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(122.21 KB 684x539 20210823_194514.jpg)

The Globohomo/Israeli fracture Anonymous 08/27/2021 (Fri) 14:04:13 No. 293
Israel has been discrediting the vax like crazy lately and it didnt make sense. Well, I think I figured it out. Pfizer was FDA approved which means several things. 1) The new NDC will likely make them legally liable as opposed to before. 2) The other vaccines will no longer be offered. I can confirm this firsthand. I overheard my pharmacist refuse someone with a prescription for Moderna and tell them it has to be Pfizer now and theyll no longer be offering the other shots. 3) All "emergency use" "vaccines" will be pulled entirely, as there is now a fully approved "vaccine". 4) Those companies will take huge losses while Pfizer will skyrocket. 5) Remember, Trudeau ordered something like 10 doses per person. Went on to talk about 2022 and 2023 contracts with Pfizer. Meaning he knew ahead of time. 6) If Trudeau knew, Israel knew. 7) We can surmise that Israel backed the wrong horse and tried to sabotage Pfizer's approval 8) remember, its all jews >CEO of Pfizer = Jew >CEO of Johnson & Johnson = Jew >CEO of Regeneron = Jew >CEO of Gamaleya = Jew >CEO of AstraZeneca = Jew >(part of the Wallenberg-Sachs family) >CEO of Moderna = Jew >Stéphane Bancel, here he is hosting a jewish event with his wife Brenda >https://archive.is/LAb3U
>Jews Just burn them all already
(62.44 KB 757x323 1600181883577.jpg)

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