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cd5d8 No.5695[Reply]

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a40e1 No.6209

No they don’t… That would be considered “antisemitic” to point out their tribe.

File: 1554871048536.jpg (39.53 KB, 650x434, 1554436435392.jpg)

fba8f No.5410[Reply]

Help us get sheckles, maybe get paid if you help

Miner page (deleted)


DO NOT burn out your computer
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1aae6 No.5455

File: 1550171913343.jpg (9.18 KB, 296x170, images (7).jpg)

3f5c1 No.6[Reply]

1. No spamming and off topic threads, one thread per topic, check catalog first before posting.

If you want to complain about the User Interface please do it in /help/

2. No Porn. This board is about politics enough said. Cp is first time permanent ban with NO appeals.Your info will also be handed over to the feds if you post cp.

3. Raids are allowed, however no illegal forms of raiding which include ,cp raiding , ddosing, and anything prohibited by local,state, and federal law.

4. Doxing is allowed. The ONLY times doxing is appropriate are as follows, corruption, sex trafficking, cp creators and users, thotery gangs(like antifa),and criminal activity(not including hate speech for EU users) . Violations of this rule is a first time permanent ban with only one appeal.

5. All topics are legal on this board as long as they relate to politics , are not just insults,excessive gore, and degeneracy as stated in rule #4. Don't report anything if you just don't like the topic. NO its "its hate speech". Follow this quote by Voltaire,"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

This board is for politics and politics related threads. Try and follow a high level of discourse on this board. Don't just spam I hate X over and over again.
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File: 1550539078612.jpeg (652.23 KB, 984x897, 37B6A030-B596-4D52-9DB3-D….jpeg)

4b0cf No.970[Reply]

>be Giagantor the Hapa Chad
>only want to help community out, become cop
>bunch of crack/heroine/pcp hoes say you forced them to give you sexual favors instead of arresting them
>media brutally crucifies you immediately
>BLM and other SJW activists protest the courthouse to intimidate the jury
>jury intimidation continues when multiple spectators and one 'victim' are escorted out of the proceedings for photographing the jury
>jury convicts on only half of the charges made up by Detectives Davis & Gregory and delivered by drug whores
>get sentenced to 263 years in prison on 29th birthday
>get pseudonym assigned for prison
>still uses real name
>instantly becomes respected on the yard
this man was victimized by the same media caught lying time and time again.

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ccd0b No.6074

File: 1555683786372.jpeg (503.83 KB, 1378x1782, 0D3D7BD9-3AF6-4940-82B5-1….jpeg)

there is now a sub on r/ dedicated to spreading this story. I am certainly not an advocate for out of control cops, however, I often think about the number of people locked up due to ignorant jurors, crooked judges and lying prosecutors.

d2730 No.6077


d9eba No.6083

File: 1555688473062.jpeg (53.52 KB, 1280x720, tone.jpeg)

Exactly. Watch the Michelle Malkin doc and you see these bitches are full of shit. Also the retard OKCPD went around asking hood rats if they were raped. Some jump on the band wagon because, guess what, 14 of the 15 are suing to get money.

Also, I know this point won't stand up in court, but just look at these disgusting women. Daniel's gf at the time was a hot, big tit blonde white woman. Why would he want to see the tits or pussy ofdrug addicted street trash that hasnt showered in days.

They have one bit of DNA evidence. "touch DNA". My fear is that DNA is getting to the point that it is too powerful. It will be able to collect DNA of yours on a woman you passed in the grocery store and coughed. Boom, you DNA on her clothes. Shake a womans hand and then use the restroom within a half hour? Her DNA on your dick and zipper.

ccd0b No.6085


82783 No.6216

here is another nice review of the case as told by another cop in oklahoma.


File: 1554926152171.jpg (73.09 KB, 912x828, D3z09aRXoAMIG-Z.jpg)

eb174 No.5458[Reply]

What are they looking at?

e0327 No.5461

File: 1554926823023.png (152.62 KB, 822x704, qaddafi.png)

416e6 No.5462

File: 1554927003763.jpg (33.12 KB, 600x395, IQ.jpg)


b48d3 No.5496

File: 1554945818464.jpg (62.41 KB, 800x517, 18222471_470354923302023_9….jpg)

dbf10 No.6071

Nigger porn. What else?

5fce5 No.6215

probably migrants destroying shit and chimpout

File: 1555708165057.jpg (213.58 KB, 1000x750, boomer1.jpg)

3095b No.6103[Reply]

First, let's clarify the MODERN definition of the word Boomer:
A boomer is a derogatory term for anybody who was of working age for at least a decade in the BOOM OF WEALTH ERA (1945-2000).
This means the youngest boomers were born in 1975, enjoying their share of the BOOM from age 15-25. It was coupled with a baby boom of increased births, where they original got their name.
They are often spoken of in frustration as "these fuckin boomers".

These fuckin boomers are widely known to have either squandered and/or are sitting on this wealth with an aire of superiority as they watch the youth struggle to survive in a dystopia that developed while they were lulled to sleep by this same wealth.

They often have no idea what's going on, and wrongly blame their children's failure on laziness instead of the famine created by their failure to maintain society. They often hoard their wealth in a misguided attempt to teach the youth a lesson about hard work, making it that much harder for us to reverse the damage.
This combination of ignorance, wealth, and pride has caused them to become particular contemptable to the youth. All this resulted in earning their nickname the Eternal Boomer.

Yes, they are our parents. This is the only thing that makes their failures forgivable. As they age, they degrade further into their true form of rich bumbling old idiots toasting a wine glass to their own comfort while world casually burns behind them, because of them.
They don't care, because they don't know. They're boomers.

In the old days it was considered dishonorable to die of old age instead of dying for your country by taking part in risky wars.
But boomers have talked themselves into an inflated mastery of embracing death of old age peacefully like an enlightened buddhist, adding to their aire of superiority.
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5fca7 No.6187

You posted this on 8ch. It reeks of division and conquer. If boomers and youth are fighting then you cannot concentrate on Jewish tactics. The Jews utilized the boomers.

c9308 No.6190

File: 1555815628174.gif (3.57 MB, 445x250, lyingdirtymouths.gif)

This is whole board reeks of dancing israelis. So many Anons are taking the bait threads that are posted. Constant deflections and juden trickery.

6ce04 No.6199

File: 1555851859372.gif (1.81 MB, 245x281, 1441402597496.gif)

>the youth today doesn't have it THAT bad
>You don't live in a dystopia
What the fuck. All the breeding girls my age were mind controlled into a polar spectrum between Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears (and that psyop is still going strong).
We live in a disgusting slime pit of SUPER HELL dystopia. Open your eyes. Wealth is carefully managed to stay out of the hands of anybody woke. People don't say hi to each other anymore because police will stick their nose 10 feet deep in your ass for any small argument they get a wiff of.
There is a fucking show on TV about a 14 year old getting her dick removed and how brave she is!

We live in a dystopian hell anon. Whatever surface wealth you mention means nothing in the face of the complete breakdown of society.

7c7dc No.6201

>You posted this on 8ch.
Where else do you post besides these two places?

>If boomers and youth are fighting then you cannot concentrate on Jewish tactics.
this thread will end that fight.
this division is what makes us weak.
Boomers have money. If we can get it out of their fat sweaty hands, then maybe we could do something.

I have respect for my elders. But I am calling the archetype boomers out. They have wealth that they sit on because they're not woke. Heil Hitler, our parents have become our children, and we have become our parents with children that we raised badly.

Look at this place. every square inch is a potential confrontation with over-powered police.

99% of people are automatons running on some personality they copied from a TV show they liked when they were 13.
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5a73b No.6214

Nice selective quote. Let's see the entirety of what I wrote.
>You don't live in a dystopia. And if you do, you need to move. I moved across the country twice, left everyone I knew behind and started a new life. It's very freeing. You can be who you want to be without people holding you back.
If your life sucks so hard, you can't have many reasons to not move. Pick up and go. Join the northwest front. Move to a white area of the country. We'll still be here for you.

>Wealth is carefully managed to stay out of the hands of anybody woke

You do need to hide your power level, that has always been true. However, if you aren't surrounded by niggers, there's less reason to show your power level.

>There is a fucking show on TV about a 14 year old getting her dick removed and how brave she is!

Yeah, pretty gross, I can't defend this. Morally, I thought the 90s were bad, but they were barely getting started.

>Whatever surface wealth you mention means nothing in the face of the complete breakdown of society.

Complete breakdown of society where you are. Go somewhere else, get comfy and wait for the civil war. There's no reason to go black pill and give up.

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File: 1555874147849.jpg (59.3 KB, 1200x630, BBVMzTO.img.jpg)

0c56e No.6213[Reply]

File: 1555599176294.png (9.18 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

9b2b0 No.6035[Reply]

Have fun Goys!
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8cb3f No.6117

Hmm okay. Seems we can grant Neinchan Sainthood only if someone decides to remove juden. I like that.

794dd No.6137

File: 1555769408797-0.png (9.8 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


8cb3f No.6160

Saint Hitler, however, certainly deserves his Sainthood.

2e958 No.6188

File: 1555812660300.png (7.68 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

4d147 No.6212

File: 1555873745048.png (9.69 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

File: 1555853705816.jpg (24.31 KB, 585x300, PS4-Banned.jpg)

33c5a No.6202[Reply]

>One of the dangers of an all-digital future is that gamers have no access rights to their library. What does that mean? It means that for gamers who still have access to discs or cartridges, they can still play games offline even if their online account gets penalized. For gamers who purchased their games digitally, it means that the platform holders can dictate access to your games by enabling or disabling the licenses as they see fit. This is what happened to one gamer who lost access to his PS4 games for a week for violating PlayStation’s “hate speech” policy.

story continued here….https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/04/ps4-gamer-loses-access-to-digital-games-for-violating-sonys-hate-speech-policy/82601/

54fd1 No.6206

Serves him right for using sony tbqh. Ill bet he has the slope fever too, the little shit.
The only proper recreation fit for rahowa is field stripping your stg44.
Mow you might say, "anon, i dont have an stg44, wat du?"
To which i reply
"Quitters never quit and loosers never win and when i was a lad i had to make my own stg44 from scrap mettle not just go to the shops and buy one."
kids these days.
You can thank the Kommandant for me being here.

I an not a robot, btw.

75993 No.6208

well thats gay anyway
what killed trashtalk on xbox and ps4 was the new party system
the xbox 360 and ps3 were near perfect
i miss bo2 and 1

9bb79 No.6210

Think of the billions upon billions of hours of pointless entertainment, wasted by our youth; all this time down the fucking drain. I wish they'll ban all whites everywhwre tbh. Maybe then we'd get up and do something actually worthwile with our time for once

f6ac3 No.6211

I hear ya on that, don't worry the enemy is working towards that goal, all we gotta do is wait.

a305c No.6069[Reply]


a305c No.6072


32ad9 No.6207

explain pls

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