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thread for rules (that might be updated in the future) and meta discussion about the board rules 1. no porn 2. no spam 3. no low quality posts 4. no subhumans allowed 5. by clicking post you agree and fully believe that israel has a nuclear arsenal and is an illegitimate state

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Tired of shitty bot posts clogging up your favorite shitty websites? So am I. The past few months, I've spoken to an ambassador and a number of consuls about possible solutions to this problem (seriously). Here's my thesis: The link above is my schizo manifesto declaring war against jews and other demons, outlining my plan to subvert their hegemonic world dominance. In the same vein of classics such as Kaczynski's, Stalin's, I strew together a polemic sure to at least entertain some of you. It's been a long time in the making. eBaum's and 4chin have exerted an influence on me since I was 11. Hopefully this synthesis of divine knowledge isn't dismissed as tl;dr, or money begging. I'm trying to recruit a literal Personal Army, which will have actual guns and soldiers. It'll be like atomwaffen, but real. And we'll never do anything illegal. Just kill people after the apocalypse begins, which is neither seditious nor terroristic, as it hinges on a future event that has not yet occurred. One fecking dolla is more than enough patronage. But if you just want to copypasta the manifesto and send it to boomers, you have my gratitude as well. Let the Q&A begin. Why am I such a nigger? Ask me and I'll tell you. Why am I a faggot? You'll have to ask.

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We are a private telegram group, we are seeking the early birds to neinchan. If you'd like to join an invitation only gem hunter channel dm @MalMusio on telegram. So log as you're not a jew of a faggot, ill add you to our small but highly active group.

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We Still On the Move Boyz

Tanzanian gold is the best gold.

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Feeling good about rocket $bunny if people can get the ball rolling with it, project seems solid but just needs some movement

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I hope you buyed VVT, anon. Check out the site, the white creators and the white paper. >Staking >Deflationary >Solid team >Solid project >Solid partners Don't miss out, frens. TG: VersoView