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No Porn. No religion. Do not be divided by kikes. Stand together lads. Report shils.

(90.07 KB 512x512 sevenhundreddollars.png)

NFTs are a kike plot to control us Anonymous 12/01/2021 (Wed) 23:33:27 Id: 40304d No. 1394 [Reply]
Think of it this way: We start buying jpegs. Eventually it gets normalized so that it can progress to further things like buying virtual plots of land. (Hence the "metaverse.") With VR going into the mainstream, we'll have an almost alternate life on the internet. I'm not talking about /b/tards who spend 8 hours on the internet every day, but completely going into an alternate reality. We go home from our consumerist jobs and put on our VR headsets and live the majority of our day there. There we will see consumerist propaganda and progressive indoctrination. It essentially distracts us from the real world, and nobody will take action. Our fitness will deteriorate, we will rely on corporations, and we will own nothing, as Klaus Schwab said. All our possessions will be taken from us, and will be erased. We will live in communes where we go work, go home to our empty, colorless houses and put our VR headsets on. There we will go onto our internet lives. Where our possessions are. Where are lives truly are. We will be a genderless, government raised and government dependent cattle who must follow the status quo. And we will all like it.
(124.05 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>implying they'll ever let us unplug We'll spend ALL our time there. Most won't complain. They dont need us to work, the payment is they ate using pur brains as part of a decentralised hive-mind processing AI while we play in the metaverse. don't buy fucking NFTs anyway that's gay.
>virtual plots of land You mean urbit? Our jewish neoreactionary masterminds, Curtis Yarvins project?

Laser anon are you still out there Anonymous 12/01/2021 (Wed) 18:03:43 Id: 5d0c8e No. 1392 [Reply]
We need you to build a laser and outsource the blue prints. The 5g towers are destroying us we need something that can burn those things down. Also starlink satellites.
Literally combine a blue,red, green, and some infrared lasers. Congrats you will defeat eyeprotection. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rElAW56ezvA

(35.02 KB 480x360 50shades.jpg)

(208.30 KB 1069x801 1635214135113.jpg)

50 Shades of Hitler Anonymous 11/17/2021 (Wed) 23:18:04 Id: db28b7 No. 1363 [Reply]
We need to push against this BBC propaganda. Why doesn't a writer anon makes some steamy romances in the likes of 50 shades of gray that woman crave but with a national socialist male protagonist? Like for example she is a regular girl who believes in BLM and almost gets raped by a nigger. But them the hero appears and saves her. He behaves all mysterious and hard to get while showing he has a heart of gold in the process but then she discover his secret and start trying to convert him. He gives her a ultimatum and asks her to submit to his whims. Then the 50 shades shit starts and he teaches her to feel like a real submissive trad woman. We could make some and try to get the media reverse hyped about it. How its despicable and racist and all that and then take advantage of the forbidden fruit effect to make women want to read it.
Romance novels are the most profitable genre of fiction, to the point where authors are forced into it to make a living. So this could certainly work.
To have something become a hype the normie cattle needs to be able to talk about it. Can't do that with a story featuring a NatSoc dude as the main protagonist even when they actually liked the whole thing in secret. Good luck to anyone trying, though
>>1369 The idea is precisely to exploit that taboo thing to arouse interest. There's psychological research on it that says people will show more interest for an article if the researcher mentioned previously it was banned or something. Just imagine dude. A lot of girls who secretly crave for national socialist cock just across the street
Shitlibs definitely fetishize the "far right" so there's definitely something here
(112.92 KB 905x618 50-shades.png)

Example from an anon

(3.07 MB 1287x2000 1632899102580.png)

Anonymous 11/21/2021 (Sun) 19:19:51 Id: 295079 No. 1368 [Reply]
I was arguing on /leftypol/ today about how (((bankers))) definitely sided with the Bolsheviks in their power grab. But I got utter demolished when Jacob Schiff turned out to be a German asset. Post those infographics, please
maybe try not being a shill nigger faggot? all fields
>>1388 sorry I was just trying to spread my Aryan genes (memes)
>>1368 Was he a weimar german implant? >>1416 He is a shill retard. Why else would he be mad you are shilling on leftypol?

(154.56 KB 1000x1000 1615588404180.jpg)

'The Jews are better than us, you need to accept that' - Christian indoctrination of children Anonymous 11/11/2021 (Thu) 22:23:52 Id: 7b4060 No. 1350 [Reply]
>>1350 >No Porn. No religion. Do not be divided by kikes. Stand together lads. Report shils. besides that, Christian denominations exist and you are a retard if you take what one did and think it’s universal to anyone who follows Jesus Christ
>>1350 The jew worship didn't start until the 1920s when literal jews larped as evangelicals and it caught on during the (((1960s))) encouraging young White People to slave away on communist kibbutz while Israel was murdering Palestinian kids. The other part is there is still jew converts and having been in many churches they always try to prop up kike worship otherwise they have cuck pedo soi boy face like this manboy pastor fag that plans on pedo raping the boys just like a rabbi would. Christians need to be carrot sticked back in the same way with one message "Jesus was never was a jew , he hated jews and jews murdered him" Just on repeat its the only reason I still go to churches still.
Yep, that is the basis of christcukery: coming in second (and last) to his favorite children.
R.I.P. USA 1776 - 1785 Never Forget.
>>1386 Even if he was a jew. All the good jews converted. The satanic leftover ones are what's left of them now.
>>1391 >1785 what happened?

/sig/ Anonymous 11/15/2021 (Mon) 02:40:08 Id: a9dede No. 1356 [Reply]
self improvement general. Ted edition. starting tommorow I will be undergoing strict self improvement to prepare myself for when SHTF. please join me in this, no porn fapping or cooming if it’s not in your wife to make kids. no technology unless it’s necessary. read books by right wing authors. exercise daily and take a martial arts class. HEIL HITLER 88. sorry if there is one up I looked up sig in the catalog
>>1356 >>no fapping fapping can be healthy release of energy, just try not to do it everyday and little to no porn >>no tech technology improves our lives, that's why we use it. going on a survival-camp for a week is nice practice in case technology breaks down. >>books by right wing authors good authors write good books, they don't waste their time pretending to be left/right >>exercise daily that s actually good >> martial arts class also good, don't forget to get a gun though

(287.52 KB 1029x1306 1636523263475.jpg)

Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 20:31:54 Id: c4f03e No. 1354 [Reply]
How to Draw With Shadman 2.swf-(6.35 MB, 640x360, Other)-[Embed] lol shadman is in jail Anonymous 11/11/21(Thu)17:40:53 No.3475927▶>>3475937 >>3475944 >>3475955 he apparently got arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. >> Anonymous 11/11/21(Thu)17:43:58 No.3475928▶>>3475943 need citation hoping it's true >> Anonymous 11/11/21(Thu)19:10:09 No.3475931▶>>3475937 >>3475943 proofs? >> Anonymous 11/11/21(Thu)20:14:56 No.3475937▶>>3475943 >>3475927 (OP) >>3475931 2nd, provide justification for your claim! >> Anonymous 11/12/21(Fri)00:03:57 No.3475943▶

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 00:53:34 Id: ee4cd6 No. 1352 [Reply]

(4.70 MB 400x304 IMG_9948.MP4)

Does anyone know anything about this video? Anonymous 11/07/2021 (Sun) 19:08:51 Id: 9110e6 No. 1344 [Reply]
It is supposed footage of the test footage of the german 'Nazi Bell' UFO but I found it on Telegram a long time ago and I don't know where it is from?
Mucholapka is in Poland. English speakers call it "The Henge". Bunch of youtube videos about it. It has a bunker network underneath.
>>1344 This video is both old and very fake. If want to research basis UFOs, research the Skoda factory, habeneu (probably spelt wrong) and electromagnetism. Die Glocken is something else.

Anonymous 11/06/2021 (Sat) 06:13:56 Id: 8f461a No. 1336 [Reply]
ThirdParty 05:44:52 Followers · 682 America's Third Party Show Chatting English X-Tag 0.00 18 viewers ABOUT VIDEOS REPLAYS · 6 HIGHLIGHTS FOLLOWERS

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1337 Running thirteen years, The Third Party Show with Dave, featuring N.E.W.S. excerpts and notable social activists opinion's un-censored... An honest critique of socially critical topics, content from around the world likely to be featured in political discussions, daily news copy, and, of course, humor. Please join this channel and voice your honest opinions here, be positive, humor is always welcome, but vulgarity and death threats are not tolerated.. [English][No in-site captioning][Obey T.O.S.(T.o.U.)]

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