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File: 1554598536472.jpg (225.47 KB, 1867x1440, neinchan.....jpg)

73fc4 No.5102

This place is allot like the old /b/oard but without the fur-fags and pony-tards.
>>this feels like home.

95e49 No.5103

Welcome home brother.
Hail o/.

8791b No.5104

File: 1554599142082-0.jpg (448.63 KB, 992x542, Kapitulieren Nein Pepe 2.jpg)

File: 1554599142082-1.jpg (197.66 KB, 736x432, Hiro will not divide us.jpg)

welcome in bro, on Nein, we must all be united against the shills who ruined all other boards, and so ruining our time on them. for the moment, Nein is slow and few posting, but a huge influx of people who had enough of 4kike and 8cuck, will happen around mid April onwards, and then, Nein Chan will become a huge united, and tied up together type of community. a community that will be as united as how the HWNDU raiders were, and this time, we will not disband like how the HWNDU Army did, and we will never ever back down, and we will do our great strike against all our enemies, and treat them worse than Shia. because we must never pussy down like 4kike and 8cuck did, and Nein/pol/, must be a huge family and/or community of people who had enough of this wicked society that must be changed into good, and we must all gather and unite, to fight for what is right.

Nein Chan, is the last true good Chan. welcome in!

41e7c No.5106

welcome fren

55a8e No.5108

Hi fren

6f3de No.5164

File: 1554663505540.jpg (87.64 KB, 1254x752, awb.jpg)

Welcome now you are now a 9er. I have come to the conclusion that anyone who gets here before the 10k post mark has oldfag status on this chan.

90ca2 No.5169

File: 1554668463458-0.png (305.77 KB, 518x586, 1491117152648.png)

File: 1554668463459-1.png (406.09 KB, 649x1024, 1553526173387.png)

File: 1554668463459-2.png (169.22 KB, 1159x801, 1554097324939.png)

Oh anon.. We've always been here!

fa6b3 No.5170

Get the fuck out ponyfag

0364d No.5171

File: 1554670138879.png (603.09 KB, 1875x2021, 1492051586228.png)

How do you fellow /mlpol/ friend?
2 years of /mlpol's/ glorious existence need to be celebrated.

a7927 No.5173


You fuckers are degenerate, get the fuck out.

fa6b3 No.5175

Zyklon yourselves

dc88e No.5177

File: 1554672640827.jpeg (56.97 KB, 626x458, A928E9D4-6BF3-463F-854C-3….jpeg)

>How do you fellow /mlpol/ friend?
how do you?

while I'm rather neutral when it comes to odd political alliances I hope you enjoy the board and respect it's rules.
no porn
nothing illegal
keep your ponies in one thread
welcome fren

dac70 No.5179

File: 1554673324284.png (348.86 KB, 1280x864, ponyWithConfederateFlag.png)

I was here before they used vichan.

Don't knock mlpol. It's actually quite genius. No one takes them seriously, so there's hardly any shills. When one wanders in, they get pelted with pony pics. Most shills pretty much melt down and leave.

0364d No.5181

File: 1554673957183.jpg (120.18 KB, 720x718, IMG_3084.JPG)

This. He speaks the truth. A lot of people don't even know /mlpol/ survived after the few days after April the first on 4chan. But good things can't be surpressed for long.
No worries, I'm not a regular, I won't stay for long, I prefer /mlpol/ anyways. Just wanted to say hello to a fren.

90ca2 No.5184

File: 1554676587557-0.png (300.23 KB, 507x393, 1553309954558.png)

File: 1554676587557-1.png (128.23 KB, 278x277, 1553526098062.png)

>>5171 >>5179
Hello /mlpol/ friends! I knew there were more lurking here

90ca2 No.5185

File: 1554677205433-0.png (2.62 MB, 2000x1414, 1461655677075.png)

File: 1554677205433-1.png (586.11 KB, 1410x1466, mlpolhistoire.png)

File: 1554677205433-2.png (707.15 KB, 944x1846, 6nqRw6m.png)

Hey careful with the edge anons… Say, why don't you both come and get comfy with me over here and I'll help relax you both with a story. You both like stories with a happy ending dont you?

dac70 No.5186

File: 1554677227922.jpg (13.34 KB, 220x229, TheMask.jpg)

>half neinchan comes out as /mlpol/

55a8e No.5187

Nobody takes it seriously because youre all a bunch of fucking retards
Ive been here since day one

dac70 No.5189

File: 1554677953748.jpg (102.16 KB, 600x523, moralityIsTippyTop.jpg)

>you guys are retards
>I have a clown name
Uh, anon…

55a8e No.5191

Post porn already

a7927 No.5193

File: 1554680298280.png (628.31 KB, 570x571, drumpf.PNG)

>>5185 >>5179

Fuck off, /mlpol/ because a show designed for toddler girls never appealed to me.


At least you're not as fucked as 4cuck. Or 8/pol/

6f3de No.5196

Whew lad i hope that aint the case this place seems pretty good

cab14 No.5197

not true we ban any degeneracy on site. mlp posters are on thin ice I see one once of porn they are blacklisted.

Nien is NOT a porn site

dac70 No.5198

File: 1554683029717.png (143.96 KB, 894x894, shrugPony.png)

>At least you're not as fucked as 4cuck. Or 8/pol/
Well, yes.

>mlp posters are on thin ice I see one once of porn they are blacklisted
You know, after 8/pol was overrun during the midterms, I migrated to /mlpol/ as a rapefugee. There is a pony porn thread, but aside from the dedicated thread, it's pretty much porn free, except for driving off shills. This >>5185 is about as risque as it gets. I wouldn't have watched the show at all except I have daughters. There's some of the best political threads on any imageboard out there.

cab14 No.5199

as long as you post no porn your safe

dac70 No.5202

Kek, I don't have any porn, of any type, downloaded. I don't even post ponies, I just did it in this thread because it was apropos. I hate to admit this, but I posted nearly all the ponies I have in this thread.

Didn't realize /mlpol/ had such a bad rap. I feel like a rebel now.

8d92c No.5203

jewpol really turned into a complete shitshow. nothing but tranny-, nigger- and slide-threads between all the kike kvetchposts. i tried it for an hour, and nothing but brain diarrhea. why anyone would want to martyr himself to such lows is besides me.

8d92c No.5205

But keep those Pony fags away from here or you are doomed as well.

0041b No.5208

File: 1554685259478.gif (982 KB, 1024x1024, 1549830832055-2.gif)

Roger that

675f8 No.5209

File: 1554685428353-0.png (351.87 KB, 744x1000, 1554105145015.png)

File: 1554685428353-1.png (1.91 MB, 1921x1080, 1554098869034.png)

File: 1554685428353-2.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1079, 1554103296373.png)

Reporting in. I remember when this place was still on x10host.

e0970 No.5220

Bestiality is for degenerates. Better yourself brother.

87229 No.5248

Mlpol.net is the superior chan

dabf9 No.5249

There goes the *neigh*borhood

a7927 No.5253

File: 1554767832240.png (99.8 KB, 534x629, pol.png)

I sympathize, and am aware of the situation. I'm keeping my eyes out.

a447c No.5263

File: 1554775084599.jpg (20.55 KB, 347x504, 1553143712716.jpg)

Sup guys, you like friendship?

291bd No.5328

what if you were here before 100?

291bd No.5329

File: 1554825621998.jpg (2.06 KB, 122x125, 1550619616222s.jpg)


55a8e No.5330

Then youre most likely a first day fag like me

dabf9 No.5334

File: 1554827767935.jpg (101.6 KB, 600x600, 974C57D6-E52C-4F27-BD9D-07….jpg)

Ay twas a special day indeed good sir

a4178 No.5346

File: 1554831001535.png (507.06 KB, 894x894, ponycartSalt.png)

First day here then too. I'm pretty sure I had a post in the first 10 on the new vichan board.

It's hilarious that the ponies trigger anons harder than damn near anything else. You anons make it too easy. Pic related, made just for you.

291bd No.5347

File: 1554833543547.jpg (34.8 KB, 560x314, Cringe comp bronies my lit….jpg)

>thinking im actually triggered
sad that you pony trannies think i care enough about you degenerates to even unironically be angered by your garbage posting.

55a8e No.5348

We dont like ponies because its a t.v. show for toddlers

87229 No.5350

The Jew fears the pony.

291bd No.5351

the jew is the pony

55a8e No.5352

Please explain to me how not liking a kids show makes me a jew

5ad18 No.5361

Mlpol here. Could you guys help us turn ponies into a hate symbol?

0364d No.5374

File: 1554846062237.png (188.36 KB, 2496x2508, 1150897__safe_edit_oc_oc-c….png)

Easy, just send Aryanne to a few blue-checkmark Twitter NPC's and say that Nazis use mlp to push their far-right extremist radical views.

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