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File: 1555234723538.jpg (264.66 KB, 2242x1320, 1555079890350.jpg)

2b293 No.5779


On 20 April, at exactly 20:04, anons from every part of the web (4chan, 8ch, mlpol) will attempt a ritual to BRING FUCKING HITLER BACK.
The doc was made by an Italian anon on mlpol, it contains the symbol and a couple of pastas to explain what is going on and what will happen.
>This is a thing that is bigger than the boards alone, so we must cooperate for the greater good

8939a No.5781

File: 1555236918748.jpg (94.49 KB, 1024x1001, Adi und Ion.jpg)

i support this, hope Codreanu will be brought back too, or at least Antonescu, and other Axis leaders like Mannerheim, Petain, and why not even Horthy.

8939a No.5782

File: 1555237101253.png (691 KB, 640x1240, 1546970468299.png)

i think that, Fall Weiss should take the most action on Nein too, because Nein is too great to be ignored.

2b293 No.5783

Hi Nihil, glad you're onto it
If we can get this big enough on neinchan, there will be a big boost to our efforts
Also, this https://mlpol.net/mlpol/res/216339.html is the thread on mlpol

8939a No.5784

>Hi Nihil
so i guess you remember me from 4kike (and this is how i will refer to 4chan from now on due to how subverted and compromised it is) too? we already got some bronies on Nein, so i hope they will be on this also.

2b293 No.5785

I used to lurk on the Romania General threads, so yeah

8939a No.5786

File: 1555238514573.jpg (61.22 KB, 940x529, Adi und Ion 2.jpg)

i just have one thing to say about this, if 4kike mods and jannies try to destroy Fall Weiss, then it will confirm how ruined that place is, there is no way the shills on 4 will not try to destroy this one big opportunity, and having deleted threads will be the obvious point. because anyone with a right view, regardless if National Socialist, Legionary, Fascist, or Conservative, gets attacked in all kinds of ways.

2b293 No.5787

They are literally going full kike mode to take down any thread talking about it, the guy who made the symbol got shadow-banned and then banned for good, and it's full of memeflags posting satanic shit to try and deviate the threads

8939a No.5788

>They are literally going full kike mode to take down any thread talking about it
like how Kommandant and /SIG/ threads get taken down too.

>the guy who made the symbol got shadow-banned and then banned for good

hope he comes to Nein, this is where the true /pol/ exists now anyways.

>and it's full of memeflags posting satanic shit to try and deviate the threads

because behind those memeflags, there is always a Hexagram, aka "Star of David", and since that star has 6 corners, it leads to 666, which is therefore Satanic, explaining those horrible posts.

d9e56 No.5789

You need to come over to /mlpol/ boys, this thread can be left as a backup.

2b293 No.5790

Speaking of him, he's been informed of the operation and they will try to help us. He asked to be put in contact with some of us

>hope he comes to Nein

I'll tell him as soon as I find him again. He goes by the name of 72, or High Priest of Wodanaz/Hitler


Jesus christ, is there anything good connected with that symbol?

I'm the Italian there, I just wanted to shill this so more people will know

8939a No.5792

well, i will look into it, at least for lurking, and bumping the thread for any future updates during Fall Weiss (like for example, 4kike trying to shut it down).

yeah i heard about the Kommandant being contacted, boy i am hyped for it, and i want to meet him personally, and have him post his videos in peace here.

>Jesus christ, is there anything good connected with that symbol?

with the Hexagram aka Star of David? nope, not a snowball's chance in hell. that things is essentially Satan's seal, not the Pentagram used by LARPers like LaVey (he was jewish).

dc1c0 No.5794

This exercise seems very constructive.

123cd No.5825

File: 1555271074748-0.png (41.72 KB, 399x322, 1496731348734.png)

This was what i could translate the runes on the logo to:

retutnrd to ths rearm mothetfukkers ve nov rul?odanas has

my troll alerst is pinging as fuck right now

d04f7 No.5833

I got we now rulwodanas has returned to this realm motherfukkers, which is we now rule Wodanas has returned to this realm motherfukkers

21c82 No.5865

warning: the sigil contains lulz and rage.
there is no protection mentioned gor the partacing anons.
there is no clear gift and request specified.
there is no clear ritual path specified.
there are no warnings of imposter hitlers.

i take no responsebility for any shit that hapoens or not or anything else regarding this undertaking.

1f767 No.5871

There's something that needs to be explained then. I'll remove it from the doc at once

05b20 No.5873

What needs to be explained is that ponyfag's impacience and degeneracy have lost you the avatar.

65190 No.5874

the many thread leader from mlpol just got faggotflaged for shittingbon the concern of anons.

his text is still wonky, no clear mantras, no defenses, no gift, no request, no path.

i hope the wizzard leaf from mlpol takes over.

65190 No.5876


>my common sense is tingling.

this brit is the aformentioned high priest, who just left the mlpol thread.

could somrbody post this info on 8 and 4? i'm getting bored.

1f767 No.5878

I don't have anything against you, but the writing on the symbol is pretty suspicious

d9e56 No.5880

I say we let it slide, even if it was a mistake. The anon with the shrine is making an 8chan board atm, we will coordinate everything from there.

7f987 No.5881


65190 No.5885

mlpol is organising its own ritual. can you post the 8chan link?

65190 No.5886

dad3c No.5887

File: 1555354503133.jpg (718.36 KB, 1000x1300, Summoning Hitler.jpg)

65190 No.5889

there is no 4chan post on pol or x yet

af3b3 No.5896

File: 1555358340877.jpg (350.54 KB, 540x810, the_black_sun.jpg)

Im the guy with the shrine. the board is up and running. we will coordinate this operation entirely from there since there is no threat of kike mods pruning threads. come on over to 4+4ch.net/vril/

2fe6e No.6124

File: 1555750781192.png (733.09 KB, 511x1154, EbolaHitler.png)

Ebola-Hitler when?

e7cf5 No.6157


the meaning is clear

we now rule, Wodan (Odin) has returned to this realm motherfuckers. either poorly translated into runes, or poorly translates into english from them. possibly both.

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