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(52.55 KB 488x640 Jew_jokes.jpg)

Jewish culture is centered around niggers. Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 11:43:35 Id: 78b2cb No. 911
Jewish culture is centered around niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free the niggers that they brought into the country on slave ships. They are willing to risk Annuda Shoa, just for the pleasure of producing mixed-race commercials and anti-white propaganda. They listen to and produce nigger music. They used their press to get americans to elect a nigger president. They dress and act like niggers and use their influence in the media to get all the other non-niggers to do the same. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers and then use nepotism to impose that niggerism on the world. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. They worship niggers like Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson, while ignoring the whites who actually built their country and welcomed them with open arms before niggers took over, with their help. Their civil rights leaders keep track of the diminishing % of American whites in the population total, because repopulating the new world with niggers will surely make it safer for jews. They subvert European nations to niggerify them has much as America has been niggerified, because jews just don't feel safe when there are no niggers around. Their movies are filled with niggers and and their music charts are filled with niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are just better than the white goys. They love BBC porn SO MUCH, that they are willing to run nigger dick porn companies at a negative profit margin, just for the thrill of watching niggers fuck, because the only thing more important than money to the Jews, is nigger dick. Jews will deny this of course and insist that they despise all goys equally, but the evidence speaks for itself, in that the Jews have always been and will always be a tribe of nigger-loving niggers.
>>911 Nice get. I would guess they don't actually like niggers they just noticed at some point that they had a variety of attributes that make them good slaves (physical prowess, low IQ, strong herd mentality, tendency to make others like them).
>>919 >I would guess they don't actually like niggers they just noticed at some point that they had a variety of attributes that make them good slaves Yeah, that and their suicidal rage. I just wanted a version that doesn't involved America. We need unity. If we stand together it wil be a cakewalk.
(161.88 KB 1200x805 nigjew filth.jpg)

(701.29 KB 3084x2394 nigjew.jpg)

Centuries of incestuous inbreeding has left the jew tormented with neurological problems. I won't go into too great a depth here, but you've all seen the statistics on Tay Sachs, and schizophrenia and their compulsive pedophilia. There's something seriously wrong with them. I think that in the negro they find their antithesis; they are fragile, weak, the negro is powerful vigorous. they are full of neuroses, the nigger is immune to pain. You could hit Joe Louis or Mike Tyson over the head wiht a baseball bat and they'd shrug it off. The jew is intellectual bookish, the nigger is repelled by books and learning. They're the antithesis of one another and so they are attracted by one another, instinctively feeling that somehow they'll compensate for each other's deficits. However they're both ugly, cruel and malicious and so they are fated to produce hideous offspring as a result of their hybridization. Dog shit + seagull vomit = something vile.

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