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AK thread Anonymous 07/20/2022 (Wed) 05:00:49 No. 49
When you're buying a new AK, it's important to look it over and make sure it's not a broken piece of shit Things to look for when you're buying a new AK are: Quality of rivets, are they all flush or are they squished and fucked up? Is the barrel CHF and chrome lined?* Are the receiver rails done properly Is it head spaced properly?** What is mag lockup like, do they wobble like shit or will they feed properly? Is the cut done right? Are the sights canted? Are any other pressed/pinned parts canted? *Does not apply to US made barrels which are nitrated **Buy a few gauges for this, they're cheap and you'll use them a lot Things to look for when buying a used AK Everything mentioned above Everything you'd do for a milsurp rifle* Is the bolt carrier tail squished to shit or does it look proper? Has the rear of the receiver been beat to shit by the carrier Is the rivet under the disconnector fucked beyond repair from an aftermarket trigger? *Things like bore pitting, chamber pitting, rifling wear, overall quality of finish, etc If you don't read this we aren't answering your questions ---------------- Common sense shit and other important AK related knawledge ---------------- Buyer's guide to making sure your AK isn't a canted screwbuildtier piece of shit http://pastebin.com/W8tSZEKQ Stop asking for shit tier US built rifles to be added. Riley Defense is rebranded IO. Don't buy it and stop asking about them for fucks sake Don't consider anything from Lee Armory AKA Snake Armory. They willingly snitch and lie to the ATF about their competition to try and get them shut down so they can push their mediocre US built rifles that are still worse than a WASR Do not buy anything listed here: PSA anything*** Century built* I.O Riley Defense DDI US made Random no name companies for the same price as a WASR AMD-65s with US barrels Krebs** Rifle Dynamics** *Anything that's not Zastava built or Cugir built, refer to the below list of acceptable models, all Century imports will be marked with a (ᶜ) from here on. Zastava and Cugir AKs are military rifles made in military factories that are IMPORTED by Century, and are considered the only AKs worth buying from them **Note this only applies to rifles, which are of questionable quality for the price they command. Accessories for rifles are of decent quality but will make purists REEEE, determine if such products are really useful and whether or not they could be replaced by just owning an AR ***Not pipe bombs at this point, but have questionable QC and business practices. Generally usable but buy at your own risk. ----------------- List of /akg/ approved rifles ----------------- Do buy, anything on this list for the listed price: Cheap as possible Draco(ᶜ) M92(ᶜ) Used Interarms rifles* *Due to being a secondhand market only these may be more or less expensive than the tier it is in, however at the time of making the list plenty could be had for this price or lower. In addition these rifles are a bit more hit or miss than others so do your job and check it over before buying it 800 - 1000 WASR(ᶜ) WBP Saiga sporter NPAP(ᶜ)** OPAP(ᶜ)** Mak-90 sporter* Anything else Yugo** Romanian SAR 1/2/3** *Due to being a secondhand market only these may be more or less expensive than the tier it is in, however at the time of making the list plenty could be had for this price or lower **Be aware that Yugos do not accept standard AK furniture aside from pistol grips, and only with a standard stamped AK pistol grip screw and nut 900 - 1200 Unconverted VEPR Lucky grab on a used Arsenal Used VEPR FM Converted Saiga Arsenal SLR-107 fixed stock model Arsenal SLR-106F Someone's kit build that you are confident is built well and is from a reputable builder 1500+ Arsenal FR type rifles* New VEPR FM Sam7** DAKM-4150*** Get your preferred kit and have it built *UR and CR rifles are not on this list because we do not recommend you buy one as a first time AK buyer, determination of whether or not a UR or CR is right for you will be left to buyers discretion **Milled and we will make fun of you. And be aware that any milled AK will ONLY USE furniture made for milled rifle. Do not ask about stamped furniture on milled rifles ***This is US made with all Polish parts aside from receiver as far as I know, widely regarded as good, even by the lord Bobsled, but determine if this is what you want at the price it commands Expensive as shit and about the best money can get you SGL anything* Beryl* Maadi* Pre-ban Chinese AK*† Russian kits and A74uLLC receivers *All of these will only be found on the secondhand market, so use http://pastebin.com/W8tSZEKQ this guide for checking over an AK before you buy it †This excludes sporter configuration Chinese AKs, and only refers to true spec Chinese AKMs like Polytechs, Type 56, etc ----------------- Furniture and accessory compatibility between rifles ----------------- Learn the difference between a slant cut receiver and a squareback/straight cut receiver A few rifles on this list are known as "sporter" rifles, which means they're not milspec AKs due to import restrictions, due to this standard rear furniture might not fit. A slant cut receiver is easy to spot by, literally, the slant cut in the rear of the receiver. They have a different type of rear trunnion and will only accept thumbhole type stocks made for that style cut. It is however possible to buy adapters that will mount to the rear of the receiver so you can attach ACE folding stocks, AR stocks, and AK stocks. If you have a squareback/straight cut receiver, you won't have any problems, just check your rear trunnion type to see what will fit ------------------ Milled vs stamped AKs ------------------ The few major differences between milled and stamped AKs are the weight, fit and finish, and parts compatibility Milled rifles are always heavier than stamped due to manufacturing process, and also do not share most of their parts, meaning that you will have to buy specific and limited furniture sets and replacement parts will also have to be specific to milled AKs Stamped AKs will do the same or better than milled AKs in just about every category, but many people with milled AKs say that the fit and finish of parts feels smoother than stamped AKs Unless you're a collector there's probably no reason to get yourself a milled AK ------------------- Caliber guide for AKs -------------------- For most AKs you will have the choice of 7.62x39, 5.45x39, or 5.56x39. There are VEPRs available in .308 and 7.62x54r but if you're going to buy one of those you probably already own other AKs To start off, no one knows what the state of 5.45x39 is so don't ask. 7N6 is ATF b& from import but there's a lot of commercial stuff coming in from Russia and some niche SP being made by Hornady, there is fear that if an import ban goes through the tap gets shut off, which is technically true, but highly unlikely. For now it's still ~23 cents per round 7.62x39 will be the absolute easiest caliber to get into, with cheap, plentiful ammo that's manufactured by fucking everybody, along with enough existing surplus to power the world. Magazines will also be cheap (and covered in the next section) and easy to find as well, which makes this the most recommended caliber to get into Next is 5.45x39, an amazing caliber which is basically Russia's gift to the firearm world. Ammo for this will basically only be bought online, in the form of 7N6, Silverbear, Wolf, Tula, Red Army Standard, and possibly Golden Tiger. Magazines are fairly common but rather expensive, starting at ~25-30 dollars* before shipping. Other than that it's the more modern option for AKs if you want to be cooler than your friend's with WASRs The last round we'll talk about is 5.56x45. Magazines are gonna be a pain to find compared to most other mags, and they're going to be fairly expensive, probably starting at 30-35 dollars before shipping. Your only rifles for this caliber are gonna be VEPRs and SLR-106s. Not recommended for noguns wanting to start on AKs but a good choice for someone who already owns multiple rifles -------------------- Where to buy yourself riffles -------------------- Retailers: Legion USA Kvar Atlantic Slickguns Your local gun store Secondhand places (sites may also contain retailer listings): Armslist Gunbroker AKFiles Gunsamerica Your local pawn shop -------------------- Mag buying guide -------------------- Recommended websites for buying one of the 3 common caliber magazines: AK Files Legion USA Kvar AIMsurplus What-a-country Circle 10 AK Basic rundown of what to expect for each caliber 7.62 mags are cheap and plentiful 5.45 mags are expensive and plentiful 5.56 mags are expensive and need to be searched for but aren't impossible to find ------------------- Accessories and ammo buying guide ------------------- Ammo: Ammoseek.com SGammo.com gun-deals.com What-a-country Accessories: AKFiles Kvar LegionUSA CNCWarrior ------------------- Foot notes ------------------- AK Buyer's Guides >Old http://pastebin.com/YdEkhdva >New https://pastebin.com/93RRPey7 Temporary buyer guide >Rifles https://thinlineweapons.com/wiki/index.php/SimpleBuyersGuide >Magazines https://thinlineweapons.com/wiki/index.php/AK_Mag_Buyers_Guide#Quality

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