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(10.28 KB 298x169 index.jpeg)

The importance of cursing Jews Anonymous 06/24/2022 (Fri) 21:44:36 Id: 4324d7 No. 1685
The satanic/luciferian brotherhood has arrived, represented by me. And have no worry. True satanists do not like animal abuse, nor do we cheat on our wives. In fact we are very autistic about loyalty, rules, justice. Think of us as gnostics/pagans who are just against jews and their made up jew god. We just believe in the old pagan gods, like satan and consider him a friend who wanted to open our eyes from the brainwashing. We still believe in the existence of a "first god" that made the whole universe, we just know that it's definitely not the jewish god, who was playing pretend. Frankly you don't need to join us or to argue with us. Just hate jews and their impostor larper god. Thats enough. And i am here to teach you the wonders of why you should curse jews and laugh at their misfortune every day. It is quite simple and you dont need any rituals, just wishing for their race to get wiped out by disease and misfortune is enough. Every time you wish them ill and insult them online (anonymously) it is like a dagger in their deformed skull. Every little bit of hatred and malice you sent in the air towards them...is a good thing. For remember - they also curse you and make prayers to dominate and kill you. Remember to laugh at them and mock them every chance you get, as long as you can get away without being doxxed. Here's something i would say "if i could give your little jew child candy with a razor blade inside, i would, and every day i think of things like this."
>>1685 Satanists are degenerate pedophiles
(591.54 KB 500x700 wagie-stare.png)

>>1686 just because some mentally ill fuck like epstein likes to rape and kill kids...and might decide he worships satan...why should i be called a pedophile? Just because I hate jews and their larping demon god...and choose to side with their enemy? just remember how many pedophiles are in your own churches. And remember that I have the will to wake up at 3AM and go fuck with some jew or animal-abuser during the night. Can you say the same?
>>1685 you should off yourself. stop posting here nigger. read the rules. no religion so get your satan shit out of her faggot. go suck satans cock
It is my daily goal, with all my conviction in my thoughts and prayers, that israel's nukes set themselves off meanwhile all of the nukes on the planet head to tel-aviv. I am aware that nukes could be both fake and gay, however it has recently come to my knowledge that very large munitions exist and if used inna proper array, could send a shockwave that sends the kikes back to the nigger stone age. The importance of eliminating jews from the face of the earth is of utmost importance and through my multi stage meditations I can arrange future timelines that down the road eliminate kikes and push my eventual goal to attract the timeline where kikes are smited. jews should never have access to technology, specifically that of which allows for mass communication. With the destruction of israel, their their criminal headquarters becomes defunct and places them in a proper environment which will allow them to live a humble life of dabsolute destitution. This would cut off access to other creatures and humans which they could corrupt and subvert for often nefarious means. By the way, kikes are the parent race of niggers, a long time ago, there were no niggers, zero niggers and as a matter of fact, there was very little murder and the crime during that era was limited to nothing short of usury, which is a kike sin that. Anyway, these filthy jews began to breed with monkeys, apes, and various other lower primates out of sheer faggotry and degenceracy. For a few hundred years, they would raise these dark negroidal proto niggers, and a hundred years after the breed began to change, there was a drift towards walking, suddenly they could almost speak, the communication was extremely rudimentary, I needn't remind you of the annoying sheboon nigger kike-pushed ebonics that is so prevlant in these times. Once the proto niggers were in high enough numbers, they were released from captivity into areas where they would live a relatively simple life in the wild like their monkey predecessors; free of almost any predators and with a plethora of low hanging fruits. The kikes bred these niggers, buck breaking them, raping the females, very odd because they were even uglier than the niggers we know of today.
(80.36 KB 750x1193 bj1p5ohspgg51.jpg)

>>1744 see how easy it was?
(181.79 KB 1000x1000 el judío americano.jpg)

el judio Americano

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