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Rules (in progress)

This message is part of official neinchan terms of service Global rules still apply IMPORTANT REMINDER: if you see that you have been banned for something you are absolutely sure you did not do then the problem is that an already banned ip has been assigned to you, if you wait for a few minutes and try again it should work everything on this site is satire and not to be taken serious ANOTHER IMPORTANT REMINDER: this is a Minecraft fansite and any material, actions or ideas expressed here are referring to doing or expressing something within the videogame "Minecraft" Users are responsible for any misunderstandings that may occur 1. Keep topics close to politics any non political threads will be banned I will create a thread for one liners/ questions examples of non political threads >how can whitey compete > btfo x >x is correct b/c Y Btfo > fag fag fag fag Fag one liners like >individualism sets us free (link) (no argument) spam, excessive gore for no reason , and disruptive threads 2. No porn/scat PERIOD you will get banned if you post any. Posting ANY CP will get your Info handed over to feds. 3.No DDOSING/ talking about DDOSING it is illegal and will not be tolerated. Raids ETC are allowed as long as no CP or illegal shit is involved 4. No planning violent attacks or attacks period. You will be banned if you post a thread planning attacks 5. Reddit is specifically not allowed 6. Avoid advertising other boards unless relevant to the conversation or discussion 7. plebbit spacing = post deleted "x is police state"=post deleted "Wow."= post deleted "bill of rights is repealed" = post deleted "any incoherent paradoxical bullshit that reads like boomerbot post" = post deleted supporting or being a subhuman (subhumans include but are not limited to: trannies, redditors, any person of any race that is not white, anyone with a sub 100iq and any person with leftist political views. [definition may be subject to change]) = permanent ban 8. Advertising 8chan since after the FBI takeover is a permanent ban 9) rule Nein = By clicking "POST", or "REPLY", you are acknowledging the existence of the israeli nuclear arsenal.

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QTDDAT/One liners

This thread is for topics that don't deserve threads/ questions that don't deserve threads/one liner statements only. If you post any of these outside of this thread you will be warned then banned

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Fine Arts & Meme Making General

Noticed how often people ask how to make or edit memes or images? Now there's this thread for that. For anyone wishing to exchange ideas about image editing software (2D or 3D) and their use or just looking for help. Some excellent yet free programs Krita (2D/Gifs - free) Blender (2D/3D, Video - free) Gimp (2D/Gifs - free) Inkscape (2D vector - free) more suggestions and discussions welcome, politics go elsewhere please ....

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What are you all doing for your opsec? I use whonix, which is as impregnable as you can get without having a complete burner laptop and dedicating it to running Qubes. I mostly run through TOR now, but there is sometimes a need for a paid VPN. My subscription with (((cyberghost))) is almost up, where should I take my sheckles? BTW, I better not hear that you niggers are going to nein on clearnet. This place has a tor address for a reason. http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/catalog.html pic unrelated, mostly

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tell me about the jews

ive been lied to, and the truth was concealed from me. i want you to tell me everything. all of it.

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Unpozzed Music Thread

I love music but the more and more I listen of modern ruthlessly injected music and these fake (((trends))) the more i grow to hate the talentless no meaning, no talent garbage it is, and distance myself from it. The latest trend has been literal niggerbabble autotune garbage for years, that's basically all most the plebs listen to these days, music these days have reached the epitome of cultural perversion these past years, it's really insufferable dealing with especially at some parties, actually it's never been this fucking bad. but you're kind of forced to ignore it for obvious reasons. So goes without saying this thread is for some real music sharing. I personally like anything but prefer melodic and classical inspired music. As I'm a guitar player i have a special bias for guitar renditions. Know good bands? Share it. Are you an artist? Share it. Discuss and share.

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Tobias Rathjen Meme Thread

This thread is for discussion, memeing and news about Saint Brenton H. Tarrant.

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Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.11 – Embracing Infamy Edition

This thread is for discussion, memeing and news about Saint Brenton H. Tarrant. Previous threads 1) Brenton Tarrant meme thread 2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters 3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3 4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4 5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5 6) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.6 7) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.7 8) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.8 9) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.9 10) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.10

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Robert Bowers anniversary

October 27 is coming up soon.

How are you going to celebrate or honor this hero?

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Boomer replies "Okay millennials, but we have all the money"

a boomer replies with "Okay, millennials. But we're the ones who have all the money".

Your money is not going to save you from getting abused by nigger and mexican nurses in the retirement homes, boomer scum. And the millennials sure as shit aren't going to save you. Enjoy rotting in the retirement homes being abused by niggers, you boomer scum

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Whatever happened with this?

Did anyone ever drop any redpills on this stream? Anyone have old videos? What happened with Shia?

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aus/pol/ Neinchan edition

Come home White man

Also fuck chinks

>From farms and coal mines to airports and water supplies: How China is gobbling up millions of acres of land, vital infrastructure and companies - as part of its 'disturbing' plan to exert greater influence and control over Australia

>Jacqui Lambie declares 'we're sitting ducks', calling on Australia to pull back economic ties with China

>Beijing labels espionage concerns a 'shoddy soap opera', dismisses Yang Hengjun torture claims

>China Is Aiming to ‘Break’ Detained Australian Writer, Lawyers Say

>wignat fed does wignat fed stuff to catch other wignat feds in wignat fed organisation Reclaim Australia

>based zimzam is suing violent spear chucker Trayvon Martins parents

>how to be a White knight faggot

>Tasmanian roastie makes a secret deal with the LNP in exchange for her to vote for medevac repeal

>anti-White kiwi slut isn't as good for the left as people think

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why havent we risen up against the government in minecraft?

Fun fact: the revolutionary war was started due to a 3% tax without representation. they wanted representation so they could vote the tax out. it was their money not the kings. how much are you taxed anons? how much money do (((they))) take out of your hands?

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How do we make the best of the recent virus outbreak?

You all should have heard about the recent outbreak of what's called corona-virus in china. We should make use of this for propagandistic purposes.

Here are my thoughts:

- Schools and kindergartens are among the primary tools of the (((government))) to create a populace of docile tax-cattle. Schools and kindergartens also are the main place where children - who have a weak immune system - get infected with diseases like the flu and the common cold. We should make memes which are stressing, that it's dangerous to put children in school and daycare, so more people keep them at home, and get fearful about putting their kids in those brainwashing institutions, which may even impact the outlook children have on their indoctrination facilities.

- We should stress, that global travel is what leads to global outbreaks of pandemics, because foreigners are vectors for foreign diseases. The migration crisis led to the reappearance of almost extinct pathogens like polio and tuberculosis in the west. We should paint foreigners as spreaders of deadly disease.

- We should make memes about how to prevent infection, which help people, but also warn them about having contact to other humans. People won't keep their distance to friends and family, but they'll stay away from shitskins when they're afraid, because they don't like them anyways, which will hinder the assimilation of shitskins. It's easier to get rid of people who have no friends.

- We should sow distrust towards (((government))) services. Quarantine is the best way to prevent infection, and there's no cure for new viral strains in any case, so all the (((government))) can do is some feel-good bullshit in any case, which prevents panic. We should call this feel-good bullshit out, so people don't feel safe.

- Effective (((government))) measures would be large-scale quarantines of affected areas, which would lead to an increase in (((government))) power, which is something we should try to prevent. If we grant more power to the (((government))) to prevent one singular cause, this power soon will be applied to every cause imaginable. We don't want that. Or maybe we do, because the establishment is ineffective, and this may accelerate the demise of the contemporary west. I'm not sure here. We should sow distrust in any case.

- We should stress, that people should stay at home if they can afford it. Staying away from crowded areas like workplaces is the best thing to stay safe, and this will lead to an economic impact, which may very well become the crisis we all hope for, because the money runs out.

What else should we do?

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The capitalist question

>Tarrant said: "Were/are you “left wing”?

>Depending on the definition, sure.

>Were/are you a socialist?

>Depending on the definition. >Worker ownership of the means of production? It depends on who those workers are, their intents, who currently owns the means of production, their intents and who currently owns the state, and its intents."

And he is right. The real problem of our race is not communism, it is capitalism! Capitalists are responsible for non-white immigration because they want cheap labour. They are the real enemy of our race! Only a communist state would be an ethnostate, just look at North Korea. It is a communist state and an ethnostate. We have to kill the capitalists too!

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What are /pol/'s thoughts on the El Paso shooter?

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 2

Test and hello from 2ch 2008 Putin and his jews thifing russian oil and gas. Parlament party is puppet stamp antipeople laws and liking putin ass. Realy (((Opposition))) like usa demcuck (((Navalny))) (((Yashin))) (((Volkov))) My capital city Moskva after 20 putins years full of muslim shit ~50% like london or paris. East-south all muslim getto far awy from Podmoskovie. No hope for White people, no hope. Only Belarussia free for this shit.

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Dharmapill Thread

Daily reminder that the concept of dharma or natural law was common to every Aryan society on the planet prior to Christianization.

What is dharma? Dharma is the eternal, universal, axiomatic ordering principle of the comsos of divine origin. This concept is common to all non-Abrahamic traditions which can he counted as truly Traditional. The Aryans of India called it dharma in Sanskrit, dhamma in Pali, tao/dao in Chinese, asha in Avestan Persian, ma’at in Egyptian, it is darna among the Lithuanian Romuva pagans. The Japanese has a concept of Shintō – “The Way of the Gods”. All of these refer to the concept of dharma or the Eternal Natural Way. This is a non-denominational concept which transcends narrow ideas of religion.

Dharma can be applied to individuals, groups, races, species or even the cosmic order as such. A person’s dharma refers to his own essence or manner of being. Each has a proper place within hierarchy, organized in a harmonious whole when each is in his or her place.

In-depth excerpts:
>Etymologically, the Sanskrit word dharma is derived from the root dhr which means 'to hold, have or maintain'. The dharma of a thing may, therefore, be described as that form or power which makes it what it is and prevents it from becoming something different. Water remains water so long as it has the power of wetting things, and fire remains fire so long as it burns whatever is put into it. What keeps whole universe in order and everything in its proper place is dharma

>the dharma of a thing does not lie in any external requirement ; it arises out of a thing's own nature, and in the case of man, manifests itself as soon as impurities are removed

>The idea that an individual realises his true dharma only when he sheds off all the impurities is of fundamental importance ; it paves the way for the identification of the concept of dharma with the notion of rita which signifies cosmic or divine order. Rita also means Truth, A person who realises his true dharma establishes true relationship with the Absolute

>We may, therefore, say that, to a degree, the dharma a thing is that line of conduct which is determined by the stage of evolution at which it has reached and its inner nature. The dharma of a brahmin is different from that of a vaishya or a kshatriya because the former stands at a higher rung of the evolutionary ladder and has a preponderance of the sativic element over the rajasic and the tamasic.
>Whatever helps the evolving soul to cultivate qualities which bring it nearer and nearer to God and finally enables it to realise oneness with Divinity is its dharma ; and whatever obstructs and retards this process self-realisation or God realization is adharma.

National Socialism is an inherently dharmic ideology, as it exults the Eternal Natural Order, believes in hierarchy, differences between men and women, harmonious societies and the like. Modernity is adharmic, in non-conformity with the will of the Creator. Quantity rules quality, genders and races are confused, the inferior enroach on that which belongs to the superior alone and leveling equality is seen as “progress”. Adhering to dharma is to be a National Socialist, and to be a National Socialist is to adhere to Dharma, and God

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/hp/ - Happening General

ITT: discussion of happenings that don't necessarily deserve their own thread.

R: 29 / I: 19 / P: 3

Joe Stack 10 Year Anniversary

On February 18, 2010 Joe Stack heroically flew his plane into an IRS building dealing a blow to ZOG. His sacrifice shall not be forgotten.

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Hey lads,

I made a new Murdoch Murdoch Mirror:

Feel free to share the link with fellow frens.

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German/pol/ - We Hitler now edition

Tired of posting in 4jews IP harvesting honey pot? Here we go ... ITT: Saltmining, discussion, German news, the German lunatic asylum explained to foreigners Hard Mode: keep it engrish and no Krautchan speak please, it's dead Jim also, no Balliet discussions here, he's got his own thread >>7371 AfD Derangement Syndrom Edition is real Bundesferkel BTFO >Germany AfD: Left Outrage as far right read center-right helps oust Thuringia care-taker PM Ramelow who has no majority Corona-chan: voluntary quarantine based on honor works totally >Thuringia MP election >Polls >Election analysis 2014-2019 >Meme Collections >What do Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative. counter subversion. Get /fit/. Spread flyers and stickers. Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht. >English language analysis >Counter culture >Laut Gedacht >E;R >Ruhrpott Roulette >Andreijs Aporje >Useful links (no endorsement) >AfD TV (german) >Einzelfall map, foreign criminals case log >four cucks

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Breivik Appreciation Thread

Breivik Appreciation Thread.

Post memes and discuss/shitpost about this hero with the highest score.

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/pol/ reads Mein Kampf together

Many of us haven't read Mein Kampf yet, or only read it in part, or read it a long time ago. In this thread we'll read it together in a leisurely fashion one chapter at a time. My copy of the book has 12 chapters in the first part and 15 in the second part. We'll use a pace of 2 chapters per month, or one chapter every two weeks, which comes out to a litle over a year. That's quite slow but gives us the chance to read without much pressure at all and we can thoroughly discuss the details with one another. This pace also gives anyone a chance to easily catch up if they join the party late. Of course you can read faster or read the chapters in any order you'd like. But we'll be focusing discussion on the current month's window of 2 chapters. Because there is a dual language translation from Dalton this thread also serves as an optional way to learn or improve your German if you choose to use that version. I believe Stalag, Ford, and Dalton are the most recommended English translations although of course the original German is the most authoritative. You can find copies of various translations here or at any reputable book store near you. There are also some interesting audio book versions out there. Feel free to link them. To begin we'll start with chapter 1 and 2. Again please try to focus discussion on the current chapters, although it's OK to go back a chapter or two before that if you're catching up so don't sweat it. We can make observations on what we're reading, ask questions, discuss historical context, or even how it might apply to our current time and situation. Well, let's get this party started and begin reading!

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Traditionalism general

This thread is for discussion of Traditionalism. From Wikipedia: >According to the Traditionalists, there are primordial and universal religious truths which are at the foundations of all major world religions. The Traditionalists speak of "absolute Truth and infinite Presence".[1] Absolute Truth is "the perennial wisdom (sophia perennis) that stands as the transcendent source of all the intrinsically orthodox religions of humankind."[1] According to Traditionalists, "the primordial and perennial truth" is manifested in a variety of religious and spiritual traditions.[2] Infinite Presence is "the perennial religion (religio perennis) that lives within the heart of all intrinsically orthodox religions."[1]

R: 38 / I: 10 / P: 3

Welfare Thread

I had intuitively known and had heard it talked about that non-Whites are far more dependent on (((government))) handouts than Whites are, but it wasn't until today, when I actually started to look into the stats, that I began to realize how bad things really where in America. As of 2015 only 23.1% of White households were on welfare, compared to 54% for both Blacks and Hispanics taken separately. Likewise 51% of immigrant households are on welfare as well, mostly heavily in those groups that come from Central American and Mexico, the Caribbean and Africa. Europeans, to no one's surprise, have the lowest welfare use among all immigrants. This might seem obvious but I feel like I've just overdosed on blackpills HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN? We are living in a country where there is a massive ZOG-dependent class of racial aliens rapidly replacing us. As they replace us - if they replace us - the bread and circuses is only going to get worse. I don't even want to continue learning more, but I feel like I need to follow this redpill to the end of the tunnel. Please post more redpills on welfare ITT Also, should welfare exist in a society governed according to Aryan values? I feel that a people should help itself (we can see that Hitler preached this as well with stuff like Winterhilfswerk) but it should never lead to outright dependency, especially dependency of a subhuman population. Feeling PISSED, anons.

R: 102 / I: 49 / P: 3

John Earnest Thread

This thread is for discussion, news and memes about John T. Earnest, the kike-killer himself and the first disciple of Saint Brenton H. Tarrant

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 3

Is Crypto a Jewish Scam?

I need the full rundown on this because I think Im going to enter this Pyramid Scheme (((rubs hands))) for my own financial needs. What do you guys know about Crypto? Who created it? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? What are the best exchanges to join? Is there any that will allow me to trade without my (((information)))? Also any Moonz on the Horizon? What do guys know about Bitcoin Halving soon?

R: 506 / I: 213 / P: 3

Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.10 – The Trial Approaches Edition

Previous threads 1) Brenton Tarrant meme thread 2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters 3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3 4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4 5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5 6) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.6 7) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.7 8) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.8 9) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.9

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New Video. Dropping bombshells about being behind Epstein prosecution.

R: 27 / I: 8 / P: 4

"16Chan" Is Honeypot

I started two Russia threads on 16chan and they blocked me from starting new threads, the site asks for "a picture" to start the thread even if I send a picture (or more than one).

16chan's "users" are going to block, derail, twist, spin, distort, water down, white wash, etc anything serious (not even necessarily pro-white, etc).

16chan's end goal is to promote blacks/Jews-Israel/pedophilia/time wasting/etc.

We are doomed.

Never waste your time on:

1) 4chan
2) 8chan
3) 16chan
4) Blockchan

Also never watch:

1) Adam Green

You'd waste your time and everything would keep getting worse, darker and more degenerate, with the useful information aside.

They want to corner people to bow down for everything that you know is bad.

They'll try to block any Russia content first, then "white wash" Jews and Israel, and then push "how can whites compete" negro dick last.

It's better not write than waste your time with KIKE WHORES.

R: 97 / I: 54 / P: 4

St. Roof Thread

What's going on with Dylann Roof lately? I haven't heard anything since he wrote that letter to Tucker Carlson.

R: 23 / I: 2 / P: 4


There is a new bill in Congress that basically bans deportation of illegals. Decriminalizes coming into the country. While also allowing people that have been deported for crimes before this bill is passed to come back in on the taxpayers dime. With this bill someone would need to have a sentence of 5 years or more for deportation to even be considered. Drug offenses would not longer be grounds for deportation. Molestation would no longer qualify either. If someone commits a serious crime in a forgein country they are still eligible to apply for citizenship. This is literally open borders nonesense. This must be made as widely known as possible. This must not be allowed to pass!

R: 52 / I: 18 / P: 4

The overlooked key to white survival: fertility rates

Recently, this board has been abuzz with discussion on how to achieve a White Nation. While curtailing mass immigration and establishing a White Nation could be useful, focusing the debate on removing minorities misses the point of a White Nation: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."
And no matter how many chinks we deport, we're not going to have a future unless we also increase our birthrates. One fewer kike does not create one more White.
And given that a DOTR/White liberation war would likely kill many White people, perhaps we should not put the wagon ahead of the horse, and we should mainly focus on birth rates right now.

Achieving high birth rates requires political participation
Much has been made of the issue of whether the political solution is still viable. Those who support a political solution have been called christkikes, and their threads shoah'd. I'm not here to shill for a peaceful-only solution. What I am arguing, however, is that when it comes to increasing birth rates, the political solution is the only solution. Lone wolf attacks destroy lives; they don't create them.
There are many factors that are tied to birth rates. One is the ratio between men's and women's income. When women's income increases, they start using birth control and shit, so fertility goes down. But when men's income increases, families feel more secure in trying for another child, and fertility goes up.[1] That's why the economic boom after WWII created a baby boom, but the continued economic growth today is not increasing fertility rates.
Another factor is the social factor. Contraceptives reduce the birth rate, while traditional religion increases it.
If we are to increase fertility rates, we must change the political situation to be more suitable for births. This would involve improving the economy, starving the (((big banks))), and promoting traditional family values, all of which require a propaganda war, not a physical one.

Starting DOTR right now would hurt fertility rates in the long run
I'm not here to shill against violence, but I personally believe that lone-wolf violence is neither moral nor effective. One reason why is that the end goal—a massive civil war—is likely to significantly hurt both fertility rates and child survival [2].
DOTR would likely be a protracted, messy conflict lasting years, involving guerilla warfare, militias, and factional infighting. It would significantly damage the infrastructure of the United States, leading to a significant decline in birth rates and mass deaths among the White population. All in all, the fact that the glownigs want DOTR before birthrates is telling.


R: 36 / I: 2 / P: 4

Take the Individualism pill

>Been in the movement for years >Met 100's IRL >Spoken to 10,000's online The majority are bootlicking fools, too blind to understand their votes don't matter and that they are serfs. No one is ever going to violently fight the violent (((government))) who are openly genociding all White people simultaneously world-wide. No one works together. Whites dont pool money together to form legal advocacy groups or form businesses to become doxx-proof. No one speaks truth, everyone hides behind sarcasm and humor while brown niggers exterminate and rape their way through our nations, and White pigs attack Whites and never even look at the niggers and muslims. White judges crush their own people, and jews laugh all the way to the bank. For all this "serving my people" shite, White people HATE NATIONALISTS with a passion and want us all dead, jailed and raped. White Nationalists are either weak or childish and only infight like niggers. No one is serious. Everyone just want to make jokes and get snarky about every new tragedy. Pundits simply want to sell their book. White Nationalists are still individuals. They dont care about each other, they just dont want their own personal experience ruined by niggers, and they dont want their favorite movies ruined by kikes. the "Nationalist" females are simply racist feminists and none want to relinquish the freedom they got from liberation. none want to shut the fuck up and serve a man. we can not be free unless we run the mainstream media. we already have all the influence we are ever going to have online. we are on every social media site and in every comment section. if people dont buy our views, they are choosing to deny them. we will not win over a higher percentage of people. normies hate truth. they do not want to grow up and go to war. they dont care about right or wrong and have no sense of duty or honor. they simply serve the hand that feeds them. we cant feed shit. all we offer is struggle and they dont care about that. so, again, why shouldn't i check out and go solo in the woods? White poeple do not care about me, and neither does this JOKE of a movement. call me all the names you want but these are facts. no one is serious. there is no cohesion, and nothing is moving, except the enemy, which is make mad gains over our future. seriously, debate me right now faggots. no name calling, debate.

R: 85 / I: 13 / P: 4

Virginia Gov. Coonman Northam Declares State of Emergency

>RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today declared a state of emergency in advance of expected demonstrations on Capitol Square on Monday, January 20, 2020. Law enforcement intelligence analysts have identified credible threats of violence surrounding the event, along with White nationalist rhetoric and plans by out-of-state militia groups to attend.

>The Governor’s declaration prohibits all weapons, including firearms, from Capitol grounds, and will provide joint law enforcement and public safety agencies the resources they need to keep demonstrators, policymakers, and all Virginians safe.

R: 120 / I: 22 / P: 4

So Blackpilled right now.

First of all, Hitler was a fucking cuck, who, in his moralfagging, chose to spare the Kikes, refused to use WMDs, and just moralfagged endlessly. It must've been his vegetarian diet that feminized him. You know, if we had a cold and calculating White man, like Titus for example, in charge of the US, Britain, or Germany, the Kikes would be on an endangered species list, living on the edge of extinction in the Middle East. Instead, for our last stand against the Kikes, we got a soy boy vegan who couldn't bring himself to exterminate the Kikes en mass. What the jews did in Eastern Europe should've gave Hitler more than enough of a reason to butcher them. Also Hitler should've fought dirty. If I was him, I would've copied designs of the allies, put allied flags and emblems on them, and make the allies slug it out after the false flag attacks. However, Hitler just had to play nice. Maybe it was the estrogen from his diet talking. I don't know, and I don't care. He was a cuck, and the Roman General, Titus, handled the Yid problem better than Cuckler. The 1965 immigration Act should've caused Lyndon B. Johnson to have his prefrontal cortex blown out the back of his skull in a just, healthy world, but racially conscious Whites were too chicken shit to do it, even back then. All they did was LARP and try to wake up the sheep, who, by all accounts, don't give fuck about the agendas of their rulers and never did. Tragically, the US was probably doomed from the start, when the Founding Oil-drillers decreed that all "men are created equally". Not even all Whites are equal: there's sheep and there's the ones with free will who rule them. If Hitler wasn't such a fucking cuck, or if the Romans genocided the kikes more thoroughly, we'd be fulfilling the fourteen words on distant star systems by now. As of now, we have a 99.9% chance of going extinct like the damned Neanderthal. Hell, our race has better odds of surviving the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs than that. Fuck this world. If I could, I'd destroy the entire planet just to deny it to the Kikes and their pet shitskins.

R: 18 / I: 3 / P: 4

Anti-Tech, Deep Ecology, Tribalism, Primitivism,

How many other people here see that the technopoly is one of the greatest threats to the continued existence of our race and the way of life that we strive for? The more redpilled I become the more I realize that stuff has been heading in the wrong direction for a very long time and that the logical conclusion of our current trajectory is enslavement and the destruction of this planet's natural environment. Eventually, if I get the money, I hope to get off the grid and live in the woods as independently as possible. If you've already read Ted I implore you to read Jacques Ellul. The problem is much greater than technology, it's technique. Everything from the endless drive towards efficiency, centralization and even things like clocks and time, seeing how they dictate every aspect of our lives, disrupting our natural biological clocks and patterns is part of the problem.

>The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul
>Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski
>Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How? by Theodore J. Kaczynski
>Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola
>The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter

> The Riddle of Amish Culture by Donald Kraybill (gives good insight into why the Amish do what they do and how it helps preserve stable, close knit communities lacking many of the defects of the degenerate secular world).
>Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching by Dave Foreman
>The NS Kindred Experiment
>Back To The Land by Jost Turner

R: 84 / I: 14 / P: 4


How do we help the cause day to day and redpill more people. Waiting for the collapse and accelerationism is good but not enough. Because I’d the collapse happens when we don’t have enough support we lose by default. We need more people today willing to be self sufficient and understand the higher cause. This is my just about the jews and race realism. We must show people how fucked the system is inside out. The global elite cult needs to be exposed.

R: 152 / I: 40 / P: 5


Can someone please tell me about the Stephan Balliet dude. He failed but had a great motiv. I have seen alot of hate to him just cuz he failed, i dont think we should hate on him cuz its the
thought that counts. Lets praise him like we do to Philip Manshaus! Remember he is one of us

R: 270 / I: 117 / P: 5

The Blue Men - Prep Thread

>If we could somehow turn every jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on.
That's what Dylann Roof wrote in his manifesto and it got me thinking.

The simplicity is actually brilliant. It's technically easy and we don't need to reason or explain, just show. It's neither illegal nor distasteful. You can slip an image anywhere completely innocently into any discussion. It's SFW, maybe even funny and goes right into the brain:

Jews are statistically over-represented. Jews propagate anti-white policies. Jews are alien.

No tiresome statistics necessary. Whoever sees a blued jew, however short, can't disconnect from that like one can from meme text one might like or not, might find funny or not. Being blue is simply neutral yet different. And with Jews being gene stealers often looking like us that's just the point.

I think it works best if no further text or memes are added to an image. Most people should figure it out on their own or if not it'll be a bit of a mystery and hopefully spark some curiosity among normies.

blued jews (pols, celebs, bankers, corporate people)
infographics asking people to participate
help with photoshop lol
lists with notable jews
on-topic discussions

So do your part and show what you deserve slate's "particularly anti-semitic"

R: 7 / I: 6 / P: 5

HAPPENING - Slovak Surge

Reposting from JulayWorld's /fascist/ A National Socialist party has risen to 2nd place in the poles. People’s Party Our Slovakia(LSNS) this week now has 12% of the national vote, up from 8%. The number one contender is down from 27% to 18%. The platform of the LSNS, formerly Kotleba, is remove kebab, remove gypsy, remove transfags, remove merchant, and to get Slovakia out of the EU and NATO. The leader, Marian Kotleba is on record calling jews “devils in human skin”, he also may face jail time for donating €1488 euros to charity. A lawsuit was filled against the party to disband it for “extremism” but the Supreme Court overruled it. February 29th is the election and these lads need some meme magic. >Neo-Nazis on course to win second place in Slovakia election next month >Party leader Marian Kotleba has said jews living in Slovakia are “intrinsically bothered by everything that is Slovak” and that they “live on our territory solely by the mercy of the Slovak nation”. >latest poles–_People%27s_Party_Our_Slovakia >political platform expresses anti-immigrant and antiziganist rhetoric,[18] Christian fundamentalism, paternalism and economic interventionism, interest-free national loans, replacement of the euro currency with the Slovak koruna, strengthening of law and order, rejection of same-sex civil unions (popular with the major democratic parties), and strong anti-establishment sentiment, most notably against Slovakia's current foreign and domestic policy. >Members of the party have been repeatedly charged with Holocaust denial, which is a felony in Slovakia. Remember, anons NEVER DESPAIR

R: 59 / I: 29 / P: 5

Thailand Happening, Soldier Shooting up Mall

TWENTY PLUS DEAD, RUMORS OF LIVESTREAM >A Thai soldier has killed at least 20 people in a mass shooting and taken hostages inside a shopping mall while taking selfies and livestreaming on social media, according to officials and local media. >The active shooter situation occurred in a shopping center in Korat, also known as Nakhon Ratchasima, in northeast Thailand. The shooter, who police identified as a junior an army officer, used an assault rifle to kill at least 20 people in area. Several others are wounded. >According to reports, the gunman has taken hostages on the fourth floor of the mall and Thai special forces are preparing to storm the building. >Local media have reported that the shooter took selfies and livestreamed during the attack. One of the purported photos shows the suspect wearing a combat helmet and a face mask as he holds up an assault rifle. >Social media users posted what appear to be short clips of a livestream, with the suspect panning the camera to show the area around him. The gunman reportedly posted status updates on Facebook during his rampage, including “Should I surrender (give up)?” and “Well I stopped already.” Before carrying out the attacks, he posted an image of a pistol with bullets, captioning the photo: “It’s time to get excited.”

R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 5


>Be me >I love warhammer lore >Find out about Warhammer Online - Return of Reckoning >Make a dwarf named Judenjaeger >Grind a few hours till I get disconnected >Log in again and it says rename your char >RAGE.EXE >Renamed him Antisemite >The GM keeps on kicking me a few times till he permabans me >Go to forums, make a post, calls me an idiot >Got offended because a jew-footlicker from Ugandan City of Detroit called me an idiot >I thought of my fashy goy boys over here and made this post that's his profile but you need an account to see it and that's his website Please fashy boys make him regret his choice of permabanning me, hack his website and put some fashy shit in it or fuck this server it, ddos it, anything pls.

R: 18 / I: 6 / P: 5

The Internet is becoming lame TV

This fucker sure shut down fast. It's practically impossible to go anywhere where:
a large amount of people gather (millions)
and you can also speak freely without some niggerkiketranny banning you, or deploying a twitter mob to go after your job

Big tech is now another layer of government enforcing imaginary laws that have real world implications like getting fired or kicked off a payment processor. America sucks, it's a jewish penal colony.


And to those righteous anons out there, we had some great laughs, and learned and taught a lot, hopefully something will happen with all that we've become. it's been good my dudes.

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 5

I can't browse the catalog on mobile because of tge scrolling. Just telling you why this shit site will fail. Have a nice day.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 5

Telegram thread

Redpill me on Telegram.
I am not currently interested in joining any subscription based site/social media/app, but it makes the kikes seethe so if any of you has experience with it please share it, especially the issues related to security and glowniggery.
Here's a piece by (((ADL))) about the rise of extremism on Telegram.

R: 25 / I: 3 / P: 5

Anti-entertainment thread

There is no "based" entertainment. It's all degenerate in one way or another. Children should be kept away from: >Television >Movies >Video Games And so on to avoid becoming racemixers, coomers, etc.

R: 54 / I: 13 / P: 5

Demographic Targeting of LEO and Military

A white national socialist movement needs to make good, attractive, easily digested propaganda red pills that are targeted at law enforcement, police, and military. This will matter so much more than going after basement pastries, soccer moms, and other assorted normies. Law enforcement and military are the only ones who really enforce the system and can/will get in the way of a natsoc community and it will be these, highly trained elite aryan warriors that a radical violent national socialist movement will have to fight, and will be slaughtered by. Im not trying to say such a movement should preach pacifism and try to turn themselves into sheep instead of wolves, but its been said many times the pen is mightier than the sword. There are literally entire armies already on this planet at the disposal of whoever it is that can program them. The White National Socialist programming should be superior to the jew programming because ours is on the side of truth, whereas the jewish programming is backwards and riddled with lies. With law enforcement on a white natsoc side they wont come down hard when their jew masters beckon them onto a white natsoc seperatist community, perhaps they might even do something crazier than just disobey such an order. Our current day is prime time for this type of attack, or maybe at least the best deal we're going to get with information being so easily distributed right now.

R: 500 / I: 266 / P: 6

Brenton Tarrant Meme Thread No. 9 - ‘Spreading the disease’ Edition

This thread is about discussion, memes, latest news about Brenton Tarrant.

Previous threads
1) Brenton Tarrant meme thread
2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters
3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3
4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4
5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5
6) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.6
7) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.7
8) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.8

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 6


R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 6

what to do?

first post on here been watching for a while the problem I got today was when I got on the youtube was going to look up "gayniggers from outerspace" on the front page I saw the super bowl halftime show with more than 60 million views of course no one gives a shit. expected it to be anti-White niggerball but what about the children and people who don't know better who see this? skanky whores in slutty outfits pole dancing talking Spanish disgusting look at the comment section full of "diversity" who like that garbage this is where I get to the point I put up a somewhat low effort shitpost in reply to a comment "Remember when they played that football game at a latin concert" I say "stop the (great replacement) make football American again" under shit post account name "An Whi" with very edgy image so what does everyone think? want to shit-up (((their))) comment section?

R: 132 / I: 70 / P: 6

National Socialism general.

R: 3 / I: 4 / P: 6

Hey guys, I've seen pic related in a older Murdoch Murdoch video, and I want to have the original video clip, or at least a high-res version of the image for my meme-folder. Other pics and vids of women getting physically redpilled are also welcome. I'm about to flood some leftist chick with stuff like this, and I can always use more of it. Can you help?

R: 24 / I: 2 / P: 6

New Religion

The universe is a web of energy that connects all things. The energy of the universe flows through all living things. You are the living embodiment of all of your ancestors. Your energy is transferred to your descendants when you die, therefore you must persevere your bloodline. You must understand this universal energy, but studying the physical and metaphysical universe. Pursue knowledge, pursue understanding through science and mediation. Feel this energy by taking care of your body and being fit. Have courage and do not fear the unknown, embrace it, study it. Listen to the universe speaking to you through synchronicities. Understand your place in balancing out reality.

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 6


We need this faggot to stop his furrefagotty bullshit!!
>he banned Kommandant
>got Bellagio Sampler of CHN banned
>Now is back and banned Varg!
What the fuck, this kid doesn't learn huh?

Be a shame if those dox were found again on waybackmachine.

R: 117 / I: 23 / P: 6



SIEGE by James Mason:

Is SIEGE and Atomwaffen Division linked to Satanism?
Not anymore I think with their new posters and their new video Also James mason is just an extremely open minded individual, he converted to Christian Identity. Most AWD members are pagans in some form.

Isn't this just a honeypot?
Not at all, this has nothing to do with nazi larping or being a skinhead stooge. The System is quick to take down SIEGE related websites because it actually poses a threat to (((them))), unlike so-called Alt-Right sites that stay up for years because it's controlled opposition, it works within the confines of the System and is thus harmless.

What is SIEGE generally about?
It is an analysis of all the Fascist movements since the beginning, and it explains why modern Fascist groups have failed, then proposes the alternative to Total Aryan Victory. It promotes dropping out of the System(Varg style) and also forming a network of terrorist cells to directly disrupt the System and seize power through strategy, tactics and raw violence, might is right.

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 6

"The Boys Can Be Princesses, Too Project"

Guess the ethnicity of the person behind it before clicking.

Basically this woman recently made a business out of taking pictures of young boys (ages 3-13) dressed up as princesses. She thinks it is a "necessary" service, because of the pushback she and other participants received for the idea. I suppose those library drag queens aren't creating future fags fast enough, so this will speed up the process?

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 6

Hello brothers, Where can I find the most complete information on the Ahnenerbe research into music?

R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 7

Black History Month!!!

Who here is excited for Black History Month? Going live in an hour from now come join the chat!

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 7

Possible school dist-adminstrative glownig spies

On school adminstrative computer I was listening to some racist stuff and then other tabs with "Israel quote" showed and snitch kermit opened in new tab, nothing illegal i did but still creepy feeling of big nose spy peering lingers

R: 3 / I: 4 / P: 7

minor psyop

need some anons to help with shitpostery

i did my part, you do yours,
enjoy the fellow goy comments, add 6 gorillion more.

also dont forget to mark christfag boomer replies as 'inaccurate', the real reason for calling this operation

R: 13 / I: 4 / P: 7

Black Man On DA MOON

Until a person of color has set foot on the moon NASA is a racist white supremacist organisation.


4chan make it happen.

R: 32 / I: 17 / P: 7

Mud Ork Invasion General Thread

my theory is the commiecrats pushing illegals into america is thus: its an updated 3/5ths clause. even the illegals who are occupying land in the USA in areas that still will not let them vote, they are still counted as population in regards to the census, which allocates seats for the house of representatives, and appropriations of federal funding. de facto, treating them like 3/5ths of a citizen.
additionally, this is also why i think the commiecrats also are /have resisted the citizenship question being added to any census no and in the future.

your thoughts anons?

R: 22 / I: 11 / P: 7

OPERATION Kangz vs. Kikes

The monkeys aren't smart and need to be shown that their greatest enemy has been the jew all along. Things are picking up nicely so we need to continue our effort.

R: 25 / I: 2 / P: 7

They got some of our guys.

A couple of guys were arrested at the ZOG-fag rally in Virginia recently. ZOG-media is accusing them of planning to dress up as pigs and shoot people. If true, this is actually a great idea. I've had it before myself, but I never expected other people to come up with the idea as well!
In my version of it though, you don't just dress up as police and start shooting "right" wingers at this kind of stuff. You do that, but you also make fake radio transmission recordings of being ordered to do it, to be released at some later time to keep the belief the police actually shot people going. You also release 'anonymous' documents from people working inside the local police, making up stories about being ordered to be ready to fire on people for months now, etc.
Of course, this should be done multiple times, until it looks like it is becoming a pattern of the ZOG trying to fight their own "right" wing retards. Eventually some of the "right" wingers will snap, and just start attacking the ZOG on their own, rather than trying to blow off steam at these rallies, where people believe the ZOG is literally killing morons like that anyway.
But to be more abstract, I just want to reiterate why we have to go through the Lone Wolf stage to begin with. These guys couldn't keep the FBI out of their little cell, and to think up the sort of plan they are being accused of tells me they are serious. We lost a couple of potential Tarrants, because they weren't able to sniff the pigs out.
This inability of people inclined toward revolutionary White Nationalism is an ideological weakness. It means they can not talk with someone, and figure out just based on what they are saying, that they are not trustworthy.
I've been reading The Brigade by Covington lately. Not a terrible book, I'd say, but it is definitely flawed in many aspects (caters too much to Christfaggotry being the most obvious one), but the overall picture is just wrong. He underestimates the strength of the ZOG in important ways, not the least of which is our weakness when it comes to dealing with ZOG infiltration.
The Lone Wolf stage is necessary as a means of bypassing the ZOG's security apparatus entirely. I never told anyone about my own idea to go to rallies like the one in Virginia, and shoot the people, while dressed as a police officer, but the exact same thought occurred to these men. If the ideology is in your mind, such ideas which naturally come to those who utterly despise the ZOG, and who would do anything to see it destroyed.
In the Lone Wolf stage, there is no cell. There are no commanders. You are the general, you pick the targets, and you command yourself when to engage and not engage. We can not wait for The Organization to emerge. There are groups that want to be this, and that is fine, but they are likely to fail, and just make themselves targets of the FBI.
Those looking for a way to build the Lone Wolf Army first need to cultivate spaces where the general ideological line can be pushed. To implant revolutionary White Nationalist ideology into someone is to turn them into a ticking bomb for the ZOG. These men, who called themselves "The Base," are people who hear the call of the White Nation, and will act on it. There are thousands of White men (and even women!) who will hear the voice of the White Nation, and will pick up the gun, and be able to command themselves. The Lone Wolf Army is an army with a cell-structure of one. Entry and exit in the army is as simple as deciding you are a soldier-general, fighting a war against the ZOG. This is how is has to be, until we have completely won the ideological war, and the voice of the White Nation is the only one our people are paying attention to.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 7

Opperation Lioness

Nothing better then a good opportunity to get the left cannibalizing itself.
And with the release of new supposedly "Sexist" words of senator Sanders I think we have more then a good opportunity
OP is simple
>Step 1
create sock accounts on Plebbit, tumblr and whatever other feminist shit holes we can gain entrance to
>Step 2
Start namming (((Sanders))) in conjunction with (((Epstein))), (((Weinstein))) and (((Franken))) with obvious illusions to their "sexist scandals" plaid up
>Step 3
Get #sexistjews and #jewishsexism trending
Watch the left decry the rise of "anti-semitism" in the feminist communities
Watch feminist bitches get fucking salty as shit and start unironically naming the jew
>End Result
Feminism labeled "Anit-Semetic"
jewish community Labeled "Sexist"
Effective ability for the left to unite and organize derailed for months if not years.

R: 23 / I: 0 / P: 7

Stormfront is nothing but cuckolds and feminists

I came there looking for advice as to whether my behavior was degenerate. All of the cucks took a landwhale's side because I cheated on the broad after she ballooned from 120 to 220. Cucks. Every single one of them. I am a strong, muscular, high test White man and I deserve super model-tier broads. No amount of weight loss would fix that ruined one. The only I'd have to look forward to would be to puke at the sight of her excess skin and stretchmarks if she lost weight. Disgusting. They all called me a degenerate. Especially the women who post there.

Worse yet, they thought the VA rally was a victory, even thought it was just civcucks and boomers LARPing.

Is Stormfront just a place Boomers frequent to kill time before they collect their social security checks. What the fuck's wrong with that place? It seems it got hit harder by QBoomers and Civnats than cuckchan.

R: 17 / I: 2 / P: 7

What would you do?

>Be me
>Eating at my favorite Pizza Place
>Tranny serves me food.
>I ask wheres my friend Brad who makes the best Pizza?
>Brad was fired. Maurice is now the lead Chef.
>Flip out
>Demand Tip back
>Tranny says naw bish
>Im like I aint giving my tip to a nigger.
>Go sit down to avoid any more conferentaton.
>Start eating
>Gook bugs me saying LKSJDFKLJSKLEJf in my face.
>Wtf.jpg are you trying to say old man
>I nneee mohneee.
>Im broke old man
>Gook leaves
>Two teenage girls are sitting by me
>Probably no older than fourteen
>White girl sitting with Achmeds younger sister.
>They start giggling.
>White girl drops Napkin
>Bends over in front of me like its a game
>I act disgusted
>They continue to giggle
>Im trying to just eat because Im starving just woke up.
>White girl does it again.
>5 more times
>Im disgusted
>Shes wearing stripper stockings with that strap on the side of her legs.
>I almost say something.
>Niggers are eating everywhere.
>Fat White Slobs have overtaken what used to be a great place.

I barely could finish my Pizza. it was my favorite place.


That poor girl is going to be boned by Achmed after hanging out with his sister.

How do I save the White Race in this scenario?

R: 6 / I: 3 / P: 8


How does it feel to go to work feeling like you have a sense of purpose in the world and you're saving the world from ISIS terrorists only to learn that ISIS is a western intelligence backed Mossad led operation?

Keep fighting ISIS for freedom USA, USA, USA!!!

R: 13 / I: 0 / P: 8


Heads up, anons, I have discovered more kikery in word filters that you should be aware of, and realize that the (((mods))) here on Neinchan are purposely fucking with our ability to communicate effectively free from their (((muddling))). It is IMPOSSIBLE to type N.ational S.oi suck nigga dicksm without it being all lower case. Try it for yourselves and see. Likewise the filter remains on the term ‘s.oi suck nigga dicksm’ by itself, again a needless and petty wordfilter that hinders discussion of political issues. A final wordfilter that I have became aware of is on a term relating to the belief in different races – the term is
I have typed it like this because I am not sure exactly what triggers it here. Again, don’t take my word on it:

rai suck nigga dicksm
rai suck nigga dickst


R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 8

Gas the Kikes Race War NOW

I will not forgive them for what they took from me. I feel my blood boiling and it only gets worse by the day. I will take over this world or die trying.

R: 10 / I: 2 / P: 8

Inspiring Videos

Hello frens. I thought it would be nice to make a thread sharing as many important and inspiring videos as possible, since it's quite difficult to find some from years ago after various internet purges (AlertaJudiada, for example).

I'll start with two of my favorites.

R: 69 / I: 36 / P: 8


Europeans practiced a diverse selection of native beliefs long before Christianity came. They were 100% European and supported its own people it promoted the family and their race.

Then came Christianity spread by jews it took over the pagan faiths by force. And where has it left us? In a modern hell hole where the pope kisses nigger feet and we embrace a religion that supports race mixing and being cowards that turn the other cheek.

To truly throw off the chains of jewry we must reclaim our own religions and forget about the shit they forced down our throats!

R: 69 / I: 14 / P: 8


My gommunist many fisto

After intense discussion with my life partners poodle during which fluffles consensually mounted my leg. I have come to a firm determination to over throw the oppressors of Walgreens after they have repeatedly refused to provide strawberry ky jelly to the oppressed proletariat, in the form of myself. I have repeatedly and shrilly informed them at length about my needs but they insist on only stocking blueberry or pineapple and both trigger my allergies. This is clear oppression since i have a right to enjoy butt secs in the flavour of my choice.
In addition, Walgreens have consistently refused to use my proper pronouns even though i supplied them with a complete & detailed list on both sides of a laminated A4 sheet.
The store manager is a nazee because hes white & bald.
I have informed Walgreens HR department but they are basically Trump supporters which are basically fascists, basically.

My list of demands:

1.Redistribution of strawberry ky to the proletariat.
2.The abolishment of all lines at Starbucks.
3.Avocado toast must be provided in all safety rooms.
4.Absolute equality for all, especially on the subject of cleaning up poodle shit.
5.Mandatory soy enemas.
6.The complete dismantling of the patriarchy.

If these demands are not met by Monday i will have no choice but to begin the glorious revolution beginning with Walgreens. My life partner fully supports my decision and promises to try and go on without me.
Good bye gommrades, gommunizm wiil wine!

R: 657 / I: 198 / P: 8

Brenton Tarrant Meme Thread No. 8 - ‘Valhalla Awaits’ Edition

This thread is about discussion, memes, latest news about Brenton Tarrant.

Previous threads
1) Brenton Tarrant meme thread
2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters
3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3
4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4
5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5
6) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.6

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 8

FORT - Forging Our Racial Tomorrow | National Socialist Youth Group

If any National Socialist zoomers are looking for a online community to join, check out FORT

FORT - Forging Our Racial Tomorrow is an online community for young National Socialists. Our goal is to help young National Socialists improve themselves and their White communities. Our focus is on politics, discussion, and self-improvement. We aim to provide the tools and resources to help our members succeed.

>Our mission
The forging of our racial tomorrow is a monumental task which is our duty to achieve. Our mission is to create an online community for the youth which rejects the degeneracy of our time. We live in a society of self-destruction. We aim to reignite the fires of the future with the tools of self-improvement, community building, leadership training, and group organization. We strive for survival. This will naturally demand of us to build the foundations of the world to come, within ourselves. Our efforts will prepare our members to not only make their dream attainable, but will catapult them into adulthood, and ensure their success throughout their life. Hail Victory.

Join us at:

We also have the first episode of our podcast releasing in the next few weeks!

R: 92 / I: 10 / P: 8

Internet anonymity

A few years back I used to post on different chans using just regular browsers. I actually believed I was protected by some kind of privacy laws. Then when it became clear to me that all the right wing websites and forums were being monitored and everyone that frequented them went on a list, I stopped posting. I had deleted my accounts that I used on different websites and I only lurked through Tor and occasionally posted via Tor on websites that allowed it. I knew I was probably already on a bunch of watchlists (even though I did nothing wrong or illegal), but hoped this would mitigate the damage. I wanted to stay as low as possible on these lists, so to speak.

I figured I would later set up a VPN or something so I could continue shitposting, but never actually took the time to do it. I didn’t know what kind of VPN I would need and also had concerns that using a VPN would “move me up higher on the list”. I can imagine that a relatively large portion of VPN users are right wing (especially since they often advertise on right wing websites) and that using a VPN can attract unwanted attention. I also figured that if I bought VPN service via a creditcard or something, I might be jeopardizing my data even more than if I used nothing at all.

I often made OC that got reposted by other anons and would like to get back to doing that. I already viewed /pol/-tier material without VPN (or anything else) in the past and know that I’m already on some list or another. I know you can’t be completely anonymous (for example, you can’t hide from the CIA), but I would like to know how I can achieve the best amount of anonymity without having to do complicated tech shit.

I assume I would have to buy a VPN via cryptocurrency, but how do I do that so it can’t be traced to me or my bank account. I have seen a lot of people saying a VPN + brave browser is relatively safe. Also to what extend does Tor work for shitposting? Is it possible to upload anonymously to Youtube via Tor? (You have to give a phone number if I recall correctly) What about Bitchute, Minds, Gab, Twitter,…?

I also posted this on nanochan but it was deleted for some reason.

TL;DR: safe and easy ways to achieve online anonymity

R: 14 / I: 2 / P: 8

Free speech and hatespeech

In a lot of countries in Europe the views that are expressed on this board are technically illegal. There are laws against "holocaust denial" and "racism". People who express these sort of views on social media under their own name are often arrested and jailed (and doxed in the process).

What I would like to know is if it is also illegal to express these views anonymously and if so, are there people who have been arrested for this?

If, for example, someone were to accidentally reveal their own identity on this board, could they be arrested for "hate speech"?

And what if that person has posted here, but hasn't technically expressed anything "racist" or "denied the holocaust"?

And if all of this is indeed illegal, are there any ways to circumvent these laws? For example if anyone were to deny the "hall of cost", would it still be illegal?

Any (europoor) lawfags on this board?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9

/Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General

Thread for discussion of Italian Fascism and other forms of Third Position Politics, Traditionalism, Corporatism, etc. Also for sharing Fascist literature and information.,_1919

Be respectful and please try to keep conversations relatively "intellectual".

Fascists and other influential people who lay the foundations of the philosphy of Fascism:

Oswald Mosely
Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Goebbels
Stepan Bandera
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
Ramiro Ledesma Ramos
Ettore Ovazza
Gaetano Mosca
Anton Drexler
Friedrich Nietzsche
Charles Maurras
Enrico Corradini
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Johann Plenge
Alceste De Ambris
Gabriele d'Annunzio
Juan Perón
Giovanni Gentile
Julius Evola
Plínio Salgado
Julius Caesar
Gottfried Feder

Types of Fascism/Third Positonism:

Italian Fascism
British Union of Fascists
National-Soi suck nigga dicksm
Clerical Fascism
Brazilian Integralism
Estado Novo

Ba'athism, Nasserism, The Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and the 4th Political Theory are also allowed to be discussed.

"[Fascism] was an explosion against intolerable conditions, against remediable wrongs which the old world failed to remedy. It was a movement to secure national renaissance by people who felt themselves threatened with decline into decadence and death and were determined to live, and live greatly." ~Oswald Mosely,

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 9

Convince me to convert to germanic paganism

Why should i abandon christianity?

R: 55 / I: 10 / P: 9

How to radicalize yourself

I have been thinking about that a lot and the key to become a mass shooter is to completely give up your life in society. Society holds you down and wants you to submit and fit in and that is what makes you a slave! You have to be ready to give your life away for the things you believe in and that's what distinguishes heroes like Tarrant and Breivik from normal, civilized slaves. They were ready to sacrifice everything for the things they believed in. Hail victory!

R: 57 / I: 1 / P: 9

NatSoc - Making the Future Ours

Men and Women of the Sun, and all capable of Higher Love and Hate, I've been thinking about ways to fight back against Jewery. Having read most NatSoc and related works (thank you Infinite Chan book threads and 8/vril), I've devised the idea that we as a group must act as both the lightning and the sun. We must have people working within and outside the system, both against the system, with leaders combining the two's efforts. The group forms the fascis, with our will being the warrior wielding the axe; a metaphysical man above and against time. To this, we need to understand our enemy's weaknesses IN the system and how to exploit those weaknesses to OUR benefits without leaving the system; how to use those weaknesses against the enemy. Our end goal is eternal Volkism, the Incarnation of Vril on this Mortal Plane - Society is Family, Love is Eternal, Life is Sacred, Death is Life. Our enemies are to be exterminated casually with detachment and in totality.

1. In the system: We need land, and we need to live volkishly. We need to display our beliefs, our love and our hate, very openly, and we need to explain both to onlookers and the select normies who aren't completely brainwashed. We need to balkanize, and engage in activism. To this end, we could follow the New Awakening's example, and take land in a select few states, in the Arctic, Alaska, or in the Antarctic. The reason for such cold places: our enemies hate the cold, and these areas are less perverted by them for the sake of technological "progress" sans spiritual progress. Next, these lands are closer to our ancestral home than anywhere else (until we take The World and our Homelands back). Last, the enemies' populations are smaller here, and where they are present, they are cloistered in urban environments.

a. We group together our cash, our personal skills, and our belongings, and move northwest - buy 5 acres here and there, everyone in your group take an acre or two, and build small, cheap, preferably natural homes, with gardens, breweries, workshops, other skills and luxury shops, and so forth. Everyone specialize in each village. Once established, fly your flag (Wehrmacht battle flag, Swastika, Circle of Life, Tyr, Odinsrun, or Sonnenrad, etc) openly and proudly. Advertise to other NatSoc, and don't be afraid of the Jews or their willing slaves' words or threats, and always be willing to retaliate with speech - name the Jew, blame the Jew. Name their blood libel, their perversion, and especially the Talmud and the Protocols; always name their pil-pul when they deny the protocols are state the Talmud is "no holy book" by stating they didn't deny the Talmud wholesale. Be honest with your hatred.

b. If Christian, build your own church and allow outsiders to visit privately - be brotherly to your Hindu and Pagan kin, and continue introspection to remove all Jewish perversion of your faith, and know it exists in the wider context of Life. If Hindu or Pagan, continue study and meditation; live godly and be the eternal UNIT you know yourself to be. Be brothers and sisters, all, regardless of faith, and know your ideas must always serve the 14 words or be shed away.

A. No matter what, continue NatSoc studies, both ancient and modern, know what is at stake, and know the consequences of our failure - and the rewards of success. Have study groups and private libraries. Use printers to reprint "verboten" media, and put them in binders for new copies.

c. Offer services to other NatSoc and other villages for cheap, either in return for a favor, for a barter, or for barely more cash than the cost-of-production in cases where money was involved in your initial investment; we are family, not "merchants;" Volk, not Americans. Offer services to others outside the societies for cheap - enough to pay our enemies' levied taxes and keep the slave keepers off our backs.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

ITs BlackJack: Not ded... yet

Yo if any of you original goyims are still around reply.

Moniker if you are out there. Please report in.

Im developing some software that will eventually allow you guys to livestream in your threads.

Im sorry for not giving an update sooner.

If you are one of the original goys from (((Discord))) Direct message me @Admin on NeinChat.
I really miss the Bantz. Also, I miss you guys some really neat Anons were from the glory days.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

Holocaust-Myth solved: Auschwitz was not animal cruelty, was species-approproate accomodation of liberal bugmen

Contrary to popular belief, the Auschwitz work- and concentration-camp was built with well-being of inhabiting bugmen in mind, as extensive excavations in the San Francisco area have proven. A large hive constructed and inhabited by bloatware-coding bugmen was found, for which bugmen pay up to 1500$ per month for a spot in the honeycomb, while coding bloatware for software-companies.


R: 196 / I: 21 / P: 9

How to redpill women?

I currently have a girlfriend and she’s genuinely an amazing woman. She’s talented hard working loves cooking, grew up in a small town and was a virgin before she met me. The only problem is that she is super blue pilled and whenever I try to explain to her why she’s wrong she just shuts down changes the subject. My concern is that if I end up marrying her she’ll either infect my kids with that bullshit or things won’t work out cause we believe in different things. Any ideas on how to bring her to our side?

R: 142 / I: 50 / P: 9

HABBENING! War with Iran imminent!

America strikes head of Iran Quds Forces.

Iraqi State TV:

>Iraqi state television reported Friday that the powerful commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, was killed in a strike on the Baghdad International Airport early Friday.

>The strike killed five people, including the pro-Iranian chief of an umbrella group for Iraqi militias, Iraqi television reported and militia officials confirmed. The militia chief, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, was a strongly pro-Iranian figure.

Who is this nigger?
http s://

Iran says they will strike back:

Buckle up anons, here we go! Guess we are going to find out if Iran really has nukes after all.

R: 58 / I: 10 / P: 9

For a greater tomorrow

I am a National Bolshevik and I don't hate you National Socialists/fascists. We may not agree in economics, but we agree on the fact that we hate kikes, liberals and non-white immigration. I think it would be better for both of us if we fight against this (((neoliberal))) system instead of fighting each other. This is what the kikes really fear!

R: 32 / I: 6 / P: 9

Yockeyism and the Sino-Soviet split (censored version).

This first paragraph about what I'm going to do soon censored.
I posted a bit on 8chan, but only a handful of posts, completely forgettable one-liners, one about Stalin.
I confess, I have been a Commie for years. I guess I was intellectually attracted to it. It seemed to describe to me why I grow up the way I did, and offered a vision of a better future. But what is understood as "Marxism" is, at best, a completely gross distortion of it, and there is no salvaging it. Communism is ideologically dead, and never coming back.
I just want to say that, if you were to become a Commie and seriously get into their insane political scene, you would hate them much more than anyone like Breivik ever did. Breivik didn't understand the half of it. No one hates a Commie more than another Commie. No one has killed more Commies than other Commies, and this is no accident. It is in the DNA of Lenin, and traces of it can be found in Marx: google Marx's comments on the "jewish nigger" Lassalle for a small taste of it. This was the whole point of the split between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks, the Third International, etc. Communism was born as a split in normal Social-Democratic parties, and their first enemy was them.
As someone who wasted many years of my life inside these political scam cults, I can tell you that, at least in America, 99% of them are people who spend their time watching MSNBC. They do Democratic Party politics while using communism as their fashion accessory. They are conscious they are running idiotic cults, idiotic cults that will never do anything, and they are up to their eyeballs in police agents, who more often than not, are openly invited inside. There is never going to be a Commie revolution in America, as the people who are in control of the various cults already have the America they want.
It is hard, hard beyond belief, to think your way out of all this nonsense, though I guess for me it was personally reading about the dispute between what is called "Third Worldism" and their opponents. They put the question bluntly, but not too bluntly: are workers in the advanced capitalist countries exploited? The Third Worldists said no, but they would never be so explicit as to say this includes blacks, hispanics, gays, etc. I suppose this part was left up for the reader to figure out on their own, and I spent a great deal of time thinking it over.
I had always noticed blacks can be found nowhere near the anti-war movement. I always wondered why this was. How was being anti-war basically just a White guy thing? Beyond the tokens they could find to do public speeches at their events, everyone organizing this, and putting their lives into it, was a White man. Third Worldism finally gave me a partial answer: the blacks know. They know. THEY KNOW.
It was this realization that caused me to withdraw from everything. I have spent months now away from these people. In the mean time, I did a lot of soul searching, or rather, simply looking inside myself and trying to find something, anything at all. Old instincts die hard. I distrusted anything right-wing and nationalist, but still hated liberals and most other leftists even more. But then I found some discussion on 8chan before it was shut down about Yockey, and this man's thought seemed to bring something back to me. Following him, I read the Turner Diaries and Siege. Mason's passionate account in the American national socialist movement struck a chord with me; it was like reading some mirror universe of my own experience. Siege was a marvelous book, but I never would have found it without Yockey.
I just wish Yockey wouldn't have been killed, and would have been able to write about the coming Sino-Soviet split. This might not be something people here think is relevant to anything, but let me tell you, the Commie scene all over the world revolves around this question. And Yockeyism has a lot to potentially say about it.
If it was obvious to Yockey that the Soviets were basically turning towards an anti-jew world outlook, it had to be obvious to everyone else. Including the Chinese. They could not help but make parallels to their own nationalist revolution against the Manchu, and the attitudes of many Europeans towards the jews. They must have saw what the Soviet Union was doing internally, and shrieked. Just as the Soviets were making a decisive turn against world jewery, the Chinese were making a decisive turn toward it.
Even after abandoning communism, the end of the Turner Diaries always gave me a bit of a sick feeling. Did a victorious White nation really need to exterminate all non-White people on Earth, particularly the Chinese? But pondering over Yockeyism and the Sino-Soviet split has made me realize, no, the Chinese deserve it. They still deserve it today. These people had their own history to tell them about the experience of living under the rule of a despotic ethnic minority, could see that the same thing existed in places like America, and still chose to side the with the jews. In fact, not only did they choose to side with our Manchus, they basically sold out the entire rest of the planet to the jews, including their own people.
The Chinese basically forced the rest of the Manchus to assimilate. No one reads or speaks their language anymore, besides a handful of academic scholars. But these people didn't disappear, they just started calling themselves Han, and they almost surely still have the knowledge of their real ethnic origins. It is my suspicion, that if you investigated the leadership of the Chinese Commie party today, all the top positions would be filled with people of Manchu origin.
I believe now there is no turning back. The future of humanity is a White, European future. If there was once a possibility of a multi-racial future for Earth, there is no longer. The Chinese have to die for what they did to us by siding with the jews. Moreover, only the White race has the moral and spiritual capability of living in harmony with the planet. The Chinese and other races will destroy the environment, and pollute the planet to make it unlivable for everyone. They have to be stopped, to save the only real humans, and the rest of all life on Earth.

R: 35 / I: 12 / P: 10


What's your excuse not to read what is probably the only REALISTIC fictional portrayal of a successful white revolution? While i'm not really into the idea of Northwest migration, more of a balkanization proponent, the novels are extremely well written all considered. There are some flaws as with all books (especially the pitched battles and some "future" segments), and some background self-insert of the author, but overall it's MUCH better than anything else out there.

"Covington's five "Northwest" novels, published between 2003 and 2012, present a fictionalized account of the rise of a future "Northwest American Republic". This nation secedes from the United States, ejects all non-white inhabitants from its territory, including Jews, and becomes a regional superpower, defeating US attempts to reconquer it."

There are other books but The Brigade is recommended for first read. This is my recommended order.
- A Distant Thunder (guerilla warfare pov)
- A Mighty Fortress (guerilla warfare pov + independence negotiations + guerilla-to-army transition phase)
- The Brigade (guerilla warfare pov)
- Freedom's Sons (last battles of independence war + US reconquest attempt + futuristic shenanigans)
- The Hill of the Ravens (police cold case whodunit set in the future independent republic)

READ THE BOOK. Trust me. It puts forward a much more realistic and sane scenario than the bonkers "white ISIS skull mask mass shooters will somehow spark RAHOWA" bullshit going around these days.

R: 31 / I: 17 / P: 10

The Cultural Marxist war against Doctors

Forced to use transgender pronouns: Doctor speaks out after tribunal rules Bible ‘incompatible with human dignity’
There're now firing Doctors for stating fundamental biological facts

R: 35 / I: 2 / P: 10

Brown haired Male with Blonde Female Miscegenation

we've all become sensitized and aware of miscegenation of whites with the display and forced acceptance of black man blonde white women couples, but another theme i see everywhere is brown haired brown eyed man with blonde haired woman. in most white couples the male is rarely blonde, has miscegenation propaganda been going deeper than we've been discussing? should white males with dark features avoid breeding with white females with fairer features? surely if the white race is in danger of going extinct the nordic peoples are in the most danger.

R: 90 / I: 29 / P: 10

Epstein (((suicide)))

Epstein allegedly commits suicide in jail

R: 11 / I: 3 / P: 10

The Creation of an Ethno-State

A lot has been going through my mind on this subject lately and I do have a couple of questions:
>how would I best start off in creating it?
Join a party first and run for president after?
>how long would it take to achieve it, considering changing laws and getting to a position of power takes its time?
>how to I best deal with invaders?
Gradually reduce their numbers through cut aid, more hiring of my own people and just letting them die off or active deportation, be it convicts or employees?
>would abolishing a multi-party and parliament system be beneficial?
I imagine having more and more people involved with politics is opening the gates for easier corruption among politicians.
>what laws would I have to change to make life better for my people?
Immigration laws of course, but how about support for families and education?
>restoring national values is important, therefore, a control of educational systems would be somewhat important; how much control is too much?
>would cutting financial aid to Africa and non-European countries stir up a lot of national outrage if said funds would be used to aid my country?
Finally, is it more useful to found my own organisation as to avoid getting branded 'nazi' by left-wingers after joining a right wing party or to go through with doing the latter? How can I make my ideas be heard best?

R: 39 / I: 9 / P: 10

Kiwi Anon

Thought i'd jump on the train and put these stickers round my town. Sloppy work but its what I had lying around. The risk is upto 14 years in prison. so if no updates you know why. This is not just spreading knowledge. IT IS A FREE SPEECH PROTEST in a liberal fascist country. I am doing this because when the attack happened I instantly hated Brenton. It wasn't until I looked into why I began to wake up and understand. Now I know he is a saint and a true hero of my country. I want my people to know what I know. So they will no longer look at him as a terrorist and we can stand together united. I have placed some under a swingset outside a primary school. Got to educate the youth. Also left a little suprise for the jewboys. This is just the beginning. More to come.


R: 20 / I: 3 / P: 10

Every non-White Civilization throughout history was built off the corpse of a White one

Mespotamia, Egypt, Ancient India, and Persia were all products of White people. This fact makes me wonder if Europe's not where Whites had originally evolved, but fled to in desperation to avoid extinction.
Semites never built their societies, they just built over the corpses of the White Civilizations that inhabited the Western half of the Orient before them.
It was even possible Whites inhabited parts of ancient China before being driven West by migrating Siberian Tribes.
It seems that according to some, Europeans inhabited most of the globe, before being driven back.
I think the Kikes developed their hatred of the White race in Egyptian times, when the kikes were enslaved by White Egyptians before Moses used his "staff" to smite the White man from Egypt with the plagues.
However, I believe the plagues were the subversion of society, and they didn't go free. They just manipulated gullible White Pharaohs to let them go and wreak havoc through subversion and demographic genocide.
It would the White Race's decline has stretched back millenia.

R: 48 / I: 8 / P: 10

Back in around late 2012, a Yid came to our School to talk about privilege. As soon as he entered the class, he had very different features from most Whites. Hell, I've seen some mongrels who are like 1/4th injun looked a lot Whiter than him.
His face from the sides was very sloped, both his chin and forhead. He wore a Yamaca and both his eyes were bulging, almost out of his orbital bones.
As he lectured us on White privilege, my right hand balled into a fist. Most of my other classmates, all of whom came from a White Middle and Upper-Class, agreed with the filthy shylock. I, a working-class White kid, wanted to tear that filthy little shylock's throat out. I was only 14 years old, and this was back when I started ninth.
I grew up in Toronto, in a black, nigger infested neigborhood that was a microcosm of South Africa. My Dad was a working-class White who couldn't afford to move. My mother was a fat cheating landwhale who fucked every nigger there, so my dad kicked her fat, stretch mark-riddled ass from his property. That whole "loyal White Women" meme only applies to boomer Women. White women from Gen X on wards are coal-burning whores who'd rather hump a knife than one of us, at least from my experience. all women and 90% of men are fucking Sheep, and the jew is their Shepard.
If we ever retake our homelands, we'll have to rape White women to continue the next generation of Whites. Then after that, once the jew's conditioning has been broken, they'll back in the home, barefoot and pregnant as nature intended. Petty morality needs to be thrown out the door to save our race. The breakaway White Nation could be an autocratic police-state with a social credit system for all I care, I just don't want to be under the rule of jewish despots that hide under a phony vail of democracy and libertarian principles.
As for the religion of the future White Nation, I don't give a shit. It could be Aryanized Islam or Aryanized Christianity. I'm an Atheist, not the Fedora-tipper who uses his Atheism as an excuse to be a sexual degenerate, but the objective kind. I'm an Atheist because I've been so blackpilled as a Christian.
If there was a God, he would've punished the Kikes for trying to destroy his greatest creations; they wouldn't be his chosen people unless God himself was a sadistic sociopath. It was that blackpill alone that made realize he didn't exist. Religion is just a philosophy. Nothing more.
My Dad, despite having some redpilled qualities, is still brainwashed. He reads Atlas Shrugged and believes Bioshock's Rapture is a good template for a breakaway White Civilization.
MFW I'm a working-class White lectured by wealthy jewish Parasites about being privileged.

R: 21 / I: 2 / P: 10


Where can a woman volunteer that is based and red pilled

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 10

Operation #FreeTarrant

You know how a bunch of broads swooned over the Boston Marathon Bomber? Well, we should find a way to get THOTs to protest at Tarrant's trial. I have a plan for this. We pose as THOTs, post propaganda about how Tarrant is sexy and doesn't deserve life in prison on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr with fake accounts, and watch them protest at his trial.
On an unrelated note, I asked a purple-haired feminist if she would rather fuck Tarrant or a soy boy doing the glory hole face, and she begrudgingly picked Tarrant over the soy boy. Women find cold and calculating men attractive over those moody, emotional liberal men.
Pic related. We're Kiking the Kikes.

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 11

Injun on Injun genocide

Anyone have info on what indians did to other indians before colonizers arrived? Ive heard of burning alive and genocide and scalpings and would love to know more

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 11

The jew found out about the /pol/ library and shut it down. oes anyone have a backup?

Link that was taken down:!B4dB2SzQ!h_pMC30v2a_y31iD0dy0sg

R: 52 / I: 10 / P: 11


I just got done reading this book. The author made some very interesting points. He believes (and I agree) that society should have 2-tiers. The first live very traditional lives, mostly as farmers in small villages, while the second tier live in highly advanced cities and work on advancing technology and getting us into space.

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 11

/strasser/ strasserism general

R: 47 / I: 8 / P: 11

/sig/ The final redpill

If you wanna beat the jews, you gotta take the juice. The only reason why jews are against steroids is because it turns basedboy cucks into chads. I used to be a sad doomer, who never got laid. I was a a pathetic, lanky nerd. Now I'm 260 lbs of pure muscle from roids.

I encourage all young White men to juice up. I became redpilled from doing roids alone. Because whenever I met an uppity nigger, I just wanted to cave his skull in, and, in one case, maimed one for mugging me with my bare hands.

We should start the "Juice Acceptance" Movement. You only suffer ill effects if you take too much of the stuff, as in genital shrinkage. The jews don't want young Whites to find the cure to the cuckoldry. That's why they say it has negative health effects.

The average roided-out White man could kill an Israeli Special Forces operative with his bare hands in hand to hand, with no training whatsoever.

The hashtag should be #juiceup. We need to encourage young Whites to take steroids.

R: 22 / I: 1 / P: 11

Things to do before picking up a gun.

This post is not to suggest violence isn't necessary. It is. The revolution of the White Nation will, more or less, look as depicted in the Turner Diaries.
In the Turner Diaries, there exists what the Pierce refers to as 'legals.' Legals are people who belong to the organization, but are not actively involved (yet) in military confrontations with the ZOG.
The Turner Diaries also lacks the depiction of the Lone Wolf stage. There are hints to its existence, especially when Earl Turner goes looking for people to recruit in the cities. There is a long passage about how all sorts of people are resorting to violence, because of the social breakdown happening around them.
The Lone Wolf stage is the result of there existing a base of people to organize into a military confrontation with the ZOG, but no organization to do so. What happens in this case, is seemingly spontaneous violence against the ZOG.
Anyway, here are some ideas people could do, that don't necessarily involve picking up a gun and shooting a bunch of niggers/spicks/faggots/Kikes/etc.
1. Write Turner Diaries fanfiction. William Luther Pierce has a higher count than anyone, because without the Turner Diaries, McVeigh would have never done what he did. Tarrant's high score is still going up, because of what he wrote. If you can write really effective fiction, you too can get your own high score.
My suggestion is this: someone create a Turner Diaries fanfiction website, similar to those Creepypasta and SChilled pepsi fiction websites. Users can submit stories (long or short), either based in the Turner Diaries universe, or in some kind of similar situation.
2. Program video games. For the more computer savvy, creating computer games would also be great. A game where you play a school shooter, bullied by niggers, where you come to school one day and blow many of them away, could send a powerful message to any young White man who plays it. Another idea is to create a game devoted to teaching people how to make explosives. The game simulates the process (in 3d, preferably) of what making a bomb would look like, the point of which is to teach people how to do it.
3. Create a White Nationalist bot. The ZOG already does this kind of shit, and there is no reason why revolutionary White Nationalists shouldn't try to flood the comment sections of every news website possible with revolutionary White Nationalist messages.
4. Create an anonymous online organization. I even wrote a fiction story like this myself. You can read it here to get an idea of what I mean:
The main point of this type of organization is to polemicize with other groups, to drive their members into more radical positions.
5. Try to create some real life organization. - I would say read Siege and don't bother doing this, but you may succeed where all others have failed, especially if you consciously avoid the 'mass' strategy traps.
6. Develop skills needed for the revolution. - By this, I don't mean learning how to survive in the wilderness or something like that. I mean, learn how to create things like anonymous radio messaging systems, and learn how to print high-quality counterfeit money. These two things will be absolutely essential during the organized phase of the guerrilla war.

R: 83 / I: 32 / P: 11

Defeating the Christkike Spammer.

I don't know what happened. As soon as the Boomer Bot pastas fizzled out, they were replaced by some retard screeching "Judeo-Christian" values and saying the kikes were White.

He even said that resistance against White Genocide was against White European morality, then proceeds to go into some Christcuck rant about that we must vote Trump to stop White genocide and uphold Christkike values.

He could be the Boomer Bot or some Cuckservative Boomer who wondered onto this site. Anyway, he or it is shilling and derailing multiple threads at once.

Screencap his or its posts for evidence.

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 11

Tikkun Olam Redpill

So many liberal jews love the term 'Tikkun Olam', as well as do some judaized goyim like Barack Obama who said in front of AIPAC that Tikkun Olam has been the guiding force in his life (link below). Where does the term come from, and what did ('does) it mean? I recently found this paper by a kike named Byron L. Sherwin who says the following:
<Today, tikkun olam is usually translated as "to repair the world," "tikkun" being translated as "repair" or "fix," "olam" being translated as "world." However, tikkun ha-olam is the term used throughout classical Hebrew literature. [...]
<In classical Hebrew and Aramaic texts, the range of meanings of the word "and of various declensions of its verbal root T-K-N, include: repair, establish, institute, edit, restore, prepare, legislate, improve, perfect, remedy.Though often denotes "the world," which seems to reflect the universalistic meaning denoted today by tikkun olam, it is clearly not the meaning of "olam" in the "tikkun ha-olam" in most classical Hebrew sources, beginning with Tannaitic literature. For example, after reviewing all Talmudic occurrences of the "tikkun ha-olam," Reform leader and social activist Eugene J. Lipman concluded that "none of the material adduced here could serve to bring me to the conclusion that the Talmudic sages were speaking of all humanity... [the referent here relates only to] the jewish community
<...the term "tikkun ha-olam" was expanded to include various other types of halakhic legislation which establish conditions aimed at supporting and sustaining various types of jewish communal and individual needs. This observation correlates with Lipmans conclusion that "in the Talmud, Tikkun Olam means 'for the proper order of the jewish community,'" rather than as contemporary views depict it: "to build a better world.

And there we have it. "Olam" (world) in Talmudic sources referred exclusively to the well-being of the jewish community. The jewish author of this paper claims that there has been a case of semantic displacement in the use of the term, but anyone who is aware of the goals of this tribe sees that the actions taken today by the ZOGs of the world and their minions are almost exclusively in the benefit of the jewish community. These liberal, less outwardly religious jews are still following Tikkun Olam in their pursuit of a world shaped in the image of the jewish community and their ultimate benefit. The paper drops one more unintentional redpill on the nature of American jews in particular:
<The influx of Eastern European jews to America around the turn of the twentieth century, introduced Commieic and socialistic ideas that were also identified with the universalistic, cosmopolitan ideas of Prophetic Judaism. [...] sociological studies confirmed that most "American jews had been raised with the understanding that liberalism or political radicalism constituted the very essence of Judaism, that all the rest - the rituals, liturgy, communal organizations - were outdated, vestigial trappings for a religion with a great moral message embodied in liberalism. "According to an astute observer of American jewry, for American jews, "politics is our religion; our preferred denomination is liberalism." A slogan of this secularist approach is: tikkun olam.

R: 54 / I: 11 / P: 11

Pornography Discussion


with all the recent hullabaloo about gab and other similar social sites banning porn, it is necessary to discuss the topic.

i do think aspects of porn are degenerate, i do believe the oversaturation of pornography does mark the degredation of morality of our society, i do not think banning or outlawing porn in and of itself will be the panacea to cure falling white birthrates like the extreme left and right think. while i am critical of the abundance of porn, and the alphabets showing it to kids, i do think there is a legitimate cause of the problem that lies elsewhere. i do believe pornography is a form of artistic expression, and has its place in a society. this does not mean i think it should be exalted, nor do i think it should be plastered on the side of every bus.

i think the moral busybodies of the left and the right, use the anti porn stance as an easy target and as a boogeyman for what they perceive to be social ills, while completely ignoring the root causes of those ills. some of humanity's oldest known drawings are pornographic in nature, and i believe sexuality is part of the human experience. in classical times the female form was used to display grace and beauty of our species, and the masculine form was to display strength and power of our species. somewhere along the way i think we lost track of the deep meanings of such art, and now the jew media uses it to tamper with mating pressures in the modern world.

i for one do not wish to live in a puritanical world where pornographic art is extinct, nor do i want to continue to live in a world where crazies show it to school aged children. i think our society has de-maturizied in this regard. when in the old days, porn was there for those who needed it, but it was far enough away from polite society that one wasnt over exposed to harmful sexuality. i kinda miss the days where naughty references in pop culture were tongue in cheek, and even still had a level of classiness, instead of lunatics doing naked cartwheels in the streets in front of rainbow flags.

your thoughts anons?

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 11

National Socailism was a cultural and spiritual renaissance

National Socialism still lives on in those who know the truth, and we can still have it back, for our nations, and for our race. Heil Hitler.

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 12

Books on Democracy

I want to read about democracy. I want an analysis of it.
I want to be enlightened about its mechanisms, its flaws, its strengths.
Is there any book that you recommend?

I have been thinking about its effects on politics and I need to expand my thoughts.
I am coming to the conclusion that the democracy of nowadays causes countries to be stuck doing nothing, mostly because of politicians focusing on short term goals to please the public, and dismantling the work done just a few years before by the previous government.
However, this is product of my thoughts, I want to read a book by someone who is experienced in these matters.

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 12

fuentes in HS

if you search "nick fuentes high school" on twitter, you can find MULTIPLE people attesting to him 1. pooping his pants running 2. selling weed and other hilarious things

R: 13 / I: 7 / P: 12

Memory Hole thread

Blasts from the past

Got any old favorite threads from years ago? Link them here. Try to copy/paste as much as you can in your post, along with pics or video then include the link to the post.

Pedx/Tedogate (tedx on pedophilia)

Tucson Pedogate

R: 59 / I: 9 / P: 12

New Anti-Hatecrime laws in Germany

Looks like the (failed) Halle Attack did have major impacts on Germany. A new law forces web providers to not only delete hate comments and terror propaganda, like the tarrant video and manifesto, they are also forced by the governmemt to report the users IP adress to the german feds, otherwise they have to pay a huge fine.

So german anons who want to spread stuff are more likely to get fucked and persecuted like they own Chilled pepsi.

What do you think of this?

R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 12

Conservatives are the real enemy at this point. What has the GOP ever done for the White working class man?

R: 22 / I: 0 / P: 12

NatSoc Living in Zanzibar AMA

Ask me anything

R: 19 / I: 4 / P: 12

Are some Whites resistant or outright immune to Jewish propaganda?

Even back when I was a child, I didn't think blacks belonged in our lands and was curious as to why they weren't sent back to Africa. Also I never seen them as equal. A group of people who can stay in the stone age for the past 300,000 years of their existence clearly wouldn't have the intellect of Whites, a much younger race that only existed for 50-100,000 years and started surpassing blacks in technology just 10,000 years ago.

I asked why all these foreigners poured into my country, Canada, to myself. It was apparently to fill the labor shortage left by our ageing populace, but Whites could simply use robots and AI to do that instead of jeopardizing their own existance.

Then I encountered Loxist jews who claimed to be White. They were my cousins. My Uncle had married a jewish women with silicone tits simply because he liked giant milk bags on a woman. Those little fuckers played "Burn the Gentile". One of the little fucks, a little teenager with a big nose and a receding forehead and chin, shot me in the face with a Roman Candle. Thanks to him, one side of my face is ruined.

The only women that'll even give me the time of day are fat White women and East Indian women, thanks to those little fucking shylocks. I'm a volcel because of them.

Of course, my father didn't do anything because he was a White, Christian Cuckservative. Their balloon-breasted mother just grounded them from Xbox for two days, while I was maimed for life. My parents told me to forgive them, that I'd be antisemetic if I had not. Therefore, I feigned forgiveness to avoid being disowned.

Do you wanna what finally confirmed my suspicions of an agenda against my race? It was due to all the anti-White Marxists at Universities, who always seemed to have facial features that resembled those jewboy cousins of mine.

When you think of it, there's no anti-White racism; there's only Loxism. Loxism is the hatred of Whites perpetrated by kikes. Rephrasing it as anti-White racism just makes it more digestible for the useless, brainwashed masses.

Despite the fact our revisionist history depicts Nero as an evil man, I think he was right up there with Hitler. Unlike Hitler, he knew
the jews didn't deserve a shred of mercy. If only we could turn kikes into flaming candles in the present like the Romans did. That would be so rad.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 12

Kosher Tax Thread

Are you still paying the kosher tax, anon?

Daily reminder that everytime you go out shopping for food and even other items you are most likely being extorted by jews through their kosher food racket. Look for the little “U” inside of a circle or similar symbols (pic), and you’ll know that you’ll jewed out of your money if you purchase it. To get this kosher symbol manufacturers have to pay jewish certification agencies big loads of cash to get the food jew-approved. The fee is of course added to the cost of the final product. In the end the gentiles suffer without even knowing it!

If a manufacturer doesn’t consent to this scheme they’ll be hit with barrages of bad press, jewish-owned distributors and supermarkets will cease business with them and refuse to stock their products and overall they’ll be hurt by NOT paying rabbis to bless the products. Eventually the best of goyim give in in their chase for potentially bigger markets

R: 21 / I: 2 / P: 12

Porn websites are profiling you

The jews run most of the porn websites on the Internet, many of them straight from Israel. They log your IP and browser/OS fingerprint information and associate it with all of the sites you've visited. Metadata is then used to correlate this information and create a profile including browser history tracking with cookies and URL query params. The porn sites then sell and share this data with marketing and advertising companies.

R: 34 / I: 7 / P: 12

Operation kosher sandwich

I'd like to warn any genuine anons (both seasoned and new) of this development. If we analyze the narratives being pushed on most chans, we can notice that it either gravitates towards Christianity, or tryhard atheism and/or "paganism" calling for pointless violence. Both are pushed by glowniggers in a combined effort to eliminate right-wing sentiment by either completely pacifying and "denazifying" anons, or, pushing individuals over the top so they end up in prison and are no longer a threat. This is memetic warfare first and foremost, and it's what they DON'T want you to engage in. Any threads and posts that actually endanger the system will be slid or shilled hard by the aforementioned. The majority of the scripted posts and spam promoting "Saint Tarrant" or Christian astroturfing indicate that most posters are not organic. Speaking of memetic/information warfare, the first stage included demoralizing people by the whole Trump affair. This painfully obvious subversion is supposed to discourage people from even attempting it in the future.

I'll give a short elaboration of the two entrapment schemes:

Team A - The self-professed Christians (including the compromised board owners and moderators) who are pushing a typical Christian Identity propaganda (Or a variation of thereof, depending on how knowledgeable the average poster is). Without going into the subversive, anti-White nature of the religion itself, in this context it is being used to gradually deradicalize/pacify and "denazify" people, who would hopefully get absorbed into your typical "republican" mindset and stop being a threat for ZOG. You may recognize them by short to medium length posts, often trying some kind of pseudo-intellectual approach while continuously moving the goal-posts, using circular logic and dodging the arguments, attepting to discredit their opposition by direct or indirect ad-hominems. They don't need to engage any further because their target audience is not receptive to anything more complex. We can call these "the establishment".

Team B - The "accelerationists". They will usually agree that Christianity is a kike poison, but instead of promoting a viable alternative that actually accelerates or hurts the system, they will try a combination of a blackpill and a sense of alarmism that something radical and violent has to be done now or never. They will usually write longer, more elaborate posts because their target audience is more intelligent on average. Their tactics include shaming of everyone who disagrees as not being "hard" enough and glorification of ineffective or counter-productive individuals and tactics. We can call these "the revolutionaries".

It's important to note that both of these groups will fully "support" Hitler and NS ideology, or whatever seems to be the general board consensus. They will also pretend that their well-poisoning is an established board culture and that anyone criticizing it is a kike and an outsider. To accomplish this, they will rely on heavy moderation or shill-swarms (where it is more lax), in order to create an illusion of "democratic majority" These teams will pretend to be in stark opposition to each other, calling each other kikes and shills in order to get the sympathy of their respective target audience and create an illusion of legitimacy. Making the less insightful anons trapped in a kosher sandwich.

Keywords: Polarization, false dichotomy, gradual supplication, denazification, burnout

This thread was made in honor of Saint Reinhard Heydrich, the glowbuster.

R: 29 / I: 12 / P: 13


It’s time to clean your house. What have you done today to improve your mental/physical/spiritual wellbeing anon?

>What is /SIG/ and what is it doing on /pol/?

Since /pol/ is an anti degeneracy board it is only logical that we try and promote the healthiest lifestyle possible. We are against drug abuse, alcoholism, pornography, gluttony and laziness. Taking care of oneself is incredibly important in order to make any sort of positive change in the world. Before we can know right from wrong, we must enrich ourselves spiritually. Before we can argue we must improve our mental knowledge of philosophy. Before we can take back our communities, we must be in top physical condition.

>Why should I self improve?

It’s almost impossible to not indulge in the decadence of the west these days. It has created a mass of MSM slaves focused on vanity and material things, which the powers that be exploit in order to make a submissive population. To truly be independent and righteous individuals we must re-capture our manhood.

>What is the general philosophy of /SIG/

To truly live is to struggle. You must internalize this truth in your being and actions and spread it to others whom you care for. Society as it is now will not last, it’s volatile. The Natural Order shall prevail, as nature is inherently Fascist. You as an individual can always choose to go against the flow and struggle and persevere while the rest of society rots and withers away. It's not an easy path, but you go on because you know that you are in the right and that in the end you will be vindicated. Live to live your life correctly and that will bring happiness to yourself and those around you.

>Basic advice

-Stop drinking sodas and eating junkfood
-Prepare your own meals
-Go outside more
-Stop watching porn
-Start gardening
-Get /fit/ (natty)
-Read books
-Get 8 hours of sleep
-Move out of the cities
-Learn a trade

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 13

I have recently decided to keep a journal. So far I only have a couple of entries but it’s a good way to formulate your thoughts. Plus it’s a good way to pass on whatever knowledge you learn to your kids. I not only right about my days and thoughts I also put notes from the books I’m reading.

R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 13

Merry Christmas Niggers

may yours be a HWhite one!

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 13

Updates on Greece?

I have not heard of Golden Dawn for a long time. Accoring to kike Wikipedia, the party was dismantled as of late. Is there any hope for Greece? Obviously they will never be what they once were, at least for many years to come, but I just can't bear to continue witnessing utter ruin for them. Also, have the sand-niggers truly done too much damage to them as an ethnic group?

R: 11 / I: 3 / P: 13

How do I introduce Fascism and later National Socialism into the minds of my peers without having them instantly recoil in disgust and hatred due to the propaganda we all know they have been infected with? I have slowly gotten a few of them to eek over bit by bit on some stuff, but they're still either hardcore Trump worshiping Zionists or Libertarians that refuse to even listen to what I'm saying. Is it the rhetoric, do I give them books to read, how do I do this?

R: 93 / I: 37 / P: 13


>Five dead, includes shooters, cops, civilians
>multiple shooters, possibly still active
>multiple explosive devices, including a truck bomb
>3 jews among the injured

Wonder if it's one of /ourguys/

R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 13

Christ of the Last Days expresses truth about Communism

Brothers and Sisters, as Christians, most of us know about the evils of Communism. In Commie China, Christians have been persecuted in the Government's frenzy of the last days to stamp out all those who believe in God. There is no evil that the Commie government will not do, and as an atheist party, the Commie party seeks to destroy belief in God. This is a universally-accepted truth.

What you might not know, however, is the why of Communism's persecution of Christians. Thankfully, God's word will clarify it for us. I will fellowship you about the root of the Commie evil, and how Almighty God has returned in the Last Days to bring salvation to mankind.

What you might already know
You probably already know that Lord Jesus died for your sins and was resurrected by Almighty God. In achieving this work, Almighty God ended the Age of Law and began the Age of Grace. However, the pastors and elders in the religious world have distorted the gospel, taking the writings of Paul as truth and indulging in all sorts of human opinions and imaginations. Thus, it might come as a surprise to you that God's work of salvation was not completed on the cross.

God says, "Be holy, for I am holy." (1 Peter 1:16) "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 7:21) Thus, through this fellowshiping, brothers and sisters, we can see that being saved is not the same thing as gaining full salvation. Even after being saved, mankind is corrupted by a Satanic disposition, and continues to sin. Christians in the Age of Grace are carnal, and indulge in worldly activities. In the last days especially, churches have become desolate, and Christianity is increasingly abandoned in favour of the world.

That's why mankind is in need for God to come and bring salvation by cleansing us of our impurity. One day, Sister Jia brought me a gospel book, and read the following passage:

...when man, who lives in a body of flesh, has not been set free from sin, he can only continue to sin, endlessly revealing his corrupt satanic disposition. This is the life that man leads, an endless cycle of sinning and being forgiven. The majority of men sin in the day only to confess in the evening. This way, even if the sin offering is forever effective for man, it will not be able to save man from sin. Only half the work of salvation has been completed...

This passage removed the incorrect assumptions and imaginations I had held regarding salvation, and clarified that Almighty God must come in flesh in the last days to do the work of cleansing and judgment. God's sheep hear His voice, and those who truly believe in Christ will follow the work of Christ of the Last Days and be saved. Almighty God has come, bringing the Age of Kingdom, and His words cleanse and chastise us, revealing our sin. Those who love God will hear His voice and, like the wise virgins, come to Him for salvation.

Why we must resolutely oppose communism
Communism is a false ideology based on atheism. The Commie Party of China (CChilled pepsi) is the "great red dragon" (Revelation 12:3) that Christ of the Last Days has come to destroy. The CChilled pepsi is ruthless in its evil and persecutes Christians of the Church of Almighty God. Almighty God's disposition is majestic and stern, and He expresses that the great red dragon will surely be slain.

On the issue of race
Many of our brothers and sisters here express extreme views about race. These views are based on flawed human science and human imaginations, and do not represent the views of God. God created the different races, and loves them all. Almighty God says:

God drew boundaries between different races. On earth there are White people, black people, brown people, and yellow people. These are the different types of people. God also fixed the scope for the lives of these different types of people, and without being aware of it, people live within their appropriate environment for survival under God’s management.

I hope the brothers and sisters have been enlightened by this fellowshipping, and I hope that you accept the gospel of Christ of the Last Days.

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 13

Mall Shooting in Oklahoma City

Possible happening in an Oklahoma city mall, apparently there is a note left by the shooter but it looks like a suicidal by cops tendency and nothing else.

R: 14 / I: 0 / P: 13

Acceleration within the Government System

Greetings everybody. I have had this on my mind for a period of time and would like to discuss the possibility and success rate as well as the effectiveness and duration to achieve the end goal [control and influence over laws to some extend] of government infiltration.
What I mean by this is us, meaning people willing and motivated enough to protect our people and act against invaders, seeking to get involved in our legal systems with the focus on accessing influential positions in:
>law [judge, lawyer]
My questions and points of discussions would include the possibility of a live-action-roleplay as leftist; purpose would be to infiltrate strong leftist parties and weaken them from within [leaking information that could cause them problems of any type, making voters leave due to one's own radical views once in a position of power]. As lawyer/judge, the obvious purpose would be to keep pressure on invaders through higher imprisonment rates - the judge's freedom to sentence in his own point of view may vary from country to country. As policeman, the goal is to, obviously, put pressure on invaders due to higher rates of arrests.
We all want to act. Or at least many want to, but not everyone is willing to commit criminal acts to achieve their goals - this thread serves as a discussion point for everyone who doesn't want to risk freedom and life but still wants to act. By gaining influence over our countries, we shall retake them.
What are your opinions on any and all of my points?

R: 11 / I: 5 / P: 13

Anyone up for fucking the Washington post over

An annon had an idea on 4 cuck, that was not retarded basically you take the Washington Post symbol and turning it into a ok hand situation. No I am not going to link back to 4 cuck the place is mostly retarded now.
Pics above are examples

R: 16 / I: 7 / P: 14

Chemtrails are off limits

This thread was up about 20mins. Apparently it was too revealing!

Btw, anyone have that vid of the professor recommending to spray a vaccine over the middle east to remove the gene that coded for "extremism"

Totally unrelated.

R: 15 / I: 2 / P: 14

What has the US Army done for Americans?

I literally can't think of a single thing I have benefited from these stupid wars. You have these clowns beating their chests in pride saying how they, "served their country." But you didn't serve the citizens of this country. You served a handful of corporate elite, drug dealers, and kikes.

I think the last war I may have indirectly benefited from was the War 1812, because then we might have been under the rule of the UK.

The military is the single largest parasite off the back of the tax payer. Even bigger than welfare niggers. Trillions of dollars gets funneled into the US military, and a handful of kikes become billionaires.

So, what's the benefit to us? Theoretically the institution could be used as training, but they brainwash you in the army, and everyone is susceptible to it. Only your ego makes you think otherwise.

R: 20 / I: 3 / P: 14

WWII Veteran Threatens to Shoot Liberal Protesters (VIDEO)

I guess the remaining WWII vets are finally starting to wake up?


R: 29 / I: 5 / P: 14

Macron Weakened

The Rothschild's globalist puppet has taken so much heat from the Yellow Vests movement, the whole world, Trump, Bolsonaro, etc that he's changing his stance on globalism.

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 14

Trump makes 'Jewishness' a nationality in bid to target campus anti-Semitism

Based Trump!

>Executive order will broaden existing working definition of anti-Semitism to that of International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance; Israel welcomes move, with FM calling it 'important step in fight against BDS movement'
>U.S. President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order on Wednesday that would treat "jewishness" as a nationality and not just a religion, making anti-Semitism subject to a law that bars discrimination on the basis of national origin at educational institutions that receive federal funding.
>The move is intended to target those colleges and universities that fail to combat anti-Semitism, a senior administration official said Tuesday.
>In the order, Trump is expected to tell the Department of Education to consider the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism - which can include criticism of Israel - when evaluating discrimination complaints under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color and national origin.
>One U.S. official said Trump's order would make it clear that Title VI will apply to anti-Semitism as defined by the IHRA. That definition says anti-Semitism may include "targeting of the State of Israel" and singling it out for criticism above other nations.
>Title VI bars discrimination on the basis of race, color and national origin at colleges and universities that receive federal funding. One official said Trump's order would make it clear that Title VI will apply to anti-Semitism as defined by the IHRA. That definition says anti-Semitism may include "targeting of the State of Israel."

>The Republican jewish Coalition applauded the move, with the group's chairman, former Sen. Norm Coleman, calling it "a truly historic and important moment for jewish Americans" and hailing Trump as "the most pro-jewish president" in the nation's history.
>Foreign Minister Israel Katz on Wednesday also lauded Trump's move and urged more countries to adopt similar measures.
>I congratulate U.S. President Donald Trump on his intention to sign an executive order to combat anti-Semitism in U.S. universities and colleges and withholding federal funding from institutions that will fail to prevent anti-Semitism on their grounds," said Katz.
>The Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism found White supremacist propaganda on campuses up 7% from the last academic year, which ended this May. Anti-Semitic incidents at colleges and universities, however, have slightly gone down with 201 recorded incidents in 2018 as opposed to 204 incidents in the previous year pepsir

jews are on their way to becoming a de jure legally protected class in America. Their synagogues are being given armed guards, legislation protects them and the government funnels billions to Israel annually. What a fucking clown country this is. I hope Trump will regret it when the jews inevitably throw him under the bus for being the filthy goy that he is at the end of the day

R: 21 / I: 7 / P: 14

Accelarationism is the only way to save the White race

You cannot out breed the invaders for several reasons. There's already fringe communities of Whites that breed like rabbits, and they don't even put a dent in the jewish campaign of demographic genocide. Secondly, most White women born post 1945 are whores who've been with a dozen guys by the time they have children in their early to mid thirties. Thirdly, even if we got the entirety of reproductive Whites to breed like niggers, it'd only add 2-3 more generations to the White demographic clock. We'd essentially just be delaying our displacement/extinction by 60-70 years tops.

Politics is just a pressure-release valve to calm down the majority of Whites, so it's useless.

You know how anons bitch and moan about jews rapidly censoring the web? I don't complain, I want them to censor the web as fast as possible. Once the jews take our pen away, we'll grab the sword, so to speak.

Also, when I redpill normalfags, I don't say we've got a generation or two left, I say five to ten years. If alarmism works for the environmentalists, it can work in our favor, too.

Thing is, the only hope I see for the White race is in America, preferably a rural state like West Virginia. If we can takeover West Virginia, all we gotta do is wait for the rest of the US to be overrun by spics and shitskins. Then, when their population has collapsed from plagues and starvation from Whitey's absence, we can move in, kill the stragglers, and gradually retake North America. An ethnostate is not running away, it's a retreat for a reconquista. That's how the White Spaniards liberated Iberia from the Moors, and that's how the White Liberation war will work. If it ever happens, that is

R: 63 / I: 6 / P: 14

I finally understand.

I now understand whats going on with the whole Saint Tarrant/Accelerationism dillema. Bear with me.

(only oldfag replies preferably)

1. Am newqueer

2. am making a thread because, obviously there aren't any fucking admin/mods here to do anything about it anyways. (See? do your fucking job.)

Heres the deal. Saint Tarrants liberation assault may or may not have been faked. I'm pretty sure its genuine, but then again, we are living in a post ww2 reality. Everyone has doubts.

If it was genuine, then its a sign from Tyr himself. If not, Then its also a sign. Though which kind may be difficult to understand.

Ideally you should approach the topic as if_ both were true. And pay attention to the way the media reported on the...uhh, happening.

Here is what really matters. Im almost certain that accelerationism can benefit "US" or THEM. And that's the point. They understand what our only hope is. Remember Yuris elaboration on letting your enemy strike amd using its momentum against it? I'm pretty sure they're using their little gay version of that analogy.

They are relying on us to be too docile to actually get shit started, but just alive enough to enact the big brother state.

They want a *mini* wave of retarded but good hearted white men shooting up pointless locations, so as to enact new laws and get everyone to hate us even more. But thats it. And theyre hoping it stops there.

Honestly, I actually can't believe it. They're quite fucking literally playing with fire. Greek fucking fire. This is it. This decade will decide our fate.

Think on this for a moment.

You retards claiming Accelism is retarded? You will be our down fall. You would have us shoot out 5 million more mongrels while everyone else's population rises by 200 million every few months. Not only do you have no actual goal in mind other than sex, you haven't any actual understanding of asymmetric warfare.

Stop attempting to give your retarded opinions on how we should just do what everyone else attempted to do and "haev moar keds"

millions of more European children, and fucking elderly, will be raped and sodomized and you will say "just a little longer". "We're almost there". "We just need a few million more soldiers"

You're larpers. Youre retarded faggots who haven't put more then 5 minutes of thought into the subject. The SS at its peak numbered just over 1 million.

It doesnt matter how many children we have. We are too infertile, via drugs and diet, to compete with 10 children per house hold.

Even then, (((our guys))) Have like 4-5 fucking kids anyways. We aren't numerous enough to make any sort of dent in the demographic statistics.

And its too dangerous. The propaganda is getting too strong. We can't have 8 kids and risk one of the female children sucking Arab cock and realizing that her family is waycis, having the whole clan shipped off to reeducation camps.

Focusing on soley having kids in the Era of fucking black magic propaganda sounds a bit like Treason. Or autism. Or both.

Do you think the Spartans started fucking like rabbits when the Persians invaded? Yes, more soldiers would've helped. More soldiers, of age and of sound mentality.

They waited a bit too long. Just like us.

Having more kids would've just basically been breeding more slaves for the Persians.

Use your fucking head morons. Muh family and muh birthrates is a 40's thing. It is too late for that. We literally have like 15 fucking years before it literally doesnt matter anymore. Having kids is just breeding more fuck toys for niggers and Arabs.

Now, I'm not saying we should stop having kids. I am white. Not Jewish. And I'm not saying we should preform blood eagle sacrifices on rabbis across the country...

Huh. Now that I think about it, only one of those things would actually get shit started.

But only doing one of those things seems a bit fucking retarded and niggery.

I'm sure you see what I'm getting at.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14

Liberals=White Supremacy

Liberals shut down the conversation and manipulate the optics then get mad at Bowers, get mad at Breivik, get mad at Roof, get mad at Earnest, get mad at Tarrant, get mad at McVeigh. Anyone else think that liberals are actually White supremacists. As they are just giving us no option other than to act at this point?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 14

Jeffery Epstein included in 2019 trending searches

R: 201 / I: 30 / P: 14

8chan status?

Does anyone know what exactly is going on with 8chan right now? Are they still going with Bitmitigate or did they kick them off too?

Although if we're all honest with ourselves, it would probably better for us all if we left 8chan (which is run by a literal fucking SHITSKIN - pic related) in favor for a better site like this (preferably /pol/ only to keep the degenerates away).
But for that we would all have to choose the same site...

What do you think?

R: 11 / I: 4 / P: 15

The internet is closing.

Chan culture and all the dissident movements from it depend on the free and uninhibited flow of information. Most of them started and grew with people who "googled" a little too much. Slowly but surely, Google has caught wind of this and started altering its algorithms. Day by day, I feel the internet becoming less and less like an open meadow and more and more like a walled garden. Memes, bits of information are slowly disappearing or becoming harder and harder to find. Communities are no longer formed. Once all the pathways to dissident information are closed off, reality is redefined. Dissent becomes impossible, these is no way to escape the all-seeing eye.

I don't know how many are noticing what's happening to the internet, but it's terrifying. We may well be the last "red-pilled" generation. The age of the open internet seems to be ending.

I was going to link to a tech video on how the number of independent platforms declined over the years, but I can't find it.

R: 14 / I: 5 / P: 15

White Front (Bulgaria) / Бял фронт
Twitter -
Telegram -

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 15

We all know why niggers live in such a state of depravity, but why do liberals and media have to constantly cover for them? Take Hati for instance, a shitty island nation where the niggers there have deforested their whole country just about. I look it up and these faggots blame colonialism in some articles

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 15

Looks like the basketball Americans have been getting to her. Can you imagine if some psychological expert anons redbilled "Bhad Bhabie"? Can you imagine if this total slut starting acting...better, only for her to claim her secret is knowledge of European heritage/Racial anthropology? Shes obviously going to be very vulnerable, or at least open minded given the feedback she must be getting from the community she thinks she's apart of.

Thoughts? If not her, we at least need to actively be trying to convert known celeberites. "Lil boosie" would be one whos open to being jew pilled.


R: 51 / I: 22 / P: 15

Stand with the Iranian people fighting the Islamist regime

Iran continues to be a threat to its neighbours and to the world. If we do not stop Iran, they will destroy our freedoms.

The Iranian people are protesting peacefully against the Iranian Islamist regime for their insistence on threatening their neighbours with death that has earned them their position as a pariah state burdened with sanctions. The regime has responded with gunfire and tear gas, because the Ayatollah does not want freedom, but rather despotic Islamism.

At this critical turning point in Iranian and world history, it is high time to ask who we wish to support. Do we want to stand with crazed dictators seeking nuclear weapons like the Iranian regime, or do we want to stand with decent democracies like Israel, America, and Saudi Arabia?

This choice is all the more important because of the crazed Islamism being exported by Iran. For instance, the Ayatollah infamously clamored for the death of an author just because he exposed the falsehood of the Moslem faith.

It is time we stood as real Americans against the Iranian regime. No more Ayatollah! No more Rouhani! We must vote to help the Iranian people! We must support one of my favourite world leaders, Netanyahu, leader of the jewish nation!

R: 16 / I: 5 / P: 15

George Soros Tried To Ruin Russia

The Open Society was banned from Russia because of subversion.

1) Open Society tried to ruin Russia

2) jew-made movies attack Russia

3) Every jew-owned TV channel attacks Russia

4) Every jew-owned newspaper attacks Russia

5) Every jew-owned magazine attacks Russia

6) jew-controlled UN attacks Russia

7) jew-controlled EU attacks Russia

8) jews hate Trump because he tried to make it cool with Russia

Before the jewish media and establishment started attacking Russia, George Soros tried to destroy Russia with his own hands.

How Soros tried to ruin Russia:

R: 160 / I: 61 / P: 15


There are manifestations of Christianity which are clearly compatible with all manner of far right, third position, and national socialist political worldviews. Anyone arguing otherwise is either a useful idiot or a d&c shill.

Consider this a dedicated thread to avoid infighting in other threads. Pagan bashing, atheist bashing, and Christian bashing all alike.

>Pagan thread

>Recommending reading
"Positive Christianity in the Third Reich",

>Online resources of interest

>Christian identity:

>Organized quotations of Hitler & NSDAP leaders on Christianity (compiled by an atheist)

>Christian imageboard:

R: 7 / I: 3 / P: 15

tiblar is cancer
this place is owned by the old BO of this place (and one of the main reasons he stepped down) and its basically tumblr 2.0
we should raid it
the community is small and we could easily take it over with a few lads

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 15


Yeah, it's full of literal shit, but places like r/zoomerright or r/basedzoomers show that some people there still have a triple digit IQ.
We need to emotionally blast Plebbit so hard its jew pawns literally crash and the zoomers can finally take the site and jumpstart the revolution.
I have an idea. We spam spoilers for big ass movies and shows they have not yet seen on major subs. Think of shit like soy wars spoilers, the (bug)mandalorian, all that. If we spam with multiple accounts, we could possibly black Tuesday the (((mods))) and take back a sizable portion of the internet.
>inb4 NYPA
>inb4 go back to Plebbit but that's a cuckchan thing so maybe not here

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 15

#29 Leaks

Why the fuck is no-one talking about this here? It's fucking HUGE! Dig lads, DIG!
Think Panama Papers...
Millions of emails, phone calls and faxes (over 400 GB once extracted) from Formations House and its related companies which were used to facilitate fraud.


R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 16

What do you guys think about the movie "Look whos back"? I think the director did good job marking it as a comedy and putting in some jokes, but also showing people's opinions about immigrants and stuff, so it was kinda a redpilled movie about how people still remember him as a good guy in Germany. What do u guys think?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 16

If you had to learn how to speak spanish and move to southern most part of south america mainly Uruguay and Argentina would you do it? Uruguay has an 88 percent White population. Argentina has 85 percent despite the meme.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 16

french protest live right now

Mass strikes and protests in France over pension reform | LIVE

Nationwide strike held in France against Macron's pension reform plans | LIVE

We can turn this into an anti-banker movement. We need mass anti-banker protests.

Also live:
LIVE: French unions call for general strike against pension reforms

There are lots of anti-(((banker))) comments in the live chats.

General strike in Paris against Macron's plans to reduce retirement benefits

Drop your red pills in the live chats and spread this to other chans, please.

R: 5 / I: 8 / P: 16

Genocide Redpills

Post 'em.

R: 45 / I: 10 / P: 16

4chan Mods Compromised on /his/

I got banned from 4chan for 3 days because I used le mean racist words on the history board, even though it was part of a serious discussion on WWII.

/his/ is basically a safe space for leftists to argue /pol/ subjects, since it has kike mods that ban any sort of white ethnocentrism.

This is essentially allowing only one narrative of history to be discussed on the /his/ board, the "progressive" anti-white one.

Is this by design, or does Hiroshimoot just not give a shit enough to police his own mods?

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 16


>James Younger, the 7-year-old at the heart of the Texas transgender custody battle that incited a national debate, has decided to attend school as a boy under his given name.

>A Facebook post from the Save James account, run by friends and family, reads: "Going to school. This is what it looks like when JAMES gets to choose!"

>The boy's father, Jeffrey Younger, insists his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, has been pressuring their son James to undergo a gender transition since the child was 3 years old.

>Georgulas enrolled James in kindergarten as a girl and gave him a new name, "Luna," which his teachers would use. Younger feared transgender-affirming therapy sessions and hormone transitioning were just around the corner and that — because of a jury's ruling to deny him custody — he would be forced to comply.

>But on Oct. 24, Judge Kim Cooks reversed the jury's decision and awarded Georgulas and Younger joint managing conservatorship of James and his twin brother, Jude. The ruling granted Younger more time with the boys and meant that both parents would need to consent to any medical treatment given to the children.

>Georgulas has asked for Judge Cooks to be recused from the case and maintains that James insisted upon the transition.

>After Younger was first denied custody rights and the case began to spark public outcry, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered an investigation into the matter.

>In addition to granting joint managing conservatorship, Judge Cooks also placed a gag order on Younger and Georgulas until both of their children reach age 18.

Nice to read something positive in the news today.

R: 32 / I: 56 / P: 16

Holocaust Meme Thread

Since this board is picking up I thought id post the first one of these to give us all a good laugh at the greatest tragedy to never happen.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 16

Whens the stock market going to tank? Will it possible to bailout like in 08? With boomers soon to be gone how fucked is this country?

R: 22 / I: 3 / P: 16 down due to legal search order

The feds are reading your emails right now.

R: 19 / I: 4 / P: 16



House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting on destroying white nationalists worldwide.



Watch the Whole Thing

Starts at 18:30

Now that they have finally formally announced their intention to kill us, they will have hell on earth.


4chan related threads

Go through the threads
They have much commentary about the video

R: 30 / I: 5 / P: 17

/PWG/ Project White General - Day Zero Edition

Thread for discussing communication, organization, and action.

>A National Socialist organization with the purpose of connecting people with a shared mindset and giving them purpose by helping them serve their folk with their time and talents

>By connecting people through a secure network of communication to work on projects and promoting their activities

>We were born from the /OTN/ - Open Talent Network threads on 8/pol/ before the big shutdown

>B-but anon, I want to stay anonymous
There is only so much you can do on the chans. While shitposting all day may be fun, it won’t save our people from certain death. The moon of imageboards is setting, and the sun of action is rising!

If you wish to join a basic Riot room with like-minded people, please fill out this form and we will get back to you:


Remember to live by these lines:
> I must IMPROVE my will, body, and mind
> I must BUILD our culture and communities
> I must FIGHT for the future of my race


/PWG/ -

>Mein Kampf (Stalag Translation)
>Mein Kampf (Ford Translation, Wewelsburg Archives Edition)
>Our Website’s Home Page
>Wallpapers (a very subtle way to feel involved)

R: 14 / I: 4 / P: 17

Inner Rage

Do you anons feel it too? I'm not blackpilled or anything but...everyday reading about immigrants raping another 15 or less year old girl at school or waiting for them after school, only to be let go after "they didn't know it was harmful", or they were the real victims. This bullshit everyday where you can't critize the system or immigrants without getting bad light on you or even fine and jail. And the worst part you can't really do much about it, yeah politicaly sure, AfD winning in Germany and some other based parties in some eu countries but still, its all so tiresome. I don't even blame Brenton Tarrant for his actions, I admire him and felt a nice rush seeing those mudshits getting their own medicine after such long time of muslim attacks on europeans. Fuck this clown world

R: 15 / I: 2 / P: 17

Another Purge Of Truths

Now Youtube can delete channels if not "commercially viable", the new rules were defined yesterday on Dec 10.

As expected, "commercially non-viable" must certainly be truths about Israel and the JewSA, globo-homo, Hillary, replacements, against the corporate media, pedos, etc.

Meanwhile, commercially viable must be any random flying lie about Russia, whites, family, patriots, right-wing, men...

The walls are closing in.

More info

R: 7 / I: 4 / P: 17

ITT: Post OC

I found pic related and thought it could be used as a template for red-pilling memes on different subjects. The explanation in it is obviously a Plebbit-tier take.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17

Playground Coffee is a possible pedo front with connections to Human Abedin

very weird and disturbing instagram posts, such as this one which says stuff like "Sam is a tall guy and Svaha is clearly the height of a child. And to think how their bodies had to meet to have this conversation is so warming."

More instagram pictures:

they sell cumrags:

> More about PLAYGROUND: Zenat Begum is a New Yorker, owner of Playground Coffee Shop, founder of Playground Youth, and an alumni of The New School. The corner where Playground sits on Bedford and Quincy was her father’s, hardware store, Abedin Building Supplies.

> Closing shop after 20 years in, Zenat took over in 2016. With Playground Youth, her 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, the Annex bookstore and the Playground Eats kitchen, Zenat intentionally seeks to center people of color, marginalized bodies, the arts, and community engagement in order to foster change in a shapeshifting and gentrifying BedStuy.

Playground Youth Inc

> Zenat Begum’s father, Zainul Begum, owned the hardware store Abedin Construction Supplies on Bedford and Quincy.

> last name also shows as Abedin in the permit records. Zenat and Zainul Abedin

> the entire lot was owned by Aklima Abedin

> in 2014 it was sold to 1104 Bedford LCC

> 1104 bedford LLC purchase of the plot was signed by a Boris Drukker

> Mr. drukker has a trust at the same location


> the trust has an income of 2 dollars.

> there have been two alteration to the building both preformed by a single arab contractor.

> Arif Hussain (Kings Star Construction C)

There also was a post on Plebbit earlier claiming that Playground Coffee was giving away free Narcan:

There is also a Playground Cafe in Ohio (not sure if its related). they refer to themselves as "Play Grounds is a coffee shop for adults to come enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a snack in a beautiful atmosphere while children play nearby."

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 17

/vril/ is back!

Is anyone else a refugee from the 8chan /vril/ board? I made a replacement here

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 17

Only a Coup

It's the only way we get our country back.

Clearly Trump tried to have an America first agenda, but then he got Jewed with Rosenstein and the Mueller investigation.

So doing things by the law isn't possible. The only way we get our agenda is if Trump stages a coup. He still has the support of the military so he could EASILY do it.

But he doesn't have the balls

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 17



R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 17

Don't go to 16chan, that place is run by kikes

I posted this image twice, with the slogan


and it got deleted every time while kike shill posts stayed up. (((pozzed))) to the max.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 17

What's there to stop White nationalists to buy niggers out of their areas? Sort of like reverse blockbusting.

The images is under 20k houses which could be rebuilt for us honkeys.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 18

Nat-soc flag thread

Post based flags used by fascist movements in your country

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 18

Theology/Philosophy Thread

R: 14 / I: 4 / P: 18

Trump Impeachment General

Alright, It's looking like the Democrats are really going to go through with an impeachment this time. In case any anons don't know what impeachment is, it is basically a pre-trial in front the House and the Senate. Impeachment doesn't mean that he is removed from office. He would only be removed if the Senate votes to officially charge him with crimes. They would need a two-thirds majority vote to do this. Right now, the Republicans control the Senate 53 to 45, with 2 Independents. The Democrats would need 21 Republicans to "turn sides" in order to actually remove (ignoring the 2 independents).

What do you anons think will happen? Is it possible that 21 Republicans will turn on him? The Republicans have a long history of turning on their own when it comes to things like this, so I don't think it is out of the question.

I think that Trump being removed like this would be very beneficial to us. The normiecons and MAGApedes still think Trump is the best thing ever, even though he has done almost nothing but suck Israel's dick. If he gets removed from office, it will anger them greatly and drive them further right.

R: 6 / I: 4 / P: 18

Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General

Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General

Thread for discussion of Italian Fascism and other forms of Third Position Politics, Traditionalism, Corporatism, etc. Also for sharing Fascist literature and information.,_1919

Be respectful and please try to keep conversations relatively "intellectual".

Fascists and other influential people who lay the foundations of the philosphy of Fascism:

Oswald Mosely
Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Goebbels
Stepan Bandera
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
Ramiro Ledesma Ramos
Ettore Ovazza
Gaetano Mosca
Anton Drexler
Friedrich Nietzsche
Charles Maurras
Enrico Corradini
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Johann Plenge
Alceste De Ambris
Gabriele d'Annunzio
Juan Perón
Giovanni Gentile
Julius Evola
Plínio Salgado
Julius Caesar
Gottfried Feder

Types of Fascism/Third Positonism:

Italian Fascism
British Union of Fascists
Clerical Fascism
Brazilian Integralism
Estado Novo

Ba'athism, Nasserism, The Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and the 4th Political Theory are also allowed to be discussed.

"[Fascism] was an explosion against intolerable conditions, against remediable wrongs which the old world failed to remedy. It was a movement to secure national renaissance by people who felt themselves threatened with decline into decadence and death and were determined to live, and live greatly." ~Oswald Mosely

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 18

Murdoch Chan in real life

Does anyone have a real life picture of Murdoch Chan? Only for research, of course...

R: 73 / I: 45 / P: 18


Redpill thread
Sense the third fourth shoah happened now I have to remake some threads again!I made two now ones siege and the other one is what some one else made but I saved it and posted it now so lets get this started!

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 18


Let's talk Latin and Politics, fratres.
Be a part of the cultural revival that made Classical ideals and Latin great again, /pol/. A frequency dictionary that lists words, starting from the most commonly used ones. If you know a 1000 most common words, you already know about 80-95% (depending on complexity) of the lexicon of any given classical text.
>IUDAEUS = jew (shill)
>FIDENS, AMICE = based (faithful), friend
>LUCENTUS OBSCURAE AFRUS = glow in the dark nigger (african)
>QUIDAM FUTENS FOLIUM = a fucking leaf
>FIDENS ET RUBRAE PILULAE = based and red pilled
> NOVVS PATHIVCS = 'newfag' (NOVE PATHICE if you're calling somebody it)
> SE VAPORE = 'gas yourself'
> PRO GLORIA PATRIS = 'for glory of the fatherland'
> NUNTII MENDACES = 'fake news'
> VENE ET CAPE = 'come and take it'
> DIES FUNIS = 'day of the rope'
> VAPE SE = gas yourself
> NECE SE = kys
> MENDAX ET PATHICUS = fake and gay
> IUDAEUS = jew (shill)
>LUMINE IN TENEBRA AFRUS = glow in the dark nigger (african)
>QUIDAM FUTENS FOLIUM = a fucking leaf
>BASUM ET RUBEO PILULATUM = based and red pilled

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 18




After several successful operations in recent weeks, we are increasing our tactical intensity and launching Operation OLORIN 1 this week.

The goal? Exploding the Overton Window by putting the word #DemocratieParticipative in TT of Twitter.

#DemocratieParticipative is the name of a french website, the most censored website in Europe. Also known as DP or DEMPART.(We were on 8chan btw). It's a very big website for France (~200.000 visitors/month) with a lot of influence of french politics.

The site was totally blocked on French territory after a LICRA (French ADL) law. And after pressures from the European Union the World jewish Congress.

But we managed to run the website since then, through US-hosting, TOR and VPN.

And this monday, we even managed to put the website back on clear web.

So we want to troll the french governement and show them that Dempart is not dead and that we can even be in TT of Twitter.

>>>>>>> WEDNESDAY 20 Nov. at 6:30 pm you must tweet on the hashtag #DemocratieParticipative !

Starting at 6:30pm (Paris) ; 5:30pm (London) ; 8:30pm (Moscow) ; 12:30pm (NYC) ; 9:30am (LA) ; 11:30am (Chicago) ; 2:30pm (Rio) ; 4:40am (Sydney)

Everyone can and must act.

We prepared pre-formated tweets you can use without risking your account to be banned. Pseudo-leftists tweets etc. The only important thing here is to share the #.




R: 12 / I: 0 / P: 18

Rebuking Charlie Kirk's claims America was never a White Nation and the founders didn't want that

Charlie asked an IE supporter in NC where in the constitution it stated America is a nation for White people only.

Answer: The preamble

Charlie also asked for proof of the founding Father's wish that America should be a White ethnostate.

Answer: The Naturalization act of 1790 which restricts immigration and naturalization to "free White men of good character."

He also goes on to shout "E Plurbis Unam, out of many one" while implying this means "out of many races, one american people."

This is wrong. The original interpretation and meaning of the motto is "out of many (13 colonies) one (nation)"

Archived proof in screenshots. I am banned from everything so please make sure these circulate.

Inb4 spic fuentes, votecuck, alt right. nah, all that shit is gay, but it's important to defend the attacks waged by those like Kirk, who straight lied his ass off in NC. The presented proof checkmates that kike shill.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 18

Quick thread on future American Strategy

Seeing as Whites are individuals, and the movement has never been more balkanized and useless, I'm seeing the only option as a mass tactical retreat (with Whites leaving who will maintain infrastructure, pay taxes, or die for ZOG?) then after the inevitable collapse on the diversity hires, a brutal reconquista from the North down. People are too comfortable otherwise, and the "internet mind" of this time is too polluted with patriotard shit, and civnat cuckery.

R: 14 / I: 3 / P: 19

Why Michael Jackson was redpilled and proof that the Jews killed him

I know there will probably be some hate on Michael Jackson purely based on the fact that he's black. Other than the fact that he literally increased the white population by having 100% white children, here's why it's we should be respect him for being practically the only artist who spoke out against Zionism, and why the Jews killed him.

Proof 1: He is on tape talking about the Jewish conspiracy and that he thinks they "suck like leeches."

Proof 2: His song "They don't care about us" is widely believed to have been about Jews and the words "Jew" and "Kike" were censored out of the song. Here's the uncensored version of the song
Notice how most of the comments are talking about the Jews and expressing anger towards them. There's simply just wide acceptance that the song is probably about Jews.

Proof 3: He said multiple times that "they" were after him and that "they" are going to kill him.
We don't know for sure what he meant when he said "they," but I sure know what I think.

Proof 4: He tried to warn us against those who control the news. He said the same people who manipulate the news also manipulate history textbooks. And he was begging people to wake up. Here's the clip of the speech:

Proof 5: He was killed by a Jewish company. Michael Jackson was murdered during his "This is it tour." He was killed by his personal doctor called Conrad Murray, who was convicted of manslaughter for the killing. He died from a propofol overdose given by Conrad Murray. Who hired Conrad Murray? Not Michael Jackson. It was the company that was in charge of his "This Is It" tour, AEG Live. AEG Live are owned by a large Jewish company called Anschutz Entertainment Group which is run by Jews.

Proof 6: His son said once he heard Conrad Murray argue loudly with someone the day before Michael's death. This was probably him arguing about the death conspiracy.

Also, there's a max message link here so I can't go on and on, but if you believe Michael Jackson was actually a pedophile, I'm sorry to say that you have been brainwashed by the kikes. Do your own research and find the truth.

First they killed his reputation, and then they killed him. They had to make sure that his really influential voice was destroyed by portraying him as an evil monster. They hayed that he was speaking out against them and they also wanted his really large stake in Sony.

Thoughts on Michael Jackson, maybe the most framed and lied about person by the Kikes?

R: 40 / I: 5 / P: 19

MGTOW is the only way

You know how ninety percent of people are lemmings. That only applies to the male sex. Women are all lemmings, who, when set free, have only one prerogative: to a fill a hole.

They either fill that hole with food, children, or sex. They are degenerate creatures by their very nature, and that was why the men of generations past kept women under control.

As a new White Nationalist who was redpilled by Sandman, I recommend White men abandon women and continue the White race via in-vitro fertilization.

Let's say you do find a good women. Pic related is her after three to five children.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 19

Can anyone give me a quick rundown on this guy? he claims to have "destroyed neinchan" and other times that he is the owner or moderator of neinchan. He is pretty known as far as i can tell but what exactly did he do?

R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 19

Since the cuckservatives are getting btfo'd with mid level redpills, how can our natsoc brothers take advantage of the situation?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 19

The Real Conspiracy Behind the Impeachment of Donald Trump

R: 28 / I: 2 / P: 19


> A man who repeatedly espoused anti-Semitic views has been arrested and accused of plotting to bomb a historic Colorado synagogue, federal officials said Monday.

>His co-conspirators turned out to be undercover agents, who arrested the man shortly before they say he planned to bomb the synagogue early Saturday morning, according to court documents.

I'm calling bullshit. Pipe bombs are so easy to make and talking to anyone you don't know about plotting to bomb a synagogue is just stupid.

>The alleged plot would be the latest attempted attack against a synagogue in the U.S. in just over a year.

Oy gevalt! Remember the hollowhoax goyim!

>The investigation into Holzer began after an undercover FBI agent purporting to be a woman who supports white supremacy contacted him on Facebook.

On second thought maybe this guy is a fucking moron.

>Holzer told the agent he had checked out the temple property and met with undercover agents at a Pueblo motel on Friday. He brought a copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” with him, displayed a Nazi armband and appeared animated on the drive to the motel, the documents said.

And a larper.

>The ADL had been monitoring Holzer’s online activity since May 2016 and had shared information about what it observed but not regarding the alleged plot, said Scott Levin, director for the organization’s Mountain States Region.

The jewish supremacist rape and murder enablers (Leo Frank was guilty) strike again.

R: 22 / I: 0 / P: 19

How come normie conservatives are so stupid? And fall for Jewish tricks?

R: 29 / I: 19 / P: 19


>the greatest work of propaganda ever created.

Anons, I could write a book about this movie, documenting just how scary it all is, but I'm still putting the pieces together after seeing this movie for the 2nd time. It can't be understated how powerful they are, based on this movie alone. They are socially engineering the cultural landscape 100 years from now. They are also playing both sides, which makes me wonder how much this is driven by social engineering as opposed to just greed.


I'll be looking through the archives for whatever is already out there on the movie, and report back with what I find.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 19

Politically Incorrect Boxing Forum

R: 75 / I: 120 / P: 20

I need infographics so I can convince listening normies about the fact, that racism is good and natural.

Plz post everything you have regarding racial differences regarding IQ, crime, and so on, as long as it's related to niggers, shitskins, and their ilk.

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 20

We have been displaced by Cloudflare gassing Infinity off the web. Add @Pol8chbot on Telegram to keep our shitposting capabilites centralized!

R: 36 / I: 18 / P: 20

Guerilla Propaganda

Step up your game.
"It's okay to be white" is weak and doesn't mean anything.
>lel libtards TRIGGERED the masses will surely join us now

If it's okay to be 'white' then why is it okay for 'whites' to be taxed to pay for EVERYTHING for all the minorities, only to be replaced?
It's time to start dealing with the real issues and embolden people who aren't braindead, the providers for the economy.

Some absolute fucking retard was self-righteously whining all over my last thread and the mods have deleted it twice, wow this place is a kiked out shithole with no actual rules.
If you fucking idiots want to delete this, then please delete these threads too, because I don't want to help your retarded site or your fucking gay community:
I'd do it myself but I've lost the codes.
Again, FUCK you.

R: 3 / I: 3 / P: 20

that mormon colony is not that far from epstein new mexico ranch.
what is this

R: 21 / I: 4 / P: 20

Sweden Multicultural Warzone; 200 Bombs went off in ONE year

ENG Translated;

"Three bombs were detonated during 24 hours last weekend in Malmö.

"One of the explosive charges was located in a staircase in a residential block in the center. Wall next door lay a family of children and slept when it suddenly narrowed."

"Grandmother Mona Schultz approached Prime Minister Stefan Löfven(LOL) after children and grandchildren became accidental victims of a bomb in Malmö."

"Our apartment looked like a war zone. Concrete, glass and metal were scattered everywhere. My granddaughter's room was filled with smoke and glass splinters, and he sat up straight in bed and just screamed, says grandmother Mona Schultz"

(((MSM))) Blames "Gangs" instead of third world scum terrorists, they are still pretending everything is fine. They will never ascertain that the nigs did it of course. Gangs do never need bombs, and almost never use them because it attracts too much attention, however terrorists do; Everyone above 80IQ knows that.

Not even in the poorest third world countries like Albania/caucasus does this shit happen.

Sending a letter to the Swede PM.. He will "help" only by importing in more male fighting age "refugees" despite nobody ever voting for it.

R: 6 / I: 5 / P: 20

Loyal Order of the B.O.N.D. - Paganism thread

Blessed samhain to you brethren that are here.

Also designated paganism-occultic thread.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 20

>just want to search for and learn of the truth, regardless of where it leads
>others have done the same
The culmination of this in modern day includes
>creation and stabilization of cross-site /pol/ culture, a continuation of "truth doesn't fear investigation" thought, globally
>GG and the 2015 Exodus
>mass consciousness research corroborated by thousands of anons particularly in 2017
>beginnings of serious worship* of a frog god as kind of a dipping of the toe into if memetic magic is actually real
We (4/8/pol) got about that far before things took a turn downhill.
Although all things have to end someday, we got probably 2 solid years of quite good community development on 8 before the public (and almost certainly all of the Jews in charge, if HW is any indication) caught wind of our doings.
This began a large and confirmed operation of blackpilling, negroid shitposting and general phoneposter autism on 8 and 4 combined.
When this fused with the giant influx of phoneposting and altogether low-IQ senselessposting in both 8 and 4 with the 2016 (((election cycle))) we pretty much lost control of 8.
It is now down obviously, and a huge portion of its base went back to 4. Where else was there to go? Telegram? The methods to gather info on telegram are not sufficient for high energy people and fairly autistic meme barrages we would undergo on 8.
Now the same ones who migrated back to 4 are getting very fed up at the sheer mass of nonwhites, literal feds, leftists and niggers who absolutely cover 4/pol/. It is lost, and you know this, as it has been lost since probably 2010.
I'm looking to make this my new home for the time and hopefully others will too - outright banning leftist jewthink immediately is an extremely good option. Between "free speech and thus allowance of wrongthink to exist in order to potentially keep the Truth open to any school of thought" and "the truth has a proven and unemotional right bias (for now)", it's clear what the good option is. There doesn't appear to be any other choice.
Over the course of the next few months I predict we'll see a slow trickle of newfriends who will either be immediately banned or might* add content. Time will tell
Pics unrelated but interesting, protocols are big boy evil

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 20

The United States of Israel: A Post-Apocalyptic Manifesto

The beauty of truth is that people know it automatically when they see or read it. Truth is truth.

If one practices their own beliefs and they do not have a negative effect on their neighbor who is not practicing the same, there is no problem with religion. But if one begins to infringe to the point that it becomes a danger or threatens the very survival of another, the religion has moved into a different territory. I can be against a specific action or group within a specific religion without being against the religion as a whole. And furthermore being against a specific group or action within a religion does not mean that one automatically has any hate whatsoever for that religion. Thus one can be against without being “anti.” This is an important point to remember for anyone who would claim this to be a “hate” post. On the other hand, this post comes with a pure intention of one day being free from violence, hatred, and oppression worldwide as long as the sun still shines.

This article is not meant to be seen as anti-Semitic or anti-religious.

When I talk about different types of religious people, I can be against them without having any form of hate. Hatred for any type of religion is wrong. But being against a religion is not only acceptable but necessary for a functioning reasonable world. Being against a Jewish idea is not anti-Semitic. Having hatred just to hate for no reason is anti-Semitic. It is important to understand the difference. I am constructively criticizing the objectively negative aspects of all apocalyptic eschatological (end of times) ideologies.

As a historian, if one can see the entire picture of history from the present until the past, one can then begin to see the “primary causes” of how and why we got to the point that we are at. If one is educated or knowledgeable enough about the correct subjects, and can be objective about where we currently are at, it is easy to see why we are in the situation that we are in globally and how we got here.

My primary argument of why we are here at this moment is because of a push by religious extremists, within multiple religions, to force upon the world an apocalyptic timeline. This would inevitably lead to a world that can never return to a seemingly “normal” existence. The push itself has brought us into a frame of mind that we lost any idea of what “normal” was long ago. This “pushing of the apocalypse” has been done primarily to fulfill their own prophecies even if it meant going to extreme methods to do so. Accomplishing this would, in essence, allow them to control the narrative for an indefinite length of time into the future. All of history can be seen in this light leading to the point that we are currently at. Extremists want to see an “ending” to the book of life, even if that “ending” cannot actually occur. In their own delusional minds, they believe that it must occur, for it was always prophesied. Instead of hoping for it, they push for it. The credibility of these religions calling for an apocalypse has been shattered and ruined by former apocalyptic preachers for thousands of years, but they have determined that instead of waiting, in order to be credible and not believe they have wasted their entire lives, they would cause it to happen.

My secondary argument is that this “window” and long term plan to bring about the apocalypse is currently passing us and will ultimately not work out. Thus, the happy ending of this post is that we have already entered the post-apocalyptic age even if we are not yet aware of it.

Why are some people anti-Semitic or anti-religious? Because people, in general, are against those who live their lives in a delusional state. When Jews began to not only wait for the Messiah and the apocalypse, but hope for the Messiah and apocalypse, and eventually push for the Messiah and apocalypse, you can see the transition that occurred from “acceptance” of delusion to “hatred” of delusion. Now a large percentage of Jews do not know what they want or stand for with a small select group that has actively pushed for the apocalypse to happen in many ways. The hatred that has been built for Jews is the hatred for willful delusion and ignorance.

There are Jews who push for the apocalypse and the coming of the Messiah, and Jews who don’t. There are Christians who push for the apocalypse and the second coming of Jesus, and those who don’t. There are Muslims who push for the return of the Mahdi and those that don’t. Not all Jews, Christians, and Muslims are wrong. Only the ones who push for something to occur that can harm and destroy others. Furthermore, Jews, Christians, and Muslims should not support other Jews, Christians, and Muslims who do support and push for the apocalypse and the coming or return of any specific individual. They should identify who is living in and supporting delusion and who is not. This is how we move forward.

The Post-Apocalyptic age is already upon us.

One may wonder, “Oh but the apocalypse has not occurred! How can we be in a post-apocalyptic age?”

I will argue we are in the post-apocalyptic age because we have come to a point where people will be forced to stop pushing for the apocalypse to happen. This is the great delusion that we have lived under for so long. This world has been built to be destroyed by delusional individuals in high levels of power who are pushing for the apocalypse to occur. It is why the world feels so hollow because it was built to be destroyed. None of our politicians are coming up with long term solutions for how to fix our economies, our banking systems, our healthcare, our prison populations, our environment, or our infrastructure, just to name a few. That is because they were never built to last.

The separation of religion and delusional eschatological theories must take place for the world to move forward. Otherwise, we will always be moving backward. This major point has alluded us for so long. The world does not necessarily need to be anti-religious, but we should all be anti-apocalyptic.

My argument is that the apocalypse has already been averted so we are already in the post-apocalyptic age. The apocalypse has been pushed by so many because certain people wanted what they considered an “ending” or “greater purpose” to the world. It is like a book. People want to know the ending so they created their own ending.

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The Path to Purification that Anyone Can Understand

October 29th, 2019 – 10 PM – Golden Turtle House – Fayetteville, AR

Our current situation is an amalgamation of all decisions of our past. Thus whatever we have now is what we deserve, individually and collectively. To change our futures, in both regards, we must change our decisions and lifestyles now, before it is too late.

In essence, when one is continuously making the correct decisions, one gets to a point that they live in the flow of their past good decisions. This can be done indefinitely and will even transcend death.

What is one to do when one gets to a point of invulnerability from harm because of one’s past decisions? To me it is to teach and influence the world in an objective clarified manner. It is to reproduce oneself or what one has learned into others. To encourage everyone to make good decisions now to change our collective future in a positive direction. The system of the hidden realms work against us and is not human, but humans perpetuate it because of ignorance and fear. If we can come together as humans and realize our enemies are not each other, we can transcend and defeat the system that has held us back for so long.

There will be great difficulties in this path and great resistance, but that is fine as it is what makes life worth living. To rebel is in our nature. To not conform. Our ancestors, especially those whose ancestors traveled to the US and then further into the untouched and unknown heartland, were rebels and non conformists. Should we be upset if this gene has carried into our own blood and humanity?

What should we rebel against? We should rebel against those who believe they have the right to manipulate and control us for their own collective needs or wants. The citizenry of the world, more or less, has become domesticated and enslaved from reaching true freedom. We are prisoners who cannot see our chains nor how we are bound. Those who “like the world” or are doing well in the system are those who cannot see the problems with the system and since they do not see the problems they do not rebel and are rewarded either directly by the system itself or the inner system which also calls for full assimilation. Thus if one cannot see a problem, one will not rebel. This is its first line of defense. If one sees a problem, but does nothing because one believes one cannot do anything, this is the second line. As soon as one attempts to change the system as a whole, and not just a trivial aspect, the entire system itself will turn on one. This is what it truly means to be persecuted. Many do not make it past this point. One must truly don the armor of God, which comes from purification, to survive any onslaught from the system itself, physically or from the hidden realms, as both the hidden realms and the system work together to enslave us as that is the duty of the created entity which works against us.

In the end, any entity that cannot see a problem, will ultimately work to defend the system itself against those who see a problem and want to change it. To be invulnerable, metaphysically speaking, is the most important attribute to have before one begins their work. One must be ego free to the extent that humiliation cannot have the desired affect on that person that the system intends.

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After the 1965 Immigration Act was passed, America's power grid was destroyed by an unknown group of people.
In the midst of the chaos, the remnants of the third Reich seize power. After they consolidated power, and restored order to the US, Jews were extirpated. Jews were removed from positions of political power, they were removed from Hollywood, and they were removed from US finance. Those sectors remained privatized, but the positions of those organizations were filled by the White, gentile underlings of the Jews, with all assets and wealth transferred to them.
Jewish intellectuals were placed into internment camps and worked to death building American weapons and buildings. They were castrated and, when they grew too old to work, they were replaced by robots.
Marriages were arranged from IQ and matching phenotype. Males were not aloud to date and have relations in high school and college, as their marriage partner was selected for them by the government, with input from both families.
Americans still had free speech and gun rights; they were just under constant surveillance, with a Chinese-style social credit system that targets sexual deviancy and other types of degeneracy.
America's constantly at war with Europe and the USSR, with Europe sending armies of niggers, led by German and Soviet female officers. Point defenses have rendered nuclear weapons useless.
Europe is only seventy percent White and the average White lives in a pod and eats insects. Whites in America breed way above replacement and live in houses with their families and extended families in one house.
Both Europe and the US are overpopulated, with America having two billion people, of which are White Western Europeans. Europe is 700 million Whites, with three hundred million blacks, Asians, and Arabs.

Is this scenario better than the clown world we have? Whites have very shit living conditions, but are not in danger of going extinct.
I would make this into a book, if publishing companies weren't completely kiked to shit.
If I had a time machine, I'd assassinate the people who wrote the 1965 Immigration Act, and build an army of White rednecks to destroy infrastructure to kick off the boogaloo, in Minecraft of course.

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On the persistent blackpill spamming

Now there's no denying the White race is in a dire state and its fate hangs on the edge of a knife, and it's ok to be depressed for a while after understanding the gravity of the situation - we all go through such a phase at some point or another.
But what's been going on here on Nein is not organic in the slightest. It is not a bunch of anons circle jerking about how depressed they are over how bad things have become, this is a shilling campaign conducted by one single individual. And this individual's shilling strategy follows a strict and easily identifiable format:

>make an OP that vaguely lays down a few vague statements about the sorry state of the White Race
>always reddit space, in OPs and replies ( pics 1-3 related )
>reply to self in agreement - always emphasize suicide - and say how correct "he" is when referring to self and respond to anyone shitting on you to prove "him" wrong. ( This strategy of trying to pretend to be different people is called samefagging, pics 4-6 related )
>post screencaps of own posts in the replies
>always emphasize suicide as the "only option"

>Lol schizo, go take your meds
You can check these threads for yourself to see if i'm bullshitting or not, they're all still sitting in the catalog. I will provide more screencaps in the following posts.

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Like Trump or not in the times of the great memory-holing it is our sacred shitposting duty
to name the Cryptojew
Eric 'Da Whistleblower' CIAramella
at all times at any cost.

May his treason not go unanswered.

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the meaning of life

The purpose of humanity is to create an objective understanding of reality that has power over the inanimate and converts it to the animate and thereby spreads life to the utmost degree - beyond earth, beyond the sun, beyond any limit of space or time.
Genetic material is the basis for all objective reality - it is proof of understanding of the patterns of reality. It exists, therefore it has true knowledge of reality.
Every element of perception - the physical organs that sense reality - are all constructed by the same/similar/analogous genetic patterns regardless of species.
So life is a mechanism for gathering information - an ecosystem works together to spread information to every member of the ecosystem to expand the boundaries of that ecosystem.
The mechanism for this is often called 'natural selection'.
Those that believe/spread false information are killed.
Those that spread believe/propagate true information proliferate.
Each gene that leads to truth therefore is spread and copied across individual organisms and even across species - the pressures for survival create analogous genes in different species that represent the truth in the context of that organism's DNA, so even if the gene is encoded different in DNA, it basically does the same thing as in another species.

Your primary identity is not your individual self, that your primary identity is your individual self is one of the utmost jewish lies. In modern times, your individual emotions are overemphasized and used to tell your more lies.
This is a major problem in this community - you are all self-consumed faggots that care more about your ego than the truth because you are stuck in a feedback loop of your own emotion from lack of exposure to the truth.

Your primary identity is your race.
Your race is your gene pool, it is a critical functional boundary separating you from the rest of humans. Under natural circumstances (under condition of free will), individuals of a race almost exclusively breed with members of the race.
More commonly, people breed within sub-races, or ethnicities, according to convenience - this usually has to do with geographic and/or social boundaries.
The boundaries can be large-scale, such as the geographic features that separate countries/language-zones, or smaller-scale, like a valley or plain within in a country.
Whatever the case, in proportion to the degree of separation, the group becomes genetically unique and suited to the land it dwells in.

Within humanity, race, ethnicity, local-ethnicity, and family there is competition for genetic prevalence.
Each individual exerts free will and so spreads its genes - its DNA, certain patterns of DNA that correspond to its behaviors and needs for those behaviors.
Genetic patterns form as the will of individuals converge and agree and exclude genetic elements that do not agree - this is how race, ethnicity, local-ethnicity, and family form.
The key is to understand that the seed is individual will, a single unified conception of reality that is used to enforce will upon the world - the inanimate and animate alike.

The race is structured according to class.
Society is a genetic selection mechanism that brings the most utile genes to the race's purpose to the head of the social hierarchy, and the lower classes store the genes that were previously useful or may become useful in the future - the immediately low priority genes.
Criminals and outcasts are excluded as much as possible from spreading their genes and ideas - note that ideas that are agreed upon form laws and are therefore inherently genetic selection devices - ideas have a 'DNA' of their own that is imprinted on our chemical genetic substance - DNA - through selective process.

the lower classes are the frontline soldiers, both figuratively and literally.
they are on the cutting edge, they are the skin of the racial organism
they are like an antenna for new information - they are most exposed to the volatility of the world and are the first to be impacted by any changes

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Isaac's pensees

This is a collection of my thoughts I've been cataloging for the last month or two. I figured at 10, I'd share them. Any ideas or comments on any of them are welcome. Sorry if the last one isn't very coherent. I've only just been giving it form and it's become a bit rambly.

1.The true right is concerned with living in accordance with and submitting to nature. The true left is concerned with conquering and overcoming nature.
2.The purpose of every campaign to take a historical icon or historical event and make it a negative that the offending class(White Christian Males in most cases) is not to make our understanding of history more honest. It is to portray history from the eyes of nonwhite groups in an attempt to make those groups feel animus towards whites, and make the whites guilty and nonresistant to any attack they may sustain.
3.What they speak of in the 1619 project is not the history of America, or the original Americans, but of an entirely different group that was oppressed in America. This is not American history, but marxist history.
4.The left wing seems to be veering into a form of satanic paganism with child sacrifice and worship of the earth. Also, they all self identify as witches.
5.The purpose of any action will eventually become more pure as people get closer to the ideal. Contraception>Gay Marriage>Transgender>Pedophile
6.Given that Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are all different sides of the same idea, it is possible that when Beauty is subjectivised in a culture, that the other three will shortly follow. Much more than this, It seems that beauty is the easiest to subjectivise of the three of them given it's ethereal, hard to categorize nature.
7.Don’t kill yourself. Whatever you’re feeling now, hell is a lot worse.
8.In a multicultural society liberalism will be inevitable because it is a parasite that latches onto the interests of minority groups. It is an ideology that allows minority groups to seize power even if they don’t believe it in the slightest.
9.The left wing is a coalition of groups with only superficial similarities and shared goals. Due to this, the more power they attain, the more they will start infighting. Their only shared goal is deposing the majority in power, and as soon as that happens they will go their separate ways and the coalition will colapse.
10.The thing identified as “White” by the dissident right is more complicated than it first seems. At first blush, they will seem to only care about the appearance of being white. Then when asked if jews are white they say no. This is where a synthesis of alt right and E. Michael Jones views on “Whiteness” seems appropriate. There are three divisions of white people that exist. They are Catholics, Protestants, and Jews. The alt right seems to reject this intellectual division of whites, in favor of a pure visual categorization of race. They also reject jews as being white though so there must be more to it. So it's time for a diagram of what may be considered “White”.
(pic related)
The only reason we don’t see jews as white is because they are capable of keeping a distinct culture and ethnicity. The same would be true of Germans if they refused to assimilate to other host countries.
This is where EMJ goes wrong though. He believes that because people with white skin can assimilate to white countries, non-whites can also assimilate. Clearly this is not true, and doesn’t happen in reality.
To sum up:You are only white if you have white skin, and don’t belong to a strongly cohesive ethnic in group. The only such in group I know of is jews, so basically no jews are white unless they accept Christ.

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jewgle exposed yet again

project veritas just released another video exposing google yet again for censoring people who post on youtube and are considered undesirable , and the have quote "black lists" for certain site where they try and censer or attack

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With that question in mind, post your best sauce on the nonwhite environmental shit-show that niggers have made of their lands (and now ours, thanks to (((immigration))) for white replacement).
>be TWC video thot
>read tweetstorm from RaceToSaveThePlanet hashtag
>put on smug anime girl face

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Happening at Walmart

Attention all. Read article, wallymart sucking commiecrats dick. More cucked than black bull cuckold bang my wife porn.

Walmart to discontinue selling most ammunition. Read article at lunch today, ran to buy last box of 5.56. employees have been gagged. Counter clerk said every employee there received an urgent memo not to discuss Walmart choosing to go the way of JC Penney. She only told me, because I used to regularly buy ammo there.

Since Walmart got bored with making money and entered into politics, I propose a review bomb. Since cuck CEO only listen to leftist advertising agencies, and became convinced that this is what Americans want, we should send them a message. We must use the language they will understand.
Walmart only cares about its image.
One of my favorite pastimes was buying ammunition and toilet paper at 3am at Walmart, because it's my right as an American, because fuck you is why.

The tree of liberty withers

Shit's accelerating with fleetness and alacrity now...

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Hello anons.
What does a person do when faced with the choice of either buying into the system (401k, IRA's, buying Gold, purchasing equities or gov. bonds, etc.) or dropping out entirely (trailer/camper living, not spending money where possible, purchasing survival gear such as ammunition, food, tradeable supplies)?
I have this worry, for lack of a better word, from time to time about where I am best focusing my resources. I am a wageslave extraordinaire. I work my hours, I pay my debts, I pay my rent, I am the best goy right?
But planning for the future can not only be about stocking rounds of ammo, and buying water storage containers. Planning for the future involves building a proper foundation for a family and getting to the point where you can raise your children to become true warriors for our survival.
Where should a man focus his energy? Is there a middle ground between the two? I think that there is a proper middle ground but I've never been able to feel confident in which direction I am focused on.
The key factor I believe is when an individual believes the system in place will finally fail. A person spending 100% of their income on USD investments, paying off debts and what not, will have absolutely zero if the sytem collapses. A person spending 0% of their income on those things will be able to spend that money on proper supplies in the event of a collapse. That person gets to spend their pre-collapse life shirking debt collectors and lawyers.
That's where I am at you guys, I'd love to get some thoughts from people who understand what I am getting at. I also am dual posting this on another chan that I think is also worth reading the advice and discussion from.
Pic semi related, reading it is what spawned this thread.

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/WG/ White General - By the Moon's Rising Edition

One simple and harmless message, tried and true.

>create media shitstorm
>provoke endless screeching on social media
>further expose or re-affirm the establishment's anti-White hyprocrisy

>It's Halloween! Wear a costume to disguise yourself, and show some spirit!
>Simplistic design, no excessive use of font and text decoration ( pic related )
>If you can't print anything out, make sure it says "okay" and not "ok" when writing.
>Make sure that posting signs and stickers is legal in your area. /WG/ does not condone illegal activity, and this is a board of peace!
>Consider laminating your posters to protect them from the elements.
>THIS IS NOT HATE. It is a simple statement that should be common sense, that it is okay to be the way you were born including if you are White. Again, this is to expose the hypocrisy of not only the establishment media, but society's social atmosphere as a whole.

>physical sheets of pic related either printed or drawn, though you might want to consider stickers to speed up the process
>glue spray or duct tape, preferably duct tape due to thought of vandalism from glue spray
>staple-gun to snap to posts and bulletin boards ( and not the electronic kind )

If you get into any trouble DO NOT TALK. Speak only with your lawyer. Be safe, be smart!

Stay frosty, and godspeed!

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Palestinians demonstrate denouncing Balfour Declaration

> Created on Friday, 01 November 2019 11:16 | Published Date

> Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip are preparing to take part in the 81st Friday of the Marches of Return and Breaking the Siege under the title of "Down with the Balfour Declaration".

> Palestinian mass media quoted the National Agency of the Marches of Return and Breaking the Siege as inviting the Palestinians to participate in the demonstrations that will be staged to affirm that the Balfour Declaration is baseless and to show the Palestinians' commitment to their land and the right of return.

> The Agency stressed that the marches will continue until achieving their objectives, namely ending the tight Israeli siege being imposed on the Strip, guaranteeing the Palestinian people's right to return to their indigenous homeland and foiling the so-called "Deal of the Century".

> Tomorrow coincides with the 102ndanniversary of the notorious Balfour Declaration which paved the way for the creation of the Zionist entity on the Palestinian lands.

> About 313 Palestinians were killed and more than 30000 wounded by Israeli forces of occupation since the beginning of the Marches of Return in March 2018.

> K.Q


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advertising on 4 for based annons to come

bump a thread I made on cuck chan with fake outrage its to advertise for the board the letters and numbers on the thread advertise the site url

R: 17 / I: 1 / P: 22


women are moralized by (their biases are dictated by) social pressure; everything in their brain revolves around optimizing their place in the social hierarchy according to their perception of self

they develop their perception of self when they're young according to the emotional feedback they receive for key instinctual behaviors - mostly having to do with nurturing and maintaining their family and friends.

modern women are broken; they aren't rewarded for their instinctual behaviors, they are punished for them, mainly because of the general brokenness of the family and society in general, and so they go to insane lengths to try to get satisfaction for their instincts according to media-brainwashed suggestions, and their entire minds fall apart.

subconsciously they think they can nurture and help their communities by being materialistic judgemental whores; that's just how they're wired after the brainwashing

good news though: violence always works. You can undo this bad brainwashed behavior with violence.
so all is not lost, and never will be, as long as we are willing to claim what is ours by conquest in war.

tl;dr we have to exterminate the jews completely in all-encompassing civil war, then everything will be great

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Do boomers deserve this for what they've done to the West?

Pic related.

R: 43 / I: 6 / P: 22

Deep Propaganda

This is a thread for developing propaganda to persuade intelligent well-to-do people and for developing a deep ideology to unite the reactionary forces of the world.

You have work to do, take it seriously.

>about women....
next post

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Why not build an island for the ethno-state? Bunch easier.

R: 65 / I: 14 / P: 22


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Faith In The Struggle

In these days of uncertainty, and political control of western mind by the Zionist media, what have the European - and, closer to home, the British - people got to give them a glimmer of the hope for the future? As you look around and see the hold that the three party dictatorships has got on Britain, you could be forgiven for sitting back and letting this tide of depression and no-hope flow over you. "Three party dictatorship?" you may ask. It has become a three party dictatorship since the men who control the purse-strings decided that the 'Gang of four' and their Liberal allies were just chips off the same old corrupt block as the already controlled Tory and Labour parties.

Any Political party that constitutes a threat whatsoever to this monstrous set up will be viciously slandered by the puppet media, as well as being limited politically by hypocritical means (Race relations acts etc.) and finally criminalized, to attempt to draw public support away from the particular party's cause.

In a normal society the public would question why it was that their own people were being oppressed and jailed for wanting to put their own country and culture first. They would also want to know why other races and cultures were constantly promoted and feted, while their own infinitely superior history, and way of life, were severely neglected and, indeed, belittled. But this, as we know, is no ordinary society. The corridors of power, of this once great nation, have been hijacked by creatures of the worst kind. In some circumstances some of these creatures are actually British people. These traitors, even more than the aliens who control their every move, must be dealt with more severely than anybody else, when the final reckoning finally comes. These people have sold out their race and nation for personal gain.

We, as Nationalists, must overcome the most massive obstacles ever put before a political movement, before we can hope to grasp the reigns of political power. The first and most important thing we must posses is faith. Faith in the greatness of our race. Faith in the ideology of our movement, and finally faith in the inevitability of our final victory. This faith will sustain us through dark periods of oppression, captivity and even death. Faith is not something that dies with the individual, but an everlasting flame which will not be extinguished until the end of time. It is this, and this alone, which our enemies cannot destroy.

We will face increasing media slander, which we will not be allowed to reply to. We will face increased harassment by the politically-controlled police force, which, against maybe their own consciences, will nevertheless obey orders, and set us up for prison sentences that are totally unfounded. We must expect this, and be mentally and physically prepared to forms of opposition will we have the strength to survive, and carry on our struggle throughout our lives. If we here in Britain are to win through to our goal, our key members, and indeed as many as possible of our total membership, must be spiritually and politically committed to our belief in race and history.

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Google employees question surveillance tool that detects large worker meetings


> Google employees on Wednesday accused the tech giant of building a digital surveillance tool they say could be used to interfere with attempts to organize protests or other labor-related gatherings.

> At least four employees raised concerns about a plug-in for an internal version of the Google Chrome web browser that would detect any attempt to schedule a calendar event with more than 10 rooms or 100 invitees and automatically report it to management, Bloomberg reported. The employees argue that the tool is meant to crack down on labor organization efforts.

> “These claims about the operation and purpose of this extension are categorically false,” Google said in a statement to FOX Business. “This is a pop-up reminder that asks people to be mindful before auto-adding a meeting to the calendars of large numbers of employees.”

> Google said the tool was developed to cut down on a recent increase in internal spam, including event invitations and emails that were sent to large groups of employees. The tool underwent a review for privacy, security and legal concerns ahead of launch and is not intended to block use of calendar invites, the company added.

> Allegations regarding the surveillance tool were detailed in a memo written by a Google employee who argued it was “an attempt of leadership to immediately learn about any workers organization attempts.” The tool is said to not be removable once installed on computers.

> Employees first learned about the tool in September and have reacted with a mixture of mockery and criticism, according to the report.

> Google workers have raised concerns about company leadership’s handling of various issues in recent months. Thousands of employees in company offices around the world staged walkouts in November 2018 to protest Google’s response to claims of sexual misconduct by multiple executives. At the time, Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed support for the demonstrators.

> Google has also faced criticism over its apparent work to build a censored search engine for China. Company executives confirmed earlier this year that the project had been abandoned.

> Google is one of several tech giants currently under investigation by federal antitrust officials.


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One Trillion To Israel

The JewSA has spent over 1 trillion dollars for Israel.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 22

For California, massive power blackouts could become a way of life


>As PG&E begins a second round of fire-safety power shutoffs, it warns a third, bigger blackout could be needed as soon as the weekend.

> LOS ANGELES — Hundreds of thousands of residents of Northern California whose power will be shut off in the next two days got even worse news Wednesday: Another, even larger, blackout is likely over the weekend.

> The state's largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Corp., or PG&E, began shutting off electricity to nearly a half-million people Wednesday afternoon, the second massive blackout in two weeks. It said hot, dry winds and low humidity were creating a high risk of sparks and "rapid wildfire spread" from its long-neglected power lines.

> The blackouts will eventually spread to parts of 17 counties — including such large communities as Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa but not San Francisco or San Jose — at least through Thursday afternoon and through Friday afternoon in other parts of the region, PG&E said.

> Mark Quinlan, PG&E's director of environmental health and safety, said that's when the last of the dangerous conditions are expected to end, and only then can its crews go out to inspect 8,000 miles of power lines for damage.

> In the southern part of the state, Southern California Edison said Wednesday night that it was monitoring more than 300,000 customers for a potential power shutoff that could begin Thursday. The potential coverage area includes such large communities as San Bernardino, Malibu, Irvine, Glendale and Palm Springs but not Los Angeles itself, which is served by a separate power company.

> A power "customer" can be a single residence or a large business; a standard conversion that many utilities use assesses 2½ people per customer, meaning as many as 450,000 people could be affected in Northern California. Southern California Edison's potential blackouts could affect more than 750,000 more.

> At the famed Alice's Restaurant in Woodside, in San Mateo County, owner Jamie Kerr bemoaned the "major frustration."

> "I think that's the sentiment you're getting across the board," Kerr told NBC Bay Area.

> Loran Cary of Woodside said he thought PG&E was "going too far" as he filled gallon cans with gas Wednesday to tide him over.

> "We didn't get much wind here before, and I don't think we're going to get much wind this time," Cary told NBC Bay Area.


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 23

Nuke is getting forked

Get in before the snapshot /pol/ There is about to be a fork made of the coin, and you'll get the new one for pennies if you get in now.
Heil Hitler!
Praise Kek!

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 23

The terrorists have taken the oil

R: 15 / I: 12 / P: 23

You deleted my home, now I delete your reality

If migrants didn't believe white nations were superior - they wouldn't come here.
Meme it so.

R: 34 / I: 5 / P: 23

Need some advice sorry guys

So I'm in a fucked up situation right now and I understand that it's partially my fault and I REALLY NEED ADVICE because I've been smooth sailing for a long time in "enemy territory."

I work full time in an office, it's been a great job and I've attained a high degree of status in the company in a very short period of time making a positive name for myself because I went in with a "make friends with everyone" attitude and stayed out of office politics to my benefit making me the neutral party every new person is introduced to first. This job is going to be my career and I don't need it ruined by some random chick with an ax to grind but here's my story summarized since I'm not here for a soap box I need advice:
>Start new job
>Do really good make name for myself, groomed for promotion etc.
>This is a HIGHLY diverse city where Europeans are the ethnic minority by a large margin and I was born here
>The office has been changing hands from old whites to young non-whites to help facilitate massive expansion
>They are desperate to hire anyone and offer a cash incentive to get new employees
>I put the word out to my extended group of friends to see if they have anyone they know unemployed because I wanted the cash
>They hired the Progressive Loonie Tunes character from hell - ON MY REFERENCE!
>My friend never told me who she was or what she was about I just wanted the cash
>She's now on a campaign to out me as a white supremacist and sabotage my so far cushy ass job with career prospects

How the hell do I play this off? Any anons care to help? I can give a play by play if more context is needed. She has so far actively tried to tell people I am a "White Supremacist" through whatever an extended friend group had said about me.

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 23

Why is a video about nuking a city on youtube trending?

is this predictive programming?
What do you think they have planned?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 23


Revilo P. Oliver


> CONSERVATISM, when that word was first used in a political sense, correctly implied the maintenance of existing governmental and social institutions and their preservation from all undesirable innovation and substantial change. In Europe and the United States, however, the term has now acquired a quite different and linguistically improper meaning: it implies the restoration of political and social institutions that were radically changed and subverted to produce the governmental and social institutions that now exist.

> Strictly speaking, therefore, 'conservatism' has come, paradoxically, to mean reaction, an effort to purge the nation's social and political organization of deleterious accretions and revolutionary changes imposed upon it in recent times, and to restore it to the pristine state in which it existed at some vaguely or precisely defined time in the past. The persons who now call themselves Conservatives,if they mean what they propose, are really reactionaries, but eschew the more candid word as prejudicial in propaganda.

> In Britain, for example, persons who by conviction call them-selves conservative (as distinct from politicians who think the word useful to stimulate the glands of their victims) have no wish to conserve and preserve the existing situation, which has resulted from the invasion of their country by hordes of aliens who are, by a biological necessity, their racial enemies. On the contrary, they desire a reaction, a return to the time when the British Isles were the property of the creators of their civilization, the Aryan inhabitants,whether Celtic or Teutonic in origin. And I doubt whether there is any contemporary institution — not even the present degradation of the Monarchy — that a British "conservative" would wish to preserve as it now is and without restoring it to its condition in some more or less specific period of the past.

> In the United States, a comparable mutation of the word's political meaning has taken place during the decades through which I have lived. I began as an American conservative: I wished to preserve the American society in which I grew up, not because 1 was unaware of its many and gross deficiencies, but because I saw it threatened by cunningly instigated agitation for changes that would inevitably destroy it and might ultimately result in a reversion to total barbarism. And with the euphoria of youth, 1 imagined that the existing structure, if preserved from subversion, would, under the impact of foreseeable and historically inevitable events, accommodate itself to the realities of the physical and biophysical world and perhaps give to the nation an era of Roman greatness.

> Over the years, as the fatal subversion proceeded gradually,relentlessly, and often stealthily, and was thoughtlessly accepted by a feckless or befuddled populace, I became increasingly aware that 'conservatism' was a misnomer, but I did entertain a hope that the current of thought and feeling represented by the word might succeed in restoring at least the essentials of the society whose passing I regretted. And when I at last decided to involve myself in political effort and agitation, 1 began a painful and very expensive education in political realities.

> Since I have held positions of some importance in several of what seemed the most promising "conservative" movements in the United States, for which I was in one way or another a spokes-man, and I was at the same time an attentive observer of the many comparable organizations and of the effective opposition to all such efforts, friends have convinced me that a succinct and candid ac-count of my political education may make some contribution to the historical record of American "conservatism," should someone in an unpredictable future be interested in studying its rise and fall.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 23

Atomwaffen leader gets ERPO'd

Police Seize Guns From Man Thought to Be Neo-Nazi Leader

Using a red-flag law, the authorities confiscated a cache of weapons from a man believed to be a leader of the Atomwaffen Division, a violent extremist group.

Oct. 17, 2019

SEATTLE — When Kaleb J. Cole landed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport after a trip to Europe last year, federal officials were waiting at the gate for a chance to question him. In his luggage was the trefoil flag of a neo-Nazi hate group. On his phone, a photo of two people posing at the site of the Auschwitz death camp.

The officials did not charge Mr. Cole with any crimes that day, or in the months to come, despite information that he was a leader of the Atomwaffen Division, one of the most violent extremist groups in the country. But last month, according to records provided by a prosecutor’s office Thursday, the authorities in Seattle moved to seize a cache of weapons from Mr. Cole, using a state law intended to prevent gun violence.

“This was an individual who had access to firearms and was preparing for a race war,” Kimberly Wyatt, a prosecutor in King County, Wash., said in an interview on Thursday.

The move was part of a larger effort by investigators around the country, including the F.B.I., to crack down on members of Atomwaffen, as officials seek to counter the rising threat from hate groups. The Atomwaffen Division has been linked to a series of killings.

The group’s members are scattered in cells nationwide, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which describes the group as seeking a societal collapse and race war to achieve its goals.

In petitioning to seize Mr. Cole’s weapons, law enforcement officials said Mr. Cole was believed to be the cell leader of Atomwaffen’s chapter in Washington State. They wrote that Mr. Cole had participated in firearms training and recruiting at “hate camps,” where members performed military-style exercises and wore skull masks over their faces. In a video, they chanted anti-Semitic slurs and “race war now.”

Officials seized the firearms using a so-called red-flag law, which in a number of states including Washington allows law enforcement or civilians to get a court order to confiscate weapons when there is evidence that people are at high risk of harming themselves or others. Ms. Wyatt said the law provided a temporary intervention, allowing the seizure of the guns for up to a year.

At the end of 2018, Mr. Cole went on a 25-day trip that took him throughout Eastern Europe, according to the records filed by Seattle officials. He told federal officials who stopped him on his way home that the main reason was to see historical architecture and museums.

In a report filed by United States Customs and Border Protection about that day, officials wrote that Mr. Cole identified himself as an Atomwaffen member who had fascist ideology and that he had been carrying the group’s flag.

Federal officials also examined Mr. Cole’s cellphone, finding a recent image of a group of people performing Nazi salutes while holding the Atomwaffen flag, and another of two people standing on the railroad tracks leading into the complex that housed the Auschwitz concentration camp operated by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Seattle officials filed their petition on Sept. 26 and seized the guns from Mr. Cole in Snohomish County the same day, Ms. Wyatt said. He did not show up for a subsequent hearing. Mr. Cole could not be reached for comment Thursday and did not appear to have an attorney.

R: 17 / I: 8 / P: 23



R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 23


The quality of threads on this site are better than the other chans, but the traffic is too low. How can we increase traffic so that there can be normal dialogue, but also keep shills to a minimum?

R: 13 / I: 1 / P: 23

Neinchan /pol/ is a patchy board

Lets share books on history and politics friends :)

R: 25 / I: 26 / P: 24

Hey /pol/,

Let's assume, today you'd fuck a SJW-chick, still wishing to redpill her. There is ONE bitchute-video you can show her.

Which one would it be?

R: 15 / I: 9 / P: 24


Red Ice TV was banned from Youtube.

>Varg gone
>Red Ice gone
>Allsup gone

Is American Renaissance next?

R: 14 / I: 0 / P: 24

The Baby Boomers deserve whatever they get.

If there's any group in the West that deserves to suffer, it's the White Baby Boomer.

When the Silents were rioting against Hart and Celler, and having their children put in black schools by the ZOG, baby boomers were at Woodstock getting high and fucking each other. You fucks had the chance to stop this when Whites were 90% of the population, and you fucks didn't!

Worse, these greedy, timid fucks let in spics and niggers to inflate the price of their shitty homes they bought in the 80s. "I don't care if muh grandchildren will be living in South Africa 2.0, I'll be long dead by then." You know what, I hate the boomers, more than the kikes. It's in their nature. Boomers sold us out for ethnic food and wealth before we were even born.

They're actually the most bluepilled generation of Whites. Most redpilled Whites I met are Zoomers, Millenials, and Silents. In my experience, most of the redpilled baby boomers were the ones who walked into any Tarrant thread and screamed "false-flag" or "sloppy job, Mossad".

In essence, bluepilled boomers are greedy fucks, and redpilled boomers are often insane idiots, who probably fried their brains from heavy drug-use in the 60s and 70s.

If it wasn't due to the fact that our White majority-status hinges on their lives, I'd gleefully watch them get beaten up by shitskins in the damned nursing homes. They deserve that AND MUCH, MUCH WORSE.

R: 28 / I: 6 / P: 24

Old /pol/

Pic Related Pls

R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 24

A Nazi Goes To Africa

I am an white American man that believes in national socialism and race realism. I have recently moved to Africa for work. Ask me anything.

R: 17 / I: 4 / P: 24

Know More News

Why did Jews let this channel grow so much?

The best channels about Jews are all gone now, then this guy pops up with 100k followers.

The banned Jew Watch channel worked for years straight and never was allowed to get more than 5k followers.

Is Adam Green legit?

Every "Jew channel" has been deleted or shadow banned, it's hard to believe Youtube would let a criticism of Jews gets 100k followers.

R: 5 / I: 4 / P: 24

Which board tan would you impregnate?
Go vote now, commie cat is winning!

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 24

China's Moon Project Can Help Us

The Chinese has a project for the Moon in the next 5 years, if we manage to get a ride with the Chinese to the Moon we can escape from this shit.

The Chinese does anything to make a some buck, then people would have only the job of relocating up to other parts of the Moon later (and starting a new country).

As NASA is clearly compromised by Jews and full of shit, so how feasible is it to "get a ride" with the Chang in the next 5 years? And start a settlement in the Moon?

In more 10 years this planet may be going to be pure Jewry and niggerism, with the media talking shit all day. At that point people may be so anesthetized that they don't even bother eating crap with all Jews billionaires in plain sight.

Also Elon Musk is starting to resembles a sellout with his eternally broken rockets in over 19 years straight.

R: 71 / I: 65 / P: 24

Banner contest

we need a banner for nein something that really represents us. Post banners that you think represents, only serious posts will be taken seriously. Winner gets their banner front page on /pol/ with credit.

R: 459 / I: 232 / P: 24

Lets Go Brenton Tarrant

The letters