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They won Anonymous 06/27/2022 (Mon) 17:15:51 Id: 77f3dd No. 1787
A good portion of us knows who pulls the strings now, but I don't think we will ever take action. It's too late for this world. They are slowly inflating money and prices at the same time, and poisoning us with the vaccine and chemtrails (and chemtrails poison water, air and soil). They can and will cause a famine in the next few years. And since they poisoned everything with chemtrails we will not be able to grow food in the future. Then they will give us an option for us to succumb to the New World Order if we want food to survive (remember how Blackrock and Bill Gates and all these filthy kikes are buying land in America). Then they have total control over us because we will have to do as they say and we will own nothing and we will suffer. When this situation becomes inevitable I'm killing myself. I'm not even sure if I should pursue trying to have a normal life anymore knowing that in at the very least in 8 years it's either the ultimate death of us and our race or jewish corpses hanging from a noose. And I have a feeling it will be the former. This feeling is greater than no other. I can only describe it if you merged anger, hopelessness and numbness. It is the ultimate suffering anyone could experience. I don't even know how I fall asleep these days, or even wake up. All of this wouldn't be happening if Adolf Hitler didn't lose against the jews. I see Adolf Hitler as a figure like Jesus Christ of this sinful world, like Kalki of the Kali Yuga and I feel this anger and sadness with my heart knowing that the Jews got him and are now destroying us. Knowing what could have been but has not saddens me deeply.
>>1787 Pray for the genocide to be shit down anon
>>1793 *shut
(8.79 MB 640x528 4_5956068630989900860.mp4)

>>1793 That is the only thing left for me to do. Watch this video. Look what THEY TOOK FROM US. I shed a tear everytime I see this video. They took an utopic world away from us. There is so much suffering in this world caused by the jews. And for what?
>>1806 And then I ask myself: Is there even a God? Why would God let this happen? Is there only Satan that exists?
>>1807 I hate this world and I hate living in it so much, I would never kill myself, but I wouldn't hesitate risking my life taking these sick bastards down. But I don't know longer know how much I can ignore it. These emotions get stronger each time. I wasn't meant to live in this world, this timeline of history at least.
>>1787 >They won and then all it takes is a little former army guy with an improvised shotgun to end decades of scheming in a heartbeat.
>>1787 > I'm not even sure if I should pursue trying to have a normal life anymore knowing that in at the very least in 8 years it's either the ultimate death of us and our race or jewish corpses hanging from a noose. Either you overdosed on the black pill or you're demoralization shill. If it's the former, get a hobby, make your life about something else besides white white white. No really, there is more to your life than your race. If it's the latter, then I hope you really do an hero. But if it is the case ,then you're obviously hoping to take one of us out with your depression posting. I think this is why there really isn't many Repillo Olivers or William Pierce's, because people just make this about race. Instead of trying to make it in the "real world", they make their lives about their race. And I understand why that is, but you need to have system credentials to get anywhere in life. Yea, theorhetically you can just goo goo dat sheeit, but infiltrating the system isn't feasible that way. And yes we can infiltrate the system. "Think global, ACT LOCAL!" as the left says. It's a good saying, because guess what buddy you're not going to be president. But if you play your hand right you can be mayor of a small town. It's all about getting the motivation to get up and fucking do it.
>>1787 you are a fucking coward trying to justify yourself, that's all

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