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(146.01 KB 396x335 1634951966767.png)

Anonymous 10/23/2021 (Sat) 17:54:52 Id: b89648 No. 1227
>Total posts: 1374 >Posts in last hour: 0 >Unique recent IPs: 2 >Total boards: 6 Bros... we got too cocky...
(215.95 KB 1024x958 1622303399802.jpg)

>>1227 These things take time
>>1229 Amerimutt reporting in. Just found this shit. Not much here but perhaps very soon there could be. Not sure how you plan to combat slide threads tho. Neat site.
>>1230 there isnt even slide threads here to begin with lmfao
(882.57 KB 640x360 video0_23.mp4)

>>1227 Also, jannies, inform me as to why we can't talk about religion you damn gimps. Feel like that 's a pretty important cornerstone of politics, eh?
(130.01 KB 905x900 follow your dreams.jpg)

We're here lurking. When a happening happens people will come here to discuss. Right now it's just the new normal corona virus lockdowns and drowning in divershitty replacement. Last time I tried to post from Tor I couldn't because the IP was banned as "known spammer" so that might be reducing some activity if it's happening to other people as well.
>>1232 i understand wanting to talk about religion, but for now all it does it divide the natsoc movement
>>1237 that makes sense i've seen a lot of division about religion pretty much everywhere
>>1227 This site will grow in time. It's only slow because a lot of the people who come here are lurking. The best part is we don't have any slide threads lowing the quality of discussion.
>>1227 don't worry anon those things take time.
It’s good to have a backup board for when the bigger one gets shoa’d fren
(268.52 KB 332x332 1635559893685.gif)

>>1253 Io.
>>1229 Lots of people lurking. Typical anon behavior. T this board will grow in due time.
>>1232 Fuck off kike spout your bullshit elsewhere
I remember more activity when it was an onion board... There will be more interest in time and with necessity. Whites have patience, that's what sets us apart.
(18.84 KB 220x356 Etidorhpa-1.jpg)

>>1232 Shut up. You are the janitor obviously.
(90.88 KB 881x1024 1641525878148.jpg)

>>1227 >This is your religion.

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