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If you want this board to grow copy this pasta and start shilling it all over pol. Anonymous 09/09/2021 (Thu) 13:36:42 No. 703
This board just jumped up really fast if you guys want to build a solid empire here we need to take over the 4chan pol board with the pasta below. It’ll actually be pretty funny if everyone posts this pasta with different ips. They will have to shut down the site becuase they won’t be able to keep up with all the different posters LETS FUCKING GO LADS START SHITTING UP EVERY THREAD WITH BELOW PASTA!!!!! THE FIRE RISES! THIS OUR CHANCE TO RECRUIT AND HAVE OUR OWN BOARD LADS!!!!! WTF are you doing. Get off this kiked board. Come home white man. No tranny jannies Webm with audio No gay captchas N / e / i//n //c // h // a ////n Dot Com Keeeek they text banned it
Post results I want to see the keks. The oy veys from mods will be glorious as we establish our shite safe haven. Reminder the pasta I made that way becuase 4chan banned neinchan.com text.
Are you trying to recruit the shills too? This place was way too easy to find Grow organically. Seek out the right people and tell them discreetly.
>>706 That’s why there’s mods. Bring in all traffic it’ll happen either way. A dead board is nothing an alive one with mods that aren’t kiked is what the Jew fears. Kys shill
(191.58 KB 831x474 b59b501bdbfa.gif)

i just created this coomer capture gif with the pasta. looks like they deleting these text pastas immediately already. lets make some more gifs which contain some directions to this board: https://ezgif.com/maker 4chan kikes gonna seethe.
>>721 no worries, frens. it flickers only here, on 4chan it shows only the first frame.
>>721 Based everyone continue the onslaught this is working LOL
(43.06 KB 1067x600 1629880877479.jpg)

>>705 Me being here is the result.
>>726 How do you have an id wtf
>>727 it means you are vaccinated against the vaccine if you have an id
(186.36 KB 734x474 e772c5083f9f.gif)

>>721 created next one, this time without obfuscated text feel free to use
>>727 Moot enabled ids I think. Test
>>729 Thanks for taking out the slashes that’s how it has to be shipped raw text becuase 4chan banned it.
>>729 fucking based
(41.30 KB 788x685 1630038843387.jpg)

>>728 Can confirm
>>730 Moot running this site? I'm 75% sure glowniggers run this site. Also, why do they disabled post date? To not discourage any unsuspecting/disillusioned poster?
>>744 Post date is on desktop. I think they forgot to add mobile timestamp hahah
(542.35 KB 720x1520 Screenshot_20210909-075528.png)

>>729 >no captcha >first thing I notice is a damn captcha
>>744 Phoneposter detected
>>747 Should say no gay captchas
>>745 >>746 >>748 Alright my bad niggers
found out of the board from someone posting this
>>717 If you are trying to create another infinity I hope you are successful
(200.60 KB 1078x705 keknukecontrol.jpg)

>>703 it's nice to have threads free of the enemy. i will help it grow. >>706 all of the chans that have popped up have had a life cycle growth sweet spot shills board owner comped by glowies and we move on again. look at endchan if you want to see what happens with no advertisement, stays stuck on phase one. 8ch was at the sweetspot, 8ch.pl was there for even longer but disappeared. they were both good about banning shills, but were both comped when they grew to big. 8ch was murdered by operation trust (Q)
>>726 Same. Jews BTFO
>>703 Consider improving some stuffs first, this Chan is shit. Remove the captcha for posting, you can set DNSBL on lynxchan to require a captcha only for proxy and improve the quick reply box for mobile. Also the default theme load before the selected theme, it blinks that sucks.
(228.50 KB 360x500 Comehome.gif)

(287.34 KB 360x500 Comehome2.gif)

>>703 >>723 >>726 >>729 I made these two gifs, can't post on 4 chan right now because I made civil war threads (off topic!). Fire away.
>>729 >>938 People "in the know" said jannies and owner hate pol and polacks so much. Well then why do they attack neinchan name drop? Shouldn't they be happy that the people they hate are finally leaving? Is it because we have to buy ads or something?
doing a little cleaning

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