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Women: retarded by nature or misguided by jews? Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 18:49:40 No. 474
I say retarded by nature. Let me explain. Even without jews in their society, muslims know women are retarded by nature, hence the rules for muslim women. Muslims don't fear jews sneaking into their societies and manipulating their muslim women to be whores, they just know that left to their own vices, women will always take the path of least resistance and do whorish shit. Why? Because they value abstract and illogical shit like attention and validation. Also, women have been wreaking societies long before kikes. Women overwhelmingly vote liberal due to their "whatever's popular" retarded child brains. To believe that's the jews fault, one would have to have evidence that jews are targeting the female demographic more than the male. And if that were true, that would mean jews certainly think females are retarded by nature. One could easily cuck out like a Libertarian and say "both". But I think it's 90% female nature.
women, even the most beautiful women live hellish existences, bleeding out their holes for three or four days every month, subject to horrible smelly yeast infections and perpetually the target of evil fuckers that want to squirt their baby making goo into their holes and enslave them with screaming shitting little helpless monkeys for the rest of their lives. I am willing to cut them a lot of slack but if they're going to insult me and choose niggers over white men then I say shit on their insolent faces. That is all.
>>474 I roughly agree. But I like to think about women as literal "adult" babies, not retards. They just have not fully developed brains and are stuck in a child-like behavior. They search attention and support the way children do. So we men have to guide and restrict them, otherwise they will do stupid shit and hurt themselves. Letting them vote etc was a mistake.
>>501 Also fuck kikes
>>474 Many people are misguided by jews, including muslims, even if they think the opposite. Disliking jews is not enough if you are still influenced by them
>>474 I'll preface this post by saying that I don't believe it applies to all women as there are always exceptions. Our species has barely evolved since the Pleistocene when we used to live in small tribes in a very unforgiving world. The nature of females is to follow the pack. They have no means to survive by themselves so they make up for it by being submissive and extremely sensitive to peer pressure. That's simple, if the tribe hates you they will reject you and that's a death sentence, they are aware of it. This is why they're gullible and NPC-like. It can be both a blessing and a curse, provided the leader of the tribe does what's best for his people and such power doesn't fall into the wrong hands. I'll let you do some research on the early life section of those who initiated "women liberation" movements. Do you know that in strict religious societies women are actually the ones who police each other and make sure the rules are enforced? It just so happen that nowadays the new religion is being a globohomo liberal who welcomes immigrants (and they do police each other about it). TL;DR: women are only an extension of men
Women are retarded only if you judge them by the male system of values, from a male point of view. If you do, then they are basically defective, weak, stupider, highly emotional and irrational men with tits and vaginas and uteri. But they are not. They are women, they are different from men, this is what and how they are, this is how they were selected, this is how they evolved. This is how women are, for better or worse - radically different from men. If man is the builder of civilization and woman evolved to be a baby factory and mother first and foremost, then man has the responsibility for the good management and running of human civilization. That means that we are also responsible for women and partially responsible for their actions, since we are supposed to be their superiors. If women are regarded as adult children, fundamentally irresponsible (at least from the male perspective), then the men MUST lead the women, and lead well. If they do not, disaster ensues, disasters like our current Clown World. Everything related to civilization and the work of creating and maintaining it comes from us men - if we are WEAK, if we are IRRESPONSIBLE, everything goes to shit. Therefore, let us be STRONG and RESPONSIBLE.

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