>352614752 Jews aren't Hebrew. Jews are Edomites. Edomites are the decedents of Esau who was Jacob's brother. Jacob stole the Covenant Blessing from Esau and the Edomites and their cousins the Amelekites (blood lickers) have come to reclaim their birthright backed by the power of Satan. The word "Jew" in the Bible is FAKE. The proper word is Judaean. When Jesus said "those who call themselves Jews but are not" implies Jews are legit. This is wrong. The correct translation is "those who call themselves JUDAEANS but are not. And who were the Judaeans? HEBREWS of the tribe JUDAH. See, Israel and Judah were both conquered and people from many tribes and nations either moved in or were forced in. The Edomites allied with Babylon to take the last Hebrews in Judah out. Israel was long destroyed by then and overrun by immigrants. The Edomites from the Kingdom of Edom moved into Judah. Their kingdom spread so much they claimed much of the territory. The Greeks called their lands Idumea. Herod was and Edomite. The Pharasee were Edomites. Jesus was a pureblood Hebrew who came to preach to the last remnants of the Hebrews alive in Samaria and Galilee (formerly Israel) and Judah. Those of Hebrew blood loved Jesus and became the first Christians called the Natsarim. Those that hated Jesus were the Edomites because he threatened their power and their absolutely false claim to David's Throne. He also called out their fake religion has heresy. They appropriated the story of the House of Jacob (OT) and they twisted the Torah into the Talmud Commentaries. They changed Yahweism into Judaism. Their false claim on the throne, the faith and the identity were all dashed after the crucifixion. They were nearly genocided by the Romans who had just about enough of their vile shit. But just enough of their vile spirit lived on to infect the Khazars. And from their they built Lucifer's Kingdom On Earth all in the vain attempt to correct God's Judgement. >> Anonymous (ID: QlsOwzMS) 12/17/21(Fri)22:50:11 No.352616513▶ >>352614511 (OP) Wish this country would fucking balkanize already. >> Anonymous (ID: gxU7gb7n) 12/17/21(Fri)22:50:15 No.352616520▶ No one in politics has the mind of even a fumbling half wit engineer. They despise functional things rooted in logic. Same goes for their media and 95% of this board at any given point. >> Anonymous (ID: Zymx3uRf) 12/17/21(Fri)22:52:38 No.352616682▶>>352618112 File: 0E1946A3-BF2B-4D87-9B10-F(...).jpg (345 KB, 828x818) 345 KB >>352614511 (OP) Anons still unironically see Hitler and national socialism as a cure rather than a symptom of a world cut from its roots of feudalism. Also that Christians and especially frustrated for Christians here for justifying the (((Old Testament))) instead of calling it out for Jew bs, I also wish non-Christians on here wouldn’t just attack Christianity as a whole but rather attack the literal Jewish first half of it. Also that you guys still unironically believe that the vaccinated will die instead of the unvaccinated, this literally makes 0 sense. >> Anonymous (ID: dmdRpYCy) 12/17/21(Fri)22:54:59 No.352616825▶>>352636236 >>352616406 When I say hebrew you and everyone else here knows exactly what I mean. Spare me your word vomit historical autism. >> Anonymous (ID: PtnZupFw) 12/17/21(Fri)22:56:29 No.352616916▶>>352618112 File: 1639407582930m.jpg (161 KB, 1024x771) 161 KB >>352614511 (OP) Everything is going or has gone wrong with my country, while I can go elsewhere and practice laissez faire the problem won't go away. The problem and those that perpetuate the problem only spread like a virus, creeping even more into the veins of our country and world. I see no political solution and only a trial of blood. If you asked me 5 years or so ago I would say I was hopeful for the future, now I stare into the abyss and the unending cycle of null as it consumes everything I once held dear. tldr fuck this gay earth, born to die world is a fuck >> Anonymous (ID: 5L3bbNQ7) 12/17/21(Fri)22:58:12 No.352617030▶ File: 1625175894841.jpg (59 KB, 556x556) 59 KB >>352616045 Typical chudcel. Hard to counter facts, isn't it? >> Anonymous (ID: zOjDBM3I) 12/17/21(Fri)23:07:53 No.352617692▶>>352618112 >>352636583 >>352614511 (OP) The American left has become a parody of itself, it is no longer the bastion of liberty and freedom, they have now taken the mentle of totalitarian dictatorship and corporate sponsorship. Could it be because power corrupts absolutley? Maybe, but I think the Feds/CIA/Deepwater fuckers ju-jitsid thier asses and is now in control of them. They went from occupy wall street, ro its most vocal defenders, going as far as abandoning the Great Apes of GME and calling them nicely and looters, not once using thier power to stabilize the GME line, the left have become servents to capital and emotional outrage, they lack the robust and critical thinking skills to realize what they have become - slaves ro the very system they sought emancipation from. The right is no different, although, the rights subversion is miniscule in comparison with the left, you see, I can't find it in the rights rhetoric that electing a TV star would somehow save its ideology, instead, it exposed them as corprate Kleptocrats with a warped sense of the society they exist. >> Anonymous (ID: 26aenOe5) 12/17/21(Fri)23:08:19 No.352617712▶ Bump >> Anonymous (ID: UJHdGxo7) 12/17/21(Fri)23:13:29 No.352618032▶>>352636836 File: Isaiah 33;22 - Christ is King!.jpg (150 KB, 1376x720) 150 KB >>352614511 (OP) Anybody with a functioning brain and who has read the book of Revelation knows how this is going to play out "politically". Spoiler: It is rigged AF and will be nothing but political Ls for us/pol from here until Jesus Christ Himself returns with the last minute victory so beyond awesome it will defy even the most grand and creative imagination possible. So, I do suggest buying guns, ammo, food, etc. in the meantime as we are all about to be vilified beyond belief for not being a stark raving deluded lunatics. Good luck. Stay as comfy as possible as it's about to get wild. >> Anonymous (ID: 53Kwq7bP) 12/17/21(Fri)23:14:41 No.352618112▶>>352618652 >>352636989 File: download.jpg (10 KB, 329x153) 10 KB >>352615252 >>352615772 >>352616406 >>352616682 >>352616916 >>352617692 >> Anonymous (ID: mO9zIyrC) 12/17/21(Fri)23:16:25 No.352618228▶>>352637016 I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT THE FUCK ALONE >> El Arcón (ID: dFJiL/Rs) 12/17/21(Fri)23:17:28 No.352618314▶>>352618541 The other guy has his finger on the nuclear button, blocking my finger from pushing it. >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:18:33 No.352618388▶>>352618477 >>352618522 >>352618706 >>352618842 >>352615784 IQ is 60% genetic. You're seeing reality through ideology. Get better soon. >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:19:49 No.352618477▶>>352618706 >>352618763 >>352615784 >>352618388 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heritability_of_IQ >> Anonymous (ID: 5L3bbNQ7) 12/17/21(Fri)23:20:21 No.352618522▶>>352618763 >>352624617 >>352618388 Where's your proof that IQ is 60% genetic? >> Anonymous (ID: yvhvvY1x) 12/17/21(Fri)23:20:39 No.352618541▶ File: 1620001528341.jpg (54 KB, 286x405) 54 KB >>352618314 you can't do shit nigger >> Anonymous (ID: PtnZupFw) 12/17/21(Fri)23:22:01 No.352618652▶ >>352618112 Fuck you fed nigger I hope you choke on your cocaine >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:22:47 No.352618706▶>>352618763 >>352618388 >>352618477 "Although IQ differences between individuals have been shown to have a large hereditary component, it does not follow that mean group-level disparities (between-group differences) in IQ have a genetic basis.[10][11][12] The scientific consensus is that there is no evidence for a genetic component behind IQ differences between racial groups." Just because there isn't an agreement doesn't mean it isn't true. People's paychecks depend on them not being ostracized. https://www.worlddata.info/iq-by-country.php Surely it's just a coincidence that North Koreans, who are starved and could barely be said to be educated, have an average IQ higher than Portugal and are closer to South Korea than Portugal. Surely. >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:23:40 No.352618763▶ >>352618522 See: >>352618477 >>352618706 >> Anonymous (ID: 53Kwq7bP) 12/17/21(Fri)23:24:49 No.352618842▶>>352618935 >>352618991 >>352618388 IQ isn't an accurate measure of intellect. Lowering the percentage of effectiveness does nothing either. >> Anonymous (ID: yvhvvY1x) 12/17/21(Fri)23:26:12 No.352618935▶>>352619228 File: 1633145819726.jpg (60 KB, 800x800) 60 KB >>352618842 What a goalpost dancer. Here's that (you) you were begging for. Intellect is heritable, and wisdom constantly escapes the ignorant. >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:26:58 No.352618991▶>>352619444 >>352618842 IQ and anectodal evidence may not be great but they're better than your ideologically distorted worldview. >> Anonymous (ID: p3CHkaKF) 12/17/21(Fri)23:27:30 No.352619030▶ >>352614511 (OP) >A Leaf >Politics >Hahahahahahahaha Liquid Lunch interviews https://odysee.com/@thatchannel:4/the-myth-is-canada-jean-paul-rheaume:1 https://odysee.com/@thatchannel:4/doug-force-the-myth-is-canada-update:5 https://odysee.com/@thatchannel:4/the-myth-is-canada-update-january-2019:e https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxcvfOS4Zh8 [Embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9MrMyqTd9U [Embed] https://www.bitchute.com/video/68FZw1NCxL5C/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nC47FONYA0 [Embed] Ontario Land Title Theft Exposed and systematic fraud exposed https://odysee.com/@thatchannel:4/how-the-land-registry-of-ontario-ended:1 https://www.brighteon.com/50b11732-286f-4947-8046-d58586e62a8e https://www.brighteon.com/968c695e-c925-4040-8de7-acfe7534d23c https://www.brighteon.com/c51bc071-6c61-49aa-8448-96adb634d553 Doug Force (mans family had ties to political deepstate, was going to be groomed for premier of BC but declined) here he is presenting Canada's constitutional history https://www.bitchute.com/video/LBgzxHVmCDao/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/tE1JGKiEqa9A/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/d1kxLF5wQFsm/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/P4ifremtM6fN/ but wait there's more suppressed books and docs Ho Canada, you can get it on libgen, archive, scribd >Ho, Canada! 1965 (I just grab the pdf from libgen or scribd) The-People-vs-J.-Wilton-Littlechild-MP search >The-People-vs-J.-Wilton-Littlechild-MP kuhl to Rene Levesque 1976 search >kuhl to Rene Levesque 1976 Smith and Barr 1940s search >SCHEDULE "C" The following is an excerpt from an interview by George Barr, King's Council 1945 Kuhl final attempt search >Delivered in the House of Commons on Thursday, November 8, 1945 Canada - a country without a constitution. search >A Factual Examination of The Constitutional Problem By Walter F. Kuhl Member of Parliament Jasper-E Inside Canada search >This document dates back to 1938 and concerns the way Canadians pretend to govern themselves. And >> Anonymous (ID: ksQniprC) 12/17/21(Fri)23:28:34 No.352619097▶ the jew bullshit is an annoying distraction. i dont care that a politician shook hands with a rabbi or went on a field trip to the magic jew wall. its all trivial bullshit. >> Anonymous (ID: rMAF4teN) 12/17/21(Fri)23:30:11 No.352619197▶>>352619308 File: 96D640D8-967A-4EB4-8CF9-B(...).jpg (375 KB, 1080x1920) 375 KB >>352614511 (OP) I love Latinas but they’re all left wing. >> Anonymous (ID: 53Kwq7bP) 12/17/21(Fri)23:30:36 No.352619228▶>>352621016 >>352621146 >>352618935 >heritable Heritability on the fact that we are all born as capable humans with working organs. What defines overall intelligence has many variables to which each individual places stimulus into. >> Anonymous (ID: 9FkCT4zy) 12/17/21(Fri)23:31:50 No.352619308▶ >>352619197 shes fat now >> Anonymous (ID: c+imMvaw) 12/17/21(Fri)23:33:29 No.352619418▶ >>352614722 I live in New England and I have to live with cunts like you next door to me. I fucking hate yankees. >> Anonymous (ID: 53Kwq7bP) 12/17/21(Fri)23:33:49 No.352619444▶>>352620340 >>352618991 Not ideological or political. Read Gardner's book on Multiple intelligences. IQ only measures 1 intelligence when their are up to 8 more and many such as emotional intelligence has greater bearing than most combined. >> Anonymous (ID: 6Q61brR+) 12/17/21(Fri)23:34:36 No.352619485▶ File: 6d7c32e2e03ae994627fcdf6a(...).jpg (7 KB, 236x245) 7 KB I've wasted so much time on this shitty board and its gotten me nowhere Fuck you guys you propagandists fucks. Can't wait until you die alone just like me so we can have something In common. Stupid fucking fucks. >> Anonymous (ID: pytyQbJr) 12/17/21(Fri)23:37:40 No.352619697▶ File: boofin.png (394 KB, 1108x860) 394 KB >>352614511 (OP) I wish the people who like Odin, and the people who like Jesus could get along long enough to get rid of the people with blue hair and big noses. >pic not related >> Anonymous (ID: vtL6WtjN) 12/17/21(Fri)23:44:07 No.352620107▶>>352620516 >>352614511 (OP) >be me >in New Orleans at science convention. >Go to dinner with female colleagues >flaming liberals >talking about how “nogs need money” >”six gorrillion years of oppression” >”nogs are perfect angels” >”muh climate change apocalypse” >get done, walk back to hotel >two nogs are sitting having a smoke on well lit sidewalk with lots of people around >actually doin nuffin >liberal bitches CROSS THE STREET IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD BECAUSE SCARED OF NOGS Hello /pol/. I hate women. Theyre as racist as I am, just less honest. >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:47:54 No.352620340▶ >>352619444 I know all about that already. How is that relevant to the subject about how niggers are kept stupid on purpose? >> Anonymous (ID: 1R3LTd9p) 12/17/21(Fri)23:48:40 No.352620399▶ File: 06d6a8a126a4d1d19b250790a(...).jpg (145 KB, 818x473) 145 KB I'm tired of the vaccines, I'm tired of the propaganda, I'm tired of the masks the social distancing and I'm especially tired of the fucking booster shots. These fucking lefty faggots will bend over for daddy government at a moments notice in the name of "public safety" and never think twice about what the true motives behind the vax passports etc are. I just want to go back to the time before this fucking chink flu. I want to be happy again. Fucking jew pharma company niggers have caused me more pain and stress than the actual virus has. >> Anonymous (ID: YOePKMAW) 12/17/21(Fri)23:50:14 No.352620505▶ File: leaf.jpg (79 KB, 750x751) 79 KB >>352614579 UBI is for faggots >> Anonymous (ID: h4XmDycL) 12/17/21(Fri)23:50:15 No.352620506▶ File: 90.jpg (199 KB, 1160x629) 199 KB >>352614511 (OP) Nothing is more infuriating to me than the holohoax and how its become the most successful Trojan horse in the history of man >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:50:25 No.352620516▶>>352621181 >>352620107 They're just trying to stay socially included and that means showing that they're anti-racist. They don't have the awareness to realize their true position about the subject or why they're anti-racist, that's all. >> Anonymous (ID: sbiHT1uz) 12/17/21(Fri)23:56:30 No.352620952▶ >>352614511 (OP) we live in a stagnant world entirely by design now. its about profit, as soon as you can when you don't even need the extra cash. >inb4 muh capitalism thats not my point. there are solutions to many problems but we have people who aren't interested in solutions, fixing problems, or real "progress" for humanity and people. There are plenty of people trying to solve issues that don't need to be solved or improved in any way. Things that don't need to be perfected, and are tweaked so much they start to degrade the things they are trying to make "better". If it looks good on paper it must be good irl right? Politically speaking of course >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:57:24 No.352621016▶ >>352619228 Try to get into the specifics of what you're saying and you'll come out with a different perspective: about 60-70% is genetic and the rest is environmental. >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/17/21(Fri)23:59:10 No.352621146▶ >>352619228 And not all working organs are the same. Some work better than others. If you're weren't such a dimwit that needed to oversimplify things that would be obvious to you. >> Anonymous (ID: vtL6WtjN) 12/17/21(Fri)23:59:38 No.352621181▶>>352621522 >>352632141 >>352620516 Thank you. You’re exactly correct. I don’t actually hate women. I don’t actually hate nogs. It all just makes me sad. I’d always seen that meme, “Liberal women are the first to cross the street when a black man walks up it” but I never really believed it until I saw it. Those two girls showed their true colors with absolutely no shame. >> Anonymous (ID: ulnYNVDe) 12/18/21(Sat)00:00:43 No.352621257▶ >>352614579 Ubi implies unlimited free resource and energy >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/18/21(Sat)00:04:37 No.352621522▶>>352621799 >>352621181 They probably didn't even see the contradiction. The double-think is real. >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/18/21(Sat)00:05:56 No.352621613▶ >>352614579 Sorry buddy, we're in ecological overshoot. What we need is a population culling with eugenics while at it. >> Anonymous (ID: vtL6WtjN) 12/18/21(Sat)00:08:59 No.352621799▶>>352622541 >>352621522 They probably didn’t. Or did see it and hated themselves for it. Thank you for letting me shout into the void and listening. >> Anonymous (ID: PetPpwVO) 12/18/21(Sat)00:09:28 No.352621837▶ File: 1639673593783.jpg (257 KB, 1080x1210) 257 KB >>352614546 KeK. Burger literally watching the New World Order™ enslave the populace, still obsessed with niggers. >> Anonymous (ID: ecm48yMA) 12/18/21(Sat)00:16:48 No.352622298▶ File: 259C8A5E-637B-4EDF-AD82-A(...).jpg (793 KB, 1430x2080) 793 KB >> Anonymous (ID: +H4pVemx) 12/18/21(Sat)00:20:32 No.352622541▶ File: qj3ljasqvwq41.jpg (13 KB, 218x231) 13 KB >>352621799 >> Anonymous (ID: pOgj3m0q) 12/18/21(Sat)00:21:47 No.352622615▶ I hate how whites are being destroyed, dying out, having all of it rubbed in our faces, and nobody is doing anything about it. I feel like all I can do is prepare for when it gets really bad and I’m directly affected >> Anonymous (ID: T30/c8Dq) 12/18/21(Sat)00:55:29 No.352624617▶ >>352618522 On the Bell Curve results...... >> Anonymous (ID: 3o3lj4yM) 12/18/21(Sat)01:07:33 No.352625278▶ File: 1605566247012.jpg (95 KB, 650x1024) 95 KB >>352614511 (OP) Indignant moron narcissist children run everything. Nobody tells the truth about *anything* anymore. We all know everybody is lying all the time about everything, and we all act like it's not happening. And we act like we don't know that this is going to crash everything. *Being prevented from telling the truth will crash everything.* Marketing and the school system convinced the bottom 80% of the IQ bell curve that their fucking opinions matter, that they should even *have* fucking opinions about things. People need to shut the fuck up. At least half our problems would be fixed if people would just shut the fuck up and mind their own business. Every single person who has an ounce of authority in America is a god damned whore who needs to be fed into a fucking meat grinder because they have betrayed... shit, name one thing they *haven't* betrayed?! Everyone in a position of authority is a traitor and a coward and a disgrace to all humanity and all human history, it makes me fucking sick. GUTLESS BRAINLESS FUCKING COWARDS ROBOTS. Nobody is funny anymore, they just tremble and try to take the cocks of the smug moron aristocracy further down their throats. THEY'VE KILLED LAUGHTER, FUCK ALL YOU BUGS. I could go on, but there's no point. YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A CRASH. i wake up in horror every morning in this nightmare toilet shithole of you vermin coward whores. every morning it sucks and i wake up in fear and anger and disgust. every fucking morning * BUT I ONLY HAVE TO DIE ONCE. * death to communists. the antichrist sucks my asshole. fuck all these hypochondriac dictator wannabe medical tyranny pussies. fuck the aristocracy. fuck their malignant dreams for the future. that is not a world worth living in. "i'm not kiddin i'm ready to fight if i get her in my sights BOOM BOOM WHAT IS IT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4XbV3gCm2Y [Embed] OUT GO THE LIGHTS" >> Anonymous (ID: 6iSRqph7) 12/18/21(Sat)01:08:14 No.352625317▶ FUCKING JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS and oligarchs. >> Anonymous (ID: QcktBopd) 12/18/21(Sat)01:10:37 No.352625470▶>>352627026 >>352628202 >>352630073 >>352642378 File: 1624911360141.png (318 KB, 550x550) 318 KB >>352614511 (OP) Where have the assassinations and political murders gone? Everyone is cucked beyond all reason, just walking in orderly line towards the guilliotine, not even a peep, not even a struggle. Fucktards kept being voted into offices across the white world for decades after decades. How hasn't anyone snapped I have no idea. Some poor fucker goes and shoots up a school or workplace, but never the ones responsible. The cuckery is unbearable. It pains me. >> Anonymous (ID: YOS3y28t) 12/18/21(Sat)01:15:51 No.352625741▶ I hate kikes and I hate their shabbos goyim who push the vaccine. https://youtu.be/R1Jdm35VD7w [Embed] >> Anonymous (ID: QJ0LaBEt) 12/18/21(Sat)01:27:51 No.352626422▶ The jews won. Jews only have power because of white people. >> Anonymous (ID: QJ0LaBEt) 12/18/21(Sat)01:31:57 No.352626668▶ >>352614579 Also this we needed UBI decades ago. >> Anonymous (ID: PtnZupFw) 12/18/21(Sat)01:38:17 No.352627026▶ >>352625470 It's worse when you're in a country with many eyes on it, and the people within it cannot even understand a fraction of what most anons know. It pains me to see such stupidity in the masses after so long of having faith in my fellow man. >> Anonymous (ID: ecm48yMA) 12/18/21(Sat)01:58:05 No.352628202▶>>352629499 File: ACB37A2E-2DAE-427B-B4A7-8(...).jpg (26 KB, 500x533) 26 KB >>352625470 >> Anonymous (ID: cv/9w1HX) 12/18/21(Sat)02:04:52 No.352628606▶ >>352614511 (OP) I have the first dose of the covid vaccine but not the 2nd so I am neither pureblood nor vaxed and it bugs me that I got it even though I have had no medical effects supporting tyranny is a drain on my conscience. I wish my mother was not such a NPC as she basically begged me to get it until I did. >> Anonymous (ID: fYcvUicU) 12/18/21(Sat)02:12:48 No.352629066▶>>352629505 >>352614511 (OP) t. /pol/ >> Anonymous (ID: UvrmusnB) 12/18/21(Sat)02:15:00 No.352629204▶ The fearmongering /pol/ and Republicans did against Democrats in 2020 was blown out of proportions. Nothing has happened, Biden didn't implement communism, he didn't take away our guns, pulled out of Afghanistan which Trump started, and the inflation sucks, but it started in 2020 with trillions pumped into wallstreet, not exactly his doing. >> Anonymous (ID: TNe5DwnB) 12/18/21(Sat)02:18:54 No.352629443▶ File: 1636060039922.gif (134 KB, 500x281) 134 KB >>352614511 (OP) My privacy has been violated and my information sold in a way that is hard for anyone to fathom. I was used for marketing research as a child and my adolescent preferences sold to Japan, later, this fictional character is based entirely on me... (-w-) >> Anonymous (ID: h4XmDycL) 12/18/21(Sat)02:19:46 No.352629499▶>>352629574 >>352629902 >>352628202 kek funny thing is, I understand both of you >> Anonymous (ID: TNe5DwnB) 12/18/21(Sat)02:19:51 No.352629505▶ File: 1636043374116.gif (324 KB, 498x284) 324 KB >>352629066 Checked>>352629444>> Anonymous (ID: TNe5DwnB) 12/18/21(Sat)02:21:12 No.352629574▶ File: 1636043467041.gif (476 KB, 200x200) 476 KB >>352629499 I am a male. >> Anonymous (ID: dVW8YHbt) 12/18/21(Sat)02:21:39 No.352629601▶>>352630604 >>352614511 (OP) >Vent What are you, a female? Keep it inside and meditate. The Northern Goy turns around to cry. >> Anonymous (ID: 0cf8eZZ3) 12/18/21(Sat)02:24:54 No.352629801▶ >>352614511 (OP) everyone thinks there is a political solution to problems when really politics is the problem. >> Anonymous (ID: ZxOmAd1M) 12/18/21(Sat)02:25:45 No.352629846▶>>352630604 >>352630983 File: sad apu.jpg (67 KB, 1024x962) 67 KB >>352614511 (OP) i'm tired bros, i'm just tired. i feel like i'm an alien, i'm so against this degeneracy that's around in society. we encourage people to have random sex and to abort innocent children, i... i don't know anymore, i'm so alone, i did meet a redpilled woman who i like but i dunno, how can anyone be proud of our society, jews destroy our society, give us problems and when we have a natural response to these problems which is fucking human, they make a profit by tranqualizing us with pills to dull the pain of the problems they've created >> Anonymous (ID: V5k3RnQ7) 12/18/21(Sat)02:25:49 No.352629849▶ Trumpfags aren’t all dead >> Anonymous (ID: ecm48yMA) 12/18/21(Sat)02:26:35 No.352629902▶ File: 4BA0A94F-A59C-428C-B318-8(...).jpg (9 KB, 225x225) 9 KB >>352629499 Checked. And? >> Anonymous (ID: cv/9w1HX) 12/18/21(Sat)02:29:28 No.352630073▶ >>352625470 Will assassinations even make a difference? When Lincoln was killed a worse tyrant took his place. >> Anonymous (ID: 8ixM3lE4) 12/18/21(Sat)02:36:49 No.352630485▶ >>352614511 (OP) Fuck the right wing for being a bunch of bigoted nuts and fuck the the left for going all in on vaccines, everything is fucking crazy now. >> Anonymous (ID: cgZlbo3L) 12/18/21(Sat)02:37:37 No.352630537▶>>352630840 >>352614511 (OP) I'm left wing but I hate lefties >> Anonymous (ID: TNe5DwnB) 12/18/21(Sat)02:38:50 No.352630604▶ >>352629601>>352629846 Requesting chicken dance .singlewhitefemale >> Anonymous (ID: TNe5DwnB) 12/18/21(Sat)02:43:11 No.352630840▶>>352631105 >>352630537 >>>/b/868827034 Back to >.>/b/ newfag. >> Anonymous (ID: ecm48yMA) 12/18/21(Sat)02:45:41 No.352630983▶ File: 41FEA1DA-06CB-447E-9705-8(...).png (452 KB, 640x640) 452 KB >>352629846 >> Anonymous (ID: cgZlbo3L) 12/18/21(Sat)02:47:56 No.352631105▶ >>352630840 (You) Been here since 2005 redditfag >> Anonymous (ID: 444tFZV6) 12/18/21(Sat)02:58:01 No.352631731▶ >>352614511 (OP) There is nothing wrong with Eugenics. Deformed fetuses should be aborted ASAP, people with inherited illnesses & deformities should not be allowed to breed. The Nazis ruined it for everyone. >> Anonymous (ID: 444tFZV6) 12/18/21(Sat)02:59:53 No.352631850▶ >>352614900 Those things are achievable, you just aren't trying hard enough. >> Anonymous (ID: b/0W5qjz) 12/18/21(Sat)03:00:09 No.352631870▶ Jews won’t stop raping and indoctrinating our children >> Anonymous (ID: G9gA2ugh) 12/18/21(Sat)03:02:51 No.352632049▶ >>352614511 (OP) Women exist and most men (even faggots, somehow) are slaves to their holes. >> Anonymous (ID: G9gA2ugh) 12/18/21(Sat)03:04:20 No.352632141▶ >>352621181 >I don’t actually hate women You better start now. >> Anonymous (ID: GElgIY0X) 12/18/21(Sat)03:51:40 No.352634957▶ File: 1580728343558.jpg (380 KB, 915x1056) 380 KB >>352614511 (OP) >Vent your political frustrations think i'd be arrested for venting tbqh. >> Anonymous (ID: P4kITW6M) 12/18/21(Sat)04:12:15 No.352636236▶ >>352616825 What a fancy way of saying you're lazy and stupid. >> Anonymous (ID: 1DCHxXY2) 12/18/21(Sat)04:16:07 No.352636471▶ File: 1634639299769.jpg (2 KB, 125x109) 2 KB >>352614511 (OP) vax mandate 4 covid, now I cant go in the army. >> Anonymous (ID: k1tMkedu) 12/18/21(Sat)04:16:25 No.352636488▶ >>352614511 (OP) >Vent your political frustrations See >>352614579 Retards who don't understand understand where "government money" comes from. >> Anonymous (ID: P4kITW6M) 12/18/21(Sat)04:18:07 No.352636583▶ >>352617692 The left never believed in freedom. Their idea of freedom was Jews swearing during the comedy act. Calling it a struggle against "the man". The left's ideas of freedom is deconstructing what held the nation together. Now that they have the power the deconstruction only makes them stronger. This is how the Jew rises to power. On the ashes of cities burned down by his golems. >> Anonymous (ID: z94bJP8R) 12/18/21(Sat)04:21:30 No.352636794▶ >>352614511 (OP) im sick of these rich kikes thinking they own everyone, time to gas them all. >> Anonymous (ID: P4kITW6M) 12/18/21(Sat)04:22:16 No.352636836▶ >>352618032 Not wanting to suck a dick during Drag Queen Story Time = Antisemitic White Supremacy Auditing the vote = Antisemitic thread to democracy Spreading facts about Covid = Antisemitic conspiracy theories Refuting CRT = Antisemitic white fragility Opposing School Boards = Antisemitic threat to national security Anyone else seeing a pattern here? >> Anonymous (ID: P4kITW6M) 12/18/21(Sat)04:24:28 No.352636989▶ >>352618112 >Feds >Thinking Not sucking dick in Freemason circle jerk for promotion Not slaughtering entire families for trying to be free of ZOG. >> Anonymous (ID: P4kITW6M) 12/18/21(Sat)04:25:00 No.352637016▶ >>352618228 >Left Alone Why do you Jews? >> Anonymous (ID: NyvCQYQC) 12/18/21(Sat)04:25:53 No.352637077▶ I'm the only person with conservative views at my workplace. Coincidentally, the only unvaccinated person too. >> Anonymous (ID: AFYP35lk) 12/18/21(Sat)04:27:25 No.352637176▶ >>352614511 (OP) I really dislike how here, in /pol/, there are so many NPCs as well. The guys who react negatively when pointed out that a screencap is fake in example. Or those who are so easily swayed away by what some e-celebrity said, even if they are on your side. Or what a conservative newspaper said. You're not better than the zombies on Twitter. Use your head. Political powers, of all sides, will try to manipulate you. Make up your mind and seek the truth, especially on those who claim to be on your side. If you get fooled and refuse to acknowledge it, you're really an NPC. >> Anonymous (ID: Qoe+JHmj) 12/18/21(Sat)04:27:52 No.352637213▶>>352637544 File: mw63690.jpg (13 KB, 239x325) 13 KB People call the current government fascism. >> Anonymous (ID: kwuyzwMM) 12/18/21(Sat)04:28:26 Nx

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