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(512.62 KB 1600x1200 9342.jpg)

Fund us to fight WITH Russia in Ukraine Anonymous 03/21/2022 (Mon) 13:49:23 Id: 5a81af No. 1565
We’re a fireteam of four US Army veterans with multiple tours including Afghanistan and Iraq. We are disgusted with the role NATO is playing in Ukraine. NATO, led by Washington neoliberals and the EU have manufactured this war by forcing Russia to protect its legitimate interests, and in doing so are also sacrificing the good people of Ukraine. They do not care how many Europeans kill each other as long as their agenda profits. And now they are bringing in thousands of mercenaries and Nazis to add to the slaughter. Since we left service, we’ve been having a real hard time – family, mental health and a lack of long-term stable work. It was starting to get good again in the Trump years, but we’re back to the crazy. However, now we have purpose and realize that we can make a difference. We are still young and healthy, and trained by the best military in the world. We plan to fly to Russia (separately) via a suitable third country and make our way by road to Luhansk in the DPR where we will link up with contacts in the Sparta Battalion who will provide us weaponry. From there we hope to push forward to the frontline and embed with Russian and freedom loving Ukrainians and help combat the Nazi battalions. WE CARE FOR BOTH THE PEOPLE OF RUSSIA AND UKRAINE. We don’t care if Putin is right or wrong- this is bigger than one man. This is a senseless war manufactured by the corrupt. America should NOT BE fighting Russia. America should recognize legitimate Russian interests and should be working WITH Russia to counter the threat from China and the East. If Russia falls the radicals from the East take over. Russia must stand! This is the first time we are using a crypto platform (we don’t even use social media much). We have no other choice, as mainstream platforms such as GoFundMe banned us from asking for donations. We are also not revealing our identities as the state would obviously stop us from doing what we plan to do. Donating via TallyCoin will also keep your donations anonymous from the deep state. We have a good number of leftover kit but are mainly asking for donations for the following big-ticket items (some of which will be bought in the States, other items in-country): - One way Airline tickets (we have checked and these cost quite a bit because of the flight ban, we will have to travel via at least 1, if not 2 countries.) - Personal kit we do not have already including MOLLE/webbing, Rucksacks, Plastic Mags for 7.62, Cold weather clothing and boots, Tac vests, Helmets, med kits, MRE’s, & other small items - NV and Sights (if funds permit). - Vehicle (second hand 4x4) - Maintenance in-country for one month, for 4 soldiers (food, gas, etc.) If you believe in true freedom and exposing the truth, then please help us get on the ground. Your donations will directly make a difference. Help American Muscle and American Lead do what it does best. Once we reach the battlefront, we will keep you updated on Twitter. God bless you, and God bless America. #MAGA DONATE HERE: https://tallyco.in/s/bigwar/
>>1565 KYS shill
>>1570 shu t up faggot
>>1565 Bumps
I don't support jewish wars
(132.32 KB 400x400 glow n.png)

>Filthy jew
>>1565 This post is really big gay.
>>1565 you know, scamming your fellow white men like that has to be the most disgusting indian/jew move. what are you gonna even do with all that money if you manage to scam people? you gonna buy a playstation? you gonna buy a BMW? and not even a photo to somehow prove that you have even fired a gun in your life or that you are white. Live knowing that if i knew where you lived, i would have come to chop your head off. fucking pajeet jew

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