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(66.06 KB 720x450 Burn.jpg)

Why don't we build an election system that people can vote online with through a decentralized ledger Anonymous 08/26/2021 (Thu) 18:12:22 Id: fcc3c0 No. 129
We can pitch it to small counties and as more and more adopt the system we can eventually have enough leverage for major counties to adopt it. How it works: Anonymous public ledger where everyone's vote is seen and can be verified. You are given a unique id by the state (Social security number encrypted) etc... whatever and then you are able to vote by phone and have your vote be on a public ledger. There is no way the majority of the country is democrat. Ever since mail in ballot was introduced cheating in elections became rampant to legalize criminal behavior. Downballot measures have been kiked. If we brought this election system to counties it could fix local communities fast since it is impossible to be rigged. What do you think anons? Tear my idea apart.
>>129 This idea is absolutely based and necessary for an utopian future. We have the get rid of the current elite though, they will never allow such a thing. Also votes would need to be anonymized because of obvious reasons.
The average American is marxist zabba. Either restrict them from voting or it's over.
(79.48 KB 640x480 1630000156444.jpg)

>>129 >Why don't we build an election system that people can vote online with through a decentralized ledger I've advocated for blockchain voting for a long time. Every registered American citizen is given a crypto address and a certain number of "vote coins" or whatever. Different token for each candidate/issue. The vote can only be sent anywhere on election day, and they can only be sent to the handful of addresses representing the different issues and candidates. Everyone can independently check the ledger and see that their vote was successfully added to the final tally. They could even make it a phone app and so simple a nigger could use it. They will never do this however, because that way you cannot cheat.
>>133 D U B Z U B Z
>>318 Test
>>133 >utopian future. A utopian future is a comfortable lie. Those who don't struggle, die.
>>331 This is the new 4chan
>>331 Well that's correct but we can have struggles that are enjoyable. Fighting of jews and globohomos who have nearly enslaved the world is fucking bullshit. But trying to colonize the galaxy and exploring space is fun.
Utopianism is silly. A society where everyone is fully satisfied and does nothing else to improve or change things because everything is already "perfect" will soon stagnate and perish. Societies NEED change and transformation, as long as they have a few invaluable, core principles to return to, if the newest batch of change turns out bad. Struggle and the never ending fight to evolve, improve, adapt, overcome is essential to the core of human existence. Dissatisfaction is essential to the individual human being as well as the collective. You can be happy that your society is united, prosperous, safe and has good morals. You can be happy that you yourself are doing well. But to remain at that point is to DIE. Society always needs tweaks and fixes, you yourself could always be better. There's still so much left to discover, explore and learn. To remain content with what you are and have is a death sentence. Always have something worthwhile to return to, but never stand still.

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