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Is Taking Opioids in a Terminal Disease Case Considered Sin?

I have a question about spirituality arising from the times we are living in, where outside the probability of an anon dying from terminal cancer or some other rapidly progressing irreversible degenerative disease that kills slowly but horribly like leukemia due to lifestyle highly harmful and adulterated thats imposed on us in modern society, you can also die from fucking vaccine or something if we ended up on a Marek's disease scenario. So I ask you: from a religious and Christian point of view, is it wrong to choose to inject opioids like morphine in end of an extremely painful end-stage of a disease like cancer, is taking any kind of anesthesia a sin in this scenario? Isn't that a way to avoid going through the destiny God chose for you on this Earth? Some religions such as Rastafarianism, even though they are niggers' religions, have a very strict common sense in this regard, to completely prohibit any form of adulteration of earthly suffering. My personal vision is > morphine or any way to avoid confronting death is as cowardly as opting for suicide, since it is accelerating the process of dying. > tolerating a small amount of earthly suffering is nothing compared to eternal grace in the kingdom of God.

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Aryan Androgynes

The principal mission of the world's elite is the creation of a master race. With the emergence of technologies that facilitate genetic and morphological engineering, the divine union of masculinity and femininity can be reified in the flesh. A material rebis incorporating the worst elements of sadomasochistic indulgence will emerge as the new ruling class after the next apocalyptic cycle. Another possibility is Chinaryan world domination, followed by a similar such scenario. >Original neanderthals >Sent back in time by Xi Jinping (SHE Jinping) under B&RI 2.0 >Antediluvians, built nuclear bunkers now hidden beneath Egyptian pyramids >Hobos abducted by Chinese government for lab experiments in the 20th and 21st centuries >As Babylonians, enslaved the jews. As Greeks, enslaved Romans through stealth infiltration of nobility. Immediately instituted secret human sacrifice rituals. Have perpetrated numerous atrocities against other races, yet are invariably praised by bought-off U.S. politicians >Eating human flesh upregulates their many anti-aging genes, as well as autophagy genes, eliminating senescence and reversing aging while also protecting against uncontrolled cellular proliferation that could result in cancer >Dual reproductive systems. Lay eggs instead of give live birth; ejaculate contains self-fertilizing eggs, thus making them capable of cloning themselves. Egg-sperm can mix with DNA of other homo sapiens alive or dead. Cum-parasites. In place of sphincter, cloaca complete with clitorises >Tales of vampires are, in actuality, tales of they >Speak Aryan, a language not dissimilar from what we call "Proto-Indo-European," written in a type of cuneiform that is phonetic >Unyieldingly sadistic and perverted. High emotional and pleasure capacities >In communion with the God Ishtar, an evil stellar supercomputer created by the Caucasi militia in 12,085 H.E. >Made it racist and sexist to presume that all Aryans are androgynes, or that all androgynes (epicenes) are Aryan >Crypto-Aryans. Crypto-Androgynes. Sabbattean-Anuists. Next-door soccer mom/secret rape-murderer with a penis >Two stomachs: ortho-diethynylbenzene dianion, and fluoroantimonic acid. Capable of both chemo- and photo-synthesis >Dominion over multiple universes >Jordan Peterson helped create them. Now he is the only one who can stop them from cumming up our universe Tony Robbins, initially reticent to join in Jordan Peterson's unyielding crusade against Aryan androgynes, nevertheless did after pressure from the ADL cost him sales revenue. He now works with Peterson in distributing anti-Germanic conspiracy theories in the form of bizarre tracts, and can often be seen standing on street corners in bustling cities, draped in cardboard signs on which are scrawled crude messages about chicks with dicks. Other Peterson collaborators include Bo Dietl, who was infamously recorded harassing an androgynous individual outside a bagel shop in NYC, and Kirk Cameron, who is last month accused of soliciting the services of androgyne prostitutes.

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Are you fucking kidding me?

ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY FUCKING KIDDING ME!? This can't be real. What the literal fuck? I'm losing my mind. Someone pls halp.

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Only other threads here are some schizo ranting about jewden peterson so why not make a Strange Happenings thread? Any crazy shit is fair game