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Uhhhhh.... I’m thinking basssed Anonymous 09/19/2021 (Sun) 02:28:22 Id: b9e132 No. 1004
Bros how can we exploit the Jew on this? Can we take it a bit further perhaps???? Any ideas???
(33.08 KB 440x738 1632243992929.png)

>>1004 It's a real shame this one was FORCED to peter out by shills pushing hard with "humiliation" to claim this was a "forced meme". I'm permabanned, and tired of spoofing just to get immediately banned again on 4chan, but I noticed the real reason why this was such a threat to them. We followed the wrong angle. It actually plays better into their "White Supremacist! REEEE!" agenda to isolate ourselves as "PureBloods" (still epic and useful". What I noticed by also following youtube chats, etc, was the vaxxed normiesphere fear of being labeled MUDBLOODS and MUGGLES! It's still fresh enough to fire up this meme cannon again with new ammo, but let us be honest here. They have succeeded in fragmenting our boards and momentum, and demoralized enough of the deep divers after years of uncovering criminal activity only to have the entire world, most importantly our "authorities", simply ignoring it at best, or actually come after us for exposing them at worst. Never mind. No one cares anymore. See you on the battlefield, my PureBlood Brothers. It's inevitable. Death to muggles and mudbloods. ...if the vaxx doesn't take them first.

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