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(126.87 KB 480x480 oh-fuck-merchant.jpeg)

The way to absolutely DESTROY the jews Anonymous 10/26/2021 (Tue) 22:36:47 Id: c9e5d0 No. 1242
I always get indignated lurking here. And it makes me feel so powerless. So I keep thinking of ways to DO SOMETHING. The idea I had was related to one technique of Trump's campaign. He sent his propaganda through social media and message apps. I think we should do something similar: -- WE MUST DO IT ONLY FOR THE JQ, at least for now. Trying to bring race etc will take the focus away from the goal. First we do something about the ROOT. -- This is also a surgical strike targetting critical demographics, CUCKSERVATIVES/QFAGS/CHRISTIANS/LIBERTARIANS/WHITE CENTRISTS. NOT something just to troll libs. -- The strategy is to just plant the JQ seeds in their heads. NOT TO BOTHER PERSUADING THEM AT THE MOMENT but to CREATE DOUBT and give them DIRECTIONS to satisfy their CURIOSITY later on. The TRUTH doesn't need to be hammered. Once it takes root, it grows STRONG. -- We already have the tools. We must do it all in a SUDDEN BLOW. How and when exactly must be a SURPRISE, ORGANIC and DECENTRALIZED. I am sure you know what I mean. -- Use terms like DOG OF THE JEWS or JEWISH SUPREMACIST to SHAME enemies for being the little bitches of the kikes they are (DON'T ARGUE WITH KIKES) -- Also remember to PRESERVE YOUR ANONYMITY. Because they WILL surely get scared by this.
>>1242 The best way to beat the jews is play their game. Character assassinate them. How do we do this? Step 1: Find the exact residence of a major jew politician. Do a really good photoshop of them having a Nazi flag on their house or some form of nazi memorabilia. Step 2: Make post on 4chan /pol/ about it. Watch media chimp the fuck out.
>>1249 But what is the benefit of that long term? A kike like soros is already hated and it just can't go past that. For the left he is just a (((philantropist))). Just see how the pizza gate went. They fuck little children and get away with it. We would benefit more for fattening up our numbers with quality newfags.
(425.15 KB 800x1209 1635476377300.jpg)

>>1242 https://soundcloud.com/m-w-991811147 <DO NOT REPLY TO ME UNLESS I WROTE TO YOU.. Io.
(144.74 KB 896x1024 Goebbals insight.jpg)

>>1242 This is a sound strategy. Now would this be any website/application, etc? And how should these attacks be framed? >"I bet you've never even heard of the Balfour Declaration, jew-slave!" >"Retard, three quarters of slave owners were jews, kike bootlicker" >"The jews were the ones that killed Kennedy, dumb faggot" >"Just fucking guess which religious group destroyed the Library of Alexandria, jewrat" >"Wooden fuggin doors, tone." Like that? Should >we sometimes put a link to a pdf or something? Like the .gov pdf that outlines how jews can weasel out of wwii service, and explicitly says, "stupid goys"?
>>1264 I think a good idea would be diversification. We let people try out many strategies and whoever finds a good one comes to bring feedback. We should also use the redpills that require the least amount of effort from the targets. The more obvious the better like Qui? Who controls the media? At first we should prefer to appear as someone just reluctantly giving out the uncomfortable truths. Insults would be just on the defensive and preferably in an emasculating tone like we usually do (emasculation is a soft spot of cuckservatives, anyone who isn't gay)
(1.29 MB 640x640 mein_kampf_hitler_quote.mp4)

>>1321 >>1264 The traffic here is way better than 8chan.moe. I guess that's why there were shills there saying it was kiked. Well there I got only kike replies to the same post And a "yes"
Gentlemen, will all due respect, I believe that anti-racism, and more specifically, the myth of the Holocaust, is the keystone of the entire judaic mass control project. Them whining about ANNUDAH SHOAH gets all critics that fear being called racist notsees to shut up. Almost very single time. Everybody who is still fooled into believing that myth shuts up when the nose-goblins bring it up. It is their greatest weapon that I, personally, know of. As far as normies are concerned, thanks to the Holobunga, the Hebrews are unassailable, because to say anything bad about them is racist, therefore Nazi, therefore evil, therefore to be avoided like the plague. Race-mixing, moral degradation, the LGBTQ insanity, tranny children, unlimited migration, they all spring from the anti-racist wellspring of poison. Collapse the Holocaust myth, disprove it for a critical mass of people, I think 10% - 15% was the number, and their entire world order will come crashing down. Anti-racism must be attacked at all levels, across all fronts - genetic differences between races, how culture has a genetic basis, crime and IQ statistics, the works. In chat rooms, comment sections, social media, conversation, everywhere, at every opportunity you can manage. Once the "One Race, The Human Race!" nonsense starts crumbling, once the Holo-bunga myth is dying and vocally questioned by ever-increasing numbers daily, it's the beginning of the end for the enemy. And it IS being questioned more and more. The enemy cannot be strong everywhere, they cannot defend every point where we and others like us attack. Every system suffers from entropy, and so does dictatorial control - the more energy they expend to reinforce control, the greater the increase in entropy - document leaks, someone has a Freudian slip and says something they weren't supposed to, some internet wise guys come up with a meme that makes them look like fools, etc. But do not forget that destroying the enemy is only one battle - those like us must also present a better alternative to what they have demolished. Better morals which we must practice even as we preach them. And at the same time, we must abandon modern poisons which offer a quick release and false comfort (pornography, fast food, mindless entertainment binging / consumption), and direct our energies to strengthening ourselves physically, mentally and morally, as well as networking. Many have said that the system is kiked and there is no escape, but likewise, so many others suggested gaining power at the local level, organizing physical communities of like-minded people, learning skills, becoming independent of the current system, and even establishing a bona fide parallel society, with separate services, another internet based on a meshnet, crypto as alternate currency, and so on. There are solutions. We must merely persist and find them. I've even suggested a few, I hope that you will find my modest contribution somewhat useful. And remember - this is not just a battle for the future of civilization, but for THE SOUL OF THE HUMAN SPECIES. This is a fight that we must not, and cannot, lose. The enemy are perverse psychopathic ultra-rich narcissists with a god complex that regard the human species as their own living toys. This is life or death. Godspeed.
>>1339 That would be out of the scope of my operation but it's good.6
>>1339 IO. [Interesting opinion] >Every system suffers from entropy. Faith based (PERPETUAL MOTION) system do not. Io
>>1342 Go on...
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>>1348 I have seen one of those in 8kun. It seems like this thread is important
>>1353 >8kun lol I literally forgot it existed, thanks for reminding me
>>1370 >thanx scratch that, it's just qtards and then some guys on /pnd, half of them feds, the other half probably just doesn't care anymore kek also no torposting
(1.64 MB 2031x3068 1636711653622.jpg)

(375.66 KB 567x503 1636849996106.png)

>>1374 >GET!! >You have been banned from all boards for the following reason: Error: Your post contained banned text. Your ban was filed on November 22nd, 2021 and expires on November 25th, 2021 at 00:00 ET, which is 2 days and 22 hours from now.
<This is from an anon from 8chan.moe in my equivalent thread The Jews are already hated by everyone. All you really need to do is to break the group think dynamic by stating your opposition to Jewish inclusion, Jewish privilege, Jewish eternal victim status, etc.. The way group think works is that people are disinclined to contradict someone that spoke their opinion before them. Among the Left you call them Zionists. Among the Right you call them Jews. Regardless of where you are you call them Israeli foreign agents and push back whenever they try to shame you by accusing them of working for Israel, because they are. To be a Jew is to be a member of the nation of Judea (Israel). Jewish influence is mostly a matter of showing up, infiltrating every group, and being the first to speak and the loudest to use the group think dynamic in their group’s favor. But you can be there too. If one person says otherwise, others are more likely to state their true position. Most of the time, when you point out that someone is an Israeli you can just walk away at that point because the mere acknowledgment of their membership in that nation will put them at odds with everyone else. There is no group the Israelis haven’t harmed in some way. There’s a story of their sabotaging other groups for their own interests for every group of people because that is how the Jewish religion teaches Jews to conduct themselves. If they can’t infiltrate, if they can’t pretend they’re on everyone’s side anymore, then they’re done. If you’re on the Left, tell them the Israelis finance the Right. If you’re on the Right, tell them the Israelis finance the Left. Both statements are true, and both statements will turn all political tribalism against the Israelis when mentioned. /watch?v=ds3-ljxTRvo
>>1249 So your solution is to lie? >Sounds pretty jewish to me
Operation Orange Juice: Out Jewing the Jew

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