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Is Taking Opioids in a Terminal Disease Case Considered Sin? Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 02:58:13 No. 3
I have a question about spirituality arising from the times we are living in, where outside the probability of an anon dying from terminal cancer or some other rapidly progressing irreversible degenerative disease that kills slowly but horribly like leukemia due to lifestyle highly harmful and adulterated thats imposed on us in modern society, you can also die from fucking vaccine or something if we ended up on a Marek's disease scenario. So I ask you: from a religious and Christian point of view, is it wrong to choose to inject opioids like morphine in end of an extremely painful end-stage of a disease like cancer, is taking any kind of anesthesia a sin in this scenario? Isn't that a way to avoid going through the destiny God chose for you on this Earth? Some religions such as Rastafarianism, even though they are niggers' religions, have a very strict common sense in this regard, to completely prohibit any form of adulteration of earthly suffering. My personal vision is > morphine or any way to avoid confronting death is as cowardly as opting for suicide, since it is accelerating the process of dying. > tolerating a small amount of earthly suffering is nothing compared to eternal grace in the kingdom of God.
>>3 >is it wrong to choose to inject opioids like morphine in end of an extremely painful end-stage of a disease like cancer, is taking any kind of anesthesia a sin in this scenario? No >Isn't that a way to avoid going through the destiny God chose for you on this Earth? Do you ask God on what to do on every aspect of your life? If not wouldn't you be avoiding going through the destiny God chose for you on this Earth? Whatever your answer is to this can be easily applied to the opioid question
> morphine or any way to avoid confronting death is as cowardly as opting for suicide, since it is accelerating the process of dying. You cannot accelerate the process of dying. You'll die the day you have to; not earlier, not later. Every day of your life is counted. I'm not justifying suicide, of course, for suicide is definitely a sin: the sin of murder applied to oneself. Think about it this way: When Jesus Christ was on Earth he healed a lot of people from a great deal of diseases. This diseases, of courses, were painful. So Christ himself relieved pain. It is, therefore, not a sin to relieve pain. It would be a sin if you were to take opioids for pleasure, for it is clearly written that drug-addiction is a sin (cf. Galatians 5:20 -> φαρμακεία, /farmakeía/)
I don't think drug use is a sin unless you are harming others
>>14 >take opioids for pleasure >take opioids for pain Isn't the absence of pain pleasurable?
(3.90 KB 288x289 FB_IMG_1630065494363.jpg)

You die when you're supposed too die Anon. I've had a fucked up life and I tried to commit suicide ripping my arms open, god dosages of multiple drugs. Still here, found this NatSoc shit and damn ive been sober over a year and I'm twice my body weight and I've embraced my white heritage instead of being ashamed of it. I don't believe drug taking is a sin or even trying to commit suicide. I think it becomes a sin if it is successful but the Lord almighty depending on your story and only the Lord himself knows his creation deep down. Opium comes from a plant bearing a seed like cannabis. The Lord gave us these things to help his creations. Its the synthetic shit thats pushed by the kikes hounds too corrupt eden.
(480.47 KB 1600x1038 burning monk.jpg)

>>18 how do you know when to really go for it though. It seems like you're just very ill. I have been stoned 24/7 for almost 4 years now. I think it's honestly ruined my life. fuck all life. I think I despise existence and the creator. I don't know what to do, should I just lean into the dark more and let it ride? I have no chance at a proper life at this point. An ex and a few other retarded things torment my mind on a moment to moment basis and have caused me to be just a spiraling mess. I can tell everyone in my life sees it too. I don't know how to stop. I don't know how to quiet my mind. I have tried a variety of pyschs and stims throughout my time on Earth too. never opium though. I feel if I start now it would indefinitely kill me. That might be the way out. At this point, I am so over sin and everything. living in a disgusting world which has done everything in it's power to make me lose faith. I prayed twice a day everyday for a year and only saw my existence get worse. FUCK THIS PLACE. I DESERVE OUT IF THIS IS HOW IT'S PLAYED.
(3.78 MB 640x360 1632892472983.webm)

>>20 Sorry for the late reply. I completed my ancestral pilgrimage to where my ancestors came from and found our pictish stone and I wild camped there for a while. >You sound I'll In the eyes of the system in which we reside i am classified as Ill but truthfully im more aware of myself than anyone I know. I am more in control than anyone I know. Only YOU can control your body and emotions. There is no miracle pill or powder to save you. Only you hold the key too your happiness. >My health I'm a Paranoid Schizophrenic this is due to being a Human Traffick sex slave from before the age of 10. My partner used too treat me like a fucking option then fucking tried to turn our son into a weapon against me. So I became something more than them. I became sober while they still consume the things they used to tell me too stop. Which is hypocritical. In the UK we have opium and its rare for fentnyl to be used where I'm from my friend. I would advise getting too understand your mind and body. Learn what calms you, learn what angers you and then learn to summon the wrath of your ancestors. By doing this only then will you understand peace. I used hard drugs as a way to just communicate with people because I hated the memories of my past and the uncertainty of my future due to severe suicidal tendencies. I never wanted too die. Others wanted me too die and I thought this was the only way too prove that I love those people; when in fact it is not. I killed them spiritually. Severed the tie between their reality and my reality. I now control all forms of emotional responses of my life. Which Is a massive but at a cost of no longer being happy for a short time. But in the end I gained so much more than I had previously. Opiods are just pain killers. They don't give you any cool or funky experiences. I took them to make me numb, in my ancestral heritage Death is a gift. So I would take opium to numb me so if I got stabbed I could still keep fighting. Like the whole idea of a berserker. I cannot tell you what too do because your fate is destined from your birth. But what I can advise is finding out your ancestors history and going to their lands. This will reconnect you.
(5.48 MB 1920x1080 1633109619236.webm)

>>20 I understand your pain. I agree the Abrahamic beliefs and their spiritual entities do nothing but cause torment. They make their followers slaves too a higher individual and remove the persons individually from their own mind. I reconnected with my Pagan ancestral beliefs. Hard to find them but they're there to be found. By doing this my life has became "Blessed". Life doesn't just start and finish where you were born my friend. Only you can make yourself happy anon. I recently learned that my ancestral Auld GODS don't ask for forgiveness, pity or any form of weakness. They demand that you simply ask them for the undertaking of shaping this reality around you. Every leaf, every branch and each piece of Nature is the aspects of these Auld GODS and looking at the world... they're very, very angry. Not at the humans dwelling on their creation; but simply because those who created the Abrahamic beliefs have enslaved their children and guided them into a path so dark only the true Auld GODS can save us... this is what they're doing. Being weak is a strength. Being fearful is being fearless. Because in order to feel these emotions in certain situations is the acceptance of these emotions which will breed courage, honour and virility. Find your ancestors. Or if you know a small piece post it here and I will help you reconnect friend. I wish you all the best Anon. Dont give up, our ancestors survived periods that we would be crushed under and our ancestors are smiling down upon us enjoying the complex trivial pursuits of modern society. Each human is their own GOD. This is what the Abrahamic belief removes from their teachings because they don't want their followers to be perpetually happy they want them scared so they can force them into a way of controlling their actions, emotions and life position. >Don't fall for their lies.
>>3 Why would you want to seek justification for your-selves from a beauty mirror?

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