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(2.74 MB 1900x1200 1638893057683.jpg)

16chan.xyz is down Anonymous 06/24/2022 (Fri) 12:37:04 Id: 31a8e3 No. 1665
anybody know why?
>>1665 Probably cus he got doxxed. Idk. He should’ve taken the live rural pill and surround himself with guns.
>>1665 Something in regards to solar flares. But I don't remember.
So is 16 dead forever now or what?
>>1746 He deleted twitter so probably yeah. He may be the owner of Frenchan?
>>1747 well that's a shame especially for all that lost content it stored.
>>1733 I saw that 4chan comment, and thats simply unconfirmed. How foolish to repeat it without verification. Thats nigger behavior. A screenshot from 8kun's x board, isnt likely to make the whole operation go incommunicable.
So that's been two days already. I bet threads weren't even archived on two different archive type websites either. Too bad, had some of the best content. No reason given, twitter account off too. Looking at moe and eponia rn.
>>1761 There's really no external archive of 16chan? That really sucks.
>>1764 We always assume the gonzos in charge of these websites would take some cautionary measures yet we routinely get disappointed. Board admins must be left WTFing while the site admin is now MIA. The library and fascist had grown to become some of the most qualitative political and spiritual chans out there, even pol was slow but had a few quality threads for some regulars, and they were more than likely hitting very close to home on all the layers of the JQ and beyond. I really hope to be pleasantly surprised by a return but as usual with these revivals we will have to suspect some glow worming. The fascist board in particular has proved to be resilient and quick to move around with reduced damage but there is no guarantee this will work this time.
>>1764 Mind you they were having some weird bandwidth issues lately so maybe they're moving to a better server.
>>1764 there is still wayback machine you might be able to pull some things
>>1665 Probably as round-about consequence of agreeing to host the based ones. No good deed goes unpunished.
that fuckin sucks! all 16 is down tell me fashboard admin has at least a copy and is only looking for some other chan to host his board >twitter account huh what about this???
https://web.archive.org/web/20220429055019/https://www.16chan.xyz/fascist/catalog.html oh man it's better than nothing but still bad, theres so much stuff missing ((((( how come the chans prove to be so easy to destroy??? is it possible to locally save a zipped version of the captures for that site??
The site owner was running it from his home server or something afaik, he might still have the latest database unless it got destroyed under mysterious circumstances or if he got party v&.
>>1813 if that's the case then his ISP probably banned him, which means he'd need a new ISP and that's unlikely given the monopoly over area they have. but it's odd that he hasn't made a statement anywhere.
any other good chans with pol boards? btw FUCK KIKES FUCK NIGGERS
(744.70 KB 1907x912 SolarAlgorithm404.png)

>>1760 > A screenshot from 8kun's x board on the one year anniversary of John McAfee's deadman switch collapsing the Russian consulate in Miami >pure cohencidence goyim

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