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(2.16 KB 125x125 1628216373174s.jpg)

Chanchan Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 04:45:40 No. 369
In the past 2 days 4chan seems more devoid of content from human beings than ever. Anyone else notice. Its boring!
>>369 Yeah its full of bots. You must be human to post here.
>>369 I havent been able to post for a year because im rangebanned. I feel like they rangebanned everyone to try and force buying the pass. The site is creepier than ever right now.
>>373 >Phonefag Me too anon... me too...
>>369 Just get comfy here. Not many shills/bots around
(673.30 KB 200x222 1633884188188.gif)

>>384 Or people, kek
They apparently have something for phonefags. Got banned for the third time. Giving up. They use our intellect and our personal interests for their content and their profit. It seems too that they are less interested in morality, decency and good common values than their little click of hidden molesters, troons, jeets, nigger lovers and general malcontents. Fuck them.

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