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Anonymous 12/19/2021 (Sun) 22:20:18 No. 209
This thread has been pruned or deleted File: 1639324639538.png (1.35 MB, 1687x1232) 1.35 MB Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:36:31 No.868825539▶>>868826045 >>868828244 >>868829206 >>868830425 Watching this for the first time. Wanna watch? I am on episode eight! What am I in for? What should I watch for?? >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:38:53 No.868825630▶>>868825804 >>868826141 >>868826337 >>868828244 Practically unwatchable like nichijou it's just a series of unrelated gags you are better off watching individually on YouTube, lucky star paniponi dashu and its consequences have been a disaster for the moe genre >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:39:01 No.868825638▶ File: 1639183754822.jpg (152 KB, 1024x1024) 152 KB Im starting on #9 now! >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:41:26 No.868825731▶ LOL IM CUMMING LOLOLOL >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:43:01 No.868825804▶>>868825871 >>868825630 This show makes me cry, i could not do that for a long time anon. >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:44:38 No.868825855▶>>868827156 I enjoyed it, but definitely not for everyone. Basically, you really need to have a sense of situational and observational humor. And even then, you need to have some retro knowledge of anime and game in order to have some connection with the jokes and references. So most kids these days would absolutely be bored with this show. >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:44:59 No.868825871▶>>868826136 >>868825804 (You) Wait till you see the scene where the meatball drops on the floor >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:49:27 No.868826045▶>>868830467 >>868825539 (OP) its not 2009 anymore you do know this right >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:51:22 No.868826136▶ File: 1636041698585.gif (140 KB, 275x317) 140 KB >>868825871 Havnt seen it yet guess im watching 10 instead of nine.... LOL hieroglyphics WHAT IS ALL THAT LOLOL I would rather read it because this is making me really gay! But im so gay im like konata and need three physical copies of everything... >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:51:26 No.868826141▶>>868826279 >>868826665 >>868825630 >mfw I watched all of Lucky Star & Nichijou >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:54:15 No.868826279▶>>868827493 File: 1629928068091-1.jpg (371 KB, 907x911) 371 KB >>868826141 >>>/pol/352620736 This is B8 lol >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:55:46 No.868826337▶ File: 0f04109db4159c274c65b8699(...).jpg (58 KB, 300x405) 58 KB >>868825630 Thanks for the advice. <3 >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:56:17 No.868826358▶ HECHAN! >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:56:48 No.868826385▶ >>868888888 >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:57:47 No.868826422▶ Im getting the feeling the English really fucked this show up but thats why I like it. >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)00:58:54 No.868826474▶ True definition of tsdundara Sebastion??? >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:02:58 No.868826614▶ Yes it sucks.... that drop wow that one drop , where have I heard this b4? >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:03:28 No.868826632▶ Yes, look forward to it! >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:04:25 No.868826665▶ File: 8d9fa99eac60ce420eabba136(...).jpg (77 KB, 426x679) 77 KB >>868826141 No!! >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:14:59 No.868826992▶ File: 1639323865927.jpg (52 KB, 600x338) 52 KB ...Predictable, but it was good. >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:16:13 No.868827034▶ File: 1639187392057.gif (240 KB, 126x128) 240 KB Bye me! >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:19:07 No.868827156▶ >>868825855 Im on 12 now commiecat. >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:20:12 No.868827202▶>>868828130 https://youtu.be/ole9I10UGjo?t=186 [Embed] >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:21:29 No.868827253▶ Nobody wanna watch -_- assignments sounds serious guys >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:23:08 No.868827313▶ File: 1639250709676.gif (682 KB, 1280x720) 682 KB TELIVISION [email protected]! >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:27:32 No.868827493▶>>868827818 >>868826279 (You) Ι bet you like non non biyori too >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:35:08 No.868827818▶ File: 1ae7499fde08a3cbd9e64df21(...).jpg (22 KB, 474x270) 22 KB >>868827493 https://youtu.be/ole9I10UGjo?t=1031 [Embed] Possibly.... >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:38:19 No.868827948▶ File: 1636380669724.gif (1.75 MB, 498x310) 1.75 MB Poochito!! >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:40:51 No.868828029▶ Thats enough for tonight, probably do this gay thresd again soon. Its been good post whatever fuck this thread in the assets. Good-night. >>>/f/ >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:43:48 No.868828130▶>>868830070 >>868827202 (You) what bizzare way to get introduced to a series >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)01:47:17 No.868828244▶ >>868825539 (OP) Don't listen to this faggot>>868825630 Loved Nichi and Lucky Star. Both are great. Nigger fuck off >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)02:16:21 No.868829206▶>>868830112 >>868825539 (OP) >What am I in for? comfiness >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)02:45:05 No.868830070▶ >>868828130 >>>/pol/352629443 Indeed... >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)02:46:26 No.868830112▶ File: 1639688971499.png (538 KB, 720x480) 538 KB >>868829206 hopefully!!!!!!!!! >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)02:48:58 No.868830185▶ Please fill pochita. I am owed royalties... >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)02:49:56 No.868830226▶ https://archive.md/3Ypu5 >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)02:57:38 No.868830425▶>>868830500 File: c29b8f8efe3c7c18ecd5ff4e9(...).jpg (167 KB, 603x768) 167 KB >>868825539 (OP) Its too late for night. Have fun! Lucky star is the best anime. >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)02:59:21 No.868830467▶ >>868826045 Shut the fuck up >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)03:00:22 No.868830500▶>>868830511 File: 1639627514055.png (1.67 MB, 1200x1500) 1.67 MB >>868830425 True, the thread is [email protected]@!!! Thanks anon <3 >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)03:01:13 No.868830511▶>>868830627 >>868830500 Thanks. Good night. Zzzz >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)03:03:19 No.868830580▶ File: 578ea37face194d0f4f145969(...).jpg (253 KB, 650x926) 253 KB Another lucky pic because i love it. >> Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)03:04:55 No.868830627▶ File: 1639721900700.png (799 KB, 776x864) 799 KB >>868830511 ^__^ [Post a Reply][Return] [Catalog] [Top] 41 / 15 / 9 / 2[Update] [Auto] This thread has been pruned or deleted

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