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'The Jews are better than us, you need to accept that' - Christian indoctrination of children Anonymous 11/11/2021 (Thu) 22:23:52 Id: 7b4060 No. 1350
>>1350 >No Porn. No religion. Do not be divided by kikes. Stand together lads. Report shils. besides that, Christian denominations exist and you are a retard if you take what one did and think it’s universal to anyone who follows Jesus Christ
>>1350 The jew worship didn't start until the 1920s when literal jews larped as evangelicals and it caught on during the (((1960s))) encouraging young White People to slave away on communist kibbutz while Israel was murdering Palestinian kids. The other part is there is still jew converts and having been in many churches they always try to prop up kike worship otherwise they have cuck pedo soi boy face like this manboy pastor fag that plans on pedo raping the boys just like a rabbi would. Christians need to be carrot sticked back in the same way with one message "Jesus was never was a jew , he hated jews and jews murdered him" Just on repeat its the only reason I still go to churches still.
Yep, that is the basis of christcukery: coming in second (and last) to his favorite children.
R.I.P. USA 1776 - 1785 Never Forget.

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