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(97.04 KB 1280x720 HAPPENING.jpg)

(377.39 KB 652x575 Bump.png)

ITS HAPPENING: MOSSAD STRIKES AGAIN! Bomb in Kabul kills foreign soldiers Anonymous 08/26/2021 (Thu) 15:40:28 Id: 420da3 No. 31
(55.98 KB 750x1024 gg.jpg)

Dogs are the enemies of mankind, if you own one youre a disgusting parasite infested retard
(788.57 KB 320x240 Kabul.webm)

>>42 You know I figured Israel was behind Afghan pullout because they needed more ZOGbots in Syria and closer to the holy land
>>31 how many letters in here?
>>47 Idk haha no one even knows nein is back yet so probably none right now.
(240.74 KB 1024x576 27417210498_824697ff62_b.jpg)

Are mexicans welcome here?
already 3 stickies welcome to cancertown
Only Americans died so idc. sorry for afghans tho
>>63 The jew cries out in pain as the goyim enforce rules and targeted goyim discussion destroy the kike. The kike fears unity. KYS shill
>>68 schizo
>>31 I just wanna be in the sub 100 club. Its good to be back
>>63 Absolutely disgusting kike nose typed this
All because the taliban wanted to establish their own bank. Fuck the rothschild dogs and their hegemony on the world.
>>99 CHECKED This happened to Ghadafi I believe too. The jews cannot handle when you take away their money supply. I wish them the best of luck. It looks like the CIA funded ISIS has crashed the party to try to end this rebellion. REEE
>>93 schizo take meds
>>104 The low effort combined with entire words missing from these shill posts suggests the kikes are outsourcing Indian shillers. What a world.
>>41 Unironcally this, dogs fucking piss me off so much, soulless nigger animals that theu are. Chinks were right with how to deal with them.
>>128 Livestream?
(98.71 KB 1348x727 wewwww.png)

>>130 Nothing yet, fren. BUT HAVE TWO MORE BOMBS.
(1.26 MB 1283x951 C17.png)

C17s inbound.
(244.05 KB 1351x1306 no.png)

glowop confirmed
>>100 The big money jews would rather see 5000 Americans die in Kabul under the most terrifying conditions than give the new Afghan govt it's $9.5 billion in reserves being kept in NY City.
>>178 This
(41.24 KB 828x459 E9vThlHXEAcWXUf.jpg)

>>178 >correct ZOGshills are lining up nicely already.
>>180 No one is going to war.
>>180 https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2021/08/17/treasury-taliban-money-afghanistan/ Same shit as Venezuela; all the shills love to howl with glee that Venezuela is a failed state because they can't buy food or import medicine but the US and Britain just arbitrarily seized their foreign money reserves from their legitimate sales of oil. It's effectively a siege, and that is an inexplicable act of war, and illegal under international law. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-52733299 Come to think of it that's the exact same shit that triggered war with Japan when the US seized their reserves, effectively sending the entire countryof Japan into an economic death spiral. History books tend to neglect this when discussing PearlHarbor.
(73.53 KB 1338x277 lmao.png)

(12.86 KB 592x119 10 Dead.png)

10 Dead
(262.91 KB 700x1947 al quaeda.JPG)

>>186 kek The Taliban was the creation of US Intel. >>1.- THE AFGHAN WAR IS NOT A RESPONSE TO 9/11, IT WAS PLANNED BEFORE THE ATTACKS According to these two politicians, the sole purpose of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 was to "pursue those who attacked us on September 11, 2001, and to ensure that al-Qaeda could not use Afghanistan as a base for further attacks. » [1] Mr Macron and Mr Biden may think, the 2001 war was decided in mid-July 2001, when the Berlin negotiations between the United States and the United Kingdom on the one hand and the Taliban, not the Afghan government, on the other failed. Pakistan and Russia were observers at these secret talks. The Taliban delegation entered Germany in violation of the UN Security Council’s travel ban. After the failure of these negotiations, Pakistani Foreign Minister Naiz Naik returned to his country and sounded the alarm. Pakistan then looked for new allies. It offered China a gateway to the Indian Ocean (what we see today with the ’Silk Road’). The United States and the United Kingdom began to amass their troops in the area: 40,000 men in Egypt and almost the entire British fleet in the Arabian Sea. It was only after this arrangement was put in place that the attacks of September 11th took place. 4- THE TALIBAN DID NOT FIGHT A WAR, THEY TOOK WHAT THE US GAVE THEM Presidents Macron and Biden are playing dumb about the Taliban’s "takeover of Kabul". According to them, "Afghan political leaders have given up and fled the country. The Afghan army has collapsed, sometimes without even trying to fight. But how did they flee, if not with Western military aircraft? And the Afghan army did not "sometimes seek to fight", it was the other way round: it only "sometimes" sought to fight. The Afghan borders were among the most secure in the world. US soldiers recorded everyone’s identity with electronic means, including iris recognition. The Afghan army consisted of 300,000 men - more than the French armies - who were very well trained by the US, France and others. It was over-equipped with sophisticated equipment. All its infantry had body armour and night vision systems. It had a very capable air force. In contrast, the Taliban has no more than 100,000 men, which is three times less. They are hooligans in sandals and armed with Kalashnikovs. They had no air force - they suddenly have one today with trained pilots from who knows where -. If there had been fighting, they would have been defeated for sure. The regime change was decided under President Donald Trump. It was to take place on May 1st. But President Joe Biden changed that timetable to change history. He used the delay to set up military bases in the neighbouring countries and send at least 10,000 mercenaries. He has mobilised the Turkish army, which is already present in the country, but which no one is talking about. The latter has already recruited at least 2,000 jihadists living in Idleb (Syria) and continues to hire them. 5. THE US DID NOT LOSE AFGHANISTAN TO CHINA, BUT FORCED CHINESE COMPANIES TO ACCEPT ITS PROTECTION The US has not lost anything in Afghanistan because it does not want to establish peace there. They don’t care about the one million deaths they have caused there in 20 years. They just want that region to be unstable, that no government can control the exploitation of the natural resources there. They want companies, from whatever developed country, to be able to exploit them only by accepting their protection. This is the Hollywood-popularised scheme of the globalised world, protected by a compound, with special forces going abroad to monitor exploitation sites in wilderness areas. https://www.voltairenet.org/article213772.html
(864.52 KB 1312x1165 wewww.png)

>>188 10/10, fren. Much obliged. o7
>>186 >>190 You should read Sous Nos Yeux (Before our eyes) The story of how NATO (British and American) military intelligence has run the Muslim Brotherhood and by extension all the muslim terrorist groups since WWII. He's publishing the entire book online for free. It's superb. You can buy it in softcover too https://www.voltairenet.org/article206935.html
Everything glows rn
(22.58 KB 894x220 kabul.JPG)

>>195 wow
>>197 Oy vey the glowies want to put on a show today Reeee
>>192 https://book4you.org/book/5477157/66ab65 On the record: I promise if I ever meet the man I will buy him a beer.
(41.74 KB 1326x220 wew.png)

>>204 Rolling for dementia
when is biden sneeded
Imagine fucking up a false flag so bad you end up killing 30 of your own NATO bots
>>221 The Israelis have been killing Ameribots since the beginning of this shit. - USS Liberty - 911 - Israeli IDF/Mossad "advisors" and "observers" in Iraq planting magnetic limpet mines on US vehicles that will be reported as IED attacks by Iraqui guerrilas. -Juma the sniper killing American troops with a sniper rifle equipped with an Israeli manufactured video scope allowing him to record and post his kills on the internet. The fact is that the jews love killing white people even more than they love killing the Palestinians or Iraquis, Egyptians or Syrians.
That's legitimately the weirdest fucking presidential address I have ever seen. He seriously and unironically seemed to be phasing in and out of consciousness. His dramatic pauses were all wrong. Everything about all of that was wrong and fucky. What the literal actual fuck.
>>261 It was a dark pessimistic speech, like he was basically giving up on them. Americans don't like that; remember when Carter did his "malaise" speech? Americans like positive bullshit Reagan style, they love it. They're fundamentally optimists.
>>268 It's not even that. And it's not even, strictly speaking, his obvious incoherence. It's more the fact that the controlled demolition is so obvious. Is that part of the demoralization PSYOP? For it to be obvious? I know it is, but it seems to be an uncontained kind of obvious. There is an unsettling quality to the obviousness of the ridiculousness that isn't explained by a simple destruction of America. It seems emptier and more metaphysically ridiculous than simply evil. I can't put my finger on it.
>>41 >>121 Jesus Christ, how many faggot vampire pedo jew parasites are on this fucking board? My doggos are ready to hunt you down, and eat your livers. You can't stop this.
(74.36 KB 499x418 diseased jews.jpg)

>>104 >>42 How is this footage in the daylight? This isn't Kabul, is it? >>51 >>104 (picrel) Every fucking time. What the actual fuck is with you mindless fucking mimics? Demonic parasites whom have worn out every welcome on this Earth. Good riddance, jew. >>182 We're already at war, faggot. >>273 I believe the phrase your seeking is "abject desperation". It won't be long now, lads. Keep your hatchet sharp and your powder dry. nein >>72
>>276 I think you're probably right. Death wobbles. Let's fucking do this. 1488.
(140.71 KB 900x380 biden.jpg)

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