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4fag jannies working with trannies at ddosecrets Anonymous 02/15/2022 (Tue) 00:10:53 Id: e5d130 No. 1522 [Reply]
4fag jannies are 404ing all threads and global + range banning all anons talking about the convoy donor leak. The trannies of ddosecrets were given files containing all convoy donors information by glowniggers to leak online. They are justifying these bans by saying anons are raiding, doxxing and evading bans, for simply mentioning ddosecrets or linking to is co-founders twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/NatSecGeek 4fags is most likely working with ddosecrets to log and track users posts, ips, and addresses. They are absolutely nuking anyone mentioning ddosecrets or emma best from 4fags to keep ddo secrets under hush and stop people from targeting the ddosecrets members https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/361169661/#361169661
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>>1530 >>1530 > It specifically says the group didn’t hack anything On the internet, you can say anything you want.
>>1531 > 4chan is ran by data mining kikes that make sure the right things don’t get talked about I bet, bare minimum, 1/3rd of the posts there (at least in /pol/) are bots. It can't be near 90%, because then it would be too fake.
Real coincidental that 4faggot has allowed two threads to read max reply openly calling for the doxx/raid of this 420chan fag yet any thread mentioning the tranny immediately gets nuked…almost like 4chan is protecting its own assets…the majority of 4chan that isn’t using a vpn is probably having a profile linking all their nodes to everything they’ve said which said tranny (that is a global mod) will likely leak in the future. This is what happened when you’re too dumb to see the writing on the wall >get banned for posting any mention one person >not for posting this other person accused of doing the same thing along with their address hmm i wonder which one is more protected kek
(223.60 KB 863x997 4chan kek.jpg)

4chan is controlled by globohomo now
>>1522 >>1554 The leak from last year there was pic collage of the mods and jannies that kept getting 404d. Along with their gay discord chats. Its owned by glowniggers the staff was >glowniggers >kike >poos >mutt beaner mexicans >shemales >dyke >chink commie >south korean feminist fags THERE IS NO WHITE MODS OR JANNIES ANYMORE.
I just caught a ban too. Fucking faggots. i just came off a ban on this IP. Time to change again! I've been catching bans for saying basic shit in /uhg/ tranny general.
>>1573 Can someone post that plz
>>1526 >>1525 If you're gonna post your screencap, at least add a pic of the post of that got you banned.
>>1554 Has been since 2009. Spamming, shilling, & raiding have only increased exponentially since Trump was in office. 4chan died in 2020.

If she hasn't had her wisdom teeth, she can't consent Anonymous 02/02/2022 (Wed) 17:22:24 No. 1517 [Reply]
Your are literally not fully developed if you don't even have your wisdom teeth yet. Most 20 year old girls look juvenile to me, and I can barely tell them apart from young underage teens until they tell me their age. Smarten up, coomers. The AOC wil be raised to its rightful number in the next Trump term, and the law will be retroactively applied. There are literally people in the porn industry saying AOC should be increased to 21 as they know from experience most of their young models have no idea what they're doing. These are people who profit from younger models and even they admit it. You are going to prison and will be killed by inmates who hate your devious, degenerate, harmful tendancies.

(126.33 KB 1162x654 white vs asian.jpg)

Anonymous 01/29/2022 (Sat) 23:32:56 Id: 6db642 No. 1512 [Reply]
wh*tes are dysgenic. they literally have baggy eyes and ruffles around their mouth by 12 asians dont become grannies until the actual granny age of 50 pic related is a 17yo wh*te vs 33yo asian as a result, most w*ggers are into children under 12. they are systematically raping their own race due to their dysgenic genes [1] hapas have naturally selected the high IQ asians (and to some extent, wh*tes) as well as the superior physical endurance of asians THIS IS WHY HAPAS ARE SUPERIOR TO WH*TES 1. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29922775
This is now an asian hate thread.
>>1512 >hapas
(25.80 KB 553x554 images.jpeg)

>>1512 Cope chang, although I do agree about the wigger part. Asians are a bug race with no original thought intent. They are only good at repetitive tasks and eating dogs while whites or infact all of western civilisation are good at creating beautiful architecture, art, and music.
Asians have no souls retard

(86.91 KB 860x875 groyper.png)

I am: Anonymous 01/26/2022 (Wed) 18:02:35 Id: 09d497 No. 1505 [Reply]
>Racist >Sexist >Homophobic >Transphobic >Anti semitic >Ableist >and your "machine that kills fascists" can't do shit lmao
>>1505 Based, redpilled, and based.
(2.82 MB 1280x720 the-pepe-slayers.webm)

>and your "machine that kills fascists" can't do shit lmao See you in the streets nazi
>>1509 Question: What's so great about a bunch of 70 IQ simians?
>>1509 what a fucking homosexual trash is this lmao
(244.29 KB 356x445 al.png)

"OK, it's a survey", you say. However, the answers are only 2 things: We need more, or I am satisfied. Meaning, yes or no. They give us a question asking, "Does your school talk about racism comfortably?" and a question asking, "Is your school diverse enough?" And the problem is, if you say yes, you're essentially saying, "I am satisfied with this, and I will accept, so nothing will change." If you say no, you're saying, "I don't have enough jew bullshit, I need more."
>>1542 Ignore this, I accidentally posted this as a comment instead of a post.

(394.86 KB 876x696 Capture.PNG)

Ban all Pornography Anonymous 01/23/2022 (Sun) 06:32:43 Id: a25c7e No. 1497 [Reply]
John McAfee who passed away last year talks about how porn sites are key loggers for your mobile phone: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ByhEPkgxDFp4/ , the majority of pornography is owned by a Jewish company named 'Mindgeek', they are responsible for the home page being filled up with 'barely legal teen gets pounded by BBC', it's fucking disgusting. They import all these eastern European girls (mostly slavs) to do horrific actions. Porn endorses violent behaviors such as choking and deep throats, this is what's ruining the youth and a significant reason for people not getting into serious relationships and the outcome of our replacement.
>recessed brain wigger finds out multiple porn sites are owned by the same company >proceeds to conclude this is a massive conspiracy >3 of the sites are not even producers but generic file hosts among the other 10 trillion such sites i'm just impressed it is intelligent enough to know brazzers is shit
>>1502 >the german is in favor of porn Color me surprised. You know porn promotes human trafficking. Be real with yourself germ. I know you have it in you.
>>1502 MindGeek also owns reality kings, and all of those other websites promote the same BBC garbage again and again.
>>1497 Why not create counter porn? You can edit theirs with deepfakes.
The age of consent to engage in pornography should be 30 years old. This would prevent naive girls from being used and abused by the industry. It would also discourage young men from watching too much of it, because nobody wants to wank it to some 35 year old roastie.
>>1497 Mindgeek also bought a reddit clone site then immediately killed it and resell it to a one month old "research" company

(137.35 KB 2000x1406 autism-awareness-month-1.jpg)

Anonymous 01/24/2022 (Mon) 22:10:26 No. 1500 [Reply]
Hitler wanted to gas anyone with the autism disease, to improve the white race. Please complete the following questionnaire by circling A or B. You are playing a RPG where you can choose to live as a narcotics dealer or legitimately. Do you: A. Play however you feel like. B. Never play the narcotics arc, because you are against narcotics and degeneracy. If you answered, B, you are an autist. What you do in a video game has no sway on real life.
(57.33 KB 961x719 1638989157962.jpg)

>>1500 The first four words already out you as a shill. Nice try kike.
(2.30 MB 1280x720 gasgasgas.mp4)

>>1500 RPG ARE NOT FOR PLAYING!! >>1520

Covid19 cards available: Telegram..(@dndocsforsale) Anonymous 01/21/2022 (Fri) 10:50:25 Id: b9cd64 No. 1496 [Reply]
Covid19 cards available: Telegram..(@dndocsforsale) We produce and offer the CDC Covid vaccine cards to those who need the cards to meet up with their daily activities. With our cards you can do the following: ● travel and work Our cards are: ● registered ● checked and ● Verified in the CDC System. Protect yourself and love ones from the poisonous Vaccines We provide the following: 1) EU Digital Covid Certificate 2) NHS covid pass (UK covid-19 card) 3) CDC covid-19 vaccination record card for USA 🇺🇸 3) HSE Covid Certivficate for Ireland 🇮🇪 4) Zertifikate des Covid_19 Impfstoffs

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 01/05/2022 (Wed) 22:04:34 Id: 1a1a13 No. 1485 [Reply]
The age of guilt is over, we will not apologize for our achievements, our history cannot be used as a weapon against us, no-one can say they have legitimate claims on us -- we are in debt to no-one. Our glorious past is a matter pride and joy to us, whatever we have done in the past only inspires us today for even greater deeds tomorrow. Those who feel that we have wronged them should be happy they are still alive. We will teach the young Europeans to defend themselves against those who try to deny their right to exist, who try to poison their spirit with guilt and self-hatred, we will make our young people immune to humility. We will teach our young people to face their enemies, to expose their malicious lies, to recognize their methods and to understand their hidden agenda.
>swastika on american flag LARP
Look up on YouTube what advances robotics, augmented reality, drones and AI have made. Then think how they can be applied to warfare, how any of these gadgets can be used to spy on you and oppress us all. Despair, for a moment. But only for a moment. Then start thinking up countermeasures for this shit. Because any "boogaloo" which may be attempted in the near-to-medium future, especially in the United States, will have to face that kind of technology. Simply going innawoods with your milsurp stuff with a few frens WILL NOT BE ENOUGH. Not anymore.
>>1485 the jewish race is extinct might as well kill yourself if you are a jew.

(1.53 MB 256x256 1546051030581.gif)

Everyone is FINE Anonymous 12/29/2021 (Wed) 20:33:55 Id: 280c3e No. 1472 [Reply]
I wanted covid to kill enough people to change the world drastically. 99% of people are just fine, population still growing. I wanted the MRNA gene therapy injection "vaccines" to kill enough people to drastically change the world. 99% of the "vaxxed" are still fine. covid changed nothing. the vaccine changed nothing. just another everyday vehicle for the corrupt and powerful to seize more wealth control and power, which is all they ever do anyways. When will someone just go dig up an old graveyard and isolate something real and deadly enough to purge them all? it seems like this could be done in a garage lab and be far more potent and realistic than any other option the average man has access to. tldr: Nothing ever happens
>>1472 > When will someone just go dig up an old graveyard and isolate something real and deadly enough to purge them all? If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.
Trudeau isn't due for another election for 4 years. But everybody in parliament has been vaxxed. You can't go into the chambers without being vaxxed. I think that's illegal but that's what all the gormless worms in the House of Commons submitted to without a quarrel. They're all going to die from teh vaxx. They're doomed. I think within a year, year and a half that enough of them, like 35 or 40% will be dead or severely debilitated so that there'll have to be an election by then.
>>1630 so like 2 weeks? I’d like to know so I can plan my last days as a vaxxy. please be as precise as possible.

(248.95 KB 863x752 1605239338765.jpg)

2022 DEATH PREDICTIONS Anonymous 12/29/2021 (Wed) 02:26:22 Id: 3a7422 No. 1471 [Reply]
Maxine Waters Nancy Pelosi Diane Feinstein Mitch Mcconnell Sheila Jackson Lee Queen Elizabeth Arnold Schwarzenegger Amy Schumer Jack Nicholson Al Pacino Clint Eastwood Whoopy Goldberg
Add Joe Biden. He'll die from "Covid" and that's how they'll get him out of the way.

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