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File: 1555321977666.jpg (230.37 KB, 2048x1365, SunriseNorway.jpg)

2e125 No.5863

Good morning anons! Browsing mongolian basket weaving forums can be mentally exhausting. Time to post good things. What's going right in your life? Why do you love the white race? What do you have to be thankful for?

No blackpills, no niggers, no jews, no bad news.

I humbly beseech the mods to help protect this thread. There's 99 bad news threads, let there be one good one.

2e125 No.5864

File: 1555322079601.jpg (460.97 KB, 1691x1021, happyfamily1.jpg)

I'll go first. I'm married to a white woman and have three white kids. They are all whip smart. My finances are pretty good, and I'm more than self sufficient enough to get by on less money if needed. I can fix my old german cars, they run great. I have firearms, means to protect my family. We are all healthy.

Pic related, not me.

Hope you all have a great day anons!

4d3db No.5866

Actually finnally getting my life straightened out was a neet life broswing the boards and was terribly depressed. After a few of the first /sig/ threads i read, it inspired me to get my life in order. Got a good job, saved up money for a down payment on a place. Got a new vechicle and a grill, now im engaged and in shape. I am now a legit bloomer. Somedays are shit but better than it was years ago.

19f97 No.5879

File: 1555351054347.jpg (1.08 MB, 3200x2400, GoingUp.jpg)

Dubs checked.
>After a few of the first /sig/ threads i read, it inspired me to get my life in order.
That's great. I post in them a lot, never knew if anyone reads and takes them to heart.
>Somedays are shit but better than it was years ago
There's good days and bad days, but as long the average goes up, it's all good.

4d3db No.5907

File: 1555370873308.png (38.64 KB, 482x603, 1505757168677.png)

Anon theres no telling how many people are saved from /sig/. Keep on doing it, I was in a bad place in my life once where I felt worthless and had no place in society now I got my shit toghether and have improved my life and the people around me.

95e3f No.5915

File: 1555391048685.png (80.91 KB, 1237x1017, superior Whites.png)

Whites/ Europeans are most evolved human to ever exist and have been chosen by the universe itself to tame nature.

Every single White born today is a descendant of nobility.

Our ancestors have been worshiped as gods and still are.

23e0e No.5929

I just realized today, that I have about equal pictures of family vs interesting /pol/ screen caps saved on my computer. To those who say /pol/ will fail, and that it does not have influence are terribly wrong.

aaa24 No.5990

good thing:
this alone makes this timeline redeemable

95531 No.5995

File: 1555545974126.jpg (33.53 KB, 500x625, ee9ae36352bab2dac99419bf11….jpg)

Brazenly showing that power level and getting my just desserts. White hot red pills, you fucking cucks, all the chicks belong to us.

2f43b No.5997

Inb4 this gets deleted

2f43b No.5998

These are singles

2f43b No.5999

These are trips

2f43b No.6000

And these are also trips

c030d No.6001

í wish the anon who posted this would be a kind anon and do the right thing, fuck off back to cuckchan until you can add to the discussion.

c030d No.6002


95531 No.6004

File: 1555551783694.jpg (52.22 KB, 736x490, 6831507a571958fbcfe37302c8….jpg)

Nah, op said to post what I'm grateful for and I did. Thankful that females still appreciate boldness and genuine men. Why hate me? I'm just a proud, confident White man having a great day and I hope that you have one soon, too. We're in this together ?

09c6d No.6081

File: 1555685618943.png (637.67 KB, 1024x263, StonehengeSunny.png)

I had to deal with some regulatory bullshit this week. Guy I dealt with was a solid white guy, went easy on me. Maybe whites in general are waking up. Feels good, was expecting to have to deal with a nigger government employee. Also, getting ready to start my cut, have some new ammo to help with appetite, summer is going to be great.

Admittedly, it's nigger tier picture, whites aren't generally obsessed with large asses. **Unless it's to plow a field, then the bigger the donkey, the better.**

4936d No.6195

File: 1555824445823.jpg (18.54 KB, 768x528, MontBlancRegion_BuenaVista….jpg)

Where do you get "obsession" from? Why not appreciate a full butt? We have been gifted with a beautiful spectrum of White variety, be grateful for this bounty.

-Now for my positivity-

God, I thank you for the suffering I endure in the fight for my race. I did a good deed today, with pure instinct, uncorrupted and undaunted. Thank you for the tests, the oppurtunities to increase in character and wisdom. Let there be strength for those among us here who may need it, for we endure upon this path, with indomitable patience.

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