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Our Boy Anonymous 10/30/2021 (Sat) 16:51:33 Id: 0753d6 No. 1258
Where is the FPOTUS (First Punk Of The United States)? Seems now he is a professional artist with his prints at $75k and originals in the $500k range. Prices even rarely reached by real Picassos. MSM has forgotten him. They have conspired to hide his dirty deeds. Uncle Rudy has copies of the data of one of the several missing laptops. Where is the rest, and why are you frens hiding it?
LOL!! Io
Just trying. New phonefag. First post.
>>1261 Every-one in my life is very upset about financial depression.. It is insulting..
>>1262 Start learning how to paint. Hunter Biden is the next luminary artist in the world. You could be next. Help put him in jail. More room for you to climb the ladder of success. Hunter has spent his life using drugs, using his family connections for money, using his family members for sex, using strangers for sex and good times, using the Ukrainians and the gooks in the CCP for fun and profit. It is just absurd that the world is overlooking these facts. No matter which party or ethnicity you belong too, you have to accept this as wrong in so many ways. It is a shame on us as a people. It makes the Americans look bad on an international level. The fucker is a gutless punk. No one person in the world is so tarnished. Just shameful. The fucker is the absolute description of a nigger.
>>1271 LOL!!!! Have a good week.... Io
>>1258 >>1271 >>1259 Andy Warhol was a dollar counterfeiter.... >https://dlive.tv/aeiouy
(2.79 MB 782x440 1636175848111.webm)

>>31 >>1258     ("`-^^-/").___..--~-      `o_ o< )   '-.  (    ).`-.__.`)      (_Y_.)'  \_   )  `._ `. ``-,--'          `'_..-_/  /"_.' ,'   (mm),-''  (mm),'  ((n.-'
>>/b/1331 >>/b/31 >>>/b/1258
(2.55 MB 1920x1080 1635396905751.png)

Dude is still out and about. What do you guys think about the new leaks about the Cobalt mine deal in the Congo?
never heard of that, not that it matters as long as this pedophile uniparty cabal is in power anyways
(107.69 KB 862x720 Resized_1641151302110(1).jpeg)

The Horror!
The Horror!
Looks like our boys time is running out. Sanctions first. Exposed later. Maybe the conspiracy will bring down the entire Briben regime.

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