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Anonymous 12/20/2021 (Mon) 03:18:25 No. 211
/pol/ - Politically Incorrect [Post a Reply] 08/21/20 New boards added: /vrpg/, /vmg/, /vst/ and /vm/ 05/04/17 New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random 10/04/16 New board for 4chan Pass users: /vip/ - Very Important Posts [Hide] [Show All] [Return] [Catalog] [Bottom]29 / 2 / 20 / 7 [Update] [Auto] This thread has been pruned or deleted File: 792CBED0-D6AF-4AAC-9999-8(...).jpg (31 KB, 640x480) 31 KB I got a $500 Christmas bonus Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:24:07 No.352856128▶>>352857378 >>352857504 >>352857961 >>352858420 >>352858681 >>352858706 >>352858896 >>352858919 >>352859162 >>352859255 >>352859257 >>352859294 >>352859353 >>352859806 >>352859901 >>352860033 >>352860085 What should I get, considering the current political environment? >> Anonymous (ID: 8lBiSwhG) 12/19/21(Sun)18:36:24 No.352857378▶>>352857503 >>352856128 (OP) Crypto >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:37:47 No.352857503▶>>352858244 >>352857378 What am I going to do with crypto? >> Anonymous (ID: c3brktv1) 12/19/21(Sun)18:37:48 No.352857504▶>>352857625 >>352856128 (OP) donate it to an underprivileged black family >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:38:55 No.352857625▶ >>352857504 No, need something more productive >> Anonymous (ID: dqSHALum) 12/19/21(Sun)18:40:39 No.352857787▶>>352858370 https://www.fenix-store.com/fenix-lr80r-rechargeable-searchlight-18000-lumens/ Got this it’s fucking sweet nyznm >> Anonymous (ID: UQl4OiW0) 12/19/21(Sun)18:42:19 No.352857961▶>>352858622 >>352856128 (OP) Use it to get the vax >what am i going to do with the vax? Live >> Anonymous (ID: 9yGweg++) 12/19/21(Sun)18:44:57 No.352858244▶>>352858781 >>352857503 Realize your gains in about 2 weeks >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:46:16 No.352858370▶ >>352857787 I like it, added to list of considerations. Not sure what I would do with it other than show off how bright my flashlight is. >> Anonymous (ID: mxLalVy4) 12/19/21(Sun)18:46:40 No.352858420▶>>352858919 >>352859042 >>352856128 (OP) guns >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:48:29 No.352858622▶ >>352857961 Can I buy it. I would probably buy some vax it it was for sale. Probably try to get my friends to smoke it to get high >> Anonymous (ID: aQ/vSP6D) 12/19/21(Sun)18:48:58 No.352858681▶ >>352856128 (OP) Donate a few loaves of bread to the food bank to appease God, then buy yourself a nice shiny new bmx bike. >> Kyle Rittenhouse's Sentient AR (ID: 1RE+inIY) 12/19/21(Sun)18:49:14 No.352858706▶ >>352856128 (OP) More ammo >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:50:02 No.352858781▶ >>352858244 What if I loss? Why not just go to casino? >> Anonymous (ID: M8yKaLXG) 12/19/21(Sun)18:51:07 No.352858896▶ >>352856128 (OP) Ammo... >> Anonymous (ID: wr1Twq9V) 12/19/21(Sun)18:51:23 No.352858919▶>>352859234 >>352856128 (OP) crypto, silver, and/or ammo /thread >>352858420 good luck finding a decent gun under $500, you idiot >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:52:35 No.352859042▶ >>352858420 Considering this. I don’t currently own a gun. Not sure if I should get hand gun, shotgun or rifle >> Anonymous (ID: YdloEp8X) 12/19/21(Sun)18:53:46 No.352859162▶ File: 1488395405379.png (81 KB, 300x442) 81 KB >>352856128 (OP) Open a delaware Corp or 501(c)3 to hide additional oncome in minecraft >i am not am attorney >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:54:27 No.352859234▶ >>352858919 How much needed for decent gun? >> Anonymous (ID: /ElYy51K) 12/19/21(Sun)18:54:39 No.352859255▶ >>352856128 (OP) Hello DrDre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJuapp9SORA [Embed] >> Anonymous (ID: ouNV8Q8Q) 12/19/21(Sun)18:54:40 No.352859257▶ File: 67676767676.jpg (66 KB, 592x575) 66 KB >>352856128 (OP) used womens underpanties. >> Anonymous (ID: CIWRMhCZ) 12/19/21(Sun)18:55:07 No.352859294▶>>352859918 >>352856128 (OP) Silver or a gun. But maybe something nice for yourself, like a comfy pair of socks or blue jeans. Ask a girl out to enjoy hot chocolate with you. >> Anonymous (ID: 2BBLwBgD) 12/19/21(Sun)18:55:35 No.352859353▶>>352859787 >>352856128 (OP) send it to me, I need it >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)18:59:46 No.352859787▶ >>352859353 Nope, spending on me >> Anonymous (ID: YLPzlSw6) 12/19/21(Sun)18:59:59 No.352859806▶ >>352856128 (OP) A gun + ammo >> Anonymous (ID: 3W+nuJ57) 12/19/21(Sun)19:00:44 No.352859901▶>>352860092 >>352856128 (OP) Bitcoin. Its super cheap right now. >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)19:00:54 No.352859918▶ >>352859294 Like a silver bar? >> Anonymous (ID: xnvJ/1pB) 12/19/21(Sun)19:02:00 No.352860033▶ >>352856128 (OP) Nigger Repellant >> Anonymous (ID: CDfTGqy1) 12/19/21(Sun)19:02:32 No.352860085▶ >>352856128 (OP) MRNA and PFE stock >> Anonymous (ID: BYvOj7Qy) 12/19/21(Sun)19:02:33 No.352860092▶ >>352859901 Still seems to volatile [Post a Reply][Return] [Catalog] [Top] 29 / 2 / 20 / 7[Update] [Auto] This thread has been pruned or deleted

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