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(150.66 KB 1024x1024 1608488435459.jpg)

What are you doing to redpill the normies and defeat zog? Anonymous 08/30/2021 (Mon) 23:20:20 No. 566
I made http://www.polnewscentral.com as a place to corral all the news that gets posted to /pol/ into one place. I utilize memes to add humor to the site and my organizational pattern should be easy for the /pol/ veteran to understand. I update it throughout the day, all day, every day, as my schedule allows. What are you doing? How can we help each other while staying anon and doing our own things?
>>566 D U B Z U B Z ive actually been using your site for a while, i enjoy the humor
(84.23 KB 1024x1019 1629442971597.jpg)

>>567 I'm glad you enjoy it. I have to laugh at clown world or go crazy.
>>566 Your site is nice anon but add https:// ples incase you are hacked.
(217.14 KB 600x384 poster design.jpg)

My man any chance you could put some CSS padding on the article summaries on the front page? And some paragraph breaks as well. Or at least cut off the article preview early and use text-overflow ellipses. The type setting is blinding me to the point it's unreadable. I like the concept though good work. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/text-overflow
(206.09 KB 900x873 1546443054241.jpg)

>>569 I have been looking into that (I didn't want to spend the extra money so I've been looking into how to get a free ssl) and I will probably be adding that next weekend. The site might go down for a day, so I want it to be Sunday, if it does, my slowest traffic day. >>570 I will see what I can do about the padding, but you are right. Give me a day or two to mess with it. I just figured out how to do a line break to create paragraphs within my database, so I'll do that from now on. I am very new to this and learning as I go. I'm glad you like the concept. I will improve the site as I learn more.
>>572 >free SSL https://letsencrypt.org/ is what you're looking for Here's some CSS that cleans up the look and feel a bit if you want to pull some of the rules or take inspiration body { /* system font stack, see https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/system-font-stack/ */ font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol"; } .story { /* give the story content room to breathe */ padding: 12px; /* removed the BG color here to move it elsewhere */ /* background-color: #F0E0D6; */ } .news, .newsside { /* background color flush against the panel */ background-color: #F0E0D6; } .line { /* give other stories a bit more room to breathe at the top */ margin-bottom: 12px; } .line:last-child { /* hide the last line in a news section since there is no story underneath it */ display: none; } .story a { /* remove the default link underline */ text-decoration: none; /* use a softer dotted underline */ border-bottom: 1px dotted currentColor; } .image { /* a bit more room between the image and headline */ padding-bottom: 12px; } .olddate { /* simplified margin with a bit of room to breathe above the previous/next links */ margin-top: 24px; /* some room to breathe below the previous/next links */ padding-bottom: 24px; /* simplified width to be 100% */ float: left; width: 100%; } .olddate a:not(:last-child) { /* some extra spacing between the previous/next links */ margin-right: 6px; }
>>574 thank you for your help. My internet speed is currently potato, but as soon as it's better (might be a couple days) I'll update the site with the changes I made.
(68.23 KB 932x747 1630327995679.jpg)

Iv Ben watching your show, pnn america is good stuff.
(112.62 KB 700x700 1509037196031.png)

>>597 I'm glad you like PNN America, but I'm not the same guy that does the daily podcast. He has graphic design experience/degree (says so in one of the early shows), which I obviously lack. To my knowledge there are 4 holdhouts from the PNN threads: me, pnn america, Bo the weather girl, and vrnn/16 mega byte.
(1.18 MB 1920x1080 1568486762086.png)

>>599 >He has graphic design experience/degree I have a computer science degree. 2 year. Not that impressive.
(79.79 KB 240x360 Bow Slow.webm)

>>612 a 2 year degree is still something, it's more than I have.
>>599 nice dubz any way anons of nein can help? any new projects or ideas?
(340.58 KB 814x1041 1629548430652.jpg)

>>646 I'm not sure. I could use help shilling the site a bit so more anons see it. I've had a few suggestions on how to expand the site, but I don't know that I have the time to run more than what I'm doing. An anon had suggested a page for anon entries/effort postings and I'm also considering adding a comment section. I'm mainly figuring out what I can do with the site, it is all new to me. I'm still trying to figure out how to set up an email @polnewscentral and working on making it better for phone use. If you (or any anon) want to start up your own thing to add to what the various anons are doing, that would be cool. (sorry the site hasn't been very up-to-date over the weekend, my parents surprised me with a short visit)
My suggestions for the site: 1. Link the stories to your site so they can be shared as a source on 4chan. (polnewscentral.com/kikestory6gorillian) 2. Redpill of the day or daily quote (that is a redpill) 3. Comments section or daily discussion page 4. Make your donate page more serious looking. 5. Do something about phone formatting
(101.27 KB 1024x995 1609797411383.jpg)

>>670 >1. Link the stories to your site so they can be shared as a source on 4chan. (polnewscentral.com/kikestory6gorillian) done >2. Redpill of the day or daily quote (that is a redpill) I'll think about it, and noted. >3. Comments section or daily discussion page I keep thinking about this but it's too much work. Maybe one day. >4. Make your donate page more serious looking. do I have to? >5. Do something about phone formatting should be better, each column now links to its own page
>>566 It's not hard to redpill nips. They already hate niggers and brown people. All I do is show them the increased crime stats from European countries and they go from indifferent to attentive very quickly because the current PM - Suga - wants to increase immigration. He's retiring at the end of this month
>>566 Thank (You) for your service. Fuck those kike mods at 4pol
>>716 Always found it weird that BBC slide threads stayed up to hit bumb limit, but threads talking about political conspiracies goat shoa'd in short order. Kikes and leftoids are patient and zealous. They'll wait for jannie applications and say all the right things, then go to town on anyone right of Mao Zedong. It's the "slightly less long march" through the digital institutions
(1.30 MB 1376x2000 Don't (you).png)

>>671 >Make your donate page more serious looking. Don't you fucking dare.
(827.96 KB 827x768 jtomandjerry.png)

>>566 I like your site too, i found it before i found this place. if you don't want comments there, we can make threads here. grow both at the same time.
>>771 I think adding comments will be more work than I can do by myself. The design of the site is meant to make it easy to make threads on any chan, so growing this chan while using it as an informal comments section for my site is a great idea...as long as site admin is okay with it too. >>755 Noted. >>716 thank you for enjoying the site >>713 noted as well, nips always seem rather based to me
>>671 It looks nice. You don't have to change the donate page, it was just a suggestion
(66.16 KB 534x680 1630929664688.jpg)

Ive been trying to red pill normies irl for maybe 10years now. They might swallow basic red pills but they seem to pass right through the only ones that have any sticking power are too basic to even change the normie pov. Honestly frens its tiresome. The JQ usually turns a normie into a fren or causes npc rage. Its hard not to fall into the noble lie. Sometimes I wonder how civ has lasted this long when the average normie cant even perform the basic functions required for survival. I will always keep trying but the zog machine has some 6000 odd years on us frens. I do however have one white pill. A few of my friends irl are aware enough to realise the political theatre has been and will always be about control. You have to be the change you want to see in the world
>>787 >its tiresome agreed, but what's anon to do? After exploring so many leads, digging through so many email dumps, putting the logical bits together to form a reasonable explanation that keeps piling up to point at the same basic culprits, every fucking time, it does become tiresome
(64.85 KB 1024x788 1612540426791.jpg)

>>787 >You have to be the change you want to see in the world That's exactly what I'm doing. I wanted a better news site so I made one. >>789 > it does become tiresome That's why they get their own column. There are a lot of people on /pol/ who still haven't taken the kike pill. Having the shit that they do to us pointed out and sorted out via normie news sites will eventually force that pattern recognition. >>785 keeping it the way it is for now. I'm glad you like the site
>>793 Honestly thats great fren keep updating the site. >>789 You have and they havent. You might seen a lot of evidence but they arent even aware that its been honked. It is very hard to convince people have been deceived. You have to break down the evidence but you cant force them to believe it. One snopes fact check and the normies go back to blissful ignorance. So yeah fren its all so tiresome
>>787 >You have to be the change you want to see in the world That's unironically a pill that i only took seriously recently. I even started looking for the remaining jewish influence that might still be within me and made a list of the solutions to remove them. Feels like a weird detox. Knowing is only a small part of the redpill, acting on it is the most important part
>>566 just a tip brother, add monero to your donate page. bitcoin is very unsecure and not private at all
>>572 if your using nginx just use certbot, also apache works with certbot. theres an addon that makes it automatic
>>817 Do you have specific examples of said jewish influences?
(38.96 KB 647x545 takeyourjabandshoveit.jpg)

>>566 DIGITS CHECKED BASED AMMO >Making signs and screaming at people in front of lefty capitols like a drunken schizo hobo >training frens at church in tactics/weponsmithing >exercising and improving every day >staying humble even with above (i dont even believe it) avg IQ >Making sure i LIVE BY WHAT I BELIEVE IN >leading people to the bible >showing people infowars (normie redpiller) >hiding my power level when my identity is revealed
>>840 It really depends on the person. It's what you do or be that the jews would want you to do or be
Discuss. >Fauci Tells Americans to Ask Unvaccinated Relatives to Not Show Up For Christmas (VIDEO) https://www.polnewscentral.com/?page=qui&id=1052 https://archive.md/avTWX >Report: Russia now has 265,000 troops near Ukraine border https://www.polnewscentral.com/?page=pol&id=1378 https://archive.md/9Ix1I >High-ranking Illinois State Senator and her husband are carjacked on the west side of Chicago - two days after mayor made a U-turn and asked for ATF help to get spiraling crime under control https://www.polnewscentral.com/?page=joggers&id=1032 https://archive.md/10txY >Dozens of refugees believed dead after boat sinks in Greek waters https://www.polnewscentral.com/?page=other&id=1069 https://archive.md/eETtV >Todays podcast: https://youtu.be/e1lsiwlMNmU
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